Thursday, March 31, 2016


The Major League Baseball season will start next week and it ought to be an interesting year.  Overall, I feel the game is headed in the right direction.  I was pleased to see tougher penalties for steroid users and I support the rule changes against collisions on the base paths.  As far as competitive balance, the compensation draft picks and revenue sharing are a good place to start. 

The one thing that I would change is the playoff format.  Pittsburgh got screwed last year.  Their record would have been good enough to win every other division but instead of an automatic ticket to the NLDS, they had a face a pitcher in the midst of one of the most dominating stretches in history.  Not surprisingly, they were 1 and done in the wild card game.

My proposal is to add 2 expansion teams and go back to 2 divisions of 8 teams each per league.  The 2 division winners get a strong home field advantage (2-1-2 format) and the next 2 best teams get in automatically.  This way, a good 3rdplace team in a tough division can still get in.  I dislike the play in game for 2 reasons.  First, it’s possible for an 85 win team to ride their ace to victory over a 95 win team in a 1 and done scenario.   Second, the 95 win team could be fighting for a division title on the last day of the season and have to use their ace to take a shot at it while a team 5 games back but locked into the wild card can rest key players.  If there must be a play in game, the top wild card gets a bye while the 4th and 5th seeds duke it out.  I would prefer a best of 3 with a doubleheader to a 1 and done.

Given the current economic agreements, it is indeed possible for a small market team to become a contender and remain one for several years.  If a team is able to draft well and acquire high ceiling prospects in trades, a team can rebound from a 100 loss season within 2-3 years.  One strategy to maintain a winning team is to give several promising 2nd or 3rd year players a long-term guarantee that will keep them with the team roughly through their age 31 season.  It’s a risk for both parties.  The player will usually end up with less money than they would have under arbitration or free agency while the team runs the risk of a bad contract with an under-performing player.  Still, it’s usually a better option than the alternatives of allowing a top talent to walk after age 28 or overpaying for aging free agents. 

Offering mega deals (7-8 years for $200M) to aging superstars is usually NOT a good idea.  If a player was among the top 5 in the game during his prime, he is likely to maintain above-average production but is unlikely to justify the contract especially once he is pushing 40 years old.  This is especially true now in the post-steroid era.  Many teams end up trying to trade such players and having to eat part of their salary.  I personally would not sign a player to a long-term contract that extends him beyond 36 or 37.  A couple of 1 or 2 year deals for veteran players with a high average annual salary could work out well.  A lot of players are willing to take such a deal especially if they are coming off a down year knowing that a rebound will boost their market value the next time around. 

Player turnover:
IMHO, there’s a bit too much of that nowadays.  If you were to look at the opening day roster of your favorite team from 2014, chances are only about 10 of the 25 are still with the team  No, there’s no way the reserve clause will be re-instituted but I’d like to see some incentives for teams to keep players that came up through their own minor league system.  How about a system in which home grown players do not count towards the luxury tax and allow a greater amount of revenue sharing to the team.
In the NFL, teams can give long-term high dollar contracts to veterans knowing that a large portion of the salary is NOT guaranteed.  Many of those players will be cut before the contract is up or re-negotiated to stay with the team.  In baseball, contracts are fully guaranteed.  IMO, there should be some reform there.  Let’s say a team signs a 33 year-old to a 5 year deal and he falls off a cliff almost immediately.  Should that team be stuck with the bad contract?  It can be a deterrent to overpaying free agents but a player who provides little-no value does not deserve to be paid like a star.  My compromise is a 50% guarantee.  If a $20M player is released, the team is only on the hook for $10M and if another team signs him, the original team pays half the difference in the contract. 
I’d also like to see more incentive based contracts such as this scenario:
-Small bonus for 150 IP and a sub-4 ERA
-Larger bonus for 180 IP and sub-3.50 ERA
-Mega bonus for 200 IP and sub-3.00 ERA.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Training 3/28-4/3

3/28  AM- 2 miles in 17:06 (8:33 pace) with splits of 7:48-9:18.  I cannot cut out methyl folate completely because I am homo on MTHFR 677 but I need to limit it because it can produce sulfates.  NOOO!  Good news is that I did feel better immediately after a low dose and I'll be back in action this evening.

PM- The improvement was short lived.  B-12 helped but not a lot.  I read/discerned the need for Riboflavin (B-2), which is often necessary when taking mega doses of B-12.  When the evening rolled around, I was at Lakeshore for a 6 miler.  Struggled through the first mile at an 8:34 clip but popped a B-2 pill and improved.  It was far from miraculous but it allowed me to go on for another 5 miles in 39:51 (7:58 pace) with a last mile in a solid 7:35.  Overall time was 48:25 for 6 miles (8:04 pace).  Not thrilled but I'll take it.  2 questions that will be answered this week:
-Will I be better off taking B-2 separately or take a B-complex?  I do know that if it's the latter, it must be UN-methylated.
-Will the B-2/B-complex impact my need/tolerance for B-12?  The dose could go up or down.

3/29- FAILURE but not an entirely unexpected one.  I knew within the first 100 yards that I could not go today but stuck it out for 1 Mile in 9:24.  In what is not a surprise given what I have read, my need/tolerance for B-12 has diminished since starting the B-2.  It was rough in the morning without any and I seemed to feel about my best around 6 mg but at 9 mg, it was awful.  Got home and took an extra B-2 with NO further ill-effects but just another speck of B-12 made me feel much worse.  I'm reducing it to 6 mg. tomorrow.
As for the B-complex, I'm sticking with the B-2 alone.  Folic acid could present a problem and so could Niacin.

