Sunday, July 29, 2018


Current State:
The Sarcosine has enabled me to tolerate the stuff that I really need (Vitamin C).  That said, I really thought I was bulletproof, meaning that a single dose of any non-poison pill, would NOT have a significant negative impact.  Maybe I'd get nicked a bit if I took mega doses of a pill that my chemistry in the wrong direction but nothing severe.  The days of terrible reactions from a trace of a seemingly harmless pill were over.  WRONG!

NADH was bad but the ill-effects were mitigated by the Sarcosine so it wasn't that big of a deal.  Then, I had a NASTY reaction to Taurine but that happened after I significantly increased the dose so I was alarmed but not defeated.  The last straw was Apple Cider Vinegar.  Just a small sip no larger than tablespoon triggered another HORRIBLE reaction and this time, Sarcosine did little to help.  Again, this should NEVER happen to a healthy person.

Most likely, it is excess sulfur.  This was a major focus of my plan throughout 2015-16 but I eventually gave up on it because EVERY SINGLE treatment produced the same old flu like malaise even at minuscule doses.  NOW, thanks to Sarcosine, anti-sulfur products such as Yucca are TOLERATED.  In fact, on my first trial with it yesterday, I saw YUGE improvements of 1:40 per mile after just 1 single pill.  Increased methylation does indeed increase the sulfur load and I am compound hetero on the critical CBS mutation.  In short, Sarcosine increases methylation, which in turn increases the sulfur load, which exceeded the toxic threshold.  The recent success with Yucca provides reason for optimism going forward.

Energy level:
Like I said, all I want out of this is a stable cocktail with a decent level of energy everyday.  I may still be stable provided I don't mess with anything new but do NOT have energy.  Even with diminished fitness, workouts of 3-4 miles at 8:15-8:35 pace should be a walk in the park.  That didn't happen.  I wouldn't go as far as to say last week's workouts were hard for me but they did require moderate effort and if going all out, I would not have been much below the Mendoza line (3 @ 8:00 pace).  Still, I am okay with that so long as I have decent energy throughout the day.  That didn't happen.  I was somewhere around the energy level of Jeb Bush on the campaign trail.  Like Garth Brooks says, I am much too young to feel this damn old.  I'm pushing 40 now and can't expect to do what I did 6-7 years ago but I am performing and probably feeling like someone in his 50s not late 30s.  Something must be done about that.  Yucca could be the answer.

Any regrets:
Nothing major.  I know I've said this before but if I knew my window for setting PRs was going to close sooner than expected, I would have jumped into more local 5Ks and tried more all out time trials on the days that I knew I was hot.  I just missed the sub-5:15 Mile and sub-19 5K and the potential to break both was definitely there under the right conditions.  I did get the 3 that I wanted most (beat 1 HS PR, sub-40, sub-90) so I'm still proud of what I did accomplish.  I'm glad that I am being aggressive in my pursuit of the 50 states challenge because I know that next year is not guaranteed.  I'm afraid I'll soon have to limit myself to 10K and below so the goal may have to be reduced to simply an organized race in all 50 states.  At least in that case, Saturday/Sunday combos are do-able.

I've shot up nearly 15 pounds in the last few months up to 175.  I'd like to be 160 or below so I've got a lot of work to do if I want to lose it.  I may just have to watch my calories like most everyone else if I want to lose it.   Again, my appearance is not the most important thing to me.  If I feel decent, I don't care about being a few pounds heavy.  Yes, I am a few inches thicker in the waist but I'm afraid that's inevitable especially after you hit 35.  In my case, it's not all in the gut.  A few people have commented that I've "got some muscle on me" nowadays and one person even asked me if I've been lifting in addition to running.  The answer is no.  Turns out that methylation INCREASES muscle mass.  If I feel better at 170 versus 160 or find it too difficult to lose 15, so be it.

Last option?
I've lost track on the number of times that I've said it's now or never.  If this new plan doesn't work out, it's all over.  I'm out of options.  Every time, another possibility has come up.  Can it happen again?  Yes, it could.  I may have another piece of the puzzle to solve.  Still, this has GOT to turn around soon even if it's just a few decent weeks of training.  I must say with regret that with every disappointment and setback in this war, my faith and trust gets knocked down a notch.  I'll never walk away from it but I can't see myself going back to writing devotionals.  Another factor is that all my friends are married and finding a group of faithful never marrieds my age is difficult.  As for the blog, the current plan is to shut down the training updates at the end of 2018 barring a miracle comeback.  I'll post monthlies with more road trip pictures and political commentary.

Training 7/30-8/5

This week is critical.  Only 7 weeks to go until DC.  I expect to do better thanks to the Yucca

7/30- AM.  The hated test intervals but I learned much.  4x400 at Vestavia.  Tried to go with all nucleotides and no methylation pills.  I knew before I started that it would fail.
Opener- 2:13 (8:52 pace)
B-complex- 2:07 (8:28 pace)  MINUS 24
B-12- 1:50 (7:20 pace)  MINUS 68
MF + DMG- 1:18 (5:12 pace)  MINUS 2:08
  That's a cumulative improvement of 3:40 per mile due to a fully stacked deck of methylation support. Despite heavy legs, I felt somewhat like myself on that last interval. Yes, you read that correctly.  THREE MINUTES AND 40 SECONDS PER MILE!

