Monday, September 24, 2012

Training 9/24-9/30

9/24- Woke up tired and jet lagged but improved as the day progressed.  Wisteria 5 in 36:10 (7:14 pace) plus a short warm and cool. Even pace for the first 4 then deliberately slowed going uphill at the end.  Strong GMP run.  My Thym-Adren dosage is down to 3 and I hope that it stays there until a medical report shows that I am in the clear.  Never again will I believe myself healed otherwise.
Grade:A-/1 credit/distance=5.5

9/25- Strong 6 mile tempo.  Finished in 39:45 (6:37 pace).  Splits got progressively slower from Mile 1-5 but kept it within a range of 6:35-6:45 then finished with a 6:19.  This projects to about 41:20 for 10K and I think I could have gone 30-40 seconds faster if I had raced it all out.  Yes, I've lost fitness as a result of this prolonged slump but I'm not so far gone that I can't make it back up fairly soon.  On a side note, I'm pretty stable at 3 Thym-Adren though I may wait until after the run to take #3.  I'm out of Fructosin but I ordered a new bottle before Denver.  If it does not arrive tomorrow, I could be in trouble.
Grade:A-/2 credits/distance=6.5 

9/26- Trak Shak 7.5 in 54:06 (7:13 pace).  Very strong effort out there today.  Time was good but not that good.  I had to stop more often than usual because of traffic.  Started too fast then backed off to more reasonable 7:20ish in last 3 miles.  Fructosin has not arrived.  I'm probably good for one more day off it but no more.  Because of the darkness, this will be the last time I can run the long route on Wednesday evenings so I wanted to enjoy it.
Grade:A/1 credit/distance=8.0 

9/27- Lakeshore 7 in 50:03 (7:09 pace).  Outstanding!  I could have gone sub-7 and remained fairly comfortable.  My fitness is comparable to what it was at this time last year.  At sea level and on a flat course, I think I'm good for a half mary in the low-mid 1:31s right now.  That can come down nicely in the next 3 months.  Got a note in the mail indicating that I have a parcel waiting and I assume that it's the Fructosin.  I am HOT.
Grade:A/1 credit/distance=7.0

9/28- Planned rest day.  Need a good long run tomorrow and a decent effort on Sunday to hit 50.

9/29- Run with the Gnomes.  Split decision.  I was doing pretty well through 12 miles then crashed hard due to a combination of fast paces earlier in the week and possibly too much sugar.  In any event, I finished 15 in 1:58:02 (7:52 pace) but the last 3 took about 26 minutes (8:40).  The fructosin arrived and I started back on it yesterday but I may have been harmed by the 3 days off it.  I'll call this one average overall but finishing at a sub-8 average is enough to prevent a "C."  Need 8 tomorrow for 50. 
Grade:B-/2 credits/distance=15.0

9/30-  AM- 3 miles indoors in 22:48 (7:36 pace).  Very overstimulated after only 1 Thym-Adren in the morning.  Not good.  Fading to 7:45 at the end.

PM- Lame 5 miler indoors in 39:06 (7:49 pace).  Slight negative split (19:38-19:28).  The extreme soreness from yesterday has gone down but I was tight and easily winded from too much caffeine yesterday.  I'm clean starting next week.
Grade:C/1 credit/distance=8.0

Weekly summary:
Despite faltering over the weekend, this was good enough to break a 5 week losing streak.  Hit 50 miles for the first time in a long time.  This is the end of the 3rd quarter and I stand at 1,494 miles on the year with a GPA of 2.99.  Despite the struggles, I still have a chance at 2,000 miles and a 3.00 on the year.  I have PR'd at every distance 1 Mile and over but all of them came in the first 5 months.
Distance=50.0/GPA= 26.5/8= 3.31

