Monday, May 10, 2021

Training 5/10-5/16- Race Week

 5/10- AM- 2x1 mile on Lakeshore.  I did a 9:05 without the CBS/NOS and a 7:39 with it (3 pills).  MINUS 86 compared to MINUS3 minutes 2 days ago.   Extreme dependence is starting to fade and soon, it will be like the other pills.  I can get by without it for 3-5 days before a meltdown.  Just what I want to see.  Effort was tempo level on the back half.

PM- Junk run at Veteran's Park with many stops.  I was really just playing around.  I don't know the exact distance because it was partly through the woods but a lap around the lake in 5:10 (7:35 pace) felt pretty smooth.  Overall, I ran for just about 20 minutes so I'll call it 2.5 miles.


Saturday, May 8, 2021


 Today was a total debacle and it merits a separate post.  I never had a good pace and within just a half mile, it was clear that it was not a slow start.  It got worse with every step and I had to walk/jog the back half after a first mile in just about 10 minutes.  What happened?

The culprit is excess sulfur.  Here was the reaction to certain treatments:

Non-Caffeinated 7up- No effect.

Caffeinated Kickstart- Worsened symptoms

Extra B-12- Not a significant impact.  Negligible positive.

CoQ10- Worsened symptoms

Glutathione- Worsened symptoms

Methyl Folate- Worsened Symptoms

CBS/NOS- Significant symptom relief.

I really was not elated after the successful pill free weekend because I knew the maintenance could fail.  It did.  Let's go back to last week with the CoQ10.  I assumed that my system rejected it because it was too stimulating.  I was okay with that because it appeared that I could handle it occasionally but not every day.  Now, after a full week off it, I STILL had a reaction to it.  For the 1000th time, a SINGLE DOSE of a bad pill should NOT trigger a severe reaction!!!  If I took it every day, then yes, a bad reaction is understandable.  Taking it once after a full week off it and I still react badly?  NOT OKAY!

It seemed that a Pepsi with 50 mg caffeine that I drank on Friday is what triggered it.  I had been perfectly clean for 3 days (nothing but water).  Now, if I had a daily energy drink habit (160 mg caffeine), yes it would be understandable if I collapsed after several consecutive days.  An occasional lightly caffeinated Pepsi every 3rd day?  That should NEVER trigger a bad reaction!!

I do have the gene for the upregulation of CBS, which leaves me vulnerable to excess sulfur.  Gluthathione is high in sulfur.  I know that MF is involved in sulfur metabolism as well.  I found no evidence on caffeine but I can only conclude that it too is involved.  Much higher doses of caffeine were tolerated last weekend and I can only conclude that it was because I was pill free at the time.  Because I had been taking MF every day this week, caffeine became a big NO NO!  

The only thing that helped was CBS/NOS.  Before the TRS, I could not tolerate that but thankfully, that's no longer an issue.  A single pill resulted in an improvement from 1:52 to 1:22 on the Montreat half loop.  That's a full THREE MINUTE IMPROVEMENT PER MILE!!  That most definitely counts as extreme dependence on 1 pill!!  NOT ACCEPTABLE!!

I have several options to fight this that are not mutually exclusive:

1. Eliminate caffeine altogether-  It's a good idea but I don't think it will be enough on its own.  I already rejected CoQ10 and I figure it was only a matter of time before I rejected the MF even without the caffeine.  I already know what happens if I stop taking the MF.  Within 5 days, I will collapse.  Again, a single can of Pepsi should NEVER trigger a collapse.   

2. Back off on the Methyl Folate- Again, it's probably a good idea at least in the short-term.  Going back to occasional use of that stuff will be enough to prevent a collapse but I don't think I can get the desired results unless I take it every day.  The plan for this week is to back off for a few days then go back on it leading up to race day.

3. Increase the dose of CBS/NOS- This is almost certainly a winner based on the interval trial this afternoon.  Pace improved by 3 full minutes per mile after just one additional pill.  Perhaps, simply upping the dose of this stuff will allow me to tolerate both MF every day as well as occasional caffeine and even occasional CoQ10 or Glutathione.

4. Add Molybdenum- This is helpful for CBS patients and was effective for me in the past.  Might be worth another shot.  We shall see if it is more effective than the CBS.

5. SUOX drops- I'm not clear if I have this mutation.  I've tried this treatment in the past without success but that was before the TRS.  Probably a last resort.