3/30- Cut the B-12 from 9 mg down to 6mg. as planned and still felt awful.  It turns out that I do indeed require the full dose of methyl folate.  I am unsure if I can get the sulfates down now but the way I felt until I took it at lunch was INTOLERABLE.  Once again, I was better immediately after taking it and was good enough for a standard issue workout.  Trak Shak 5 mile loop in 39-flat (7:48 pace).  Only mile 4 was over 8:00 and I held the pace pretty well despite feeling heavy and sluggish.  Not thrilled about this workout either but considering how awful I was at lunch, I'll take it.  Something needs to be reduced (not eliminated).  It's either B-2 or B-12.

3/31- AM-The plot has thickened again.  I took the full B-2 pill and tried to run without the B-12 and turned in a 7:42 mile.  Popped only 3 mg of B-12 and knew within 200 meters that something was badly wrong.  Managed only a 9:22 in Mile 2 and shut it down.  Once again, extra B-2 had no ill-effects but an extra B-12 made it much worse.  Could not do very much at work today.
There is no doubt that B-2 has caused a diminished need/tolerance to B-12.  The results are not pretty without B-2.  If I cut the B-12 entirely even on the full dose of B-2, I am nearly certain that my system will demand at least a small dose within 2 days.  Nevertheless, I feel I should reduce the B-2 to half a pill and try to maintain 2 mg of B-12.  On that low dose, I should tolerate low dose ADHS as well.  I have no idea how I will feel tomorrow.

4/1- Woke up feeling pretty rough so I only took half a B-2 and had no further ill-effects.  This time, I took just 1 mg of B-12 and WHAM, I was much more lethargic and depressed immediately.

PM- Forced myself to run 1 mile at Veteran's Park after work and it wasn't as bad as expected.  Managed only an 8:39 but I was able to maintain an even pace.  About 2 hours later, I began feeling VERY over-stimulated.  That's right, I flipped from one side of the spectrum to the other within 2 hours!  SCREWY!  Anyway, I took 1 ADHS and actually improved.  Then, I tried another 1 mg B-12 and expected to flip back almost immediately.  This time, I DID tolerate it.  I have NO idea what will happen tomorrow.

4/2- Took a full B-2 pill and hit Gold's for Mile repeats and a better with or without test.
B-2 only- 7:55 nearly all out from the start but an even pace.
B-2 plus 2 mg B-12- Improved to 6:57 but that doesn't tell the whole story.  I was at 3:20 at the half mile mark then slipped to 3:37 on the back half and felt worse as the pills fully kicked in.
Added 2 ADHS- Finished in 6:57 again but this time held the pace well.  (3:27/3:30)
B-2 supposedly "potentiates" B-12 (make it more effective), which does make sense given what's happening.  2 mg. of B-12 now has the same effect as 10 mg. without it and if I take more than that, OUCH!  If I reduce the B-2 from 100 mg down to 50, more B-12 will be needed/tolerated. As for the ADHS (adrenal modulator), I know that I can't take it with mega B-12 but with low-moderate dose, it is well-tolerated.  How much B-12 will trigger a negative reaction to it?  I'll find out soon.

I've learned also that B-12 depletes folate.  Now that I am taking less B-12, I may yet be able to reduce the methyl folate.  If I can do that, the odds of detoxing the sulfates will improve.  I'll give it another try starting next week.

4/3- Another failure.  Even on low dose B-12, ADHS is a NO!  Went to Veteran's Park with a plan to run as many loops (2/3 mile) around the lake as I could.  Started off at a full dose of B-2 plus only 1 mg of B-12 and struggled to a 5:33 (roughly 8:20 pace).  Slipped to 5:53 after taking 2 ADHS and then I was 6:54 (over 10:00 pace) on lap 3 and called it quits.  Finished the day with 2 miles in 18:20 (9:10 pace).
The B-2 must be reduced for sure if not eliminated altogether.  I want to cautiously up the molybdenum and try again to reduce the methyl folate.  As for the B-12, I'll take as much as I need/can tolerate.

22 miles on the week and it is not looking good
I'm sick of the failed tweaks.  I want to find a formula and stick with it.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Dating game Part 2

This post could ruffle some feathers but it's my blog and it's how I feel:

Recently, my buddy Nick got engaged.  I've met his fiancee twice before and she is a great woman and I strongly approve of the relationship. Of course, I am happy for Nick but I can't help but feel some twinges of sadness knowing that it will never be the same for me again.  Nick and I have been best friends for over a decade starting at business school at Clemson.  We've done countless road trips and races together including fly away trips to Denver and Phoenix as well as long drives to Miami and Charleston.  I'm sure that we will always be friends but we've already drifted apart a bit over the last year or so and it will only continue especially if they have children.

At 35, I am getting to the age where I am judged for being single and several people have made assumptions that are either unfair or flat out untrue.  A former friend once said to me that I will "NEVER meet the one" because I am "too negative and can't love myself."  If you read this blog, you ought to know that the reason I am sometimes depressed is all about chemical imbalances.  Even the greatest attitude in the world won't save you if key chemicals that regulate mood and energy are too far out of whack.  Improvements in my external environment such as a better job and a pay raise won't make much difference either.

