Monday, September 17, 2018

DC Trip Report

This was a trip that was almost cancelled due to the weather and more drama with the pills.  In the end, Hurricane Florence stayed well south of DC.  It turned out to be overcast, somewhat humid with a mild breeze and no rain.  Race conditions were not bad after all and the walking tours were done in relative comfort.  As for the pills, my chemistry shifted shortly after I left Birmingham and never thought to pack the supplement that I need for when that happens.  I decided to downgrade from the half marathon to the 5 Miler and even that would likely be a struggle.

I took 3 days off work so I could spend my birthday with my parents.  I saw my sister, grandmother, niece and nephew as well.  I got 3 nice dinners and got to see the new Unbroken movie about Louis Zamperini.  Overall, I made the best of it despite not feeling well at all.  From home, it was a direct flight to Reagan National (DCA).  This one went off as planned.  Like NYC, you are strongly advised NOT to rent a car but here, there is no need for Uber or a taxi to your hotel.   The Metro is actually connected to DCA so I bought a card at the airport station then hopped on the next train.  It was a long ride to the expo at the Armory in the east side of town but I arrived in plenty of time.
My parents

After checking into my hotel (Holiday Inn) near the National Mall, I took a stroll through the Capitol Hill district from Independence to Pennsylvania Ave.  There are plenty of nice trendy restaurants and bars in this area but nothing appealed to me so I went back to the hotel lounge.  It was twilight by the time I got back to the Mall and I highly recommend a brief tour in the dark.  It's a different feel to see the monuments illuminated.  I got some nice shots of the Capitol and the Washington Monument and also caught the WW2 Memorial before settling in for bed.

It started  just outside the Washington Monument then looped around Tidal Basin with views of the Jefferson Memorial.  The midsection of the course was all along the water with a golf course to the right.  It then turned back towards the Mall for a finish back at the Washington Monument.  Iconic American route.  In bad shape, I simply settled into a pace that I hoped to be sustainable for 5 miles.  I had NO energy at the start and expected to be reduced to a walk/slow jog within 3 miles.  Surprisingly, I held the pace in the 9:30-9:40 range then managed to pick it up at the end.  My time was horrible by my standards at 47:31 but the back half was more than 30 seconds faster than the first half.  I probably could have finished a half marathon but it was still a good call to downgrade.  Otherwise, I would not have had the energy to do any more touring.

My first stop was Arlington Cemetery and the JFK grave.  From there, I crossed back into DC for the Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting pool.

 I made brief stops at the Vietnam, Korea and FDR memorials before taking more time at the MLK site.  One quote that I really liked was "Darkness cannot drive out darkness.  Only light can do that."  It was around the lake to the Jefferson Memorial then back to the Mall and eventually the White House area.  There was heavy security so I could not get too close but still got a pretty good picture out of it. 

 The last stop was the Trump International Hotel.  I knew the prices would be outrageous and I paid $24 for a burger and $8 for a beer but yes, it was excellent!  I went up to the tower for another good shot of the Capitol and skyline.  No skyscrapers here.  By law, no building within the city limits can be taller than the Washington monument.  Still a nice view however.  I was now in the business district just across the street from the Federal Triangle Metro so it was back to L'Enfant to pick up my bag at the hotel.  I made a brief stop in Crystal City before arriving back at the airport.  The flight back to Birmingham was delayed and I did not get back home until it was nearly 11 PM.  Yes, I did show up for work the next day.

Final Thought:
It's been about 15 years since I've been here.  Although DC is not a state, IMO you cannot complete the Visit All 50 States goal without visiting our nation's Capitol.  However, because it is not a state, I see no need to re-visit for a half marathon.  The half marathon in 50 states is still on for now and yes, the Liver supp has made a difference already.  Any race here is a bonus but I cannot rule out coming here again for another reason.  It's quite convenient with the direct flight and Metro station at the airport.  As for the strict/lenient rules, a walk across to Arlington meets the strict category for Virginia because it is a legitimate tourist attraction.  All you have to do is walk through it.  Maryland would require a bit more effort.  You'd have to take the metro to the suburbs and at the very least eat a sit down meal if not spend a night.

