Saturday, November 20, 2021

Intrinsic Factor and Fulvic Acid

 I was told that Fulvic Acid contains Intrinsic Factor and thus I should be able replace my old source with it.  Well, even if it does contain Intrinsic Factor, it was clearly not enough to be effective.  Yesterday was a nightmare in the morning as I once again was in the 6 minute range for a HALF MILE!  This time the culprit was the CBS/NOS pills, which I had been taking at least semi-regularly for the last 2 years without a problem.  Once again, there is a YUGE difference between quitting a pill because it is no longer effective or necessary versus being forced off due to an inexplicable bad reaction.  

Fortunately, I had a good idea of what was wrong and simply taking the rest of my formula yielded no apparent problems.  Just seconds after taking the CBS, WHAM!  Almost an instant negative reaction!  Without the Intrinsic Factor, this is what happens!  I will face days like this with increasing frequency and a new culprit will show up with little to no notice.  Again, I figured that Intrinsic Factor was necessary after all and I was correct.  I was much better by the evening and even took extra CBS without any problems.  In fact, I was able to clock a not terrible 3:42 for the same half mile distance.  

I woke up today hoping to do at least 3-5 miles in but knew immediately that it wasn't going to happen.  My time for just 1 mile was an ABYSMAL 12:56.  Adrenals have spiked again and the only thing that helped was extra Thym-Adren.  Eventually, this spike will calm down and the next few days will get progressively better but if my history is any indication, another one is just around the corner.    

New Formula:

Fulvic Acid

TRS (not sure if it is needed)

Intrinsic Factor (contains B12 and Methyl Folate)


B-Complex (not sure if needed)


This is a manageable cocktail.  IN THEORY, once the extreme need for Thym-Adren fades, I will have met Criteria number 2.  Can I achieve stability and adequate energy every day?  I'll try and that's all I can do.

Removed from Formula





Today, I got exactly what I expected.  2 miles in 21:28 (10:44 pace).  Slight positive split (10:40-10:48) but that's not a concern.  I predict that tomorrow will be 3 @ sub-10.

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Fulvic Acid Part 3

 This post will be brief.  It is too soon to celebrate anything but I am showing signs of improvement.  After a period of intolerance in which even ONE drop was too much, I went through another period of insatiable need.  That too appears to have stabilized though I am still better with the Fulvic Acid than I am without it.  In what should be a surprise to NOBODY who reads this blog, my adrenals spiked.  That is common after solving a major problem.  If I didn't take extra Thym-Adren, I'm not sure that I could have made it home safely from Daytona last weekend.  Here are my "workouts" this week

Tues- AM Trial and error reveal need for both Fulvic Acid and Thym-Adren but nothing else made much difference.

PM- ABYSMAL 5:50 for a HALF mile

Wed- Less horrific 9:48 for a full 1 mile

Thu- AM 1.5 mile in 13:30 (9:00 pace)

PM-1.5 miles in 13:10 (8:47 pace).  No Thym-Adren in between.

Now, if I tried to go without any pills, I'm probably just as bad as I was on Tuesday but eventually, the needs will diminish.

Going forward, can I really quit the other pills besides Thym-Adren?

Maybe, but to be honest, I'm afraid to.  I DO think I can quit the Probiotics and Lactoferrin.  

B12, Methyl Folate and TMG?  Not sure but at the very least, I won't collapse if I miss a few doses.

I'll try cutting them out one at a time.  The least likely to go are the B12 and MF.  Not sure about the B-complex or the CBS/NOS.  

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Rave: Florida

 Surveys show that the neighboring state to my south is the most visited in the USA.  Nearly half the population has been here at least once.  The vast majority of these visits involve vacations to either Disney World or one of its many beautiful beaches.  I have thoroughly explored this state, including parts rarely seen by tourists, and have been a big fan since childhood.  I have vague memories of going to Disney World as a small child, but my parents took me again at the age of 10, which is just about the perfect age to go.  We also took family trips to Sanibel Island and St. Pete Beach on the southern Gulf Coast.  I also went on a Spring Break trip with my best college friend to Miami Beach.  My first foray into north Florida did not come until my early-mid 20s when I took a beach hopping trip from Jacksonville to Panama City.  Here are a couple of fun facts that may surprise my readers:  It is a 6-hour drive on I-95 from the Florida/Georgia line down to Homestead, which is the gateway to the Keys.  The size of the panhandle is even more surprising.  It is also a 5-and-a-half-hour drive on I-10 from Jacksonville Beach on the Atlantic to the Alabama line just west of Pensacola.  To put that into perspective, that’s about the same time it takes to get from Birmingham to the Kentucky/Indiana border on I-65.  Many times, I was fooled into believing that I was almost to the Gulf Coast after getting to FLA but in reality, I still had almost an hour to go. 