  A few people have said things such as "You've run all those fast times, how bad could it be?"  Even when I was running full marathons faster than the average person could dream of running, I never would have finished if my pills had been just a little off.  My worst fears were realized last year when I could not find any sustained success for a long period of time but I may have new hope with the B-12+molybdenum plan.

 When healthy, I have an entirely different personality in which I do exhibit confidence and yes, I believe that I can and will be able to attract women. In order to even enter the dating scene, I feel that I need to be stable for at least 4 months with no severe problems on my medical report.  On the positive side, one member of the running community has praised me for having the "wisdom and maturity" not to pursue something that is likely to end badly.

What is my definition of stable?
-Minor tweaks are allowed as are 1-2 day blips but the "must take" pill or pills must remain constant.
-No mineral or ratio may be in the severe or critical zone.
-Unless I am sick or injured, I should be capable of respectable workouts nearly every day.

I wrote this post just over a year ago before embarking on the genetic side and still stand by it today:
Here is a bit more about what I am looking for:

The 3 non-negotiable issues still stand but "Must Support My Cause" ranks second behind "Committed Christian."  I still believe that my mission in this life is to change not only the way that chronic fatigue and depression are treated but also how they are perceived by society.  Call me arrogant if you want but I believe that is a high calling worthy of much respect.  If you don't buy into it or offer only lukewarm support, it may hurt but it's not the right fit.  Several female friends stand out as being very supportive over the years.  Unfortunately, all are either too old and/or already taken.  I will set the bar at my strongest supporter who has no romantic interest.  If she falls below that, she's not the one.  Of course, this is a 2 way street.  If she embraces a noble but unrelated cause, I will be her number 1 fan as well.

I tend to relate better to people who are a few years older rather than younger but am comfortable with a 5 year age difference on either side.  Maybe I can stretch it to 7 if there is a strong connection but no more than that.  Age does become less important as you get older.  A 26 year old and a 19 year old are at entirely different stages of life.  46 and 39?  Not at all.

Divorced with kids?
I wrestled with this one because it's contrary to how I was raised but given the scope of my situation, it just might be for the best.  Now that I know that there is a genetic basis for my illness, it would break my heart to see my own child go through the same stuff knowing that it was my defects that caused it.  Women over 30 that have never been married are hard to come by in Alabama anyway and I know that I would be a darn good mentor/stepfather to teenage boy.  I've been through the bullying, rejection and disappointments and I know what to do and what not to do.  My preference would be to date a woman with a son who is at least 6 but no older than 14.  If she has a daughter, sure I'd still consider it but I just don't think I could relate to her problems as well as with a son.

Still, I take the Word seriously and believe that if you obtain a divorce for the purpose of marrying someone else, it is the same as adultery.  I would remain awfully leery about a woman who initiated a divorce for no good reason (abuse, neglect, adultery, drug use, etc) especially if it was recent but would have no reservations if she was the one who got dumped especially if it was for medical issues.  Indeed I have spoken to several people over the years who went through that very thing.  What about the vows of sickness or health, for better or worse?

What character qualities are most important to me?
Common interests, loyalty, encouragement and supportive.  Of course this is a 2 way street.  Of the 5 love languages, my #1 is quality time and yes, I would do a "date night" every week but would also value time spent together at home rather than watching 2 TV shows in separate rooms.

Conflict resolution:
Build consensus and meet in the middle.  Getting the problem resolved is more important than getting your own way.  Words must be chosen carefully and an apology means you value the relationship more than your ego.  Never threaten divorce or other punishment to get what you want.  In fact, I don't like it when couples even joke about divorce because it can become serious later on.  I will make it a point to never use that word in a marriage.

Negative qualities that are the biggest turnoff:
Overly critical/ too controlling.  Pretty much the opposite of the above,
Unrealistic expectations are a major culprit in failed relationships.  I've got my flaws and I'll be the first to admit that I'm not perfect but NOBODY is.  If a person is sharply critical of others but very thin-skinned themselves, that's a double whammy to me.  I heard about one divorce that occurred because the husband left the dishes in the sink too often.  Seriously?  You could do a lot worse than that.

If there is something that I really want to do and you object to it, I am willing to make some concessions to resolve the conflict and/or do something extra special in return but don't tell me NO point blank unless I am doing something very wrong.  A common source of conflict with runners is group runs with men and women.  I will socialize with other women but will not flirt or make any physical contact beyond a casual side hug.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Diminished Need For B-12

I am most definitely trending down with regard to my B-12 dose.  After taking 20 mg. a week ago, I am now down to 10 (5 mg in the morning, 5 mg in the afternoon) and even that appears to be too much.  Tomorrow, I will attempt to go down to 8 mg and see how that works out. Yes, that’s still a large dose so if it’s concern, panic or doom, I’m only at concern.

It is my hope that I will eventually stabilize around 4 mg/day and I may find that out by the end of the week.  If I can only tolerate 1-2 mg and my sulfates are still not under control, it’s time to panic.  If it evolves to a point in which I become completely intolerant to it as well as Lithium or ATP, I’m afraid I’m doomed.  At a lower dose of B-12, I may find myself back on a small amount of ADHS or Thym-Adren but would react badly to mega doses.  That’s okay.

