Monday, October 27, 2014

Training 10/27-11/2 (race week)

10/27- Woke up decidedly LESS sore than yesterday despite running half marathon distance at about 95% effort.  I don't mean to beat a dead horse but if I take the right pills, I can handle this training.  The big problem is that what is the right formula today may not be the right one tomorrow and I could still bomb in Indy.  Workout was 2x2.5 mile on Lakeshore with about a 3 minute rest.  Body still feels like it's in a state of flux on the 2nd full day off the liver pill.  I tried to slow down and even paused for a few seconds to reset my system.  I saw a 1st mile split in 6:39 and never really slowed down.  1st half in 16:43, 2nd half in 17:03 with an 85 (5:40 pace) second last quarter mile.  Overall pace was 6:45 the day after a quality long run.
Grade:A-/1 credit/distance=5.5
Need to order the ceruloplasmin test tonight.

10/28- Half mary predictor workout on Lakeshore. Took a Gu before I started.  Did 5 miles in 34:10 (6:50 pace) then stopped for another Gu.  Ran another 1.5 miles at the exact same pace then turned it up for a 6:31 after half the distance at 90:00 race pace.  Good job overall.  This felt pretty much like it should.  1st 3 were fairly easy then it started to heat up in Mile 4 but it still felt like a long tempo.  I was a little disappointed that I was not faster in the last mile.  I had hoped for a 6:15ish but I'll take a 6:31 (20 ticks faster).  Even if I have "A" stuff on race day, I just don't think I have the fitness to go sub-90.  A sub-7:00 pace (91:40 or better) would be a very good race.  I need more long runs to do it.
Grade:A-/2 credit/distance=8.0

Update: Did the copper and ceruloplasmin test today.  There is little doubt that my copper has gone up.  Is it bound copper or toxic copper?  If I had to guess, it's a little of both.  I'll probably know before race day but it'll be too close to make any adjustments.  I may have to wait until next month to see how effective glutathione is in detoxing the unbound copper.  I know taurine is a good copper detoxer but it is not as effective in combating the chemical sensitivity.  Next week, I'm going to try Boron and Vitamin A.

10/29-AM 1 Mile with NO pills just to see how I would feel.  As expected, I was strugg-a-ling but managed a negative split and a 7:23 finish.  Let's see that continue to drop and I'll know that I am getting closer to balance.  A bit of a sore throat this morning but it's no worse in the evening.  Let's hope I can fight off a possible cold.
Grade:B/1 credit/distance=1.5

10/30- Planned rest day.  Leaving Birmingham after work and hope to make it past Nashville tonight.  Weather forecast looks BAD tomorrow afternoon but it's expected to clear by the morning.  It's expected to be cold and windy but sunny at race time.

Test results:
Total copper- 85 (+9)
Ceruloplasmin- 19.9 (+1.7) just a HAIR outside normal
Bound copper- 59.7 (+5.1)
Unbound copper- 25.3 (+3.9)
   I got about what I expected.  Copper and ceruloplasmin were up significantly (which is good) but only 57% of the added copper was bound.  Not so good.  More to come in a later post.  2 days out and looking at a bad weather race, I'm going to chance it and try Boron+A now.  If it's a disaster, it should clear in time.

10/31- Planned on a junk run but ended up resting.  Boron is NOT the answer but it is clearing out.

11/1- Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon in 1:34:30 (7:13 pace).  Average performance but it was my best time of the year and breaks a bad streak of 5 straight races slower than 1:35.  I'll take it.  Very sore groin but I am not injured. Passed 1500 miles on the year and clinched a 2.25 GPA.
Grade:B-/4 credit/distance= 14.0

11/2- AM.  1 mile junk run without taurine in 8:58.  OUCH!
  PM- 2 miles on Wisteria with taurine in 15:23 (7:42 pace).  Down side in 7:37.  Up side in 7:46.  Marked improvement.
Grade:Pass/0 credit/distance=3.0

Weekly summary:
Amid more upheaval, I am back to .500 on the year and I have won 3 in a row.  I have not won 4 straight since a 7 week stretch in Dec 2012-Jan 2013.  I am going off the glutathione and back on the taurine because I am off the liver glandular.
Distance= 32.0/ GPA= 24.9/8= 3.11
YTD: 1,506 miles.  Record: 21-21 with a 2.72 GPA.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Training 10/20-10/26