Reaction to this collapse:

If this sort of thing happens every couple of months or so and I just have to tweak my dosage, I'm okay with it.  Hell, even once per month would be acceptable.  NOT EVERY WEEK!  It takes about 3-5 days to fully recover from a collapse so I have very little window for quality workouts and can never get in shape.     


Things are looking more promising one day later.  I believe that simply adding moly and/or upping the CBS/NOS will be all I need to do.  I most likely can pitch the stand alone B12 and the Curcumin so there won't be any additional pills in my cocktail.

Monday, May 3, 2021

Training 5/3-5/9

 5/3- MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!  3 miles in 25:48 (8:36 pace).  Splits were 8:45-8:35-8:28.  This was done on Day 3 WITHOUT ANY PILLS AT ALL in spite of cheating a bit this weekend!  Still, I could feel the seams holding me together beginning to come loose.  Within 24-48 hours, it probably all comes unglued on this path.  Thankfully, that won't happen because I'm taking the pills starting today.  



This is a BIG VICTORY!  Sure, the time is nothing to celebrate but as of today, I NO LONGER HAVE EXTREME DEPENDENCE ON ANY ONE PILL!   That means if I take a long weekend and forget to pack one of my pills, I will NOT melt down before the end of the trip.  I'm not quite on solid ground yet.  I still have to maintain this for at least a month.  There is still a chance that my formula could have to be altered.  It could be a missing piece or a sudden negative reaction to one of my current key pills.

5/4- Planned rest day due to predicted bad weather.  

5/5- Bad day.  I hope that it was simply too much cheating.  It was 3 consecutive days.  2 days to get through the CoQ10 collapse and the 3rd was to celebrate the successful pill free weekend.   The 2nd day clean is usually the hardest.  4 miles in 38:36 (9:39 pace).  Very poor performance but not quite a collapse.  Trak Shak loop.  Should be better tomorrow.  If not, I'm afraid that there is a missing piece and this is not over.  I'm only 10 days out from race day so it's too late to make any big changes.


5/6- 4 miles this time at Lakeshore.  Improved to 34:32 (8:38 pace).  MINUS 61 so that is a significant improvement.  Perhaps all I need to do is limit the cheat days.  2 non-consecutive days per week ought to be manageable.  Though the times were similar to last week, today had a different feel.  I felt more over-stimulated whereas I was rather lethargic on CoQ10 before the collapse.  Added a half mile cool.


5/7- 2.5 mile quickie on Lakeshore in the morning.  Finished in 20:10 (8:04 pace).  Just a hair short of my target but I'll take it.  After a slow start, I rallied in the back half and posted a sub-8 in the last 1.5 miles.  Still a bit overstimulated but this was noticeably better than yesterday.


5/8- FAIL!  Came through 1 mile in just about 10 minutes then turned around.  Had to walk/jog the back half.  Sulfur was the culprit. A separate post is required.


5/9- Lakeshore 4 in 39:40 (9:55 pace).  An improvement but I was hoping for better.  Took 3 CBS/NOS pills and no MF.  I did have a strong negative split (20:25-19:15), which is usually a sign of improvement.  In the aftermath, the MF still triggered a bit of a reaction but it was not as severe as yesterday.  Still not sure what to do about that on race morning but leaning towards not taking it.  Extra CBS/NOS did NOT hurt me, which is a good thing.

PM- Encouraged that I did not collapse after taking MF, I went out to Veteran's Park for 2 more miles and clocked a surprising 17:06 (8:33 pace) with splits of 8:45-8:21.  If I simply up the CBS/NOS and  limit caffeine, I believe I'll be okay.  I may also benefit from extra Probiotics, cutting out protein bars and cutting the Curcumin.  The cocktail will remain manageable.


-22 miles on the week.  YTD-315.

It's a hollow victory but I've managed to hit 20 almost every week.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Training 4/26-5/2

 4/26- 1 mile worth of strides in Selma.  No times.  Really just messing around but I'll be glad I did this at the end of the week.  Essentially a rest day but I get credit for 1 mile.


4/27-AM- Half mile on no pills in 3:41 (7:22 pace).  Pace felt comfortably hard at 7:30 then sprinted hard in the last 80-100 meters.  This bodes well for a successful pill free weekend next week.  