 My dosage was too high all last week but with the exception of the molybdenum fiasco, I was able to do the standard issue workouts.  Lately, when I wake up, it’s still obvious that I need B-12 but I don’t feel as horrible without it as I did last week.  That’s a good sign.  When I was on the Thym-Adren, it seemed like no matter how much I had been taking, the need for it never diminished. 

Current formula:
8 mg. B-12 (trending down)
2 molybdenum pills (1-3 likely OK but cannot miss a day or take mega doses)
Cal/Mag, All In One, Probiotics (probably won’t hurt if I miss a day but don’t make it a habit)
Texas Superfood- likely a non-factor but extra fruits and veggies can’t hurt.

Acceptable situations:
-Key pill that I need to function leaves me a tad sluggish but stable.  I cannot run as far or as fast as at my peak but can still manage consistent respectable times and enjoy the running community.
-Cannot run at all but am otherwise healthy with good-adequate energy every day.  Yes you read that right.  I’d rather give it up altogether than live like this for life.
-Dosage gradually shifts and periodic adjustments are necessary.  Usually, I can see it coming with a couple “off days” and make the necessary adjustment before the symptoms become severe.  If it happens once or twice a month, that’s a manageable situation.  If it happens on race day, that’s bad luck but there will be others.

-Shooting at moving targets every week.
-Go from good to awful within 1 or 2 days despite taking the same formula
-Shift from 1 side of the spectrum to the other literally overnight.
I’d say that my demands are FAR FROM UNREASONABLE.  I looked at a post from the end of 2012 and man, my expectations have really been lowered since then.
I should get the results of my latest tests within about 2-3 weeks but am nervous.  Part of me doesn’t want to know.

Training 3/21-3/27

3/21- AM Just wanted to see how I felt without B-12.  It was rough but not as bad as it would have been a few days ago.  I only did 1 Mile and the time is not important.

PM- Lakeshore 5 in 37:40 (7:32 pace).  Nice job.  This is probably the best I've felt at this distance all year.  Rock solid 7:30ish pace all the way.  First half-18:45, 2nd half-18:55.  I credit cutting the B-12 from 12mg down to 10 but it still feels a bit too high.  I'm going down to 8 tomorrow.

3/22- Tried only 3 mg in the morning and it was rough so I went with 6 in the afternoon for a total of 9 mg on the day.  Until further notice, I am NOT going below 8 mg. Wasn't real pleased with how I felt even during the afternoon but when it was time to run, I delivered.  It was an improvised loop through Mountain Brook that covered an even 5 miles in a time of 36:49 (7:22 pace).  10 seconds faster may not sound like much but this route was HILLY. Struggled a bit on the climbs in Mile 2 and 3 but came back strong on the downs and flats at the end.
Distance= 5.0
I got the hair test results today and the Lithium, which had been on the floor is now HIGH.  EXCELLENT NEWS.  That means that large doses of B-12 is ABSOLUTELY what I should be doing.  Coupled with low dose molybdenum, in theory, it should detox the sulfates, improve my RBC count and FINALLY get my adrenals under control.  The news is not all good however.  Several minerals, including potassium, which had been in the green zone have dropped into the yellow zone on the low side and just 5 of the 22 are above the 50th percentile. Cobalt (B-12) is the only one in the red zone on the low end but given how much I've been taking, it won't be long until it normalizes.  It is possible that the Lithium depleted some of the minerals.  I want to add a bit more methylation support (TMG) and go back to low dose ADHS if tolerated.

3/23- Trak Shak 7.5 loop in 58:36 (7:49 pace) plus a half mile cool.  Struggled a bit on this one but I don't think the pills were to blame (8 mg B-12).  More likely, it was the accumulated mileage and effort over the past 2 days.  This loop is only slightly easier than the traditional Trak Shak 8 route and ends with the hill that sucks past Starbucks.  Pace was a solid 7:37 through 5 miles but slipped to 8:12 over the last 2.5, which was mostly uphill.

3/24- Planned rest day.  It appears that I have tolerated both the TMG and ADHS but am unsure of what their effect on my workouts would be.  I remain intolerant to Lithium and ATP but that should be out of my system by tomorrow.  I need to test myself in a tempo or light speed session.  I've proven this week that I can handle some mileage but am unsure of how I would respond to a demand for speed.
After further review, the ADHS is a NO.  That could change in a few weeks as the excess Lithium clears.  It may not fully clear by tomorrow so I won't be upset if I struggle tomorrow.  I did get into Peachtree via lottery so I will be on the board in the 10K come the 4th of July.

3/25- AM- Tempo FAIL!  For the time being, TMG is a NO.  I was shooting for 3 miles in 20:00 and felt great on the first lap (92 seconds) but began feeling more and more over-stimulated thereafter.  Passed 1 Mile in a still respectable 6:49 but had faded to the 7:30 range so I shut it down and just slow jogged another mile as a cool down.  Tomorrow is a BTC social so I REALLY don't want to fail that long run.  It should clear by tomorrow.

PM- Tacked on another mile at junk pace on Wisteria.  I was surprised by how badly I reacted to the TMG (MUCH worse after taking another half) but I remain tolerant to methyl B-12 at least in small doses.  That likely means that methyl is not the problem.  Glycine is.  I'm doing another sulfate test soon.