10/20- After a 13 miler the day after a race, I expected to pay for it today.  I DID NOT!  Lakeshore 6 in 43:24 (7:14 pace) plus a Mile cool.  Splits were 21:34-21:50.  Felt strong all the way.  Cut my dose to 3 Thym-Adren and 0 ADHS.  I do not want to go below that unless the medical report is good.  Today proves once again that when symptom-free, I have a tremendous capacity for work.  I expect to be fine tomorrow and may even try a speed workout.
Grade:A/1 credit/distance=7.0

10/21- Vestavia speed session.  3x400- 4x300- 4x200.  Not horrible but a bit of a downer.  Splits were (78-79-80) (56-58-58-57) (34-35-36-32).  I ran this workout over the summer during another symptom free period and ran an overall 4:51 pace.  Today it was 5:02, which is within the 5% range so it's nothing to worry about.  Still, I feel like the pills were off.  I upped the Thym-Adren from 3 pills to 4, which was confirmed to be a bad call because a 5th pill made it slightly worse.  Thanks to the glutathione, I won't be awful if my formula is a little off.  Tomorrow, I am going back down to 3 and may try 1 ADHS in the evening.
Grade:B-/2 credit/distance=4.0
Update:  I've learned that Boron raises ceruloplasmin levels so I'm not out of options if the liver glandular isn't enough.

10/22- Last time I will be able to do the Trak Shak 5 in the daylight until Spring.  It was a good one.  5 mile loop in a solid 32:50 (6:34 pace) plus a Mile cool.  Splits were 16:24-16:26.  Relaxed too much in Mile 4 (6:55) but came back strong with a 6:08 closer.  Strong overall.  I went back to 3 Thym-Adren and didn't feel like it was enough.  Adding a choline/inositol seemed to help.  I'm in good position to win this week.
Grade:A-/2 credit/distance=6.0

10/23- A couple interesting observations.  I was decidedly more stiff after taking more choline/inositol and it got worse after ADHS last night.  It cleared by the evening and I was ready to roll.  Lakeshore 9 in 66-flat (7:20 pace) plus a cool.  Strong overall.  Struggled a little in Miles 4-5 but got a nice resurgence after Mile 6.  I did experiment a little with Gu on the run and the reaction to it was slightly negative.  I'm sticking with H2O and Gatorade on my long runs.  I did this after 2 straight quality days.  I have a phenomenal capacity for work when symptom-free.
Grade:A-/1 credit/distance=10.0

10/24- Planned rest day.  I plan on sticking with 3 Thym-Adren+ Cal/Mag + Glutathione and that's all.  Is this the key formula?

10/25- COLLAPSE yesterday.  The liver glandular is the culprit.  I was actually limping last night and I feared an injury.  It appears that I have dodged that bullet.  3 miles at Gold's in 23:43 (7:54 pace).  Most intense pain was just below the Achilles but it was no worse when running.  That's the way it goes with chemical sensitivity.  I was doing fine up until Thursday then suddenly fell apart.
Trip to Clemson for an evening game.
Grade:C-/1 credit/distance=3.0

10/26- Atlanta workout on the Silver Comet trail.  Strong 13.1 mile performance in a time of 92:39 (7:04 pace).  There was a water fountain at 4.2 so I stopped there and took some Gu.  This time it worked out well for me.  1st 4.2 in 30:02 then ran the next 4.7 in 33:30 and finished with a strong 29:07 over the final 4.2.  I was below 7:00 pace over the 2nd half and yes, I was pushing but I was not wide open all out.  The liver glandular is still not completely out of my system either.  I am still abnormally sore in the feel and my groin has popped several times today.
Grade:A-/2 credit/distance=13.1

Weekly summary:
Now that the liver glandular has failed me, I want to know my ceruloplasmin level NOW.  If it has not risen above 20, the only option left is Boron and Vitamin A.  If it is over 20, will it stay there without the liver supp?  This was win #20 and pulls me to within 1 win of .500.  I'm racing a half in Indy next weekend.  Which Justin will show up?  Your guess is as good as mine.
Distance=43.1.  GPA= 29.6/9= 3.29
YTD: 1,474 miles.  Record: 20-21 with a 2.71 GPA

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Medical Center 10K RR

Spotty at best.  When my formula is on target, I am as good as I've ever been but those days are rare.  In the past few days, I've benefited from a product called glutathione which has reduced the extreme sensitivity to zinc and copper.  YES!  Still, I was in a state of flux and need to tweak the formula a bit.  I have not had good luck in races this year so if I had a chance at a decent showing, I was going to take it.