PM-Johnny's workout for the first time in a LONG time.  It was 6x400 with 1 800 in the middle.  I averaged 92 on the 400s (6:08 pace) but in a disappointment, only managed a 3:33 on the 800.  I would guess my time in a Mile would be 6:30-6:45.  I did close with an 84 so that wasn't bad.


4/28- The pattern continues.  Since the blip related to NADH, my workouts have not been completely horrible but my legs just don't have much spring and bounce.  Today was the same.  5 miles in 44:55 (8:59 pace).  I was under 9 all the way but it took a bit of a push in the last half mile to shore it up.  About the same as last Sunday's long run only 3 miles shorter.  Perhaps yesterday's speed session took something out of me today.  Once again, I would have been over 2 hours in a race setting but better than the 2:08 in Salisbury.  


4/29- Trak Shak 3.5 in 30:13 (8:38 pace).  A little better than yesterday.  Shorter distance but this route was more difficult so it's probably a wash.  I'll take it.  Need 10 this weekend to hit 30.  Added a half mile cool.  Struggled in Mile 3 but rebounded at the end.


4/30- Lakeshore 3 in 25:55 (8:38 pace).  Exact same pace as yesterday but a slight negative split.  After a slow start, the pace was around 8:30 for the last 2.5.   Again, I felt about the same as usual.  I'm not collapsing but still feel like I'm in a funk.  PLEASE NO MORE PILLS!  NO MISSING PIECES!  Indeed, I will attempt a pill free weekend and am unsure of the outcome.


5/1- FAIL!  I knew it before I even got up this morning so I didn't even try.  It appeared earlier that CoQ10 would be okay for me to take.  No significant benefit but no harm either.  WRONG!  Just like NADH, I can handle an occasional pill but not with any regularity.  That may explain the funk I've been in this week.  It does make me feel a little better that I still have a chance by rolling with the current formula.  I will still attempt going without Probiotics and Lactoferrin but I'm not liking my chances.  I'm cheating today and I kinda have to get through the day.

PM- 1 mile on Montreat in 11:16.  That's 1 less mile that I have to do tomorrow.  1st half in 5:56 then finished with a less horrible 5:20.  


5/2- Positive steps.  2 miles at Veteran's Park in 18:48 (9:24 pace).  I'd never be pleased with a run like this under normal circumstances even if I am clearing out a bad pill but this one is different.  With the exception of the confirmation dose of CoQ10, I took ZERO pills yesterday and ZERO this morning yet still made it through the planned workout.  Last time I tried this, I failed on Day 1 and collapsed before 0.75 miles.  Today, I managed to pick it up a bit on the back half (9:31/9:17) and could have gone longer.  Tomorrow is BIG!  No pills until the evening tomorrow.  I don't have to set the world on fire.  I just want a non-horrible 3 miler with something left at the end.  Unfortunately, the weather looks iffy all day.  I am prepared to run in the rain if need be.


-20 miles on the week.

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Murder Versus Manslaughter

 Let's first brush up on the definitions and degrees.  Definitions can vary a bit from state to state but as a general rule, I believe the following to be accurate.

Murder 1- Everyone knows this is premeditated and willful killing.  No further comments needed.

Murder 2- Usually involves a willful killing but done in the spur of the moment.  An example would be a person who instigates an altercation that gets out of hand and ends in a shooting.  I cannot imagine how a person can be so evil to look someone in the eye and intentionally take their life no matter how angry they might be.   Interestingly, in Minnesota, the intent to kill is not required but the commission of a separate felony is.

Murder 3- Most states don't have this charge.  It is usually considered Voluntary Manslaughter.  More on that later.  In Minnesota, it does not require a separate felony but does require a depraved mindset and intent to cause severe bodily harm.

Voluntary Manslaughter- In this case, there is intent to cause severe bodily harm but not death.  An example could be hitting someone in the face with a baseball bat or kicking them in the head when they've already been knocked out.  The defendant did not intend to kill but the victim later died of his injuries.  Pretty sick and twisted but not quite on the same level as shooting someone in the head.  

Manslaughter 2- Usually involves a willful killing but it is not premeditated.  I believe that in Minnesota, intent to kill is not required.  Unlike Murder 2, the defendant was put in a situation that would "cause a reasonable person to feel severe emotional distress."  An example could be a defendant fights back against a car jacker and disarms them.  Then, willfully kills the car jacker after they are no longer a threat.  Another case could be a parent who sees their child beaten severely but not so much that it is life threatening.  I can see how this could happen and would be inclined to go a little easier on the defendant.  