It is crystal clear that methylation is my most pressing need ATM.  Again, sulfur is probably the cause of the low energy and slow times recently but there is a chance that Yucca can fix that.  As for the adrenal support, it's been a surprise but a welcome one.  I'm going with the modulator (ADHS) but it really doesn't seem to matter if I take a day's dose of the suppressant or the stimulant.  I did get nicked a little on the suppressant but it was only 9/mile (less than 2%) and was only fractionally faster per lap on the stimulant.  Could I really be in balance in that area?

PM- BETTER.  3 miles on Lakeshore in 23:45 (7:55 pace).  Too fast but I couldn't help it.  I wanted to run 4 but had to cut it short because of gusty winds and dark clouds.  It proved to be a good call because the skies opened up shortly after I finished.  Before the Yucca, TMG was awful but this time, I barely noticed any real problems.  Caffeine also wasn't much of a factor either.  I may have to endure a rough day or two as I detox but who know, maybe that won't be so bad on the Yucca.

7/31- I went with TMG instead of DMG and yes, I could feel some ill-effects but it was not as severe as in the past.  Did 2 miles in 16:56 (8:28 pace).  The caffeine withdrawl was significant and Yucca didn't do much to help that.  I expect to be feeling better by the evening tomorrow.

8/1- Better as expected.  Trak Shak 5 in 38:45 (7:45 pace).  Good start but faded considerably on the back half and was struggling the hold the pace under 8 the last 2 miles.  This is what I've got to do consistently to get back to respectable times.

8/2- AM FAILED interval session.  Could not break 1:50 on the first 400 so I just shut it down and slow jogged for the rest of the mile.  I did drink a Hard Cider with dinner last night.  Could that be the culprit?  I won't be pleased if it is but so be it.  I was expecting the Yucca to mitigate most of the damage but that does not appear to be the case.  Not pleased.

PM- An occasional alcoholic beverage is probably okay.  Taking extra Yucca to counteract it is NOT.  It was the extra Yucca that was the culprit not the Hard Cider.  I'll have to cut the dose down to 1 or 2 but that should probably be okay.  I've also ordered Yasko's CBS/NOS caps, which I expect to be well tolerated.  Unfortunately, I am probably looking at a rough day tomorrow as well as Saturday.  Ugh.

8/3- Cut the Yucca down to 2 and was better.  Also showed improvement as the day progressed.
AM- 1 mile in 9:43
PM- 2 miles in 17:47 (8:54 pace).
I'll attempt the long run tomorrow but will likely have to cut it short.

8/4- Add Yucca to the list of pills that appeared effective early but turned disastrous late.  I only took 1 such pill this morning and it was a DISASTER.  Could NOT break 10 for 1 mile.  I expect to suck tomorrow as well.  The only good news is that the new CBS/NOS caps appear to be tolerated.

8/5- AM- 2x800 at Vestavia.  Opened with a 3:46 but thanks to the CBS/NOS caps, I improved to 3:15 on the 2nd interval.  That's a MINUS 62 per mile so this pill is very effective and possibly a game changer SO FAR!!  I know all too well that this could turn ugly in a hurry too.  Question:  Since I did okay in Wisconsin, why not stick with that stable formula?  Answer:  The sulfur toxicity was getting worse and my paces and my energy level were slipping.  Both would likely get worse if left untreated.  May be back out for an easy run this evening.

PM- BETTER.  2 miles in 14:38 (7:19 pace) with relatively even splits.  Can I get back on track next week?

Sunday, July 22, 2018


Here's my cocktail at night:
-SARCOSINE (aka Methyl glycine)
-Jigsaw Magnesium
-Whole Food Vitamin C
-Vitamin E as succinate
-Syntol Probiotics

Morning cocktail:
-ADHS (adrenal modulator)
-Ultimate B complex
-B12 + molybdenum (together)
- Methyl Folate + DMG + BHMT 8 nucleotide (together)

-Liver Beef

Current State:
Sarcosine is the one treatment that I cannot do without!  I'm screwed if it ever goes off the market.  Without it, I will get the flu-like malaise from just a micro dose of some of the above the treatments, which is necessary to get in balance.  There is indeed a substitute product for all the others that serves the same purpose but not the Sarcosine.   With the Sarcosine, what will happen if I forget to take one of those?  Yes, I will feel a difference but it won't be killer.  I'll get through a standard issue workout but can't do a hard tempo.