Sunday, September 23, 2012

RNR Denver half RR

Denver at sunset

  Since the end of July, I've had nothing but trouble.  This time, the culprit was an extreme intolerance to sugar.  I resolved to drink nothing but water except during long runs in which I would drink Powerade.  Even that was not enough.  It progressed to the point in which I could not even eat certain fruits or breads and even a sip of Powerade would cause my whole body to tighten up.  Obviously, something had to be done about this.  I ordered a supplement called Fructosin which allowed me to at least bring it to a manageable condition that will allow an occasional splurge while staying clean most of the time, which is what I should be doing anyway.  All told, I managed only one good long run the entire cycle and had only once gone beyond 13 miles in the last 5 months.  NOTE:  My lower volume/high intensity training style has NOTHING to do with sugar intolerance.  If the race had been even one week earlier, I never would have finished but I began to feel better in the days leading up to the race.  I thought that perhaps if everything fell into place, I might run as fast as 1:35 even at altitude.  However, I would likely be racing on a higher than optimal Thym-Adren dosage so the more realistic goal was a sub-1:40.  My doctor says that it's common to see a patient's adrenals go through the roof immediately after a major problem is solved but it's only a temporary reaction.  As my system began to slow down, a dosage that had previously worked like magic was now too much.

2 years ago, I took a road trip through New Mexico and Colorado that even included cutting through small portions of Wyoming and Nebraska as part of my visit all 50 states project.  I only spent one full day in Denver but I really liked the city and made plans to come back for a race.  Of course, the question on most people's minds is the effect of mile high elevation.  The answer is that it's not too bad.  You will definitely tire easier and be struggling for breath but the effect is comparable to a hilly course or 75 degree weather with humidity. For an athlete who runs a 7:00 pace, you can expect to be about 15 seconds slower per mile.  That adds up to just over 3:15 for a 13.1 mile race.

This year, I flew out of Atlanta with my buddy Nick on Thursday morning.  The trip went without a hitch and we checked into our hotel just a few blocks from the starting line and expo then proceeded to run a solid fast finish 6 miler on Cherry Creek trail.  In addition to racing, we would see the Garden of the Gods, the Coors brewery and a baseball game at Coors Field.

Some of my readers will be surprised to learn that the Mile High city of Denver is actually pretty flat. To quote Jeff Daniels in the movie Dumb and Dumber: "I would have expected the Rocky Mountains to be a little rockier than this."  The east side of town (near the airport) is nearly a pancake flat prairie plateau but the mountains come into view on the west side.  True to form, the course was mostly flat.  Most of the "hills" were just gentle inclines though there were steeper sections early in Mile 4 as well as Mile 11 but the last mile was a steady decline so it was certainly manageable.  The course also provided a nice variety of city streets and parks that even included a small lake.  I did not see many mountain views but it was still among the most scenic overall that I have raced.

  We arrived at the starting area with plenty of time to spare and after a decent warm up, I had to make a last minute bathroom stop.  I had to jog back to the starting line and arrived back at Corral #2 just in time.  Like most big races, it was quite congested at the start and many runners lined up much closer to the front than they should have.  I had to do a bit of weaving and ran some extra distance but I hit the first 2 miles right on target near 7:15.  Unfortunately, by Mile 3, which is quite often the tell tale sign of a good race or bad one, I was really sucking wind and would have to back off.  I rebounded a bit in Mile 4 but still did not feel so great and was mathematically preparing for the worst.  If I faded to 8:00 pace, I'd run about 1:42:xx.  Here are the early splits:
7:18 (7:18)
7:15 (14:33)
7:31 (22:04)
7:16 (29:20)

We seemed to be going up a gradual incline for most of the next mile and it was here that I really felt like I was in trouble.  I feared that I would end up in survival mode the rest of the way and end up well above 1:40.  Fortunately, we hit a bit of a downhill as we entered City Park and after an all important hydration stop, I got a bit of a resurgence for a while.  1:35 had slipped away but I was still in good shape to come in well under 1:40.  The resurgence did not last long an with nearly half of the race and the toughest part of the course to come, I was already struggling.
7:32 (36:52)
7:22 (44:14)
7:42 (51:56)
7:39 (59:35)