Manslaughter 3- Not sure if this even exists but I would guess it would be an unintentional killing committed by a person in severe emotional distress.  

Involuntary Manslaughter- A loss of life due to gross negligence or reckless behavior.  An example could be a teenager who throws rocks from an overpass.  A rock hits a car and startles the driver, which causes a fatal accident.  

Now, how would I rule in the George Floyd case?  

I would most definitely convict for Involuntary Manslaughter.  If intent to kill is not required in Minnesota, I would probably convict for Manslaughter 2 but NOT for Murder.  


I've seen the whole body cam of the arrest, which the media hid from the public.  Floyd was doped up out of his mind on Fentanyl and Methamphetamine.  He was screaming incoherently when told to get in the cop car and actually asked to lay on the ground instead.  He repeatedly said "I can't breathe" before the knee was put on his neck.  Floyd may have died without the knee.  He most probably survives even with the knee if he was sober.  Officer Chauvin, as anyone else would be, was under severe stress from dealing with such a combative and difficult suspect.  

Still, there is ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE to keep the knee on the neck for 9 minutes after Floyd was cuffed and subdued especially when onlookers were warning him to get off.  I do want to see Chauvin serve some years in prison but not the rest of his life.  Bottom line is this was a sad case for both parties but neither was/is a good person.  Chauvin should have been fired long ago due to a string of complaints about his performance.  Do I feel sorry for him?  Not really but he's not responsible for all those riots.

What does disappoint me is the reaction to the verdict.  Most of the SJW crowd has not cited this as an example that America is becoming less racist.  In fact, Biden himself called out the "stain of systemic racism."  It has gotten to the point now that you cannot shoot a black suspect even if a life really is in danger.  Two cases in which shootings are justified involve a suspect who will not drop their weapon and when a suspect reaches into their car DURING the arrest.  What is the officer supposed to do?  Let himself get shot or allow a fatal knife attack?  I don't think so.  

Reasonable reforms to policing including a ban on chokeholds or other dangerous restraints?  All for that.  

Background checks including social media activity to weed out possible racists?  

I support that too as long as it is legitimate hate groups that they support.  Turning point USA is NOT a hate group. 

Discipline officers for valid accusations of profiling?  Yes on that as well.   

Defund or Abolish the Police?  Dumbest idea in the world but the Left will use the violence as a vacuum to seize power in a revolution.  

Monday, April 19, 2021

Training 4/19-4/25

 4/19- 4 miles on Lakeshore in 33:55 (8:29 pace).  Solid performance.  Took all the pills that I needed including CBS and MF/TMG.  No sudden miracle but I did feel a bit of a boost.  I maintained the same pace as last Friday and doubled the distance.  Felt pretty decent in doing so as well.  1st half- 17:10, 2nd half-16:45 so that's a pretty significant negative split.  


4/20- Repeated the 4 mile distance this time on North Lakeshore.  Time has improved to 32:33 (8:08 pace) on the same formula.  This time, I got out faster but struggled a little bit down the stretch.  1st half- 16:04, 2nd half- 16:29.  The back half of this route is slightly uphill so that's still not bad.  I think I'm right on the edge of a sub-25 5K and I will try soon.  Added a short warm and cool.

Distance= 4.5

4/21- AM.  Another very positive step.  Expected a group at North Lakeshore but no such luck.  Did a 2.5 mile tempo in 19:07 (7:39 pace) with a slight negative split.  (7:41-7:39-3:47).  No doubt this was worth a sub-25 5K.  It's probably closer to 24.  Sub-21:45 (7:00 pace) is considered respectable now post-40 so I've still got a ways to go.  Took 1 Thym-Adren pill and it does NOT appear that I have collapsed.  I'll be back out for a short run this evening.

PM- 1.5 miles at Veteran's Park in 11:48 (7:52 pace).  I should clarify that I took the Thym-Adren AFTER the morning run, not before.  I just wanted a quick test in hopes that I would be a little slower but not horrible.  That's EXACTLY what I got.  Once again, the pace was even.  I thought I would fade about a half mile in but it didn't happen.  Yes, I was slightly weakened but it was not severe.  EXCELLENT NEWS!  Probably slightly over 8 minute pace if I went another mile so that's bordering on significant BUT NOT A COLLAPSE!  Now, if I took mega doses for several days in the absence of an adrenal spike?  Yes, I can expect big problems.  However, as I repeated ad nauseum for several years, a SINGLE DOSE OF A PILL that is wrong for my chemistry?  A session like this is just about what should happen.  I'm still pitching this bottle with hopes that I'll never have to order it again.  