3/26- AM- Long run FAIL!  I am now 1 for 7 in that department this year.  NADH is a NO and it's likely that the TMG has not fully cleared.  Methyl B-12 still looks to be a YES and may reduce sensitivity to it.  Did 2 miles in 19:44 (9:52 pace) on a hilly route and could not even stick with the back of the pack.

PM- Tacked on another 2 miles at Vestavia and improved to 16:40 (8:20 pace).  Started off okay with a 7:45 but slipped to 8:55 in Mile 2.  Maybe I'll be clear by tomorrow.

3/27- Rainy day so I ended up at Gold's.  I was determined to finish at least 5 no matter how ugly it got.  Finished the distance in a time of 48:41 (9:43 pace).  Methyl folate is a NO and Methyl B-12 is a NO.  I didn't feel any ill-effects before because I never took them close to a workout.  Again, this underscores how important this training is as a barometer.  Came through 4 in 37:18 with a 9:50 for Mile 4 then popped a methyl B-12 and slipped to 11:23 for Mile 5.

PM- Another Gold's 5 about 6 hours after taking the methyl.  I was already noticeably better.  I took off just south of 9:00 pace and held it.  Finished in 44:40 (8:56 pace) with a slight negative split (22:25-22:15) with the last mile being my fastest at 8:35.  I expect to be back below the Mendoza line tomorrow.

Weekly summary:
The B-12 deficiency is not the only thing wrong with me but it is the only thing that I can focus on right now.  There is always a possibility that something else will pop up when I take care of this but as of now, ALL METHYLS ARE OUT!  It's hydroxy and adenosyl B-12 only with molybdenum.  Jigsaw Mag will be replaced with plain Mag malate (no co-factors).  I will strive for 40 miles next week.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Training 3/14-3/20

3/14- Lakeshore 5 in 39:42 (7:56 pace).  My B-12 dosage is clearly too high as I had significant fatigue and soreness today.  Still, I was NOT horrible out there today, which is very encouraging.  In the past, even 1 too many pills left me unable to finish a basic easy run.  Today, I went out just south of 8 minute pace and held it.  1st half was 19:52, 2nd half was 19:50.  Mile 5 was no harder than Mile 1 and I had plenty left in the tank. Dosage will be cut tomorrow, which is reason for concern.  If it evolves into a complete intolerance to B-12 and I still can't take ATP or Lithium, I am doomed.  I took close to 20 mg in divided doses today.  That is VERY high.  I'll go down to about 10 mg tomorrow and expect to do better.  Early forecast for Rumpshaker looks very iffy but we're still 5 days out so it could change.  Added a Mile cool at Comrades pace.

3/15- Wanted to run 7 on Lakeshore but just could not hack it.  Settled for 4 miles in 31:48 (7:57 pace).  On the surface, this looks nearly identical to yesterday but I was NOT pleased with this one.  Today, I got off to a good start but faded in Mile 2 and got worse every mile.  1st half was 15:20, 2nd half was 16:28.  OUCH!  Forecast for Rumpshaker has improved.
Cut my B-12 dose from 20 mg down to 10 and this time, it was clearly not enough.  No panic because a 50% drop is a BIG difference.  It should not be a surprise that it did flip me to the other side of the spectrum.  If I am in a position in which 16 is not enough but 18 is too much, THAT would be a big problem.  This one was still good enough to extend my streak of runs below the Mendoza line.  I believe this makes 8 in a row.  I still have a chance to reach equilibrium by Saturday.

3/16- Unplanned rest day.  It has become clear that too much molybdenum is not good for me.  NOT pleased at all about that because I need it in small doses to detox the sulfates.  It seems plausible that the sharply reduced B-12 was the right call after all.  We shall see what happens tomorrow.  Rumpshaker will be a race day decision.  I was so bad that I could not do anything at work in the afternoon and probably should have gone home.

3/17- AM 1 Mile in 11:16 on a reduced dose of molybdenum.  It has happened again.  A pill that I needed to take just a week ago and I can no longer tolerate it even at small doses.  As long as that pill is NOT B-12, I still have a chance.  All in One dose contain micro doses of both moly and Lithium.  I think I can tolerate that but will it be enough to detox the sulfates?  I don't know.  At any rate, I'm taking a sick day today and it's looking doubtful for Rumpshaker.

3/18- Interesting day.
AM- Woke up feeling a lot better and popped 6 mg of B-12 plus All in One.  Responded with a 2 mile tempo in 13:06 (6:33 pace).  I could have broken 13 but wanted to save that for a possible race tomorrow.  The ONLY difference from yesterday was cutting the moly!

PM- Energy faded shortly after lunch and this time I really did NOT rebound with the afternoon dose of B-12.  If anything, extra pills made me feel slightly worse.  Hit the gym for another 2 miles this time at junk pace and I did not time it.  Just wanted to pad the mileage but really did not feel well at all.  Took a low dose moly pill and within minutes, I was better.  WHY AM I NOT SURPRISED?
It is clear that I need a specific combo of moly/B-12 and the range of pills that must be taken is very narrow if not exact.  I can deal with that.  I CANNOT DEAL WITH MOVING TARGETS!
I'm about 50/50 as far as whether or not I want to give it a shot.  Unfortunately, the weather could make the decision for me.  It's raining already and storms are predicted for the morning with a 15 mph wind.  There will be other local 5Ks  and I'm not racing in miserable conditions with questionable health.