Now, the biggest difference in the last few weeks is this:  ALL MY DOSES ARE FLEXIBLE!!  Not very long ago, if I took just a bit more than the dose that I need, I would feel the same flu-like malaise. Just 1 accidental extra pill was a trigger.  Not so now.  Yes, there is a specific amount of each that I need BUT there is no additional benefit NOR ill-effects from taking extra!  For example, it doesn't matter if I take 400 mcg of Methyl folate or 2400 mcg Methyl Folate.  I will feel and perform about the same.  THAT IS YUGE!  Barring an unexpected relapse or something stupid like a caffeine binge, I expect to be stable going forward.

Like I said, I am a far cry from the sub-1:30 performer that I was but with steady training, improvements will come.  Let's say I do 20 miles from M-F then add 15 on the weekend and maintain it for several months, I believe I can get below 1:40 by the end of the year and maintain it at least until I am in my early 40s.  A standard issue pace of 8:30-9:00 is probably a little slow but it's best to err on the side of caution at least for the time being.  Another difference maker will be regular tempo and interval workouts.

If everything goes according to plan, I will have 37 states completed plus DC by the end of the year.  It will take 9 trips to complete the remaining 13 states.  Perhaps I can finish by 2021 but I'd like to go international for my 40th in 2020 so the projected completion will be November 2022 in Hawaii.

I intend to move into a condo when my apartment lease expires.  Once I get settled in, assuming I am still stable, I am going on the dating market. Nobody is perfect but I will not settle for less than an excellent match.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Training 7/20-7/29

As planned, I'm taking at least 4-5 days off, probably a few more in hopes of jump starting the motivation.  Physically, there is NO WAY that I am burned out considering the low volume over the past 3+ years.  Emotionally and mentally is another matter with all the trial and error that I've had to do.  Now that chapter appears to be over once I confirm that Thym Adren vs ADHS makes little difference.  I also expect NADH to be a non-factor.    If the adrenal support is approximately equal, I'm going with the ADHS because it's a modulator.  Thus, I won't be hurt by taking too much of it.  It sure is nice to just take the same cocktail every day with no self-imposed pressure of training at least for a few days.  Soon, I WILL be back.

7/19- It's Thursday night and I do plan on running a short 2-3 miler tomorrow to ease back in.  Mentally, I feel I am ready for it.  The big change that must be made is to slow down my training paces.  Face it, I'm not even close to a sub-1:30 performer anymore and I've got to stop pretending that I am.  The 1:50 in Wisconsin is probably a fair assessment though I probably could have done better in cooler or overcast conditions.  Standard issue runs will be in the 8:30 range if not slower.  In other news, I've signed up for both the DC half and the Detroit half so now is to time to roll.

7/20- 2 miles in 17:54 (8:57 pace).  Pretty much what I planned to do but a little slower.  I did NOT feel good and was working for a 9 minute pace at the end.  No need to panic yet.  The first day back after any layoff is always a little rough.  I just donated blood just over 36 hours prior to this workout as well.  I think I've seen enough to know that Thym-Adren will NOT produce any gains so I'm going with the ADHS.  NADH may be a slight positive but I didn't test it out in a run.  One final tweak has to do with the nucleotide product.  Can I get by with just a few drops or do I need a bit more?  If that fails, I go back to Sam-e and must deal with the sensitivity, which I'd really prefer not to do.  I'd be willing to sacrifice some speed to avoid that scenario.
It took about an hour or so for the ill-effects to kick in but NADH is clearly a NO.  Sarcosine did mitigate some of the damage but I still expect to struggle tomorrow.  This sets the formula with the exception of a possible minor tweak with the nucleotide.

7/21- Improvement.  3 miles in 25:24 (8:28 pace).  This was an improvement over yesterday despite the NADH still being in my system.  This was just about what I planned to do today.  Yes, I was weakened but without the Sarcosine, I would not be able to run at all.  This was done in spite of sultry conditions (low temp was near 80).

PM- 4x400 at Vestavia in much less humid conditions.  All were done at a comfortable effort.  Experimented with Sam-e vs DMG.  All laps were between 1:44-1:48 so I may have been slightly better on Sam-e but it's not enough to be considered significant.  Both are comparable in terms of effectiveness provided I take a few drops of nucleotide but with Sam-e, I need a very narrow range of MF to perform.  With DMG, my MF dose does not matter.  400 or 2400, I will be about the same.  I'm going with the DMG.

7/22- Planned rest day.  All systems are a go.  The formula is set.  It's now or never.

7/23- AM- Easy 4 at Lakeshore on a cooler than average morning.  Finished in 32:55 (8:14 pace) and held back to do so.  This was faster than the planned 8:30ish but that's okay.  It was done on fresh legs.  So far so good.  Everything is going as planned.  I've cheated a bit on caffeine the last few days but have NOT binged.  Still, for the last time, it needs to go.  Most likely, that's it for today.  If I falter later this week, it should not be too bad of a detox reaction.  I'm going to try to up my Vitamin E to get a boost but it will probably be a non-factor.

7/24- Planned rest day but I did do 1 junk mile.  Detox has indeed occurred.

