Monday, July 25, 2016

Training 7/25-7/31

7/25- First day off ATP and B-12 as a stand alone.  Result was a carbon copy of Saturday's workout.  4 miles at Gold's in a time of 30:16 (7:34 pace).  1st half: 14:50, 2nd half: 15:26.  Don't even think I had another mile in me at sub-8 so I shut it down.  Mixed feelings about this one.  I did a little better than I expected before I started but was NOT pleased that I faded so badly after such a good start.  Some potential good news after I got home.  I tried 1 Thym-Adren pill and got a POSITIVE reaction.  When on stand alone B-12, I could not take it at all.  Hopeful for improvement tomorrow.

7/26-AM- More encouraging news.  Thym-Adren appears to be working.  Did a mile junk run on Wisteria and was TOTAL CRAP without it but felt somewhat better after 1 pill at the half and significantly better after a 2nd at 3/4.  Did not time anything.  I'll be back this evening.

PM- 3 miles at Gold's in 21:20 (7:07 pace).  Improvement but a bit of a downer.  Went out at 6:50 pace then finished with a pair of 7:15s.  Thym-Adren was VERY necessary.  I NEEDED 6 pills and if I had only taken 3-4, it would have been a Mendoza line effort.  Good news is that an extra pill seemed to help so that means I need mega doses again but as of now, it's not x # of pills neither more nor less.  Added a half mile cool.

7/27- COLLAPSE.  1 mile in 9:55.  It was my fault this time.  I've been skimping on the Methyl folate, which caused the uptick in my need for adrenal suppressants.  When I took the full dose today, Thym-Adren was too strong.  Going back to ADHS,  I can get away with a lowered MF dose for a few days but long-term, I need at least 1000 mcg.  Go off the MF and rely on Thym-Adren?  I think I've already proven that no matter how much I take, it will never be enough.  Remain intolerant to B-12 and the ratio of MF to MM remains a non-issue, which is good.

7/28- AM- Mile on Wisteria this time and my time was down to 8:45 (MINUS 70).  Went back to ADHS and found that yes, I still need molybdenum,  Down side in 4:35 without it, up side in 4:10 with it.  I predict a Mendoza level performance this afternoon and a swift negative reaction to Thym-Adren this evening.

PM- Curiosity got the best of me as I took Thym-Adren this morning.  I got a swift negative response but felt some clearance in the afternoon.  It was not enough for a decent showing however.  Did 2 loops around the lake at Veteran's Park and covered 1.5 miles in 12:27 (8:18 pace).  MINUS 27.

Less than 1000 mcg of Methyl folate means I need Thym Adren.  If I take more, it's ADHS.  Without sufficient MF, NO AMOUNT OF THYM-ADREN WILL BE ENOUGH!  Thym-Adren worked back in the day but not so now.  Why?  The MTHFR mutation gets worse as you age.  I've got to go with the ADHS+ MF.

7/29- Wanted to test myself in a 5K but had to cut it short to 2 miles due to time constraints.  Pretty solid effort though.  Finished in 13:18 (6:39 pace) with splits of 6:36-6:42.  If I had done the full distance, figure add about 8 minutes so it would not have been a post-35 PR but it is within the margin of error.  I'd like to try to run with the fast group tomorrow but the BTC gives me the best chance of finishing a double digit run.  Mileage has been much too low lately.  I've GOT to go with this formula, avoid the collapses and let the improved fitness bring down my times.

Began feeling very over-stimulated and depressed after lunch today but more ADHS seemed to help.  That means it was likely holding me back this morning.  We'll see how I feel upon rising tomorrow.
As for the Formula is SET post, it remains the same with the exception of cutting out B-12 as a stand alone and the need for at least 1000 mcg of Methyl folate.

7/30- YET ANOTHER FAILURE on the group run.  On a day like today, it doesn't matter which group I run with.  I will embarrass myself either way.  Today, I made a quiet turnaround just after 1.5 miles and trotted back home.  Totaled 3 miles in 27:33 (9:11 pace) with Mile 3 close to 11 minutes.
The culprit was molybdenum, which is not a huge surprise.  It had to be taken together with B-12.  Since I've been forced off B-12, this is not a surprise.  It worked yesterday morning but not now, which is par for the course for me.