4/22- Planned rest day.  I have only one more test to pass and that is the pill free weekend.  I'll hold off on that until next weekend.  At the rate that I am gaining, I don't want a temporary setback even if I will rebound quickly. 

PM- I took a couple NADH and CoQ10 last night just to get rid of it.  I woke up feeling a little bit off today.  Turns out the CoQ10 is probably okay but the NADH is not.  The confirmation dose made things worse, which is to be expected.  This is unfortunate but not fatal.  Just like Thym-Adren, an occasional dose will be tolerated but it is NOT to be taken every day or in large doses even once.  I have pitched the NADH along with the Thym-Adren.  I'll finish the CoQ10 bottle but will not re-order.  I must say that it makes me feel uneasy that just a few months ago, NADH was a required pill.  If this happens with any of my current required pills, I'm afraid it's over.  

Decided to do a junk run at Montreat.  Came through the first lap in 2:36 (7:48 pace) but it was not sustainable and I just slow jogged the next 2 untimed.  I've had reactions a lot more severe than this so I hope it's just a 1 day blip.


4/23- Still felt a little bit off when I woke up but able to perform.  3 miles in 24:14 (8:05 pace).  Even pace but legs felt very heavy towards the end so I probably still struggle to finish a long run.  I've cheated on caffeine the last 2 days due to the blip.  I plan to get back on track tomorrow.  Again, I should be okay as long as I don't make a habit of it.   


4/24- Planned rest day due to predicted bad weather.  I need 8 tomorrow and hope to get it done on the coast.

4/25- Gulf Shores.  8 miles in 71:36 (8:57 pace).  I have mixed feelings about this one.  I hit the goal pace but faded in the back half.  1st half- 34:56, 2nd half- 36:40.  To my credit, the pace never went above 9:20.  Still, the race is 5.1 miles longer.  I would have needed about a 9:25ish for the remainder to get under 2 hours and it's close but I don't think I could have made it.  Still, I would have been considerably better than I was in Salisbury.  There could be tiny adjustments ahead.


-25 miles on the week.

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Key Questions Answered (Methylation)

 Going into this week, I was already aware that I could get by for a least a few days without methylation supplements.  I thought that perhaps the TRS (toxin removal) had solved this issue once and for all and MAYBE I no longer needed those pills.  I could free up some space in my cabinet and save some pretty good money if I could ditch those bottles of pills.  

This week has not exactly been smooth going but I felt no need for anything other than the "required pills" of Probiotics and Lactoferrin plus the TRS.  I am hopeful that now that I am off the forbidden drinks, I will now be able to get by a few days without those as well.  That is looking promising but that trial will go off in 2 weeks.  On Saturday (5th day off methylation), I was a little more sluggish than expected but got through the 7 miler at a pace comparable to the first half of my race in Salisbury.  I said "I'll take it" and didn't give it much thought.  However, the next day, it was IMMEDIATELY OBVIOUS that something was off as soon as I got up.  The question was which pill or pills were missing?  It was time for the hated interval workout.  Half laps at Montreat with a pill after each interval.


I did not even attempt a run on only the "required pills" but I started with the pills LEAST likely to be the difference maker.  On stand alone B-12 alone plus the B-complex, I did a PATHETIC 2:00 (12:00 pace).  That's about as bad as I've ever done.  On CBS/NOS, I fared slightly better with a 1:54 (11:24 pace).  MINUS 36.  That left me confused.  It was right on the edge of enough improvement to be considered significant but not nearly enough to be a game changer.  CBS/NOS cleans out excess sulfur and improves lung function.  Yes, I did notice a slight difference for the better in that regard.  It appeared that it wasn't just one pill that I needed but each one that I had missed would bring me a step closer to respectability.  That completed the first lap.

Next, it was Co-Q10.  This time, I felt no better but produced a 1:52 (11:12).  That's not enough to be considered significant but this pill often needed to be paired with NADH to be effective.  Not so this time.  Again, I felt no better and repeated the 1:54 (11:24 pace) that I did before the pair.  Essentially no improvement.  That left me with Methyl Folate and TMG left and I had a strong sense that one or both would be game changers.  I was correct.