7/25- Trak Shak 3 in 25:09 (8:23 pace) plus a mile cool.  Again, this is pretty much according to plan.  Hope to hit 30 this week then add some quality next week.

7/26- Lakeshore 3 in 25:35 (8:32 pace).  Slightly worse than yesterday but not significantly so.  Took Thym-Adren instead of ADHS and though it was not a disaster, I was a bit more sluggish than usual.  Even with ADHS plus stability, I haven't exactly been setting the world on fire as of late.  If I had to guess, I'm going through a detox reaction and may need temporary adrenal stimulus rather than suppression. I've ordered Endodren.   I was in a similar situation after the liver flush in 2014 and it worked out well.

7/27- Lakeshore 1 in 9:55.  Culprit was Taurine.  It's tolerated once in a while but not everyday.  Lesson learned but I won't be recovered in time for the long run.
Distance= 1.0

7/28- Interesting road trip to Starkville, MS to see the Grant presidential library.  Stopped in Columbus, MS and Tuscaloosa, AL on the way back.

PM- 2 miles in 17:52 (8:56 pace).  Just about what I expected.  New products have arrived so tomorrow could be interesting.
Distance= 2.0

7/29- Interesting as expected.  Junk intervals at Vestavia.
Opener- 400 in 2:22 (9:28 pace)
Adrenal stimulant- 2:21.6 (9:26 pace).  NOT SIGNIFICANT
Yucca- 1:56.8 (7:47 pace)  MINUS 99
Added 2x200 at the end.
More adrenal stimulant- 52.5 (7:00 pace)
More Yucca- 39.4 (5:16 pace) MINUS 1:44

PM- Took a serving of caffeine not intended as a cheat day but to test my theory.  Though I did not run in the evening, I felt significantly WORSE after drinking a Red Bull.  Once again, I was noticeably BETTER after Yucca. 

The slow times don't bother me that much.  LOW ENERGY DOES BOTHER ME!  Sulfur could very well be the culprit based on what happened with the Taurine.  Still a theory but here it is: Sarcosine has increased methylation action, which has in turn increased the sulfur burden, which explains the low energy and intolerance to caffeine.  Treatments for excess sulfur failed in the past because of the glycine conjugation issues.  That has been resolved by the Sarcosine.   That's why it appears Yucca is now tolerated whereas it caused the usual reaction in the past.

Pro-Life Movement and Strategy

No running this week so I'm wading into controversy.  Here it comes:

Okay, the Left has gone hysterical again this time over Trump's Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh.  I just saw on Ben Shapiro's page that Hillary Clinton said that he might bring back slavery.  WHAT THE ________!!!!   The sad part is that I know some people actually believe it.  I predict that he will be confirmed with about 55 votes.  He'll get all 50 Republicans plus 5 red state Democrats.  Time will tell what type of justice he will be but I predict that he will be in the mold of John Roberts.  Slightly to the right of Kennedy but not like a Scalia or Clarence Thomas.  There is a chance that Roe v Wade could be overturned but first, a case would have to be taken up on that issue so it's far from imminent even if it does happen.  Calm down.

Polls show that the public favors the decision by a 2-1 margin.  I'm not buying it.  There is a common misconception that a reversal would mean an outright ban in all circumstances.  That's not true.  The issue would then be decided by the states.  When the question is framed another way, you will get a very different answer.  Should the issue be decided by the courts or the voters/legislature?  In that case, a majority prefers the latter.  The South and Heartland's laws would be heavily restrictive while the Northeast and West Coast would be more permissive.  A swing state such as Pennsylvania or Ohio would likely restrict it to the first trimester.  A federal ban on all late term abortions could be do-able.  It is highly unlikely that any state would not provide an exception for hard cases such as rape or the life of the mother.  Again, 93% are done for convenience.

If there was a national consensus for a pro-life amendment, sure I would support it.  In order for that to happen, we need 2/3 of the states to ratify it.  Not likely at least for the time being.  Overturning Roe is only the first step.  I'm not a very big fan of judicial review as a principle.  A court could be stacked with activists who can impose their will, which could never be accepted at the ballot box or the legislative branch.  Regardless of which party is in power, if a law is passed by Congress and signed by the President, it should not be allowed to be overturned by a 5-4 vote.  At the very least, I'd require a super majority (7-2) to overturn a law.    There can be no dispute that the Supreme Court has erred with Dred Scott and Plessy v Ferguson (segregation).  Typically, the Left goes berserk when that is mentioned.