Somewhat of a stressful trip.  I took half a day off work on Friday, which was a good call.  I wanted to get into town before dark and find the race start so I needed to leave no later than 2 PM. Bowling Green, Kentucky is located about an hour north of Nashville and slightly more than 4 hours from home.  As usual, the Nashville traffic sucked and I lost a half hour in stop and go traffic even though I got there before rush hour.  After a couple of wrong turns, I found the starting area on the campus of Western Kentucky University then looked for the expo, which could not be found on my GPS.  I ended up stopping at O'Charly's for a steak and rib combo then arrived at the expo to pick up my number just before it closed for the night. One less thing to worry about on race morning.

Race morning:
I seemed to be trending toward more zinc and less copper since starting the liver glandular.  That means that my copper is probably rising.  I just hope it's bound copper, not toxic copper.  I went with all Thym-Adren (more zinc) but felt a little off warming up so I popped 2 ADHS (more copper).  That may have been a bad call but thanks to the glutathione, I will not be horrible if my formula is slightly off.  YES!

Tough but fair.  I saw the elevation chart on Map My Run and it looked to have a long gradual climb late in Mile 1.  It went back down in Mile 2 then appeared to be relatively flat from 3-5 followed by a steep hill early in Mile 5 but it did finish downhill.  Not surprisingly, the chart was misleading.  The 2 hills that I feared the most were not as bad as expected but Mile 3-5 was about 80% uphill.  It wasn't steep but long and relentless.  Mile 6 was actually mostly downhill but the course ended up slightly net uphill, which tells you the difficulty of Miles 3-5.

The gun went off and I was out at a fast and controlled pace starting from the edge of WKU and heading out into town.  I made a small adjustment after seeing a mildly slow split at the quarter mile.  I was back on target shooting for 6:30ish pace early.  The climb did not begin until about 0.7 miles in and I held the pace well and found myself trading places with 2 or 3 runners throughout the first 5K.  I gained back several seconds through a mostly downhill 2nd mile and was on pace for a time just north of 40 through the first 2 miles.  I have run a 39:44 on a track but my road PR is rather soft at 40:55.  It seemed like I had chance at it, albeit slim with the hills ahead.  The long incline began just after 2.5 miles and I began to lose contact with my pack.  Still. I passed the 5K mark just over 20:15, which was exactly the same split as my road PR.  This time however, the 2nd half would be much harder.  I still felt decent through most of Mile 4 but the power cut off shortly thereafter and I was really hurting in Mile 5.  Fearing the hill at the end, I was prepared for a meltdown at the end but surprisingly, the course turned back down for the most part and I managed a bit of a resurgence.  Passing slower 5K runners was also a boost in confidence.  I thought I might be over 42 when I was really hurting but as the finish line inside the football stadium was drawing near, I had a shot at a sub-41:30.  I turned on the speed running down the sideline at sub-6 pace and got to the line with 2 seconds to spare.

6:30-(6:30) perfect    
6:19-(12:49) downhill
6:43-(19:33) slipping.  5K in 20:15
6:50-(26:22) pain
7:07-(33:29) Strugg-a-ling
6:43-(40:12) feeling better
1:16- (41:28)

Final thought:
A decent showing.  I believe I would have done better in holding the pace if my pills were exactly right but thanks to the glutathione, I kept it respectable.  Without it, I certainly would have melted down.  I figure that 40:30ish was the best I could do on this course with my current fitness and I came within a minute.  I'm fine with that.  I won't have my best stuff every time out but as long as I am fairly consistent, I'll enjoy these events.

Toured the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green and then stopped in Nashville for lunch at the Wild Horse Saloon.  It was a smooth ride back to Birmingham.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Training 10/13-10/19 possible race

10/13-  Just another day in the life.
AM- AWFUL! 4 miles in 33:47 (8:27 pace) with splits of 15:15-18:32.  Fortunately, I knew the crash was coming so I turned around early and there was no walk of shame.