Popped the Methyl Folate and was noticeably better immediately.  Time was all the way down to 1:16 on this half lap (7:36 pace)  MINUS 3:48!!  This is usually more effective when paired with TMG.  More improvement would come after this pill.  Clocked a 57 second half lap after TMG (5:42 pace).  MINUS 1:54!  WOW!  This is most definitely the missing piece.


The Methyl Folate plus TMG needs to be taken every day.  If I do so, it won't be an immediate game changer but taking it every day versus only occasionally should result in a boost over time.  Good news is that if I forget to take it, I won't even notice any problems until the 5th day.  That's EXACTLY what I want to see with every pill.  Because I have the MTHFR mutation, it is unlikely that I will ever be freed from these pills.  I'm okay with that.  Like I said, my demands are NOT unreasonable.  What I do want is to be FREED FROM EXTREME DEPENDENCE such that a single missed dose causes big problems.  I've been in situations in which I needed an exact dose every day.  A single pill, whether one too many or one too few caused BIG problems.  To make matters worse, the magic dose fluctuated with no explanation.  That is a NIGHTMARE and I'll gladly trade some of my speed for stability.   Let's suppose that I forget to pack it on a trip.  I'll be okay on a long weekend but will feel it by the end of an epic week long trip.  I can live with that.  

Co-Q10 and NADH are no longer needed.  I fared no better on these pills than I did without them.  I'll probably finish the bottles then ditch.  That'll save me some money and space.  Forbidden drinks can be tolerated on occasion.  Just don't make a habit of it.  I've had a tendency to cheat when I am unstable.  I figured that since I'm already messed up, what difference will it make?  If I am level, I don't anticipate any problems in that regard.  

Questions Remaining:  

I'm not absolutely sure yet but I am betting that my need for ADHS (adrenal modulator) is in the same category as the Methyl Folate.  It should be taken every day but if I miss an occasional dose, I won't notice until the 5th consecutive day.  Again, I can live with that.  

What happens if I quit the "required pills" (Probiotics and Lactoferrin)?  I am hopeful that the result will be the same.  No issues for at least a few days.  I am betting that will indeed happen.  In 2 weeks, I will try a pill free weekend.  I will feel MUCH better about my situation if I wake up on Monday morning feeling "not terrible" and can at least get through a 3 miler.  

B-complex and stand alone B-12?  I'm still not sure if those are needed or not.  I've read that you don't want to take a stand alone B-vitamin without the full complex.  It didn't work alone but when paired with the Methyl Folate, things could be different.  I'll see about that next week.  If I had to bet, my choice would be to go with the complex and ditch the stand alone.  The complex contains a good amount of B-12 and I can rotate it with the Liver Beef.  EDIT: The combined amount of B-12 in the CBS and the B-complex SHOULD be enough to prevent a need for stand alone.  I won't pitch that until after my next race however.

CBS/NOS- After some deliberation, I am going with it every day.  Without it, I won't collapse any time soon and it's not the game changer but if I can run 20-30 seconds faster per mile while feeling somewhat better every day, it's worth it.  Same with Magnesium.  

Thym-Adren- I already know that I am ditching this one.  Absent an adrenal spike, I SHOULD collapse after several days on a high dosage.  BUT a SINGLE PILL should NEVER trigger an extreme reaction.  I'll see about that next week as well.  What I hope to find is that I feel a little sluggish but can still get through a few easy miles.  After that, it goes in the trash and hopefully, I never have to re-order it again.  

Extreme need for another pill?  THAT BETTER NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!!!  If it does, I'm afraid that would break my will forever.  

With a stable formula, I will be able to train consistently and eventually get back to respectable times.  Then, MAYBE, just maybe I can put myself on the dating market in a couple of months.  

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Training 4/12-4/18

 4/12- Interesting observation.  I was MUCH WORSE after drinking a juice based caffeinated beverage.  The same stuff actually HELPED me when I was coming off Thym-Adren.  It only has 4g of added sugar.  This time, the required pills did not help though extra after the workout made me feel a little better.  Never had a good pace and it got much worse with every step.  Totaled 1 mile in 11:04.  Day 1 on water only tomorrow.  PERHAPS I won't be as dependent on the Lactoferrin and Probiotics now.