PM- Another 3 miler this time at Gold's.  A mere 6 hours after the debacle this morning, I was CONSIDERABLY better just because I've got some clearance.  Finished this time in 25:17 (8:26 pace).  MINUS 45.  Fastest mile was #3 at 8:09.  Will try for the long run tomorrow.

7/31- Lakeshore run in humid conditions.  Figure that should begin to decline in about 2-3 weeks.  Totaled 6 miles but it was a weak effort.  Treated the 1st mile as a warm up then ran the next 3 in 24:13 (8:04 pace)  MINUS 22.  Power cut off late in Mile 4 and Mile 5 slipped to 8:53.  Cut off the watch after 5 miles in 42:04 (8:25 pace) then treated the last mile as a cool down.  Overall, this was a modest improvement over yesterday but I was hoping for a LOT better.  Got home and experimented.  Learned that the ADHS needs to be reduced.  JUST 2 DAYS AGO, I NEEDED MORE!!!  WHAT THE _______?   MAD AS HELL!

26 miles on the week

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Gulf Coast Road Trip Report

Sometimes I hate being single but over the past few days, I was loving it.  Due to a postponed appointment at work, I had very little to do over the next few days so pretty much on a whim, I decided to take an impromptu trip to the coast.  I can take these types of trips pretty much anytime I want and do it on my own terms.  I can stop to see random off the beaten path type places as much or as little as I want as well.  When I go to the coast, I am not there to sit in the sand and sip drinks.  I don't care about staying in a nice hotel on the beach or going out for fine dining.  No offense but IMHO, $300+ per night and a $75 dinner including drinks and dessert is not worth it.  I'm fine with a normal dinner and half priced or less lodging a few miles inland.

 I am there for the action, which in my case is body boarding.  In optimal conditions, you could be out waist-chest high but if you catch a wave just right, you can ride it all the way to shore.  Man, that's so much fun! I don't mind the occasional wipe out or having the next round of waves break on my head or neck.  Bring it on!  If I see 4-6 footers in the forecast with a low chance of rain, I may just drop whatever plans I have and head on down.  You can catch some decent waves on the Gulf but as a general rule. I'd opt for North Carolina for better surf.  In terms of the beaches themselves however, the Gulf wins hands down.

I've been on the Gulf coast in every state from Florida (as far south as Ft. Myers) to Texas (Galveston) and you'll find various types of beaches.  Some are secluded while others are more touristy.  In some areas, there are no waves but you can go out 300 yards and only be knee deep.  The best beaches IMO are on a strip of land known as the Emerald Coast with sugar white sand and crystal clear warm water with decent waves that runs from Panama City, Florida to Gulf Shores, Alabama.  You could be out chest high, look down and clearly see your feet.

I-65 South down to Monty then US-231 to Panama City.  I got there just after lunch and had a nice few hours out there.  From there, I headed east to the Forgotten Coast, also known as the Big Bend region of Florida.  I stopped in the town of Apalachicola for a decent seafood dinner overlooking the bay then settled in for the night at a flea bag motel. which was fine by me.
Panama City Beach

More exploring of the Big Bend area with some beautiful views of the bay along the road.  I did stop in a state park called St. George Island.  It was rustic and has its charm.  The sand was just as white but the water was not as clear and there were no waves.  I went as far east as Carrabelle and found similar conditions so it was back to the panhandle.  Overall, the Big Bend area is worth a visit because of the stunning scenery.  It was interesting culturally too with lots of native Floridians.  A Florida southern accent is very distinct from Georgia or Alabama.

I ended up in Santa Rosa for the afternoon, which is just east of Destin and Ft. Walton.  I believe I stayed at or very near the turnaround point of my debut half marathon in Seaside.  The surf picked up after 3 PM and it was a GREAT afternoon.  After a fast food dinner, I took the interstate to Pensacola and stopped at Flora Bama for a quick drink.  I was joined by a nice girl named Crystal from Tennessee and got a hug before she left.