3/19- The weather turned out okay (just a light drizzle) but I was not up for racing.  I took about 8 mg of B-12 this morning and it was too much.  Low dose molybdenum did not hurt me.  Ended up at Gold's for a 3 mile time trial and felt similar to Monday.  I was sluggish and stiff from the start but able to hold a pace below the Mendoza line.  Finished in 23:08 (7:43 pace) with splits of 7:39-7:45-7:44 plus a Mile cool.  That equates to just about 24-flat for a full 5K and in a race setting even on a fast course, I don't believe I would have been much better than that.  Figure 23:40 at best.  Good call to skip it.  There will be other 5Ks but this is Birmingham's largest and the 4th year in a row that I missed it for health reasons.  ANGRY!
I was correct about reducing the B-12 but the moly needed to be reduced NOT eliminated.  Will I ever find a long-term formula again?

3/20- Cut the B-12 from 16 mg down to 12 mg while keeping the moly at 2 pills.  I felt slightly better than yesterday but not enough to be considered anywhere near normal.  Wanted to run 12 miles on Lakeshore but had to settle for 6 in a time of 47:48 (7:58 pace).  Held the pace pretty well through 2 miles and felt comfortable but faded in Mile 3 and had to fight hard to keep the overall pace below 8:00.  1st half: 23:30, 2nd half: 24:18.  Something needs to be reduced (not eliminated) but I'm not sure what and it could be both.  Signed up for Peachtree and will likely run it regardless because it's only a 10K.
Distance= 6.0

Weekly total: 25 miles.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Possible races and road trips

Maybe it's premature to post this after 1 decent week but here it goes:
I'd like to do Rumpshaker next weekend even though I'm not sure if I can break 21.  It's just a local 5K and I haven't done anything locally in almost 2 years.  I did run a 21:54 at Turkey Burner in Monty after turning 35 and it's a pretty good bet that I can beat that on a good day.

10K: This distance is becoming more scarce in recent years.  It seems like it's either 5K or half mary.  There is a Friday evening race in town near UAB in early May that should be flat.  Then, of course, there is Peachtree in Atlanta on the 4th of July.  I believe it falls on a Monday this year so it would fit my schedule.  I've raced a 5K and a half since turning 35 but not a 10K so I'd like to at least get on the board even if I'm not yet respectable (sub-45).

25 states down and yes, I would like to try for 50.  Several states could be doubles in which I find a Saturday race near a state border and a Sunday race in the neighboring state but I'm nowhere near that type of condition just yet.  Here are 3 that are on my radar this year.

Kansas City:
The race is in mid-May so it could be warm but likely bearable.  I've already done Missouri with St. Louis in 2013 but this one is on the Kansas side of the border.  It starts and ends on the Kansas Speedway.  I'm not much of a NASCAR fan but that's still pretty cool.  It's advertised as a "challenging" course but hey, it's Kansas. How hilly could it be?  The Royals are in town that weekend and are playing the Braves and I'd like to see the Truman library just a few miles east of town.  IMO, Truman is a top 10 president of all-time.  This could be a fun trip.

This is the big one and I'm going regardless of whether I can run or not. I do have the option to downgrade to the 5K and still claim to have raced something in every state but would much prefer to slog through the half even if it's a tough course.  I'll leave 90 degree weather with high humidity for temps in the low 60s.  After this trip, I will have visited 49 states with only Hawaii still to go.  Rumor has it that lodging and car rentals are very expensive up there and the flight will be as well but I can afford it with my recent promotion at work.

The Detroit Free Press race has been on my list for several years but it never fit my schedule.  This one actually crosses the Ambassador Bridge into Windsor, Ontario, Canada for a few miles before a mile long tunnel back to the United States.  The course is flat and the weather is likely to be favorable as well.  I could see the Henry Ford and MoTown museum on the trip as well as tour Windsor.

Drive or fly:
Obviously, Alaska is a flight.  KC and Detroit are both about 11 hours away and on the border.  I don't fly particularly well and usually need a day to recover before a race so it'll be a 2 day trip either way.  Another consideration is that if I buy anything big in Canada, I may not be able to take it with me on the plane so I'd lean towards driving.

Full Marathon?
If I can get back to sub-4 shape, I most definitely want to do another one to put a stamp on a 2nd impossible comeback but it likely will wait until next year.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

B-12 or BUST

First, let’s revisit what was happening when I was running my best in 2011 and 2012.  Every day, I woke up very over-stimulated and required a dosage of 6-8 adrenal suppressant (Thym-Adren) pills first thing in the morning to knock it out.  6 pills were needed when taking the proper amount of Magnesium.  Otherwise, it was 8.  Complications arose from time to time but it usually worked out pretty well.  Even on an off-day, I could usually salvage a half mary in the 1:40ish range.  Very few days were so bad that I hit the wall in less than 3 miles despite a slow pace.  If I was free from other complications such as the need for chromium or manganese, I had several “hot streaks” in which I missed very few workouts over the course of several months.  Despite a never-ending chase for balance that I never achieved, I was able to improve my times considerably as a result of consistent training at 40-50 MPW.   If you saw me training during that period, you would have had NO IDEA that I was sick and would not believe it if I told you.  Even sub-3 marathoners sometimes struggled to keep with me in training.  However, if I took even 1 too many adrenal suppressant pills even one time, I would feel fatigued and lethargic for the rest of the day but would revert right back to over-stimulation the next morning.  One too few pills and it was not enough to knock it out.  Not a good situation.