4/13- As expected, no sudden miracle but I was considerably better.  No major withdrawal symptoms, which is good.  That may hit tomorrow.  Did 2 miles at Veteran's Park in 19:36 (9:48 pace) with a slight negative split.  I'll try for 3 tomorrow before it rains.  Time is running out to get in shape for Minnesota.


4/14- Mild withdrawal this morning but it really wasn't THAT bad.  I won't list the AM workout but came back in the evening and repeated the 2 mile distance.  Time was down to 18:30 (9:15 pace) with splits of 9:20-9:10.  Again, can I avoid a relapse?  The only type that I am willing to accept at this point is a need for methylation.  


4/15- Unplanned rest day.  Adrenals have spiked again.  Not a huge surprise.  This spike won't last as long.  Back on Thym-Adren but only for 1 day.  The last time I tried to go sugar free, I became intolerant to Probiotics then could not tolerate any sugars at all after that.  That's not acceptable.  An occasional juice drink should not trigger a relapse.  This was before the Lactoferrin so it may not happen again.  If it does, it's all over.  As I said before, the resolution is coming ONE WAY OR THE OTHER.

4/16- Good news all around.  Not a significant difference (15 per mile) after taking Lactoferrin and Probiotics this morning.  I was noticeably better by the evening.  Repeated the 2 miler at Veteran's Park and my time is down to 16:56 (8:28 pace).  Not much of a kick at the end but maintained a very even pace.


4/17- Quarter marathon in 61:02 (9:19 pace).  I'll take it.  This is about what I expected today.  In my last 3 races, I was on pace through 8 miles then collapsed.  I bet the same thing would have happened today and I finish around 2:10 for a half.  Found a decent rhythm in the midsection after a slow start but faded in Mile 6 (9:40) before a rebound at the finish.  Added a cool.  I didn't think I was ready for double digits and I was probably right.  Next week, I will try for 10.


4/18- Woke up in the morning and it was immediately apparent that a key pill was missing.  Turns out that it was Methyl Folate plus TMG.  1 mile worth of intervals, which warrants a separate post.

After I straightened that out, I went to Veteran's Park for an easy 2 miler just to hit the weekly minimum quota.  Finished in 17:18 (8:39 pace) going the opposite direction, which made little difference overall.  Slightly slower than Friday but the effort was dialed back and I was coming off a 7 miler so that's okay.  


-20 miles on the week.  I've managed to hit that total with a fair amount of regularity.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Signed up for Minnesota and Maine

 Change of plans.  For the state of Minnesota, I have raced at Minneapolis in 2018.  It was originally scheduled as a half mary but due to a freak heat wave, it was shortened to a 6.7 mile race.  Even though I covered approximately the full distance on my own with a long warm and cool, I chose not to count it towards the 50 states.  North Dakota is the least visited state in the Union and I have only been to the Fargo area.  This state does have some hidden gems including Government Bay near the Capitol of Bismarck and Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  The original plan was to find a small race in western Minnesota and explore more of North Dakota.  I could not find a good fit and many races are still being canceled due to COVID.  (I refuse to call it Virtual). The best option is a race called Pike Lake on 5/15 in Duluth, Minnesota

I'll have to scratch North Dakota for now but that's okay.  This trip could be a good one.  The race is on a Saturday so I will most likely fly to Minneapolis on Thursday then drive 2.5 hours north to Duluth.  Northern Minnesota is uncharted territory for me.  I've visited Minneapolis and the I-94 corridor towards Fargo but nowhere else.  I'm leaning towards flying out of Atlanta for the direct option.  I REALLY don't want to miss a connection and get in late on Thursday.  Though the airport is several miles from downtown Minneapolis, I worry about being anywhere near there at night.  Who knows what will happen with the George Floyd case?  There will most definitely be riots if the cop is acquitted and probably riots if he is convicted of a lesser charge. 

I hope to arrive in Minneapolis by mid-afternoon on Thursday then it's about 2.5 hours to Duluth on I-35.  That will be enough for the day and I'll just settle in for the night.  On Friday, I'll have to pick up my race packet then it will be a relatively leisurely day in the Duluth area.  There are some nice parks on Lake Superior not far from downtown and I'm sure I'll cross into Wisconsin just for the heck of it.  Saturday is race day then it will be a VERY scenic drive on the north shore on Highway 61.  Grand Portage State Park on the Canadian border is just 2 hr 45 minutes from Duluth and there are several other must see stops along the way.  The waterfalls and lakeside scenery both look great on YouTube.  There is no way that I can do this all in one day so I won't leave Minnesota until Sunday afternoon.  