Geography and Climate:

North Florida has a subtropical climate.  Though snowfall is extremely rare, you do get occasional cold days.  You will get the 4 distinct seasons and though the fall foliage pales in comparison with New England and the Blue Ridge mountains, you’ll see some decent colors come mid-November.  I think it’s cool to see what I refer to as “tropical foliage,” which is a palmetto tree right next to bright yellow or red leaves.  The area along the Atlantic coast is almost dead flat but I don’t find the drive to be boring at all.  You will see live oak trees draped in Spanish moss while palmetto trees are ubiquitous throughout the region.  You may see streets lined with taller date palms, but the lush coconut trees won’t be seen until you get down to Vero Beach.  Further inland, you’ll see some hills, but the highest elevation is only about 350 feet above sea level.  I was particularly surprised by the hilly terrain in Tallahassee.   

Above pics are all from north Florida

The Gulf Coast is a great place to visit, with its beaches that rival anywhere in the world but no, I would not want to live there.   Humidity is so brutal in the summer that it is virtually impossible to run longer than 3 miles no matter what the time of day.  In terms of the volume of rainfall, this is the wettest region of the country and is often struck by major hurricanes.  In the summer, it is almost never a total washout but there is a better than 50/50 chance that you will see some rain on a given day.  However, if you go maybe 10-15 miles inland, the humidity will diminish a bit.  On the Atlantic side, you get a dry season from October through May and the overall rainfall is less.  It’s more like 50 inches of rainfall versus 60 on the Gulf.  I definitely prefer the Atlantic in that regard.

Beach season in north Florida runs from about the 1st of April through the end of November.  Yes, I've pushed my luck a couple of times with trips to Pensacola in early December and late March.  It was chilly but tolerable.  In 2020 during the worst of COVID, I went beach hopping over the Thanksgiving holiday and was surprised to find that swimming conditions were quite pleasant in both Flagler (between Daytona and Jacksonville) and Panama City.  Figure that a swim at Daytona in mid-November will feel comparable to the mid-Atlantic in early July.  

South Florida is almost endless summer with a dry and wet season.  At Vero Beach and points south on the Atlantic, you will find streets lined with lush tropical and coconut palms that just won't grow in north Florida.  I looked up the average high temperatures in Daytona versus Vero for the month of January.  Surprisingly, there was a difference of only 5 degrees with Daytona at 69 and Vero at 74 but that apparently does make a big difference.  Also, water temperatures in South Florida usually remain above 70 degrees all year long and there will be just a handful of days in which the air temp will not crack 70.  I went to Miami in January of 2019 and yes, it was warm enough for a swim.  I once looked at water temps and found that on the same day, Daytona had dropped to 62 while Miami was 76.  I've heard that the Gulf Stream and current from the warmer Caribbean allows Miami's water to remain warm all year.    


A common expression is that in Florida, the farther north that you go, the more Southern it gets.  That's mostly true but there are exceptions.  You will hear distinctive southern accents in isolated rural areas even in south Florida.  This is especially true around Lake Okeechobee.  Miami has a definite Latino vibe while Fort Lauderdale and West Palm are mostly populated by northeastern liberals.  You won't find many Florida natives in Naples on the SW coast but most people there are from the Midwest and tend to be more conservative.  I really haven't seen much of the Tampa area outside of Clearwater Beach and have never been to Orlando outside of Disney World.  I do intend to change that with a Spring road trip from Miami to Tampa.  The Big Bend area is termed as "real Florida" and has an authentic native culture.  Not many tourists visit because there are not much in terms of beaches between Clearwater and Panama City.  The panhandle is pretty much an extension of Alabama while the vibe in Lake City and Live Oak, Florida is pretty much the same as Valdosta, Georgia.  

 You'll find a wide variety.  The Gulf is clearer than the Atlantic but the Atlantic has better and more consistent surf.  Some beaches have soft white sand while others are hard off white or soft brown.  Flagler actually has an orangish tint.  In general, on the Atlantic, you'll find softer sand and clearer water further south but the negative IMO is that it often gets deeper quickly in the south so you can't go out as far.  