As for strategy, I think it would be a mistake to frame it as a  religious issue and the Bible says this or that.  Fact is that most Americans nowadays do not have a Biblical worldview and there are plenty of pro-lifers who are not religious or could be persuaded with a little more knowledge of the issue.  Instead, make it about science.  It is indisputable that a unique DNA set is present from the time of conception.  A fetal heartbeat can be detected within 6-8 weeks and the baby is fully formed albeit extremely tiny at that time.  This is a human being entitled to full legal protection.  When it comes to late term abortion, we've got a viable fetus after 5-6 months that can feel pain.  Democrats will fight tooth and nail to keep it legal up until the day before delivery.  I can respectfully disagree about 1st trimester abortion but late-term is barbaric and indefensible.  I have no respect for that point of view.  Moreover, there is considerable opposition to providing women with material such as sonograms, fetal development or alternatives. Do you want them to make a decision without all the facts?  If so, you are not pro-choice, you are pro-abortion. I didn't watch it but heard about a Planned Parenthood ad that encouraged risky sex so their "services" would be necessary. Sick!

Now, let me debunk some arguments that I've heard from people who claim personal opposition but no legal restrictions:
1) Banning it won't stop it.  It will just force it underground.
2) Undue burden on poor and minority women.
3) Increase in welfare cases and unwanted children.
4) Can't force Christian worldview on non-believers.
5) Pro-lifers don't care after birth.

1- Woman's body woman's choice is a fallacy.  You don't have the right to use illicit drugs.  While attitudes toward marijuana may have evolved, very few people would advocate for legalizing hard drugs such as heroin and meth even though bans don't stop it completely.  Murder of people outside the womb is punishable possibly by death.  That hasn't completely stopped it either but nobody in their right mind would legalize murder.  What about "coat hanger" and back alley abortions?  If women get hurt in the process, it's a price I am willing to pay to save more lives.  I can't say I have much sympathy for a woman who would do that to her own baby.  I'm against the death penalty in most cases but can't say I will shed any tears for an executed murderer.

2- I heard a host on MSNBC lament the fact that poor women and especially poor women of color may not be able to afford a trip from Alabama to Illinois to get an abortion.  So, what you're saying is that you want more abortions in racial minority communities?  THAT'S RACIST!  Can't say I'm surprised given Planned Parenthood's history of eugenics.  That sounds an awful lot like fascism to me.  Just sayin'

3- First off, if a person is more likely to face challenges in life, does it make it more acceptable to kill them?  Some would say so and that is sickening.  That's also out of the fascist playbook.  I had a co-worker in Monty who was sometimes careless about sex.  She said that if faced with an unplanned pregnancy, she's not sure what she would do and would make that decision if/when it came up.  I was pretty disgusted by that POV but to their credit, a majority of such women will ultimately choose life.  Now, let's suppose the abortion option was either off the table or required a trip across multiple state lines.  I believe in that case, women will be more careful and we will actually end up with fewer unplanned pregnancies.  It's really not all that hard to avoid pregnancy.  You have several options:
Abstinence is best but if that's not an option there is Sterilization, Birth Control pills, Condoms and even Plan B Emergency after the fact.
NO, you don't have to choose between a career and motherhood either.  How about adoption?

4- So not everybody believes that life begins at conception and we can't force that view on others, particularly non-Christians?  Nope!  Like I said, this should not be a religious issue but a human rights issue that can be supported by non-religious people.  The truth is the truth regardless of whether you believe it or not.  Just because some people thought the world was flat didn't make it so.  A lot of people thought the black race was less than human but that certainly didn't make it so.  Don't believe in treating racial minorities equally in hiring and housing?  Too bad.  You must be made to do so.  The fact that you don't believe life begins at conception or at the very least the point of viability does not change the truth.

5- This point really bothers me.  First, a dead baby cannot receive quality health care and education.    Liberals say that because you don't support big government social programs, it means that you don't care about the poor.  That ain't true!  First, most local churches perform considerable outreach in poor communities and give much of their money to food banks and soup kitchens.  Who gives most to charity?  Southern conservatives.  Every study shows this to be true. Dr. Ben Carson was once asked about the most helpful thing to do for people on government assistance?  His answer was simple.  Get them off it.

Now if you are still not convinced, here is a YouTube video which describes the most common abortion procedure. First Trimester
It gets even more gruesome further into pregnancy.  A second trimester abortion usually involves dismemberment of limbs on a pain capable baby.  Third trimester is flat out infanticide.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Fall Trips

If I am to do 50 states, I figure that I must do Washington DC as well.  That works out well this year with the Navy and Air Force Half marathon on September 16 and my birthday on the 14th.  I’ll take a flight home a few days earlier then I can go directly to Reagan National airport on the morning of Saturday the 15th.  

From there, I don’t have to rent a car and would be well advised not to do so.  The Metro is actually connected to the airport and it’s just 4 stops to the National Mall/Capitol Hill.  Surprisingly, there are affordable hotels (less than $200) within a half mile.  I’ll spend most of Saturday on a walking tour of the Mall and its monuments.  I’ll race on Sunday morning then fly back to the Ham shortly thereafter.

The big Fall trip is a race that I’ve been wanting to do for 6 years but it either did not fit my schedule or I waited too long to sign up.  It’s the Detroit Free Press half marathon, which crosses the Ambassador Bridge into Windsor, Ontario, Canada en route.  Here’s a list of things I’d like to do in Detroit:
Henry Ford Museum
Belle Isle
Hitsville MoTown Museum
Windsor (Riverside Dr.)