As for Maine, the race is a small one called Blueberry Cove on the coast near the town of St. George.  That is in between Portland and Bar Harbor.  The date is August 28, which is perfect.  That's within the small window of time in which the Maine ocean is warm enough for a swim without a wet suit.  Must dos include Mt. Washington, Acadia NP and both the Maine and New Hampshire coast.  Plenty of time to plan in more detail.  

If both races go off as planned and I can finish both, it takes me up to 49 states with only Hawaii to go.  I would prefer an Oahu race near Honolulu but I won't be too choosy.  I'll settle for any live race there though I want to go somewhere other than the Big Island since I've already been there.  Both states require a negative COVID test but the PCR is acceptable so there should be no SNAFU.

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Training 4/5-4/11

 4/5- 1 mile shake out run at Veteran's Park in a robust 11:38. Granted, I am still a bit sore from Salisbury and I'm still recovering from the trip but I should be better than THIS!  I cut my dose from 2 pills down to 1.5 today and it's still too much.  I felt pretty decent on 1 pill yesterday but was much worse after my 2nd dose.  Just 2 days earlier, I held a semi-respectable pace for 8+ miles on 2 pills.  Now, I could not run at all if I took even another half pill.  


4/6- AM- 2x half mile at Montreat.  Opened with a slightly less horrible 5:24 WITHOUT pills then slipped to OVER 6:30 WITH JUST ONE PILL!  That does it.  I'm not going down to half a pill tomorrow.  I'm off Thym-Adren, hopefully for good.  I'm very uneasy that just 1 pill makes things so much worse.  Maybe, after a couple weeks off it, my reactions won't be as strong.


4/7- First day off Thym-Adren was no sudden miracle but it was an improvement.  2 miles on Lakeshore in 20:52 (10:26 pace) with splits of 10:33-10:19.  I expect significant improvement tomorrow.


4/8- 3 miles on Lakeshore in 27:23 (9:08 pace).  2nd day off Thym-Adren and I got about what I expected.  I knew that I would not set the world on fire today but I cut 78 seconds off my pace while going 50 percent longer.  I'll take that any day.  Of course, the rate of improvement will slow but for the millionth time, if I can just avoid a relapse, I am on the road back to respectability.


4/9- Continued steady progress.  Another 3 mile on Lakeshore this time including South Lakeshore.  Time is down to 24:52 (8:17 pace).  MINUS 51.  This projects to a sub-26 5K so I am within 1 minute of the Mendoza line.  No cause for celebration but this is encouraging.  Monday is the BIG day and we shall see how I do after a pill free weekend.


4/10- No need for a Monday trial.  The attempt at going pill free failed on Day 1.  The outcome was not immediately clear.  I felt reasonably well through 0.6 miles then collapsed and turned around at 0.75.  Totaled 1.5 miles in 15:15 (10:10 pace).  If I had waited until the afternoon, the outcome would have been known before I started.  Perhaps the time that I can get by will increase with time.  



Given the choice, I would much rather fail as a result of NOT taking a good pill than fail because I took a bad one or too high of a dose.  This is especially true when a formerly good pill becomes a bad one a few days later.  Methylation pills remain tolerated but not very effective.  It still remains to be seen if they can be pitched or must be taken occasionally.  Also, TRS alone didn't seem to do anything.  However, the pills that I NEED EVERY DAY are Lactoferrin with the Probiotics.  Only after taking those 2 did I begin feeling better.  Perhaps in time, I will not be as dependent but even so, this is still an acceptable outcome IF THE DOSE REMAINS CONSTANT!  My demands are hardly unreasonable.   

4/11- After yesterday's disappointment, I was not mentally up for a longish run today so I went with an easy 2.5.  Finished in 20:43 (8:17 pace).  Carbon copy of Friday.  Exact same pace and I'm sure that I could have held it for another half mile.  Took all the required pills this morning but none of the optional ones.  Perhaps I get a small boost from the methylation.  Of course, I want to do better but if this is the new normal, I can accept it with a stable formula.


-14 on the week.  Need to get to work now that the formula is set.