Big Bend region
St. George Island

Full day at Gulf Shores and Orange Beach on the Alabama side.  While my state is typically not known for its beaches, they are just as nice as the ones in Florida.  I enjoyed talking with a nice woman from Baton Rouge while conditions were calm but again, the surf picked up in the afternoon.  I was sad to leave but knew I had to take 2 days to decompress and get my formula right before next week.
Orange Beach

Home with a suntan.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Training 7/18-7/24

7/18 AM- Nearly 24 hours caffeine free.  Improved my 2 mile from 19:46 down to 17:56 (8:58 pace).  MINUS 55.  I'll take it.  Day 1 is usually not too bad.  I usually get a headache on Day 2 and if that happens, I'll get some Green Tea, which has minimal caffeine.  I can tolerate up to 50 mg. per day.  An occasional Coke won't hurt me but NO energy drinks period!

PM- 4 miles in 35:08 (8:47 pace).  MINUS 11 over twice the distance so I suppose that is a significant improvement over the morning session but I was expecting to do better.  I was drowsy this morning but did get better as the day progressed.  If I am not below the Mendoza line tomorrow, I'm afraid the pills are to blame after all.

7/19- AM- BAD BAD reaction to B-12 last night.  It appears THAT stuff is the culprit.  Caffeine is only indirectly responsible. The Lithium in ADHS transported B-12 to the cells.  Unsure of what to do next.  Do I need to cut the B-12 entirely or reduce it to 1 pill/day?  Will ATP help regulate Lithium and thus B-12 transport?  I'll probably end up writing this week off as a loss.  I may hit the coast to clear my head.  I do have a bit of a lull at work this week.

PM- Same old tired 4 miler at Gold's.  Improved to 33:56 (8:29 pace).  MINUS 18.  Slow but steady progress this week.  I'm screwed if I become completely intolerant to B-12 but that seems unlikely.  I just need to reduce the dose.  I can get away with taking more for a while but not long-term.  We'll see how I feel tomorrow.  I may or may not attempt the group run but I am leaving for an impromptu trip to the coast.  Hit 75K page views all time.  Thanks to my readers.

7/20- AM- 1 mile at Gold's in a time WELL over 10 minutes.  B-12 as a stand alone MUST GO.  Fortunately, it appears that if taken as part of a combo in Methyl Mate, it's still tolerated.  I am leaving now (7 AM) for the coast.  Not sure how long I'll stay.  I might come home on Friday evening or could stay as long as Sunday.

PM- Junk run by the bay in Apalachicola.  Time was down to 7:27 thanks to clearance.

7/21- Experimental junk mile also in Apalachicola just as it was getting nasty hot outside. First half mile was a crappy 4:02 (8:04 pace) then popped a Methyl Mate and improved to 3:35 (7:10 pace) on the back half and did it without molybdenum, which seemed to make things somewhat better.

Completely intolerant to B-12 as a stand alone supp but Methyl mate, which contains the equivalent of 1.5 pills as part of a formula is not only tolerated but necessary.  What the ______?

7/22- Full beach day and drive home that evening.  I would have liked to have stayed another day but 2 full days to decompress would be better.  Planned rest day.

7/23- 4 miles at Gold's.  Needed to sleep in after yesterday.  Took ATP today and it appears to be a non-factor.  Finished with an overall time of 30:24 (7:36 pace) which is respectable but I was strugg-a-ling at the end.  Came through 2 miles in 14:52 on 3 ADHS then popped 3 more and would have been CRAP without extra methylation (Betaine).  With it, I held the pace in the 7:30s for another mile but had to work to hold the sub-8 in Mile 4.