Supposedly, the downtown core of Detroit is pretty safe but don’t venture too far into the outskirts until you get north of 8 Mile Road.  Drive or Fly?  This time, I’m leaning towards driving.  I’ve been NAILED the last 2 times by rental car costs.  It cost me $650 for a 5 day rental from Minneapolis.  There are all kinds of hidden costs in addition to the $30-35ish per day that you are quoted.  If I’m doing a lot of driving from a hub that is far away from home such as Boston or Minneapolis then yes, a car is needed.  In this case, I’ve got a manageable 2 day trip (11 hrs) with Louisville as the halfway point and once I’m in Detroit, I won’t be going outside of about a 20 mile radius.  Michigan will be state #37.  Better get motivated soon.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Training 7/9-7/15

The verdict is in on Liver Beef:
It is indeed tolerated thanks to the Sarcosine.  That's good news.  It appears that it eliminates my need for synthetic B-12 but most likely NOT eliminate the need for methyl folate and NOT eliminate the need for DMG.  That will be confirmed tomorrow.  I also want to see once and for all what is better: Thym Adren or ADHS?  Finally, I need to test the amount of the nucleotide support.  I suspect that too much could trigger a detox reaction.  Once those questions are answered, that should do it in theory.  The formula should be set once and for all.

7/9- 2 mile tempo in 14:04 (7:02 pace).  Solid performance.  We'll see what this week will bring but I expect to get serious very soon.  Before the Sarcosine, just a trace of Liver Beef would trigger a flu like malaise that would not fully clear for 3-5 days.  I do suspect that Sarcosine could be slowing me down but once again, it's a price I am willing to pay for more stability.  I could be detoxing and get better with time.

7/10- Junk intervals at Vestavia.  The verdict is in.  Liver Beef will NOT eliminate my need for Methyl folate.  Also, extra nucleotide support is a non-factor so I'll stick with just a few drops to save money.  It is becoming increasingly clear that the Sarcosine is slowing me down.  For the last time, that's still a better ending than the alternative but if there is a simple fix to counteract that, I'll take it.  Research points to Methionine, PABA or Vitamin E.  PABA was a non-factor after starting Sarcosine but was a nightmare on plain glycine.  Methionine could be a substitute for DMG but Vitamin E is an addition.

PM- Methionine is NOT the answer.  I may struggle tomorrow as a result of it.  Some of the damage was mitigated by extra MF.  NADH is too expensive so I will go with Vitamin E as the only option to possibly counteract the glycine.

7/11- Planned rest day as I await equilibrium.  I have ordered the Vitamin E and may consider NADH after all but the end of the line is upon me and I am at peace with whichever outcome.  Sarcosine is the one treatment that I cannot do without.  When used in combination with DMG and the nucleotide product, the SENSITIVITY IS GONE!

 I will have at least adequate levels of energy every day barring something stupid such as a caffeine binge or forgetting to take a necessary pill.  I will always need to take certain pills but the dosage is flexible. A single extra dose or two won't make much difference one way or the other.  That's the good news.

The bad news is that the Sarcosine is slowing me down.  By how much?  Not sure but my best estimate is around 3-5%.  That means that even if my training ticks back up, I may have to be content with being a 1:45-1:50 half marathoner.  The often cited respectable standards of 21/45/1:40 are likely out of reach.  No runners are happy about the inevitable decline in their performance but when the alternative is quitting, it doesn't seem so bad.  Still, I would have expected to be running my current times in my early 50s, not my late 30s.  If there is a simple fix to reverse or at least slow the rate of decline, I'll take it.  My research points to Vitamin E as a viable option.  One way or the other, the outcome will be known.  I've said that for years.  At least now, the worst outcome is not so terrible.

7/12- 2 mile junk run and I didn't even time it.  No motivation right now because I'm in limbo waiting for the Vitamin E.  It could arrive tomorrow but most probably on Saturday.

7/13- Another 2 mile junk run at Gold's.  This was a bit better than yesterday but not by much

7/14- Abbreviated BTC run.  Finished 4 miles in tough conditions in a time of 33:23 (8:21 pace).  Weak effort but the pace was fairly even.  The E should arrive today.  Although I'm not feeling any instant ill-effects from the Liver, I'm not convinced that it is safe for me.  It could be the source of the suckage as of late

PM- Liver Beef is confirmed to be SAFE.  Managed another 2 miles on tired legs in 15:48 (7:54 pace).  Not much difference than the morning despite extra Liver.  In fact, I actually felt slightly better.  In other news, the Vitamin E has arrived.  It's too early to tell but I may be seeing some benefit from it.  It seems unlikely to be a night and day difference however.  I will not try it on a run until tomorrow.