Training 9/17-9/23

9/17- Tried Liver as soon as I got home from DC and YES, I did feel noticeably better.  Still, the next day, I wanted to compare how I did with or without.  I was tired from the trip so I didn't expect much.
Did 2x800 on Lakeshore then 1 Mile.
0 Liver- 4:26 (8:52 pace).  Felt a little better than DC probably because of the Liver last night.
1 Liver- 3:56 (7:52 pace).  MINUS 60 and once again, all it took was 1 pill.  Not a night and day difference in how I felt but the effect was considerable nonetheless.
2 Liver- 7:04 Mile with the back half in 3:26 so once again, I cut off 60 seconds per mile.
Can I do better on 3 Liver pills?  We'll see tomorrow or Wednesday.

9/18- Tried IP-6 and it was clearly a NO.  Did not even attempt to run and may be out tomorrow as well.  I believe that eventually my need for Liver and Paramin will eventually diminish.

9/19- Hoped to run 3 miles on Lakeshore but had to settle for 1 in 9:54.  IP-6 hasn't cleared yet but began feeling a little better before bed time.  Even with the Sarcosine, there is still stuff that I cannot tolerate, which really does not sit well with me.

9/20- AM- Vestavia Mile in 7:51.5.  Much better but still haven't fully detoxed it.  Still on 5 Paramin and 3 Liver but may try to reduce both next week.

PM- Never fails.  Fixed the ceruloplasmin with the Liver pills but now my Zinc is depleted.  I'm dropping to 2 Paramin and 1 Liver and will add some Zinc.  I took some today and not surprisingly, I improved but overshot the balance point.  Workout was 400-800-1200. 
0 Zinc- 2:20 (9:20 pace)
1 Zinc- 4:16 (8:32 pace)  MINUS 52
2 Zinc- 5:16 (7:01 pace) MINUS 91
Last 800 was 3:22.  Took time for the Zinc to fully kick in but when it did, it was clear that I overshot.  I predict that my Zinc tolerance will be low for a while but the need will spike before going back down again.  MAYBE someday, I'll find the right combo.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Offensive Mascots

Just some light humor to poke fun at political correctness.  Enjoy

New York Yankees- offensive to southerners

Minnesota Twins- offensive to children without siblings

Oakland Athletics- offensive to the out of shape

Atlanta Braves- offensive to cowards

New York Mets- offensive to rural residents

Washington Nationals- offensive to globalists

Cincinnati Reds- offensive to capitalists and Democrats

Milwaukee Brewers- offensive to non-drinkers

Pittsburgh Pirates- offensive to sailors

St. Louis Cardinals- offensive to non-Catholics

San Diego Padres- offensive to single mothers

LA Angels- offensive to devil worshipers

New England Patriots- offensive to British people

San Francisco 49ers- offensive to silver coinage voters

Dallas Cowboys- offensive to Native Americans

Minnesota Vikings- offensive to Scandinavians

New Orleans Saints- offensive to sinners

New York/SF Giants- offensive to short people

New Jersey Devils- VERY offensive to Christians

Calgary Flames- offensive to both gays and fire fighters

St. Louis Blues- offensive to Republicans

Hartford Whalers- offensive to GreenPeace

San Jose Sharks- VERY offensive to surfers

LA Kings/KC Royals- offensive to peasants

NY Islanders- offensive to mainlanders

Golden State Warriors- offensive to pacifists

Philadelphia 76ers- VERY offensive to British people

Charlotte Hornets- offensive to those with bee sting allergies

Miami Heat- offensive to those from cold climates

Indiana Pacers-offensive to runners who start too fast

Ole Miss Rebels- offensive to Unionists

Miami Hurricanes- offensive to Katrina survivors

South Carolina Gamecocks- offensive to PETA

 Holy Cross Crusaders- offensive to Muslims

BYU Cougars- offensive to older women

Tennessee Volunteers- offensive to military draftees

Michigan State Spartans- offensive to Athenians

USC Trojans- offensive to Greeks

Washington Huskies- offensive to fat people

West Virginia Mountaineers- offensive to flat landers

Wake Forest Demon Deacons- VERY offensive to pastors and their staff

Alabama Crimson Tide- doubly offensive to Democrats

Training 9/10-9/16

9/10- Vestavia Mile in 6:41.1 (MINUS 49) plus a half mile cool.  Best time of the year and 6 seconds better than last week's best.  Got out a little faster today but once again slipped into a rut early.  From 200-1200, I was only slightly better than 7:00 pace but finished in 91 (6:04 pace) on the last go round.  There is still room for improvement but the rate will be much slower once I get down around 6:20.  Then, I'll just chip away a few seconds at a time  BARRING MORE RELAPSES!!