Could I live here?
I'll be in Birmingham until I retire but I may consider moving to north Florida.  I'd want to be inland away from the hurricane zone but close enough to both coasts.  Maybe Lake City or Live Oak.  

Saturday, November 6, 2021

More Fulvic Acid News

 Fulvic and Humic Acid was my last resort.  I was told that it may eliminate my need for all other supplements.  I found that claim to be highly doubtful but with the exception of the adrenal suppressant Thym-Adren, it may very well be the case.  Last week, I stopped taking all my supplements except for the Fulvic Acid starting on Sunday morning.  I made it to Wednesday, in fact Wednesday night before the ill-effects began to set in.  All the other pills including the B-vitamins and Probiotics were ineffective.  The only one that did make any difference was the Thym-Adren.  Even still, this proves that I can make it through a long weekend without the pills.  Perhaps it is only a matter of time before the Fulvic Acid follows suit.  Again, I have only 3 demands which are hardly unreasonable:

-Stable and manageable cocktail of pills
-No extreme dependence on any one treatment
-At least adequate levels of energy every day

I’ve still got a long way to go.  The need for Fulvic Acid is extreme and difficult to regulate as well.  It comes in a powder, and I have to measure it based on teaspoons.  I don’t know my optimal dose.  For a couple days, I took just the residue on the spoon, which was clearly not enough but yes, it was significantly better than nothing.  Then, after that, I responded well to a quarter teaspoon for a couple days.  Unfortunately, that proved to be too much.  On Monday, I did an absolutely pitiful 6:11 half mile after taking a quarter teaspoon but was much better in the evening with a 4:41.  I took the same dose on Tuesday and in the process confirmed that the sugars are NOT in factor in the need/tolerance.  I was somewhat better with a 5:53 opening half mile then actually managed a real workout in the evening with 2.5 miles in 24:08 (9:39 pace) with even splits.  Do I stay with that dose and hope that my system will eventually adjust?  No, I will reduce the dose at least for a while. 

Today was interesting.  I only did the 1/3 mile lap this morning with the Fulvic Acid and clocked a 2:41.8 (8:05 pace).  Then, I took a dosage that I figured was about 1/12 of a teaspoon and expected to be slightly worse.  Nope, I actually managed a 77 second half lap and figured that even if I faded a bit on the back half, I’m still a couple ticks faster.  It was not enough to be significant but encouraging that I did NOT get worse.  Still, if I went with the quarter teaspoon, I’d probably do 11-minute pace if not worse.  Again, it’s hard to regulate and just a few specks really can make a difference.  I’m switching to drops and may actually have to dilute even 1 drop.  Who knows what will happen? 

How exactly does it work:
“Fulvic Acid resolves re-mineralization and oxygenation deficiency in all living organisms. Specific nutrients have been missing from our soils for generations, and their decline is correlated with the explosion of chronic degenerative diseases that afflict us today.

Fulvic acid, a precious component of humic acid, and is known as the only element capable of making nutrients bioactive on the cellular level. In human health and agricultural practices, Fulvic is now widely accepted as the missing nutritional link in human health.”

Based on what is going on, I believe the above claim to be true.  Perhaps, I just need to adjust to it and temporarily reduce the dose and I will meet the demands.
I've decided to switch to the drops to standardize the dosage.  Just 1 drop.  The last 2 days, I was HORRIBLE in the morning but somewhat better in the evening.  
On Friday, my 2 mile time was 18:45.  Saturday, it was 17:13.  Let's hope for continued steady progress.

Monday, October 25, 2021

Training 10/25-10/31

 10/25- Perhaps a glimmer of hope.  2 miles in 19:17 (9:38 pace) with a nice negative split (9:47-9:30).  If I had time to go another half mile, I would have been in the 24s, which is 5 minutes better than yesterday.  This was done on just a lick of residue and no other pills.

PM- Wanted to assess my tolerance.  Did the first 2 laps at Montreat in 6:17 then took a 1/4 teaspoon and was significantly BETTER with a 2:46 lap.  Why the difference?  I hope it is because my system is finally tolerating this stuff.  It is possible but unlikely that caffeine impacts my tolerance.  I was caffeine free for 2 days but took some tonight.  We'll see how I respond to it.