PM- Hit the health food store and popped 2 glutathione pills.  That's a sulfur containing amino acid that like taurine is good for chemical sensitivity.  The taurine has been great for Cal/Mag issues but has done nothing for the Zn/Cu.  Felt a difference shortly after taking the pill and hit the gym.  Because I was in flux, I felt a little "weird."  I took off at 6:45 pace and literally could not slow down but at the same time, I knew that pace would not be sustainable for very long.  I ended up passing 2.5 miles in 16:57 (6:47 pace) then stormed home with a 2:47 last 800 (5:34 pace) for an overall time of 19:44 for 3 miles (6:35 avg).  Took 1 ADHS, which caused me to fall apart just a day earlier and felt no significant ill-effects though I will run again this evening.

#3- 2 a day workouts are for suckers!  3 a days are better.
I felt slightly weakened but had no problem with a standard issue workout.  5 miles in 36:02 (7:12 pace).  Slight fade (17:50-18:12) and a bit of stiffness in the legs.  I'm still going with Thym-Adren over ADHS but I'd like to see what a full ADHS dose would do when on the glutathione.  I'm sure that I don't need Vitamin A now.  Do I go with 1 liver pill or 2?
Grade:B+/2 credit/distance=12.0

10/14- I can't believe it.  1 Mile in 8:55.  No comment.  I'll post again tomorrow.
Distance= 1.0

10/15- AM-Took 1 liver and some ADHS and began feeling somewhat better.  Then took the taurine and glutathion and WHAM!  I was awful again.  That answers it.  I cannot take the 2 of those together.  It has to be one or the other.  The taurine was great for the Cal/Mag issues but has done nothing for the Zn/Cu conundrum.  It seems as if I've had to alternate the Thym-Adren (20:1) with the ADHS (10:1) so I've taking 3 of each from now on.  MAYBE, that will do it.

PM- Improvement after flushing my system.  3 miles on Wisteria in 23:54 (7:58 pace).  Had to rally at the end to secure the sub-8 pace but showed surprising life in doing so.  15:1 ratio tomorrow with glutatione and NO taurine.  Cal/Mag will be cut from 750 to 625.
Grade:C-/1 credit/distance=3.0

10/16- AM 2 miles in 13:40 (6:50 pace) with splits of 6:57-6:43.  YES!  1st day on the 15:1 ratio of Zn/Cu (3 Thym-Adren, 3 ADHS).  I just hope that switching from taurine to glutathione won't affect my Cal/Mag.  Tempo on tap tonight.  If I do decent, I'm going to Kentucky tomorrow.

PM- Plan was to run 3 miles at 10K pace then try to find another gear in Mile 4 before shutting it down.  Came through 3 in a strong 18:54, which is a pretty solid time in itself then indeed I did find another gear with a 6:06 split in Mile 4 for an overall time of 25-flat (6:15 pace).  Strong performance and I still didn't quite feel 100 percent.  The race is a go.  This may hurt me a bit but so what?  It's a hilly course so a PR is unlikely.
Grade:A/2 credit/distance=7.0

10/17- Planned rest day.  Did not feel so good when I woke up and didn't feel good after taking the normal pills but once again, glutathione made a huge difference.  No guarantee of even a decent race tomorrow but it's worth a shot after the nightmare in Nashville last month.  This will be state #9 for the 10K and yes, I will stop at 10.  I found an elevation chart on Map my Run and it is TOUGH.  Gradual hill for the first 1.2 miles then a STEEP climb just after Mile 5.  I plan to leave work at lunch time so I can get there before dark.

10/18- Medical Center 10K in 41:28 (6:40 pace).  Didn't have my best stuff and pills were slightly off but the glutathione did what it was supposed to (prevent a disaster).  Best time of the year and a solid but unspectacular performance.
Grade:B+/3 credit/distance=7.0

10/19- I've been feeling less over-stimulated when I wake up and thus need fewer pills.  I am unsure what to make of that.  I cut the dose down to 4 Thym-Adren + 1 ADHS and felt better than yesterday overall.  Waited until mid-afternoon to run in pleasant 70 degree conditions.  13 miles on Lakeshore in 1:35-flat (7:18 pace).  It was the trail plus extension x 2.  I did have to stop at the john halfway through maybe due to copper dumping.  Felt great through 10 miles but slipped to the 7:30 range over the last 3.  Strong overall.
Grade:A-/2 credit/distance=13.0