Though adrenal suppressants and mineral balance kept me afloat for several years, in the end it failed to produce balanced chemistry because toxic sulfates, the root cause of the hyper-active adrenals, was never addressed.  Maybe, I could have been better in 2012 if I had started the Magnesium sooner but the crash would have been even harder on me.  In any event, things began to unravel by the Spring of 2013.  Throughout that year and the next year, I worked to improve my Magnesium as well as Zinc and Copper balance.  Though my numbers improved considerably, my symptoms did not improve.  If anything, the sensitivity got worse.  I was still capable of producing a decent race on a good day and even as recently as the Fall of 2014, I achieved times well under (20/42/1:35) for 5K-HM.  However, the good days were becoming rarer and I lost a step in terms of fitness as a result of it not to mention intolerable swings in mood and energy as a result of doses as small as a half pill. 

B-12 and molybdenum are the two most important treatments to knock out toxic sulfates but several conditions must be met before starting it.  Lithium must be normal in order to transport B-12 into the cells, otherwise it will pool in the blood and leave you worse off than before.  In order to tolerate Lithium, ATP must be up to snuff.  Good gut health is probably required.  I started on ATP in December 2015 with some success for about a month then I developed a sudden intolerance.  Thankfully, Lithium was tolerated thereafter for the next month but I also faced a sudden intolerance and ATP only made it worse.  Now, I need mega doses of B-12 in a steady stream throughout the day.  If I take a large dose first thing but nothing after lunch, it will be a good morning but a lousy evening.

Though my Lithium and ATP status will not be known until I get the test results, it is a VERY good sign that I can tolerate the B-12 as I never could before.  I’ve also been easing molybdenum and small amounts of methyl into the program.  I never tolerated it before but so far so good this time around.  The adrenal supplements are no longer tolerated so if the B-12 fails me, I am officially out of options barring a surprise on the hair test (always possible).  In the future, I will recommend that others address their gut health first to prevent the worst of the sensitivity followed by sulfates/methylation.  THEN, move on to mineral and neuro balance.  

Monday, March 7, 2016

Training 3/7-3/13

3/7- AM- 2 mile quickie in a solid 13:20 (6:40 pace) with splits of 6:34-6:46.  I may have been able to coax a post-35 PR for 3 miles (20:42) if I paced it evenly but I could feel a brutal fade coming.  A 5 miler would have been ugly and as the Lithium cleared, the over-stimulation kicked in.

PM- The pills that I took before the morning session included ONLY B-12 and a small amount of molybdenum, which has been well tolerated as of late.  I tried just a trace of Thym-Adren and experienced a swift negative reaction but a quick clearance.  A question that I asked last week was Can I take Thym-Adren with B-12 if I am off Lithium?  The answer is NO.  Next, I tried just ONE ADHS (took 3 yesterday) and was MUCH WORSE so I did not attempt an evening session.
Distance= 2.0
I am now unable to tolerate any type of adrenal supplement (no modulator, no stimulant, no suppressant) so it's B-12 or BUST now.  It's highly unlikely that Thym-Adren will work even if I go off B-12 but I will give it a try at the end of the week.  The Texas Superfood has arrived and appears to be well tolerated but unlikely to be a major factor.  The stronger B-12 supp also arrived today so I will give that a try tomorrow.  Again, if the B-12 is successful in ridding my system of excess sulfates, adrenal supplements may not even be necessary so all is not lost YET!

3/8- AM- 3 miles in 20:20 (6:47 pace).  New post-35 PR by 22 seconds.  Splits were 6:37-6:55-6:48.  Very pleased that I found another gear in Mile 3.  This is the equivalent of a 21:05 5K, which is just outside the lower limit of respectability.  The new stronger adenosyl B-12 was a success.  I may run Rumpshaker on 3/19.

PM- Felt good most of the day at work but the energy was fading by mid-afternoon.  Hoped to run 6 on Lakeshore but the power cut off just before Mile 2.  Settled for 3 in 22:53 (7:38 pace) with splits of 7:17-7:29-8:07.  We shall see tomorrow.
Distance= 6.0
It's still B-12 or bust and I need mega doses every day but it needs to be either divided doses or a steady stream all day.  I took a small dose after I got home and YES, I did feel better.

3/9- AM-6 miles on Lakeshore in 46:16 (7:43 pace).  Solid performance.  This is what I meant to do yesterday evening.  Held the pace well and actually managed a slight negative split (23:18-22:58).  After an opening mile in 7:56, the pace never slipped below 7:45. Did not feel as strong as yesterday but for my 3rd session within 24 hours, I'll take it.  This is roughly a 1;41 half marathon pace and yes, I did have more in the tank but not another 7 miles.  B-12 is still working but I am prepared to endure a rough day tomorrow to confirm that the Thym-Adren is no longer part of the plan.

PM- Energy faded by 3 PM so I took some more B-12 and rebounded nicely.  By 5:00, I was good enough to run the Trak Shak route in mostly daylight.  5 miles in 37:14 (7:27 pace).  I really did not plan on running it this hard but I felt so comfortable early that I just could not resist.  Faded a bit on the back half (18:20-18:54) but a 2nd half @ 7:34 is still not bad.  B-12 must be taken in divided doses throughout the day.  Final verdict will be read tomorrow.