PM- Canterbury 4 in 31:19 (7:50 pace) plus a half mile cool.  Even splits despite hilly route but since the back half is mostly down, I should see negative splits.  Still, not bad.  This was significantly better than yesterday at both distances.  I'd say this translates to about 39 flat if not better on the mostly level Lakeshore 5 route.

I keep going back and forth.  As of now, I think I've got about a 50/50 chance of finishing under 2 hours but the last 5 miles will be VERY TOUGH even with an ultraconservative start.  I do think I have a chance at improvement in the next 5 days so if I am to go, I will suck it up and run the half.  The race does offer a deferral for just $30 but I've booked a non-refundable flight and hotel and really don't want to eat that loss.  As for the weather, it could still go either way.  There's a chance if the hurricane hits South Carolina, it won't be so bad in DC and it might clear out by Sunday.  If it hits in Virginia, we could see Tropical Storm force winds on Saturday and the flight in will probably be cancelled anyway.  I've got another 3 days to decide and hopefully, the forecast will be known by then.

9/11- No Mountain Dew today for the first time in 4 days.  Withdrawal was not as severe as Red Bull but unpleasant nonetheless.  I was wired/tired much of the afternoon.  When it was time to run, I kept it respectable for 2 miles then died.  I would have been better if I drank a can but that would have only delayed the symptoms.   I can handle an occasional Dew on.a cheat day but don't make a habit of it or I face withdrawal.  That's what I figured but I had to know. Red Bull or Rockstar?  I'm never touching that stuff again.

Weather Update:
At least for DC, the forecast has taken a turn for the better.  It appears that NC will get the worst of it then it will turn northwest towards West Virginia.  There's just a chance of scattered showers over the weekend.  I'm going.  I'm still intending to try the half because if nothing else, it will be good training for Nebraska and Detroit.  If I'm hurting, I can still downgrade at the expo the day before.

9/12- Planned rest day

9/13- CRASH.  Didn't know what was wrong but figured out I needed extra Paramin.  That's right.  Just a few days ago, I could not tolerate more than 2 pills.  Now, I NEED more.

9/14- Intervals. Quarter miles at the track.
1 Paramin- 2:16
2 Paramin- 2:08
3 Paramin- 1:58
6 Paramin- 1:28
I really do not think it was any worse on 7.5 pills so my tolerance could be unlimited.  That's good news.  I will take mega doses for as long as needed and eventually, my dose will go back down.

9/15- More intervals.  Not sure of the exact distance but I'm guessing it was about 0.3 miles.  Definitely more than a quarter but less than a third.
3 Paramin- 2:34
4 Paramin- 2:23
5 Paramin- 2:18
6 Paramin- 2:19
 Not a huge difference between 4 and 5 then fared no better on 6 but essentially no worse either.  I bet if I upped it further, yes, I would have faded.  This one felt WORSE than yesterday.  I will be downgrading.  Most likely, the citrates have depleted ceruloplasmin and I need the Liver Beef, which I did not pack in my bag.  Unless I can find it in DC, even the 5 Mile race will SUCK.

9/16- Navy 5 Miler in 47:31 (9:30 pace).  Yes, that sucks but I actually feared worse based on how I felt.  Managed a rare negative split in a race.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Colorado and Nebraska Road Trip Plan

Out of the 49 states that I have visited, Nebraska is the only one that I have yet to do something significant.  In all of my other non-race states, I have stopped at a tourist attraction and in most cases, I have spent at least one night.  In Nebraska, I took a short detour from Cheyenne, Wyoming to the town of Kimball.  All told, I spent about 30 minutes in the state and all but 5 were in the car.  I did stop at a grocery store and made a small purchase.  It counts for the lenient standards but definitely not for the strict.  I had planned to make it a double with Iowa but there are a few issues with that plan.  There's too much dead time between races.  It's too much driving and it will cost an arm and a leg to rent from O'Hare in Chicago.  This year, I've got an opportunity to race in Nebraska and make a nice trip out of it without missing any time at work.

Saturday 10/6- Fly out of Birmingham to Denver first thing in the morning.  It's very important to get in at a decent hour because I've got to get to North Platte, Nebraska (3.5-4 hours) by the end of the day.  Part of me is thinking to take a Friday flight to be safe.  If there is a long delay, I'll miss the race.  Upon further review, yes I will take the Friday afternoon flight.  At any rate, the drive into Nebraska will not be very exciting but I expect the people will be very nice. 