The bottom of the decline after coming out of City Park came around 8.5 miles and I found the return trip back up to be manageable.  With 4 miles to go, all I needed was slightly below 8:00 pace for the rest of the way and with the downhill finish, I could even afford to go 10-15 seconds in the red and be able to make it up.  By this point, I knew that I was off form and just wanted to be done but I would fight just hard enough to secure the sub-1:40 and not much harder.  Just before the end of Mile 10, we hit the steepest hill of the race, which lasted almost a half mile. At this point in a race, a relatively mild hill can feel like a mountain and at altitude, it's twice as hard.  Several runners around me were walking and I wanted to do the same but I kept my resolve and continued plodding along for I knew that once I stopped, it would be difficult to get going again.  We were treated to a nice steady decline around 10.5 miles and I thought that was the worst of the hills.  I rounded a corner just after Mile 11 and audibly groaned at what I saw up ahead.  Again, I kept plodding along and got through another section of rollers just before the welcome Mile 12 sign.  The volunteers said it was all downhill the rest of the way and this time, they were right.  I checked my watch and found to my relief that I had a sub-1:40 in the bag and if I really pushed I could break 1:39.  Do I go for it?  No.  Just cruise it on in.  You're off form and at high altitude. This could still get ugly.  DO NOT risk a melt down at the finish.  Going downhill, I did pick up the pace to under 7:00 in the closing straightaway in front of the state capitol but showed no real sprinting form and allowed myself to be passed.  Thankfully, I crossed the line VERY sore and winded but on my feet with no need to visit the medical tent.  My official time was 1:39:12- 7:34 pace (11 minutes off my PR) but probably the equivalent of mid-high 1:35 at sea level, which is certainly no disgrace.
7:35 (67:10)
7:44 (74:54)
8:00 (1:22:54)
7:52 (1:30:46)
7:37 (1:38:23)
:49 (1:39:12) last .12 @ 6:42

Final thoughts:
Despite a so-so performance in the race, I enjoyed the trip and checked off state #14 in my Half2Run challenge (half/full mary in 25 of the 50 states).  This was a well organized event too and as a bonus, the finisher's medal is one of the best.  If you are willing to concede a PR and are able to take several days to enjoy the city, make use of great running trails and see some breathtaking scenery nearby, this event should be on anyone's list seeking a destination race.

Garden of the gods

Monday, September 17, 2012

Training 9/17-9/23 (race week)

9/17- AM.  VERY overstimulated despite taking 5 Thym Adren pills upon rising.  Workout was a rather ugly 5 miler indoors in a time of 38:52 (7:46 pace).  Got off to a good start (7:22) then faded fast but did rally for a 7:37 finish.  1st half was 19 flat, 2nd half was 19:52.  Let's see if 4 more pills this afternoon will result in some further improvement.  Denver is in 5 days and I expect to suck.  Just finishing would be a moral victory.
Grade:C-/ 1 credit/distance=5.0

PM- Another 5 miler and my time is all the way down to 34:57 (6:59 pace).  Still overstimulated and my foot was bothering me at the end.  Even pace and a hard fought 6:42 last mile to bring home the sub-7 pace.  I'm still not going to predict anything other than suckage in Denver.
Grade:B-/1 credit/distance=5.0

9/18- Trial number 3 and this one felt almost "pretty normal."  5 miles again and my time is all the way down to 32:50 (6:34 pace).  Struggled just a bit in Miles 2-4 but the first and second half were almost even (16:26-16:24) and a 6:19 last mile.  I am within 56 seconds of a PR.  I think I can go under 1:40 in Denver but won't go much under that.  I've settled into a routine now with low sugar, 1 fructosin, 3 Paramin and 9 Thym-Adren.  Over stimulation has calmed down a bit but if I go too long without pills, it will kick in HARD.
Grade:B+/2 credits/distance=5.5

9/19- Little more than a junk run in the morning.  2 miles in 15:12 (7:36 pace).  Easy effort.  Sluggish start, warmed up nicely after the first half.  Splits were 7:47-7:25.  Added a cool at the end.  I'm heading to Atlanta this evening to catch the morning flight to Denver so there will be no Trak Shak run but I may jump on the 'mill for a few minutes after work.
PM- 2 mile junk run on Wisteria untimed.
Grade:B/1 credit/distance=4.5