The intolerance to B-12 as a stand alone has complicated things.  It seems highly unlikely that ATP will allow me to tolerate either B-12 or Lithium as a stand alone but I'll give it a try after 2 more days.  ADHS contains Lithium, which is involved in B-12 transport as is caffeine.  It is also possible that without B-12, I will do better on Thym-Adren (adrenal suppressant) than ADHS (modulator).

7/24- ATP failed.  That means I am not even going to try to take B-12 again as a stand alone until further notice.  The only remaining question is whether to take ADHS or Thym-Adren for the adrenals.  2 miles in 19:54 with the pace slowing to the 11 minute range when I was done.  Took another ATP pill and got much worse so that answers it.  Good call coming home from the coast on Friday.  I can start out next week fresh.

PM- Tacked on a naked junk mile on Wisteria.  Estimate the pace to be in the 12 minute range but I did get a round number on the week.  R-5-P potentiates B-12 so that may explain why it's come up so quickly.  Fortunately, it does appear to be tolerated on its own.

Weekly summary:
Just write this week of as a loss.  Finished with a measly 20 miles.

Monday, July 11, 2016

The formula is SET

Let's first revisit today's workout (6 miles @7:28 pace).  It's not overly impressive on the surface and there have been days this year that I was capable of beating that pace. The difference is today, I had plenty left in the tank at the end and it wasn't much harder than a standard issue workout.  More importantly, IT WOULD NOT HAVE MATTERED IF I ALTERED MY FORMULA!!!!

- 1 B12 pill or multiple- DOESN'T MATTER
-Low or higher dose molybdenum- DOESN'T MATTER
-Cal/Mag dosage and ratio- DOESN'T MATTER
-Methyl Folate dose and ratio w/ Methyl Mate- DOESN'T MATTER
  If you are a long time reader of this blog, you know that I was once ultra sensitive to all 5 of these treatments such that a single missed or extra dose left me significantly off form.  How did I do it?

For a long time, I hoped against hope that Cal/Mag + adrenal support would be enough to balance my chemistry but by the winter of 2015, it had become painfully obvious that it was not going to happen. There were periods in which I could not tolerate the very pills that I knew were necessary to get my system in line.  I had to try to fix the defective enzymes with genetic based treatment.  I made several mistakes along the way including taking B-12 before I was able to tolerate it and I tried just about every sulfur detox product available without success.  Here is the right protocol:

Step One:
-Start with Yasko's All In One, which is a multivitamin which provides VERY gentle methylation support.  In my case, it was enough to relieve the Cal/Mag and Zinc/Copper sensitivity.  Also, it should be safe to take probiotics at this time to balance intestinal flora.  Though unconfirmed, I have a strong feeling that probiotics are key in reducing a neurotoxin called beta-alanine, which has tested sky high on my reports.  I've found a direct correlation between beta-alanine and taurine (sulfur).

Step Two:
Support the mitochondria with ATP.  It is true that Magnesium malate does generate ATP but in my case, it was not enough.  I needed Yasko's ATP caps.  Without sufficient ATP, Lithium will be wasted in your urine rather than reach your cells.  Lithium Orotate, which is different from Lithium Carbonate given to bipolar patients, is required to transport B-12 or else the B-12 will pool up in the blood and leave you worse off than before.

Step Three:
Start on Lithium Orotate.  Initially, I took Lithium and ATP together but eventually developed a complete intolerance to ATP so I stopped taking it.  After 2-3 months, get a hair test done through Yasko and if Lithium is up to the "green zone," it is safe to add B-12.

Step Four:
Start on B-12.  In my case because of the COMT mutation, I require either hydroxy B-12 or adenosyl B-12, NOT methyl or cyano.  Though I was improving, I was still ultra sensitive to the point that I needed an exact ratio of B-12/Lithium and molybdenum to feel decent.  Any deviation from the precise ratio spelled disaster.  If I attempted a group run, I usually had to drop out within 3 miles.

Step Five:
Add Yasko's Methyl Mate.  This is stronger methylation support and eliminated the sensitivity to B-12 and molybdenum while allowing me to take ATP again if I felt it was necessary.  Many other pills that I was previous intolerant to became an option.  The only problem was that after a few days of glory, I became sensitive to Methyl Mate and without it, sensitivity to the other stuff came back with a vengeance.