10/26- Once again, I took 1/4 of a teaspoon after doing so last evening as well.  I continue to improve.  Time was down to 17:16 (8:38 pace),  Long way to go but this is real progress.  


10/27- AM- On no pills at all, I opened with a not horrible 2:33 at Montreat (7:39 pace).  Took another 1/4 teaspoon of the Fulvic Acid.  Hoped for a modest improvement down to the 2:25 range.  Finished with a 2:17 (6:51 pace).  I don't like that a single dose has this much impact but it does beat the alternative.  Added a cool.

PM- Another 2 miler on Lakeshore.  My time is down to 16-flat (8:00 pace).  This was my first time under 17 minutes since starting the Fulvic Acid and I nearly broke 16.  Splits were 7:56-8:04.  Things are starting to look up but my condition did begin to deteriorate shortly after getting home.  It appears that I can get by without all my other pills EXCEPT for Thym-Adren.  That's still acceptable.  I think I am very close to being able to make it through a long weekend without any treatments.  No adrenal spike please.


10/28- Planned rest day.  No signs of collapse.

10/29- AM- 1 lap opener after NO Fulvic Acid yesterday.  I was actually slightly BETTER on the opener with a 2:29.9 (7:29 pace).  Half lap cool.  Nasty weather this afternoon so I am questionable.

PM- Not a collapse but disappointing.  1.5 miles in 13:41 (9:07 pace).  Slight negative split.


10/30- Unplanned rest day.   Unable to run

10/31- 1 mile in 10:37.  OUCH!  More to come in a separate post


-11 miles

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Training 10/18-10/24

Verdict on the Fulvic Acid:

It appears to have eliminated the sensitivity to B12 and Taurine BUT it has SPIKED the adrenals and caused severe intolerance to caffeine.  I also need to add that I NEED the Fulvic Acid.  I can go one day without it but ABSOLUTELY NO MORE! Split decision so far.   

10/18- 1 mile in 12:20.  OUCH!


10/19- AM 2 miles in 20:40 (10:20 pace) with splits of 10:47-9:53.  BIG improvement.

PM- 2 miles again in 17:20 (8:40 pace) with splits of 8:47-8:33.  Didn't feel anywhere close to normal but improvement has been rapid.  Soon, I will level off however.


10/20- Good news and bad news.  It appears that I have plateaued already.  Repeated the 2 mile distance and managed only a 17-flat (8:30 pace).  MINUS 10 is not enough to be considered significant and I was almost all out at the end in an attempt to break that barrier.  Felt essentially no different from yesterday.  I figured that my best chance to improve would be to tinker with the Fulvic Acid and Thym-Adren.  Did not run but felt no difference on extra Thym-Adren.  Extra Fulvic Acid made things WORSE.  Probably detox and I just need to cut the dose.  

PM- Opened with a 76 second half lap then fared no better on extra Thym-Adren.  In fact, I was slower but a fraction of a second.  If the adrenal spike is gone, that could be YUGE!  That leaves me with just 1 thing that there is a critical NEED, which is the Fulvic Acid.  Just don't get stupid with caffeine.  Tomorrow is BIG and I just hope I can get in 1 lap in the rain.  


10/21- Another split decision.  I opened with a Rocket 88 half lap at Montreat (8:48 pace) then improved only to 85 on Thym-Adren (8:30 pace).  Enough to be considered significant but just barely.  The adrenal spike may not be completely gone but it has diminished SO FAR!  

PM- 1 mile junk run at Veteran's Park for something different.  Finished in 9:17 then took another little bit of Fulvic Acid and was NOTICEABLY WORSE!  I'll be okay if I don't take it tomorrow but if I don't take it Saturday, I'm in trouble.  It may be that I only desperately need 1 treatment but 1 is enough to make me miserable.


10/22- I expected to wake up feeling rough tomorrow after a day off the Fulvic Acid.  Nope, it hit me this afternoon.  That's right.  I flipped from too much to not enough is LESS than 24 hours.  NOT ACCEPTABLE!  1 mile in 10:35.  1st half in 5:50 then after just a TRACE, I was down to 4:45.  MINUS 2:10 per mile!  WOW!


10/23- 1 mile in 12:27.  Just 3 hours later, I was much better with an 84 second half lap at Montreat BUT just licking the residue on the spoon took me down again.  Managed only a 97 after that.  Only good news is that caffeine appears to be tolerated.  Hope there is no withdrawal or spike tomorrow.