9/20- Flew to Denver, checked in st the hotel then hit Cherry Creek trail for a very encouraging 6 miler.  Finished with a time of 41:29 (6:55), which is probably the equivalent of 6:40 at sea level.  I was an even 28 for the first 4 then slowed to 7:07 and stormed home in 6:22 despite sucking wind something awful.  Starting a kick early will be very painful.  Weather is extremely dry (15% humidity, 27 dew point).  Temps were in the upper 70s. No, I don't care if this hurts me in 2 days.
Grade:A/2 credits/distance=6.0

9/21- Planned rest day.  Drove through Garden of the Gods and picked up packet at the expo.  Dosage seems to be trending down but the plantar is hurting me more than usual today (prolo in 2 weeks).  Weather is predicted to be cool and clear with a mild breeze (low 50s at the start, 60 at the finish).  Only 5 days ago, I wasn't even sure I'd make it to the starting line.  I still won't predict a time.

9/22- Survived it.  Rock n' Roll Denver half in 1:39:12  (7:35 pace).  That's a full 11 minutes from a PR but given the hell that body has been through, I'll take it. I was hurt by Thursday's workout and a rapidly trending down dosage.  Just finishing was an accomplishment.  I'll call it a training run.  Probably the equivalent of a high 1:35 at sea level.  More details to come.
Grade:C+/3 credits/ distance= 14.0

9/23- Planned rest day.  Travel day in which I lost 2 hours going to Atlanta then gained 1 back on the drive to Birmingham.  Too tired to run even if I wanted to.

Weekly summary:
There are signs of breaking out of this slump.
Distance= 40.0/ GPA=2.89

Monday, September 10, 2012

Fructosin product review

EDIT:  This is quickly becoming a popular post so I need to add to it.  Does Fructosin work?  Hell yeah, it works!  Just compare my training from August-early September with October.  It's almost like night and day.  Still, a word of warning.  It is NOT a substitute for a healthy diet.  It is still strongly advisable to limit sugar consumption but you'll be fine eating fruits and breads.  Digestion is also much improved.  I will be VERY interested to see what impact it will have on my medical report, specifically my blood sugar ratio, which is inter-related to adrenal function.  The only negatives are that it must be ordered online (takes about 2 weeks to ship) and the cost is considerable (about $45 for a month supply).  I sure hope that it will soon be available OTC in the U.S.  I strongly endorse this product.
  About 12 months ago, after an extremely unstable summer in which I seemed to alternate from fatigue to overstimulation almost day to day, I made the decision to quit drinking sugared drinks and reduce my already low alcohol consumption.  I allowed myself to cheat maybe once a week but overall, I was much cleaner in this aspect of my diet.  My diligence was rewarded with a strong fall racing season in which I scored 2 half marathon PRs.  Things got even better after New Years 2012 when I was freed from dependence on a thyroid/adrenal supplement called Thym-Adren.  By the middle of the year, I had stopped taking Paramin for blood sugar as well.  The 1st quarter of 2012 was the best stretch of running health that I have ever had. 

Here are my race results:
10 K trial- 40:14 PR
3M half- 1:28:12 PR (by nearly 3 minutes)
Mercedes full: 3:21:56 PR (by nearly 14 minutes)
Rumpshaker 5K: 19:13 PR
After that point at the end of March, I've experienced more downs than ups as my sugar intolerance has gotten worse, not better as I've gotten off the pills.  Calling it "freed from the pills" is not an accurate assessment.  I was forced off them.  One day, they worked just like they should have but gradually, the magic number of pills decreased until I felt best on nothing and lousy after taking even 1 pill.  That is very unusual and it made me feel uneasy but I resolved to keep my trust in the Lord.
Soon it was not just soda, beer and energy drinks that produced negative reactions.  Even supposedly healthy fruit drinks and Chia bars with "no sugar added" caused my body to stiffen up and perform very poorly in workouts, some of which had to be interrupted by unplanned bathroom visits.  The same thing happened with artificial sweetners such as sucralose and aspartame, putting Powerade Zero and Muscle Milk on the banned list.  Even certain types of bread contain too much fructose and towards the end, even pizza started giving me problems.   If I ate or drank a forbidden item, I was looking at 5-7 days of poor workouts.  Pushing my body when it was not in sync led to the dreaded plantar fasciitis.  Obviously, something had to be done about this.  By researching sugar intolerance on the internet, I diagnosed myself with fructose malabsorption disorder.  Red Bull, which is sweetend with sucrose and glucose instead of high fructose corn syrup did NOT produce a significant negative reaction.  My problem is a deficiency in the enzyme xylose isomerase, which converts excess fructose to glucose.  I surmised that this deficiency also interfered with the absorption and processing of Thym Adren and Paramin.  Early signs point to this being correct.