Step Six:
Add Methyl folate (NOT folic acid).  This allowed me to tolerate Methyl Mate and thus also kept the sensitivity to the other stuff from flaring up.  The only problem was I required a precise ratio of Methyl Folate/Methyl Mate, which turned out to be 1200 mcg of Methyl Folate per Methyl Mate pill.  Any deviation from that ratio could not be tolerated.  I did develop an intolerance to Lithium at this time but that was because it tested sky high.

Step Seven:
Add Ribo-5-Phosphate (active B-2, NOT plain Riboflavin).  This potentiates B-12 and recycles Methyl Folate.  I found that the sensitivity to both Methyl Mate and Methyl Folate was GONE after starting on this stuff.  It also supports mitochondrial function so I'm going with it over ATP.

Step Eight:
Add Active B-6 (P-5-P).  This ticked up the need for ADHS but the plus side of that is that I cannot overdose on that.  Before starting on the B-6, 3 pills worked best and was noticeably weaker on 4.  Now, I need 6 but won't be hurting if I accidentally take more.

The final formula:
-Ultimate Flora Probiotics
-Methyl Folate
-Methyl Mate
-Hydroxy B-12+ molybdenum
-Active B-6.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Training 7/11-7/17

First week in a long time that I am expecting to go well.
7/11- Gold's 5K in 20:48 (6:42 pace).  THAT BREAKS THE POINT OF CONFIDENCE BARRIER!  THE TREATMENT IS WORKING!  Splits were 6:36-6:44-6:48-40.  1st half: 10:20, 2nd half: 10:28. A 16 second improvement over last time. This is just the beginning.  With consistent training, it won't be long until I see a 19:xx again.  Long cool

7/12-AM- 2 miles naked on Wisteria.  Felt decent.  I want to be fresh for my encounter with the fast group tomorrow.

7/13- AM.  6 miles on Lakeshore with the group.  Finished in 47:04 (7:51 pace).  Not a bad showing but I was hoping for a little better.  Got dropped by the leaders after Mile 3 but did manage to hang on with the back group with effort.  I can tolerate deviations from the formula but I'll feel it if I let it go too far.  That's okay. It was humid out there.  Dewpoint was probably over 70.  I may or may not be done for the day.

PM- Easy 3 on Wisteria in 23:54 (7:58 pace).  It was run in fairly pleasant conditions but I had to work harder than I would have liked out there.  Too many pills probably hurt but I got through it.

7/14- Gold's 5 in 39:28 (7:54 pace).  An 8 minute pace felt pretty comfortable but I had to work to go much faster.  Not bad and it will do for an easy day but I still didn't feel right.  I cut back on the methyl but kept the ADHS high.  The way it is now is the way it should be.  If my formula is off for one day, I'll barely notice but if stays off long-term, I've got trouble.  That's true for everyone.

7/15- 3 miles in 22-flat (7:20 pace).  This one felt smooth and relaxed with an even pace (10:58-11:02).  Cutting the ADHS dose was clearly the difference.  I believe I could have threatened my post-35 PR if I had pushed it out there.  Added a long cool.  I'm running with the fast group tomorrow.  I expect to get dropped but if I can hold on for 5+ miles, I'll feel good about it.

7/16- FAILURE!  4 miles in 38:28 (9:37 pace).  Got dropped in Mile 2 and had nothing left after that.  I am DISGUSTED as I should be.  I cannot take any more false hopes.  Got home and experimented.  Extra methyl had no effect.  An extra ADHS made it significantly worse.  A trace of Lithium as a stand alone made it "worser."  This leaves me no choice other than to quit the ADHS and hope it's only a temporary measure until the Lithium goes back down.