Sunday 10/7- Small race in North Platte, Nebraska.  They have a 5K and half marathon with essentially no time limit so even if I am very sick and have to walk, I can get credit for a finish.  From there, it will be back to Colorado.  I'll stay in Estes Park, just outside of Rocky Mountain National Park and gain an hour going back to Mountain Time Zone.  Figure, if I can get out of North Platte by 10 AM Central, I can get in by 2 PM Mountain even with a lunch stop.  I can be flexible here.  If it's good weather, I'll take Trail Ridge Road, one of the most scenic in the country that goes up to 12,000 feet elevation.  Only 1-2 weeks later, the road will be closed for the winter.  I was here back in 2010 and loved it but I didn't have a good camera phone at the time so I have no pictures. If it's a cloudy day or I am running late, I'll go to Denver instead.  I've been there twice and really like the city. 

Monday 10/8- I'll have the day off work for Columbus Day so I will do whatever I do not do the previous day.  It will either be Trail Ridge at dawn or I sleep in a bit and chill in Denver before my flight back.  Aside from the money, I don't see a downside to this trip so I'm leaning towards doing it.  It will be 2 weeks prior to Detroit and 3 weeks after DC so it's a heavy schedule but not terribly taxing.  I really want to do Nebraska sooner rather than later so I can shore up state #49.  Again, Hawaii is state number 50 and it will wait until race state number 50.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

High Oxalates Revisited

I looked into this 2 years ago because I read it could be a reason for sensitivity to supplements.  I’ve read that in cases of high oxalates, there are toxins in your organs that are chemically similar to anti-freeze (YUCK)!  Effective treatments are Cal/Mag citrate (Paramin) and IP-6.  The former is something that is known to be effective because it worked temporarily in the past.  The latter is untested in this regard but may raise ceruloplasmin and improve Iron mobilization while the former is known to worsen both areas.  If I am to go with the Paramin, I may just raise my Liver Beef dosage to mitigate the damage.  Whole Food C must be cut out because it increases oxalates.  I took Paramin until 2013 and was a much better and consistent performer when I was on it.  I stopped because it wasn’t raising Magnesium.  I tried going back on it a couple times but could not tolerate it.  That issue should be resolved now.

I did have brief success with Cal Citrate 2 years ago but eventually developed a complete intolerance because of the glycine conjugation issues.  Then, a urine test revealed that oxalates were not high after all.  The markers were only slightly higher than the 50th percentile and not nearly high enough to be flagged. 

Why am I so sure now that oxalates are the culprit?
1)     Taking glycine will raise oxalates.
The Sarcosine (N-methyl glycine) is the one treatment that I absolutely cannot do without.  If I don’t take it, I will become intolerant to almost all my other necessary supplements and I will be screwed.  It is quite possible that I always did have high oxalates, which were masked by the glycine conjugation issues and may have worsened the sensitivity issues.

2)     Sudden sensitivity to adrenal supplements.
Very recently, neither the adrenal stimulant nor the suppressant had much of an effect at least at one dose.  I still think I could be balanced now in that area.  However, last week, I had a terrible reaction to just a half pill of both.  For the last time, even if a single pill takes my chemistry in the wrong direction, there is NO WAY that it should trigger a severe reaction.  After taking the Calcium citrate, the sensitivity was gone again.  I had a similar reaction to Whole Food C but Liver was tolerated whereas it was not prior to the Sarcosine. 

3)     Calcium Citrate is effective.
I had an episode last week in which I was struggling for a 9 minute pace for just a half mile then after popping a single Cal Citrate pill, I felt better.  I managed a sub-8 for 2 miles just a few minutes later.  I’ve also had nasty diarrhea along with itching and foul smelling urine that leaves me feeling better afterwards.  Lastly, if I overshoot by taking too much Cal Citrate, I will end up worse off due to detox.  All are symptoms of oxalate dumping.