Taken directly from the website: "FRUCTOSiN is a worldwide unique food supplement containing the enzyme Xylose Isomerase . This enzyme is able to support the body with the digestion of the surplus of ingested fructose."

Now on to the results:
   I felt a difference from the very first day on this new pill.  Instead of feeling listless and depressed, I was loose, anxious and short of breath.  I nervously tried a forbidden soda and my body did NOT tighten up.  I felt even more stimulated just as I should have.  As a test, I popped a Thym-Adren pill just to see if it would make things better or worse.  The answer was that it made things better.

 Fructose malabsorption is linked to adrenal fatigue and those who have taken Accutane so it's all inter-related.   The only negative of Fructosin is the cost.  It costs $45 for a 15 day supply but I am hopeful that I will not have to take it every day long-term, just for preventative maintenance.  Hopefully, the same will hold true for Thym-Adren as well.  As long as I am not in a situation in which I need X # of pills per day or else, I can live with that and others can live with me.
  This is NOT a substitute for a healthy diet.  Sugar was bad before and it still is but I have achieved some freedom from restrictions that are nearly impossible to follow.
Perhaps, I should call myself Dr. J instead of Crazy J, LOL.

FINAL EDIT:  1 year later, I still endorse this product and stand by what I have written.  However, shortly after taking a magnesium supplement to correct a severe deficiency, I found that I no longer needed Fructosin and have read that fructose malabsorption has been linked to a magnesium deficiency.  

Training 9/10-9/16

9/10- Upon rising this morning feeling way overstimulated, it has become apparent that I need to settle into a routine of at least 3 Thym Adren pills until further notice.  I'll shoot for a fast finish easy 6 this evening in nice weather.  I have not run well at a distance over 5 in nearly a month.

PM- 6 miles at moderate effort on Wisteria.  Finished with a solid time of 43:12 (7:12 pace).  Sure, I was still a bit too loose and over stimulated but this was clearly the best I felt since the 17 mile long run almost a month ago.  I may need more than 3 Thym-Adren. 1st half: 21:56, 2nd half: 21:16.
Grade:B+/1 credit/distance=6.0

9/11- 6 mile tempo indoors in 40:20 (6:43 pace).  Ran the first 5 in a comfortable 34:21 (6:52 avg) with even splits. That is right at 1:30 half mary pace then I stepped on it for a 6th mile in 5:59.12. Felt very strong and relaxed.  I took no Fructosin today only because I forgot to take it to work with me and I am only now beginning to tighten up a bit.  I'll bet that in time, I'll only need 1 or less per day.  Bad news is that without mega Thym-Adren, I'll be over stimulated.  Here's hoping that my dependence on that stuff will also fade.  According to my medical reports, I've never had my numbers in balance.  Perhaps the enzyme deficiency prevented that.  Also, I'm still having a bit of foot pain and will need a 3rd prolo treatment.  I'll try to put it off until early October.
Grade:A/2 credits/distance= 6.5

9/12- Trak Shak 7.5 in 53:05 (7:05 pace) with an even pace.  Only 1 mile was over 7:15, which was almost all uphill.  Felt strong.  A little tight in the groin but maintained a moderate and comfortable effort all the way.  This is good.  I think I took a little too much Thym-Adren but the result was a "still good" performance.  That's the way it should be.  1 too many or too few pills should not be a dramatic difference.  Long tribute in which I tried on some Pegasus trainers.
Grade:A-/1 credit/distance=8.5