7/15- Good news is that Vitamin E appears to be a plus but it may not be a game changer.  I improved from a 1:53 to a 1:46 in my interval (MINUS 28).  Once again, there was no motivation.  I had planned to do a workout after this but settled for a 2 lap cool down.  I'm taking next week off in hopes of getting a jump start then I will try to get serious for DC and Detroit in the Fall.  The only question left is the ADHS vs. Thym-Adren but at least based on what I've seen, it's unlikely to make much difference.

-Measly 14 miles on the week.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Midwest Road Trip Report

What constitutes having "been to" a state?  There are two schools of thought and I have 2 sets of standards.  I used to count anything even if I turned around just after crossing the border or I was taken there as a toddler and was too young to remember it.  It is generally agreed upon that airport layovers can never count and I agree.  The more strict standard requires doing something noteworthy such as an overnight stay, visit to a tourist attraction or at least a sit down meal at a local restaurant.  Of course, participation in an organized road race is an automatic qualifier.  I entered 2018 with 49 states in the lenient standard but just 42 for the strict.  I shored up Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut back in May.  Now, it was time to take care of Michigan, Wisconsin and Iowa.  That leaves Nebraska as the only visited state that I have not done something and Hawaii as the only one that I have not seen at all.

Someday I might have to bite the bullet and race on back to back days.  I am not in condition to do that at this time.  Instead, I took on a more manageable but still difficult undertaking of 2 half marathons with only a 2 day rest in between.  Neither would be an all out effort.  With the 4th of July holiday falling on a Wednesday this year, it worked out perfectly.  I needed Minnesota and the annual Red White and Boom race is held in Minneapolis.   All I had to do was find a race in a neighboring state over the weekend.  I got it with the Eagle River Chase in Sauk City, Wisconsin (Madison area) on Saturday.  In between, the plan was to tour some Great Lakes scenery in Michigan and Wisconsin and add a detour through Iowa on the way back. 

I flew out of Atlanta to save money and take a direct flight to Minneapolis.  The trip went without a hitch and after picking up my rental car, I went directly to the packet pick up.  The weather was cloudy with occasional rain and temps in the mid-upper 70s.  I was informed via e-mail that the half marathon course would be cut short to 6.7 miles due to predicted heat and humidity.  It proved to be a good call on the part of the RD.  Once the rain stopped and the sun came out, the humidity kicked in BIGLY!  I would have to improvise with a 3.2 mile warm up and 3.2 mile cool down but one way or the other, I was going to cover 13.1 miles to count toward a half marathon in all 50 states.

Despite the warm temps and high humidity, I enjoyed a long walking tour of the city after checking into my hotel.  Highlights included the Stone Arch pedestrian bridge across the Miss' Sippy River with a real nice view of the city skyline plus Nicolette Mall, a clock tower and the Hennipen Ave entertainment district.  There, dinner was an overpriced Fish and chips in the heart of town with no beer of course.  I then settled in for the night and got up early so I could get my 3.2 miles in before the start of race, which I really could not care less how it officially turned out.

Immediately after stepping out the door, it was clear that the RD was right to shorten the race distance.  The low temp was 76 degrees with roads still damp, sunny skies and nearly 100 percent humidity.  That's WORSE than a typical morning in Birmingham, Alabama in early July!  I was already beginning to sweat after walking across the street and after 3.2 miles, I was drenched.  It didn't help either that hydration stations were minimal with small cups not even filled halfway.  Still, I felt reasonably well through 5-6 miles then it turned ugly in a hurry.  After completing the first loop, I actually considered bailing and stepped off the course for a full bottle of water and Gatorade.  Within about 5 minutes, I got back in the race albeit at a much slower pace.  I completed the 2nd loop with 6.7 miles officially and 9.9 total.  I then took another long break and proceeded to do a cool down jog that included several walk breaks.  I'm counting it for now as State #35 for half marathons but I have a feeling that I'll be back after I finish #50.  If I am faced with this situation in an actual race that counts, I would hope that I would be smart enough to do the same thing.

As fate would have it, clouds rolled in towards the end of my cool down jog and a nasty storm hit just after I hit the road towards the shores of Lake Michigan in Wisconsin.  Once I cleared that, the weather would be much better for the remainder of the trip.  The last 2 days were crystal clear with temps in the low 80s.  Most of my trek through Wisconsin was a US highway that ran due east-west towards Green Bay.  The drive was not particularly exciting with lots of corn fields and mostly flat terrain with occasional rolling hills.  The destination was the small town of Algoma, located right on the coast.  The town featured a small beach and a harbor with a lighthouse along with a bar and grill across the street from my hotel.  This time, I did have a drink.  It was a Zima, which I had not drunk since before I turned 21 plus some tasty hot wings.

The scenery in Algoma was pretty nice but it would pale in comparison to Door County the following morning.  I think the best scenery of the trip came at Cave Point County Park with its rocky cliffs and light emerald green water near the edge of the rocks on my hike.  As you can imagine, pictures don't do it justice.  From there, it was just up the road to Whitefish Dunes, which featured another nice hiking trail along with a much nicer beach than Algoma.  This time, I did take a dip.  The water was still quite chilly but tolerable after several minutes.