Weekly summary:
Win #19 on the year.  Roller coaster week.  It's looking promising with the glutathione.  I am due for another copper test in 2-3 weeks and a hair test in 4-6 weeks.  Until I get a decent report on both tests, I will not believe that I am healed no matter how well I run.
Distance=43.0/ GPA= 33.7/10= 3.37
YTD: 1,431 miles.  Record: 19-21 with a 2.70 GPA
I need to go 7-3 down the stretch to finish over .500 and need to average 37 MPW to hit 1,800

Monday, October 6, 2014

Training 10/6-10/12 (possible race)

10/6- AM.  Quickie.  2 miles in 13:54 (6:57 pace).  Feeling much better but still a little off.

PM- Felt much worse after the high copper protein bar.  Struggled with phone duty at work but got through it.  Took some taurine and Thym-Adren and improved enough to do a standard issue workout.  5 miles at Gold's in a time of 36:56 (7:23 pace) with identical 18:28 splits.  Popped a choline/inositol and ran another mile at the same effort in 7:19.  For a standard issue workout, this is acceptable, even better than average.  A tempo or interval workout would have been weak.  Maybe I'll be better tomorrow.
Grade:B/1 credit/distance=8.0

Questions and answers:
Shocked that just 2 days on low dose copper would be such a disaster.  I will likely have to go back to the Thym-Adren temporarily because it's a higher Zinc/Copper ratio and avoid all other copper.  When the zinc intolerance flares up again, it's back to the ADHS and high copper protein.  How long will I be on the Thym-Adren?  Taurine appears to be working well as long as I avoid caffeine (I've gone 6 for 7 since the blood test) but too much of it seems to be causing a bit of hip pain.  That could be a detox reaction and it should be okay to reduce to dose.  Last question, if copper won't work, HOW CAN I RAISE CERULOPLASMIN?  Both Vitamin A and choline/inositol have not had much impact.  I'll probably finish the bottle and be done with it.

10/7- Went back on Thym-Adren and it was a disaster.  That tells me that the copper supps from the weekend have cleared and I can go back to ADHS, which is good news.  Thanks to Carrie, I found a new liver glandular, which shows some promise for raising my stubbornly low ceruloplasmin.  Liver drops failed me but that was prior to the taurine.
Workout:  Slogged through 1 mile in 7:54 then took a break and popped 3 ADHS pills.
Improved to a 22:50 (7:37 pace) for the next 3 miles for an overall  time of 30:44 (7:41) for 4.
Grade:C+/1 credit/distance=4.0

10/8- Back to all ADHS.  No improvement at all.  In fact, I was slightly worse.  3 miles at the Shak in 23:30 (7:50 pace).  1st mile in 7:32 then a steady 8 minute pace the rest of the way.
Grade:C-/1 credit/distance=3.0

10/9- Felt no better today at work.  Popped 2 of the new liver supps when I got home then hit the gym for a 3 mile tempo.  Presto!  I felt a difference almost immediately and managed a decent run.  Passed 3 miles in 19:09 then just cruised another lap in 45 to make it a full 5K in 19:54 (6:23 pace). Splits were 6:18-6:26-6:25-45.  No cause for celebration and I don't want to hear any "praise God" until I get a decent medical report.  I am still nearly 200 yards behind my recent 5K PR and should break 20 every stinking time! (at least when I am somewhat fresh). We'll see how I feel tomorrow but I am leaning towards racing on Saturday.  It's just a local 5K.  If it were an out of town event that I hadn't signed up for or even a local 10K, I'd bag it.
Grade:B+/2 credits/distance=3.5

10/10- An "interesting day."  Plan was to run 1 Mile just over 6 then cool down.  I ended up doing 2x800s in 2:54-2:51.  Very strong and measured effort.  I did stop at 800 because I felt a bit of a twinge in my ankle.  Probably no concern and likely due to the tight turns.  Slow jogged another half mile.  Felt MUCH worse later that morning and I am not sure of the cause.  It may have been the protein bar.  The liver supp is likely a good option but it may alter the zinc/copper formula and force me to switch back to the Thym-Adren.  Game time decision tomorrow.  I will warm up and see how I feel.
Grade:B+/1 credit/distance=1.5