I think Paramin is my best chance of improvement.  I have no choice but to keep fighting because the alternative is being disabled.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Training 9/3-9/9

9/3-AM- Vestavia Mile in 9:45
PM- Vestavia Mile in 9:11

9/4- AM.  Painfully obvious that Cal citrate is needed.  I would have been over 10 without it.  With it, tolerance seems to be improving.  Managed an 8:44 today for a MINUS 61 in less than 24 hours.  I was on 9 minute pace for the first 3 laps then finished with a 2:00 last lap despite holding in a diarrhea dump (detox).  Popped another pill shortly thereafter and felt a little better.  Paramin should arrive in another 2-3 days, which should be more effective at detoxing the oxalates.

PM- Another Mile this time at Hoover's forbidden track.  I sneaked in through an open gate.  In a very pleasant surprise, I was all the way down to 6:58.8 this time.  1st half: 3:31, 2nd half: 3:27 with a 1:38 last go round.  The extra Cal citrate was clearly the difference.  I expected to be under 8 but never expected to be close to 7 let alone break it.  I might still run the half in DC if I can finish my long run @ sub-9 pace this weekend.

9/5- 2 Cal citrates worked well yesterday.  3 of them caused too much of a detox reaction today.  Morning was really bad but I did get a little better as the day progressed.  Still struggled in the workout.  3 miles at Gold's in 26:43 (8:54 pace).  The Paramin may not arrive until after the weekend so I am uncertain about trying it.

9/6- AM Vestavia Mile in 6:47.1 (MINUS 11) and it all came on the back half.  Added a half mile cool.  First 3 laps were even at 1:44-1:45 then found another gear with a 92 second finish.  I believe this is my best time of the year at this distance by 3 seconds but I was hoping for a little better.  The rate of improvement is slowing and that is to be expected but I suspect that because of the detox, I'll be better if I take the citrates in the evening.  I'll do that tonight even though I may endure a rough day tomorrow.

PM- Decided to take the afternoon off.

9/7- Unplanned rest day.  Tried IP-6 and it was a disaster.  Unclear if the pill is bad for me or it's a detox reaction.  Whole Food C is still BAD even with the citrates controlling the oxalates.  Gut feeling is to downgrade in DC even if by some miracle the long run goes well this weekend.  DC is not a state so anything I do there is a bonus anyway.

PM- Decided to run a junk mile at Gold's and sucked as expected.  Time was 9:25.  Paramin arrived this evening so I took it at night.  Maybe it was my imagination but I thought I felt a tingle in my legs and felt less heavy.  I figure 2 Paramin is about the same as 2 Cal citrates.

9/8- No sudden miracle.  Improved to 8:23 at Vestavia but knew within 50 meters that I didn't have it and just did the best I could.  Pace was fairly even but did manage to dip under 2:00 in the last lap.  Popped a 3rd citrate when I got home and was clearly worse immediately.  I don't know if I am still detoxing the C and IP-6 or I can only take 1 Paramin not 2.

I looked at some of my old posts from early 2013 before I stopped the Paramin.  Even when I was winning, it was NOT all smooth sailing.  I had brutal sensitivity to copper and C BUT I was a lot better and more consistent overall.  Horrible days were few and far between and even on an off day, I could usually get through 6-7 miles at a respectable pace.  An off day back then would be a great day today.  Again, it would NOT have made a difference if I had stayed on Paramin because as the glycine conjugation got worse, I would have soon been forced off anyway.  I really don't think there is anything that I could have done to prevent this nightmare, which is extremely maddening.

PM- Interesting.  As expected, I was worse after the 3rd Paramin (2:22 for 400) but I was actually slightly BETTER (2:13) after drinking a forbidden Kickstart Energy.  No doubt that sugar and caffeine are still BAD but I may be able to get away with an occasional can of Surge or Kickstart.  Red Bull or Rockstar?  Forget it!  Added a half mile cool.  We'll see if I face withdrawal symptoms after stopping tomorrow.  I am officially downgrading in DC.

Regarding Paramin, according to my log, I did NOT stop it by choice due to ineffectiveness.  I was FORCED OFF due to intolerance.  Yes, I've had to endure a few more rough days due to use of energy drinks over the years but nothing could have made much of a difference over the long haul.

9/9- Half-assed attempt to run long.  It was clear that 2 Paramin are better than 1 but it was not a night and day difference.  The sweet spot could be 1.5 right now but the tolerance will improve with time.  I'm sure of it.  I came through the first Mile in 8:40 but my pace was already slowing to the 9 minute range and I knew it was unsustainable over the long distance.  Walked a lap then with great effort, I managed a 7:30.0 in a Mile time trial (MINUS 53)  I bet it would have been under 7:20 if fully fresh so it's been another slow climb.  Tacked on a cool for a 3 mile session.