10/24- Only somewhat better on a lower dose.  2.5 miles in 29:40 (11:52 pace) with BAD splits.  Once again, I was better within a few hours but this time, I needed the stuff again by late afternoon.  

PM- Opened with a 1:45 split then improved to 1:30 after licking the residue.  Fared no better on the Thym-Adren so nearly 30 hours after my last serving of caffeine, no adrenal spike.  Added a short cool


-15 miles on the week

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Blue Ridge Road Trip

 10/8- Drove from Birmingham to Augusta to see the Pfinsy Nature Preserve.  It would have been nice at sunrise but it was too overcast.  Lake and swamp scenery with lots of Spanish moss.

From Augusta, I took Hwy 28 across the border to South Carolina and saw some nice palm trees.  I stopped at Clemson and snapped a couple pictures on campus.  Lunch was at one of my old stomping grounds called the Walhalla Steakhouse Cafeteria.  

I continued north on Hwy 28 through a corner of Georgia into Highlands, North Carolina.  It's a nice mountain town and at over 4,000 feet elevation, foliage was not quite at peak but I still saw some reds and yellows.  Next stop was the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and the highest point in Tennessee at Clingman's Dome, which I saw just at sunset.  It was colorful at the top of the mountain but the trees down below were mostly green with a few red spots here and there.  After a sit down dinner, I had a bit of an adventure finding a hotel.  I got one just south of Asheville only because of a cancellation.  In the end, it worked out fine as I actually go to see more of the Blue Ridge Parkway. 


The Blue Ridge Parkway was EPIC.  There was some patchy fog on the way up but that meant clouds below the mountains.  AWESOME!  No other words.

Last pic stolen from internet.  This is how it looks at peak foliage.

The next night, I was back in South Carolina but did see Whitewater Falls, Caesar's Head and Devil's Fork State Park.  I headed back to Alabama on Monday and stopped at Brasstown Bald (GA's highest mountain) and Martin Luther King NP, where a nice view of the Atlanta skyline was nearby.

Training 10/11-10/17

 10/11- Forced rest day.  NASTY adrenal spike.

10/12- Intervals.  Opener in 1:42.  Closer in 1:28.  Rocket 88.  Added some junk


10/13- Adrenal spike is slowly going down.  Splits this time were 93-81.  Real workout was just as awful as expected.  1.5 miles in 16:23 (10:55 pace).  OUCH!  Should be better tomorrow but not by much.


10/14- Got about what I expected.  Felt noticeably better and it was reflected in my time but I still have a LONG way to go.  This adrenal spike has lasted longer than previous ones.  2 miles in 19:40 (9:50 pace) with a last mile under 9:40.


10/15- Repeated the 2 mile distance for consistency and my time is down to 17:52 (8:56 pace).


10/16- Increased the distance to 3 miles but took a step backward.  Really faded on the back half and finished with a time over 31 minutes.  I did consume one energy drink yesterday as a test and I failed it.  I don't like this.  Yes, I should have no problem quitting those suckers when my chemistry is level but one occasional slip up should not do this much damage.


10/17-  Half mile junk run was all that I could do.


-9 miles on the week

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Fulvic Acid Revisited

 I seemed to be improving on the B12 plus Taurine and it may have actually knocked out the inexplicable negative reactions so why not leave well enough alone?  Simple, my reactions to just ONE pill were still too great.  Eventually, the adrenal spike would calm down as would the need for Taurine.  However, the extreme need for B12 was probably NOT going away.  Even after a full 6 weeks on it plus the Intrinsic Factor, a missed dose was still costing me over 60 seconds per mile.  Needless to say, if I ever had to go an entire weekend without it, I will be miserable.  

GREAT news was that the Fulvic Acid appears to have knocked out the extreme need for B12 as I fared NO better after taking it last week.  Bad news is that I had a detox reaction to the Fulvic Acid.  Surprised?  Not at all.    Any time a new pill is a factor, this is exactly what happens.  Eventually, my system does adjust to the new pill then the adrenals spike.  That's what happened once again.  

I initially planned to lay off the Fulvic Acid until this week but after just ONE day off it, I was AWFUL.  My time for a lap on the opener was a pitiful 3:04 (9:12 pace).  I took just a TRACE of Fulvic Acid and expected to see maybe 30-40 seconds better per mile.  NOPE!  It was a FULL 2 MINUTES BETTER with a 2:24 (7:12 pace).  The moment of truth came when I would take a MUCH larger dose.  I hoped to at least maintain the form but was fearful of a collapse.  MUCH to my relief, I showed continued improvement with a 2:08 (6:24 pace).  However, the good feeling was short-lived as the adrenals spiked again.