10/11- AM.  No go.  Tightened up something awful after taking ADHS and nothing could negate the ill-effects.  THIS SUCKS!  I wasn't expecting a PR.  This was really just a fun run and a chance to see old friends but I was so bad that I could not enjoy it.
Grade:F/1 credit/distance=0

No doubt that the liver glandular altered my chemistry. What to do about it:
1) Switch to Thym-Adren and the 20:1 zinc/copper ratio
2) Reduce the liver supplement.
3) Both #1 and #2 or even a combination of Thym-Adren + ADHS
  Will I figure it out?  Probably.  Will this be the end of it?  HIGHLY UNLIKELY.  As long as these imbalances persist, something else will pop up as sure as I'm alive.  Who can blame me for being bitter about all this?

PM- Good call on skipping the race.  2 miles in 17:20 (8:40 pace) with splits of 7:45-9:35.

Run #2- Wisteria 2 mile and my time was down to 15:28 (7:44 pace).  Down side in 7:36 then held up for a 7:52 on the up side.  Going with Thym-Adren tomorrow.
Grade:E/1 credit/distance=4.0

10/12- Much improved.  Lakeshore 5 in 35:45 (7:09 pace).  It wasn't as good as it looks on the surface.  Slowed considerably on the back half (17:31-18:14) and I was working at the end to hold a 7:20 pace.  Felt too loose.  A 5K race likely would have been okay but a 10K and up would have sucked.  I'm cutting the liver supp again down to 1 of those pills and will tweak the Thym-Adren + ADHS.  I will try to go long tomorrow on a day off work.  Added a Mile cool.
Grade:B+/1 credit/distance=6.0

Took just half an ADHS and tightened up.  The answer is option 1.  Although the taurine works well for the Cal/Mag sensitivity, it doesn't do much for the zinc/copper.

Weekly summary:
ANGRY!  It's now or never...  AGAIN.
Distance=30.0/ GPA= 20.7/9= 2.30
YTD: 1,388 miles.  Record: 18-21 with a 2.68 GPA.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Zinc/copper panel plus Mag RBC result

Raw numbers:
Ceruloplasmin- 18.2- SCREAMS OF FRUSTRATION
Zinc- 112- surprisingly high given that I've cut the dose
Copper- 76- too low
Mag RBC- 5.9- I'm good with that.

The good news:
The optimal range for Mag RBC is 6.0-7.0 so I am just a hair outside the range.  Would I feel any different if I was 6.0 instead?  Probably very little if any so I'm good with that.  If I can tolerate 750 without bowel issues, I'll take it.  If not, it'll be okay to drop to 500 especially now that I am off caffeine.

Unbound copper has fallen steadily.  On my first test, it was 28.3.  It is now 21.4, which is a 24% decrease.  Ideally, it should be 15 or lower but at the rate I'm going, I'll get there by the end of December.

The bad and the ugly:
Total copper is still technically "normal" but at 76, it has slipped below the healthy range.

Zinc is also "normal" but the critical Zn/Cu ratio is up to 1.47, which is too high.  It needs to be 1.0-1.3 so I am well above that.  NO WONDER I HAD SO MUCH TROUBLE WITH ZINC.
The funny thing is I that after I switched to the ADHS, I am getting only 10 parts zinc: 1 part copper versus 20:1 on the Thym-Adren.

Ceruloplasmin has been basically frozen around 18 for 3 months (17.9-18.3-18.2).  That's not a statistically significant change on any test.

What to do:
I need more copper plain and simple.  It is true that you can be both copper deficient and copper toxic at the same time.  Copper bound to ceruloplasmin is good for you and indispensable.  In order to raise it, you need more copper along with Mag and judicious use of Vitamin A.  I'll keep the zinc where it is and add copper such that the ratio is 5:1.  There is a risk that unbound copper will rise again but I am confident that the taurine will safeguard against that.  If you have low ceruloplasmin and high total copper, that means that unbound copper is toxic.  That situation sucks!  If you are there, all I can say is to take copper as tolerated along with something to eliminate it such as taurine, molybdenum, ICMN, ox bile or other sulfur containing products.  Good luck.

I have a theory that an inverse relationship exists between zinc and unbound copper.  While unbound copper fell, zinc rose with no other explanation.  Therefore, it is vital to add copper especially now that the unbound continues to fall.