PM- 5 miles on Lakeshore in 42:50 (8:34 pace).  About as expected.  VERY STRANGELY, drinks such as Surge and Mountain Dew are well tolerated and maybe even marginally beneficial for the time being.  The reason is that since they are citrus based, they actually help detox the oxalates.  I don't think I have experienced any withdrawal symptoms either but I won't be in the clear until tomorrow in that regard. 

As for the DC race, I'd need to last 8.1 miles longer at a pace 34 seconds slower. for a sub-2 finish  Not there yet but I don't want to give up hope.  Then again, the hurricane could make that decision for me. As of now, there is a chance of tropical storm force winds and rain next weekend.   I AIN'T going at all if the weather is going to be that bad.  I'll focus on Nebraska instead.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

So-Cal Road Trip Plan

Okay, this one is a repeat state and won’t be done until at least next summer or possibly not until 2-3 years down the road but when I do it, it will be EPIC so here it is.  I think I’d do this one before San Antonio/Corpus Christi/Acuna.  I was in Venice Beach 5 years ago and did drive along Santa Monica and Sunset Blvd but just didn’t have time to do it justice.  I didn’t even get a taste of San Diego at all, so I’ve got to go back.

Day 1- Fly into San Diego and get in by early afternoon.  I’ll have time to do at least a walking tour of downtown and/or Old Town.  There are several good race options throughout the year but the one I’d choose is America’s Finest City (AFC) in August because it will be warm enough to swim in the ocean without a wet suit.

Day 2- Race day.  Drive to Los Angeles mostly via Freeways but on a weekend day, the traffic should not be too bad.  I’ll pass through Compton but probably won’t leave the Freeway.  Two possible detours include the Nixon presidential library (I saw Reagan’s last time) and Kenneth Hahn Park, which offers an amazing view of the LA skyline with the San Gabriel Mountains in the background.  If I do stop at the latter option, I’ll probably take Wilshire into town rather than a Freeway.  I hope to get in before dark and my hotel will be in downtown LA.  The plan for the evening is a 73rd floor rooftop bar downtown.  I do have several friends and acquaintances in the LA area, so it would be cool to meet up with someone.

Day 3- Brief walking tour of downtown LA.  I definitely want to see the top of the US Bank tower in the daylight and go on the glass slide.  By the time I’m done, the worst of rush hour should be over, so I’ll take 101 up to Hollywood Blvd and the Walk of Fame.  I’d like to see Griffith Park and the Bowl on Mulholland but may not have the time.  From Hollywood, I’ll take the Sunset strip into Beverly Hills and see a few mansions before going down Rodeo.  I’ll probably take either Santa Monica Blvd or Wilshire to the coast.  I’d like to get there by sunset so I can view it over the Santa Monica pier.  There are some affordable hotels in the area on Lincoln Blvd.

Day 4- Early start then hit the Pacific Coast Hwy to San Diego.  La Jolla is a must see but I have several beach options.  La Jolla Shores and Ocean Beach are probably the most appealing. Sunset ought to be beautiful here as well.  I’ll stay a few blocks from the beach itself so I won’t break the bank.

Day 5- Morning and early afternoon on the beach in San Diego then I’ll head south to the border.  The plan is to get a hotel within walking distance of the border crossing.  I’ll just leave my car there then take the foot bridge into Tijuana.  I’ll stroll down Revolucion and probably have dinner with a drink or two then get back to the USA before it’s too late.

Day 6- Back to San Diego and I’ll take an evening red eye back home, so I’ll have plenty of time.  I’ll want to see the San Diego Zoo and/or more of downtown.  Can’t see everything that So-Cal has to offer but I’d say this is a good plan.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Training 8/27-9/2

8/27- 3 miles at Gold's in 26:52 (8:57 pace) with a hard fade.  Concerned now.  Perhaps the long run hit me 2 days later.  If I am not better tomorrow, it's panic time.  I want 1 Mile time trial this week and I'm shooting for at least 6:40 but the principle goal is 35 miles.

8/28- Repeated the 3 mile and my time is down to 25:11 (8:24 pace).  Within 30 seconds of the new normal and clearly feeling better.  No need to panic.  I should be up for an easy 5 by tomorrow.  The Mile time trial will be postponed until Friday but I hope to be down around 6:30.