3/10- Took a trace of Thym-Adren first and did NOT get the swift negative reaction so I took a whole pill and WHAM, I was worth nothing for the rest of the day.  Again, this was before I took any B-12.
The verdict is in now.  The MUST TAKE pill when I was running my best is no longer in the plan.  I need a steady dose of B-12 throughout the day to feel my best.  It's B-12 or bust officially now.  No more options remain if it stops working.  I am in no condition to even attempt a workout today but it doesn't matter because this was a planned rest day anyway.

3/11- AM.  3 miles at Gold's.  Shooting for a comfortable 7:30 pace but had to settle for a time of 23:06 (7:42 pace). 1st half: 11:25, 2nd half: 11:41 so I can't say that I collapsed.   I could have been faster but wanted to save it for tomorrow's long run.  I EXPECT TO FINISH this time.  Overall, not real pleased with how I felt on B-12 alone.  I think I need to increase the molybdenum.  That's probably why I was stronger in the evening session on Wednesday despite it being my 4th workout in the past 36 hours.  Another option is a low dose B-complex.  B-vitamins are synergistic and too much of one can deplete others.  No evening session today.

3/12- I was 0 for 5 coming into today.  I am now 1 for 6.  10 mile BTC run in 78:48 (7:53 pace) on a relatively flat route through Homewood and Lakeshore.  I felt pretty similar to Wednesday morning but not as strong as my best runs this week.  Took mega B-12 with 200 mg. of molybdenum.  Not sure what if any effect the extra moly had.  I'm still pleased because this was 4 miles longer than my previous longest run of the year.  1st half was 38:46, 2nd half was 40:02 so I faded but did not collapse.  Another 5K would have been painful but I do believe that with an even pace in a race setting, I could have dipped under 1:45.  However, the lower limit in a half mary is 1:40 so I've got a ways to go.

3/13- Planned rest day.  Purely a precaution to guard against increasing the mileage too quickly.

Weekly summary:
If I still graded my workouts, this might have been a winning week.  Can I keep the formula relatively stable?  By that I mean, allow for minor adjustments only such as adding a B-complex but keeping the "must take" pill constant.  If I can do that, I will improve even if unbalanced.
Distance on the week was 32 miles.  I will shoot for 35-40 next week.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Sudden intolerance to Lithium/ Increased need for B-12

After my system initially demanded mega doses of Lithium less than 2 weeks ago, I began trending down last week but as recently as Monday of this week, I still needed at least 1 of those pills.  Then by the afternoon, my system suddenly rejected it. I had extreme soreness and difficulty staying awake during work hours but the symptoms faded after I stopped it.  Is it because I have finally corrected the deficiency?  For the record, I tried a trace of potassium drops but could not tolerate it.  My ADHS contains a good balance of zinc and copper and the All in One also contains zinc with no copper.

That would be EXCELLENT news!  I need B-12 to detox the sulfates and I need Lithium to be up to snuff in order to transport the B-12 into the cells.  Otherwise, the B-12 will pool in the blood and further deplete Lithium.  Taking B-12 without Lithium is why my 2015 sucked so bad.  Until the Lithium is up to par, I will have to be very careful with the B-12 but if Lithium is normal, I SHOULD be able to tolerate mega doses of B-12.  The excess sulfates will be out of my system and my adrenals will finally calm down. Unfortunately, I will have to wait until the hair test results come in before I know for sure.

Early signs are encouraging.  Just 1 week ago, I tried extra B-12 (4 pills) with the Lithium and really struggled especially once the B-12 fully kicked in.  Yesterday, on my first full day off the Lithium, I tried to get by on just 2 B-12 pills and I was awful.  Then, I tried 3 extra B-12 pills for the afternoon session and after every pill, I was noticeably better.  Today, I took a LOT more than 5 pills of B-12 and yes I did struggle in the back half but overall, I was still significantly better than yesterday.  My urine smells strongly of sulfur and often felt a little better after my trips to the bathroom.  That sounds like detox to me.  I tried just a trace of Lithium this evening and my body quickly tightened up and my legs became abnormally sore so despite loading on B-12, I still can't take it.

What to do about the Lithium long-term?
My ADHS and All In One supplements both have a trace of Lithium.  Though it's not enough to correct a deficiency, it may very well be enough to maintain normal levels.

Any other options?
I'd like to try Thym-Adren again for a few days just to see what happens.  I know I can't take it with the Lithium and am unsure if it can be taken with B-12.  If I go off both and try the Thym-Adren again, I predict that I will top out around the Mendoza line (3 @8:00 pace) but since Thym-Adren was my MUST TAKE pill for so long, I need to confirm once and for all that it's no longer in the plan.

I've also ordered a fruit and vegetable supplement from a company called Texas Superfood.  It's supposedly the next best thing to fruits and veggies and my diet is a bit deficient in that area.  While it's unlikely to be a miracle cure, it SHOULD NOT hurt me in any way.  I've also ordered a stronger B-12 supplement.

For mitochondrial support, I will look into NADH and CoQ10.  The latter was tolerated in the past but was no miracle.  The former was not tolerated but things can change.  I am anxious to get back to real training now.  I might do Rumpshaker on 3/19 but my next serious race will probably be Alaska in June.  I'm going no matter what.