Monday, April 6, 2009

training Apr.5-11

4/5- returned to Monty and ran an easy 5 in 39:20 (7:52 pace). Faded a bit in second half but pace never slowed below 8:00. Even effort. Feeling a bit let down but it was the day after a race. Average performance overall.
Grade:B-/1 credit/distance=5.5
4/6- Easy 10 in 82:32 (8:15 pace). Felt good the entire time. Smooth and relaxed. Negative split and plenty left at the end. This is a 3:35 marathon pace. Can I hold it for another 16.2?
Grade:A-/2 credits/distance=10.5
4/7- 5 mile tempo run in 36:06 with a 39 second last 200 sprint. Felt great the entire way and actually picked up the pace in the 2nd half. Splits: 18:15/17:51. I almost felt like I could have gone all day at this pace. My pace per mile was 7:13 and I want to get used to that type of speed for longer distances. That's a Boston qualifier with time to spare if maintained over 26.2. I could have gone 10 at that pace, maybe 13 but 26.2 is an entirely different beast. I'll need to average 60 MPW over a full year to have a chance at that.
Grade:A/2 credits/distance=5.25
4/8- Easy 4 in 31:38 (7:54 pace). A little sore but nothing abnormal. Even splits and even effort. Good workout for an easy day. Weight:148.
Grade:B/1 credit/distance=4.5
4/9- Easy 3 in 25:56 (8:39 pace). Started out around 8:20 and ended close to 9:00. Very poor performance. Feels like the thyroid is getting better but chromium deficiency symptoms have reappeared. I am disgusted.
Grade:D/1 credit/distance-3.0
4/10- had to work on Good Friday. Scheduled off day to rest up for important time trial.
4/11-AM- Pathetic attempt at marathon time trial. Felt the effort immediately and slogged through 3 miles in 25:51, no improvement over Thursday. Splits:8:30-8:29-8:52. Done.
PM- energy had improved so I gave it another shot. Better than this morning but still a failure.
11 miles in 95:36 8:42 pace). In an all out effort, I was 3 minutes slower than what I did on an easy day. Pathetic and unacceptable. Splits: 8:20(skewed by fast start)-8:38-8:42(need to maintain this)-8:37-8:35(feeling decent)-8:36-8:41-8:36-8:37-8:50 (imploding)- 9:24 (can't go on) That 10th mile felt as hard as the 20th and my 11th felt like I had already hit the wall.
Grade:F/3 credits/distance=14.25
Weekly summary: 2 good days, 2 average days and 3 bad days. This is unacceptable to me. If I have 1-2 bad days per month, I can live with that. My average weekly GPA is now below 3.0, which I consider to be the minimum that I tolerate. I don't care about setting PRs if I rarely have the energy to run at that level. Again, I'd rather be stuck at 2008 levels and be consistent than continue to have these wild ups and downs that are emotional torture. I have failed on 3 out my last 4 attempts at 20+ mile runs. If my body chemistry is out of whack, I cannot be happy even if the circumstances are good so this is not just about running.
Distance=43.0/ GPA= 22.1/10 credits= 2.210 (that sucks)

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