Today, I opened with a 1:42 half lap (10:12 pace).  I was actually slightly WORSE on the Fulvic Acid with a 1:44 but it was actually only 1.5 seconds worse so that's not significant.  With a stacked deck of B12 and Taurine, I would fare NO better.  I did get back down to 1:42 but no faster.  The only thing that did help was Thym-Adren but even that was no sudden miracle.  3 of those pills got me down to 1:24 (8:24 pace).  I expect that the adrenal spike will calm down by the end of the week.  IN THEORY, I AM IN THE CLEAR AFTER THAT!  I WILL NOT GET MY HOPES UP!

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

B12, Antioxidants and Fulvic Acid For Sensitivity

 Excellent news last week.  Since starting the Taurine, I have been able to tolerate the Lysine.  This is the same stuff that triggered a reaction just 7 days earlier.  I’m not sure if it was the Taurine or the B12 reserve because extra B12 afterwards did indeed mitigate much of the ill-effects.  At any rate last week, I opened with a 92 second half lap at Montreat then actually improved to 90 after taking 2 Lysine pills.  That’s not a significant improvement but all I wanted was no collapse. 

I have considered the possibility that free radicals and inflammation have played a role in the sensitivity.  Though it is possible, addressing that issue would not have been enough without the B12.  I ordered a couple new antioxidant and anti-inflammation supplements but they turned out to be non-factors.  In a 2 mile run, I was 2 seconds slower on the back half after taking the Cytokine Suppress.  Non-factor for sure.  I will keep it in my cabinet because it may be useful in fighting COVID.  You don't want a Cytokine Storm. 

The rest of the workout last week's workout was interesting as well.  I improved from 90 to 78 after taking the B12 and Intrinsic Factor.  That is BIG!  In terms of pace per mile, it’s a MINUS 72 so it remains a game changer and must be taken every day.  No need to test myself on additional doses because I knew it would not matter.  The biggest surprise was the lack of reaction to Thym-Adren.  I did the back half of the lap in 79, marginally WORSE but not enough to be significant.  I can’t quit that stuff but suppose I forget to pack it on a long weekend trip, I probably won’t notice.  In order to declare myself stable, I need that to be the case with ALL of my pills.  As expected, the reaction to Taurine remains significant.  I improved all the way to 62 seconds on 2,000 mg, which equates to a MINUS 96.  That gap will diminish in a few days. 

Taurine needs to be taken regardless of whether it helps with the sensitivity or not.  However, it alone or even the “master anti-oxidant” Glutathione did NOT resolve the sensitivity in the past AND I have reacted badly to both in the past as well.  The overall gap of 92/62 represented a full THREE MINUTES PER MILE!!  

In what was no surprise, once my body adjusted to the Taurine, the adrenals SPIKED something awful and though I didn't react as much to the Taurine, I needed Thym-Adren BIG!.  The Fulvic Acid did arrive on Monday and I had planned to  wait on it until the adrenal spike went down by the end of the week.  Ultimately, the curiosity got the best of me.  The reaction was immediately negative with the usual stiff muscles but my mood actually improved a bit and I had a funny dream too.  

Today's workout:

Opened with an 85.7 then fared NO BETTER on Intrinsic Factor and B12.  Even Taurine and Thym-Adren together brought me no lower than a 79.9.  That's a gap of just 35 seconds per mile so the adrenal spike has diminished already.  That gap is enough to be considered significant but not a night a day difference.  That's a LOT better than the 3 minute gap last week.  The "real workout" was but short due to rain but I did manage a 7:56 Mile.  

I do believe that the Fulvic Acid has reduced the sensitivity but I am slow because of a detox reaction.  I'll lay off it for a few days then try to increase it gradually.  

All I ever wanted out of this was a stable cocktail, no extreme dependence on any pill and at least adequate energy every day.  If the current trends continue, the only thing I lack is the adequate energy, which could return in time.  I MAY have a reason to hope but I will not even begin to believe until I am relapse-free for a month.  

If I am forced to take the vackseen, I feel better about my chances to come away unscathed now but I still choose not to take it.  Let's Go Brandon!