By early afternoon, I was back on the road toward Munising, Michigan on the Upper Peninsula, better known as the U-P.  Michigan had a different feel than Wisconsin. The road that I traveled was flatter with more pine trees and much of my route offered nice views of the bay shore.  I was now closer to the North Pole than the Equator.  Temps were noticeably cooler and the speech could have passed for Canadian English as I got closer to the border.  I would have liked to have crossed but just didn't have enough time.  It was a beautiful evening with not a cloud in sight on the shores of Lake Superior.

I got up for a rare sit down breakfast the next morning then boarded a boat cruise called the Pictured Rocks.  Here the rock formations were much larger and more colorful than in Wisconsin the previous day.  Again, the color of the water took on a more emerald tint closer to the rocks.   All I can say is it was pretty awesome and well worth the trip.  Great opportunity to shore up Michigan.

Next, it was back south for my 2nd race just outside of Madison, Wisconsin.  I wasn't expecting much but my performance wasn't half bad all things considered.  The early pace felt much too slow but I reminded myself that I was badly under-trained and it could still get ugly so keep it easy.  The course featured a little bit of everything including parks, trails, residential, rural and riverside scenery.  Like the rest of Wisconsin, it was relatively flat with just a few rolling hills.  Conditions were not nearly as severe as the previous race but still less than ideal.  It was in the low 60s at the start but it rapidly warmed to the low 70s with BRIGHT sunshine.  In the end, I faded in Mile 10 and made several extended drink stops along the way but finished in relative comfort with a time of 1:50:31.  I could have broken the barrier easily if I had skipped a few water stops but better safe than sorry.  I was hoping that fixing what I sure hope is the last blockage of my methylation pathway would make me faster overnight.  Not likely.  In fact, because of detox, it will probably get worse initially.  For the last time, all I want is STABILITY!  On the bright side, I have not had any horrible days as of late.

My favorite part of the trip was the opportunity to catch up with my friend Trent after the race.  We met several years ago at Bible study but he's married now and moved up to Wisconsin.  He took me out to lunch and I had a great time.  Sure do miss you Trent.  Come back to the South at least for a visit.  After leaving Madison, I made a small detour so I could cut through Iowa for about an hour on my way back to Minneapolis.  I stopped in the town of Decorah and went on a hike to see a nice waterfall at Dunnings Spring Park.  That qualifies as a tourist attraction.

This does not quite qualify as an epic trip but still a lot of fun nonetheless.  I just wish the weather had cooperated for the first race.  I bet I will return and guess what?  Winnipeg, Manitoba is within a day's drive so that would meet the strict standards for the Canadian provinces.  LOL.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Training 7/2-7/8- Double Race Week

I am severely under-prepared for this and am simply hoping for a pair of sub-2 hour finishes.  It will be a tall order.  Minnesota will have Alabama type weather on race day.  Wisconsin will be cooler but I only have a 2 day rest in between.  The plan is to cut it as close as possible in Minnesota.

I do have 2 final questions to answer but in theory, my current formula should work.
I want to see how I do on Liver Beef now that I am on the Sarcosine.  I bet it will be tolerated but I only intend to take it occasionally even if it is.

As for the DMG, it appears to be a winner.  I suppose it's possible albeit unlikely that it's all I need for the sensitivity issues.  It sure would be nice to be able to stop the Sarcosine and the nucleotide support.  I'll know very quickly.  I won't mess with either until after the 2nd race.

7/2- AM- 2 mile junk run at Gold's at planned race pace.  No issues with the plantar.

PM- Another 2 miler this time on a bike trail just outside my hotel in Atlanta.  Finished this one in 14:36 (7:18 pace) despite some hills.  Very encouraged by how I felt but the race is 11.1 miles longer.

7/3- Planned rest day.  Flight to Minneapolis then a walking tour of the city.  Because of the excessive heat and high humidity, the race distance will be shortened to 6.7 miles.  I'll improvise to get the full distance and count it towards the 50 states.

7/4- Difficult to assess this one.  Conditions were murderous out there.  WORSE than a typical Alabama summer morning.  I did a 3.2 mile warm, then the 6.7 mile course followed by another 3.2 mile cool.  I felt decent through the first 6 then slowed considerably.  By the cool down, I was reduced to walk/slow jog.  I completed the full distance albeit unofficially and with a couple extended breaks.  This will count as State #35 but I have a feeling I'll be back after I finish #50.
Distance= 13.1

7/5- Planned rest day. 

7/6- Planned rest day.

7/7- Eagle River Half Marathon in 1:50:31.  A bit cooler and less humid but VERY sunny and less than ideal conditions overall.  Probably a fair assessment of my fitness.  No dispute here.  This was a legitimate finish.  Really not half bad after just a 2 day rest.

7/8- Planned rest day

-30 miles on the week.