8/29- 5 miles on Lakeshore in a time of 40:50 (8:10 pace) plus a cool.  Back to the new normal but still not real pleased with how I felt.  Faded in Mile 4 and didn't have much of a rebound at the end.  Sore legs with low energy.  I'm doing everything right with the pills and diet so I should have no excuses.  Let's hope I see improvement in my Mile time.

8/30- MAD AS HELL!  Tried an adrenal stimulant to give myself a jump start and it was a disaster.  It's my fault for trying it but the Sarcosine is SUPPOSED TO PREVENT THIS!!  As it is, I am becoming more and more intolerant to adrenal stimulants AND suppressants.  The only thing adrenal support that is tolerable is the modulator and it doesn't make much difference.  I attempted a Mile time trial and saw it was going to be ugly within 200 meters.  Came through 400 at 1:48 running all out and rapidly slowing.  Turned it into a 2 mile junk run.  Again, just 2 doses should NOT hurt me this badly!!  I'll probably struggle tomorrow as well and have to postpone the LR until Sunday.  Is there another missing piece?  I don't think so.  I've tried EVERYTHING!!  Nothing more can be done.  I've just got to accept the results but I fear the worst.  I fear a degenerative condition that will eventually leave me unable to function let alone train.

8/31- Tried to reduce the Sarcosine and it was immediately apparent that the sensitivity to Vitamin C kicked back in with a vengeance so it's still needed.  Also tried to go without the MF and DMG.  Didn't feel too bad in the morning but it was sharply downhill after noon.  Did not have to run to know that won't work.  Took the normal dosage of everything before the workout but fared no better than yesterday early. If anything, I was probably slightly worse.  Came through half mile on Lakeshore in 4:25 (8:50 pace).  Based on my research, oxalates are the most likely culprit.  Took 1 Cal Citrate pill and was clearly better.  Next 2 miles were done in 15:54 (7:57 pace) with a slight negative split.  Tacked on a half mile cool.

9/1- Overshot the balance point with the oxalates and must endure detox reaction.

9/2- Unplanned rest day

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Training in Every State?

Upon further review, I'm not sure I can count Minnesota for a half marathon.  Although I did cover the full distance, only 6.7 miles were done in a race setting.  The official distance was cut short due to heat and humidity.  I most definitely cannot count a 15K race plus a 3K warm and 3K cool but this one was originally scheduled as a 13.1 so it remains debatable.  If my body does hold up, I'll be back to Fergus Falls (outside of Fargo) and take a road trip to Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Hell, I may even do it just for a 5K or 10K so I have an excuse to go to Manitoba.  There is one other state in which I have done an organized race that was not a half marathon.  That was New Jersey and the race was a Steeplechase on the track.  Any other states that I have trained but not raced?  Yes.

Washington- Centennial Trail in Spokane just a few days before the Coeur D'Alene half.

Maine- Run on the State University track in Bangor on the way back from Nova Scotia.

Maryland- Many training runs in Salisbury as well as a few on Ocean City's boardwalk.  I've also run in the National Wildlife Refuge near Assateague Island.

Utah- 3 mile run through Zion National Park at over 8,000 foot elevation.  That one was beautiful but it hurt.

Alberta- 3 mile run through Prince Island Park in Calgary.  Stanley Park is a must run in Vancouver, BC.

Prince Edward Island- Junk run on the boardwalk at Victoria Park in Charlottetown.

That leaves only 9 states in which I have not trained or raced:
Hawaii, Nebraska, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Michigan, Iowa, South Dakota, Delaware

I'll list a few other memorable training runs away from home:
- Nice beach runs in Charleston, South Carolina and South Padre Island, Texas

Anchorage, Alaska- It was just a junk run from the hotel but it was done at midnight and in mid-June, it was still daylight.

Dallas, Texas- White Rock Lake with million dollar homes.

Denver, Colorado- Cherry Creek trail with views of the skyline plus City Park.  I also ran a half mile at the top of Pike's Peak and actually managed a semi-respectable pace at 14,000 feet but it did give me a bit of a headache. Edit: I almost forgot that I also did a 6 miler at the Garden of the Gods.

Louisville, Kentucky- Nice MLR along the Riverwalk

Little Rock, Arkansas- Another nice trail overlooking the river near the heart of town.