9/13-  Wisteria 6 mile in 42:54 (7:09 pace).  Cut the Thym-Adren from 7 pills down to 5 pills and it still felt like it was too much.  Once again, I managed a pretty strong performance.  The Wisteria "course" is a 2.5 mile out and back route just down the hill from my apartment.  I didn't like this route before but it's growing on me and the uphill finish is a challenge.  1st leg was 17:47, 2nd leg was 17:58, last mile in 7:09.
Grade:A-/1 credit/distance=6.0

9/14- Turned 32 years old today.  I'm taking a planned rest day but may do a junk run this afternoon.  Strange, I've been forced off the Thym-Adren again.  I've cheated BADLY on my diet recently after my first taste of freedom.  I'm not out of the woods yet.  Foot pain is now centered around the classic PF location.  3 weeks until prolo.

PM- Junk run on Wisteria.  This will make it easier to get to 50 on the week.  I did the first mile at basic effort then slow jogged the next 1.5.  The slow jog actually felt more uncomfortable.  Foot was sore.  I have 2 more quality sessions scheduled before Denver but I've got to be cautious.
Grade: None/0 credit/distance=2.5

9/15- NIGHTMARE!  Gnome run in which I felt fine for the first 4.7 miles then CRASHED HARD.  Mile 6 was 8:47 then I had to go another 4.5 miles to complete the loop.  I walked and slow jogged it and it was demoralizing.  The culprit was over stimulation. Yesterday, I was forced off the pills.  Today, I need mega doses.  Even with the fructosin, I can only have the occasional forbidden item.  Is the fructosin stimulating me?  If so, I've got BIG trouble.  That would be an impossible situation.
I'll call this one an easy day but if I can't go long tomorrow, it's a 2 credit "F."  Finished the first 6 miles in 45:24 (7:34 avg), which is not bad then added 2 more at a pace over 10:00.
Grade:C/1 credit/distance=8.5

9/16- I sure hope this is the nadir.  Hated every step of this one.  Hoping for 12.5 miles and quit after 3.5 in a time of 31:24 (8:58 pace).  Both yesterday and today, I was MUCH WORSE after taking a sip of Powerade.  What to make of this?  I don't know.  The best hope is that this is the result of the sugar binge earlier in the week.  Perhaps cutting it out again will work then I can cheat on rare occasions.

PM- 1 Mile at Vestavia.  Finished in 6:26.7 with a negative split (3:18-3:08).  That's still BAAAAD!

Run #3- Repeat of Vestavia Mile and my time was down to 5:56.6.  Near perfect splits (88-90-90-88)
That's good enough to bring me up to passing on the day.

Grade:D-/2 credits/distance=5.5
Weekly summary:
Every year since '08 in late summer- early Fall, I go through a period in which I feel like giving up.  This may be the worst it's ever been.
Distance=44.0/ GPA= 22.1/8= 2.76

Monday, September 3, 2012

Training 9/3-9/9

9/3- AM- 2nd day clean and I am improving pretty quickly.  Indoor 3 mile (rain) in 22:12 (7:24 pace) with splits of 7:38-7:26-7:08.  Perhaps running helps me clear the poison from my system, which may explain the negative splits.  I may run again this evening.

PM- Trak Shak 3 in an 85 degree steam bath. Finished in a solid 22:36 (7:32 pace).  Performance was at least on par with this morning if not better.  Splits were 8:02-7:37-6:57.  I don't know why I am so slow starting out but negative splits result in a more positive view of the workout.  Bad news is that I may be coming down with a summer cold.  Okay, more pain!
Grade:C+/1 credit/distance=6.0

9/4- Indoor 5 miler in 35:46 (7:09 pace).  Put out tempo effort and my pace was still a good 30 seconds slow.  This is nothing worth celebrating under normal circumstances but once again, it is progress.  This is only the 3rd day clean and it will be at least 2 more until I am even close to my peak.  I made an effort to push it early so the pace was pretty even today.  Splits were 7:12-7:08-7:11-7:16-6:59.  The throat is still sore but so far that's my only symptom.  Let's hope that this is nothing more than an annoying summer cold.  NO sinus infection, NO bacterial.  Please.
Grade:B-/1 credit/distance=5.0

9/5- Trak Shak 6 with a moving time of 46:50 (7:48 pace).  That doesn't look so bad but if you break it down, it sucks.  1st half was a solid 22:18 then faded to a 24:32.  I also cheated by walking the last hill and stopping the watch.  Mile 6 was a terrible 8:43.  Not sure what to make of this step backwards.  The head cold was a little bothersome.  I did push pretty hard yesterday but I'm afraid that the banana that I ate for breakfast may have hurt me.  The Fructosin has yet to arrive.  I had planned on waiting until after Denver to take it but now, I'm starting it when it arrives.
Grade:C/1 credit/distance=6.0 

9/6- The plan calls for a rest either today or tomorrow and I am taking it today.  Negative thoughts have flooded my mind.  If the fructosin does not work, I have little choice other than to take some extended time off and come back as a recreational runner.  All other pills that I have taken in the past yield a swift negative reaction.  I am on the verge of giving up but this sort of deep slump seems to happen about once a year and it's always near the end of the 3rd quarter or start of the 4th.

9/7- Marginal improvement over 2 days ago.  Indoor 5 in 38:41 (7:44 pace).  1st half was 19:12, 2nd half was 19:29.  The rhino virus is slowing me down.  Felt very heavy and sore.  Not an enjoyable run at all but I survived it.  The fructosin arrived this evening so help may be on the way.
Grade:C+/1 credit/distance=5.0

9/8- HELP IS ON THE WAY!  I felt terrible when I woke up then took my first fructosin just before lunch.  I could feel a little bit of difference.  After my 2nd pill, it was a significant difference.  I did the same 5 miler indoors but my time is all the way down to 34:55 (6:59 pace).  Faded in Mile 4 but bounced back strong with a 91 second last quarter mile.  1st half: 17:25/ 2nd half: 17:30.  There are still a lot a unanswered questions.  What impact will this have on my foot?  Will it force me back on the Thym-Adren?  How dependent will I be on this stuff?  Do I have at least some freedom from the strict dietary restrictions now?  Another issue is that I was still more than 3 minutes slower than my PR today so I am a long way from being out of the woods.  My body is still out of whack so I can't push too hard and risk injury.  Denver is in 2 weeks.
Grade:B/2 credit/distance=5.0

9/9- I've gotten some answers to yesterday's questions.  The foot?  Still unsure on that.  Freedom from dietary restrictions?  YES.  I had a forbidden sugared drink and my body did NOT stiffen up.  Dependence on Frucotsin?  Unlikely.  I may need it long term but based on what I've read, I can miss a few doses here and there and be fine.  Back on the thyroid/adrenal pills?  PROBABLY YES.  I was hoping that I would not have to go back on those pills but I'm okay with it.  There is a chance that this is only temporary.
   The workout:  TERRIBLE. Lakeshore 4 miler in 32:13 (8:03 pace) with an 8:51 last mile.  After that point, I quit and walked the last mile.  This time, I was not heavy and sore.  I was short of breath and too loose.  Can Thym-Adren get me back on track?  I may try again this afternoon.

PM- Took a Paramin pill and felt no different then tried a Thym-Adren and did feel different.  Still too loose and struggling for breath but a definite improvement.  Wisteria 2 mile in 14:18 (7:09 pace) with splits of 7:02-7:16.  2nd mile was uphill so it was actually fairly even.  I was shooting for 12+ miles on the day and I only managed half so that's why I didn't pass today.
Grade:F+/2 credits/distance=6.0

Weekly summary:
Help is on the way.  I've just got to get it all regulated. 4th sub 2 in 5 weeks. Dropped below 3.0 on the year. Still on pace for 2K miles.  Barely.
Distance= 33.0/ GPA= 15.9/8=1.99