7/17- Tried to go without ADHS and knew before starting that it would not work.  Popped 2 pills and got no better, maybe worse.  2 mile junk run on Wisteria just to get a round number on the week

PM- Tacked on 2 more miles in 19:46 (9:53 pace).  ADHS is NOT the problem after all.  Caffeine is.  I really thought that would no longer be a problem when the methyl folate sensitivity was resolved.  Apparently not.  If there are anyone still out there that think my fatigue will be resolved with caffeine, this is the last time I will say it.  IT DOESN'T WORK YOU IDIOT!  Heavy use for even just a few days will leave me like this.  I should be better tomorrow even with ADHS.

-32 miles on the week.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Christian Perspectives on Suffering

I have frequently been criticized for making too much of my health problems.  In the eyes of mainstream medicine, adrenal fatigue is not even a real disease and even if it is, it is treatable with little more than a cup of coffee or a can of Red Bull and its most problematic symptom is that you can’t run as fast as usual.  If you hold those views, I can see how I could be misunderstood.  Unless I am severely out of whack, I can still outrun the average untrained person off the street so how bad could it be?  If you read this blog with any regularity, you know my case is a LOT more serious than that.  The most frustrating part is having to take an exact cocktail of pills to feel decent and shoot at moving targets because the magic formula shifts frequently and without notice.  In addition to running slower, it affects my work, my relationships with others and yes, my ministry as well.  There’s no way to “rise above” and be happy in spite of it because it’s a chemical imbalance that exists independent of my attitude and external environment.  Will it kill me if left untreated?  No, not anytime soon at least but if I had to go several months without any pills or took the wrong dose, I believe I would be unable to work or live independently.  Sometimes, I think of people who are worse off than I am and my heart breaks for them.  I can’t imagine what they would give to be doing as well as I am.  However, it also serves as a reminder that my case could get worse as well.  I looked at some of my posts from 2 years ago.  I was very erratic and finished with a losing record overall but was still capable of a fast time when I got the pills in line.  Not so now.

How should my case be perceived by society?  I do NOT want a pity party over it but I do want others to acknowledge that I am facing a serious and life altering illness that will close certain doors to me.  Also, it should be noted that such a case must be closely monitored to the point of obsession in order to manage it as well as possible.  I should not be condemned or cut off for being negative at times.  As for Christian perspectives, there are 2 camps on this issue that are pretty much diametrically opposed.  The first group is known as the Quietness Camp.  Their view is that all suffering, including sickness and disease is simply “a cross that we have to bear.”  Some go as far as to claim that sickness is actually a blessing and that we should rejoice that we are “sharing in the suffering of Christ.”  God is sovereign and does not have to explain Himself simply because of who He is (Job 38:2) and even if He did, we wouldn’t understand it (Is 55:9).   The second group, known as the Confidence Camp which is mostly Pentecostal and Word of Faith, teaches that sickness is always a curse and of the devil.  This group maintains that Jesus not only paid for our sins on the cross but also took on our sickness and disease (Is 53:5, Ps 103:3).  The Confidence Camp strongly believes that it is always God’s will to heal and may reject the view that there can be redemptive value in suffering.  Evangelicals are largely divided between the 2 camps but you will find that some churches lean more towards one camp over the other in their teachings.  Based on personal observation, I have found those who have a close family member with a chronic illness tend to lean more towards the Quietness camp.  In my view, BOTH CAMPS HAVE SERIOUS FLAWS and can potentially cause damage to believers.  Like many issues in which there is disagreement, the truth lies somewhere in between.

Those in the Quietness camp may have a tendency to “settle for whatever happens” and accept it as God’s sovereign will, which can lead to pessimism and fatalism.  That’s not true authentic faith and it is written that without action, faith is useless (James 2:17).  If you go as far as to accept the pain of sickness and disease as God’s plan for your life, you may fall into the trap that God’s mind is already made up so there’s no point in prayer about anything.  There are numerous examples of answered prayers in the Bible and the prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective (James 5:16).   I have also observed that those in this camp, in their eternal perspective, tend to downplay problems that are indeed quite serious.  This can cause some hurt feelings.  I attempted to have a dialogue with 2 people in this camp and cited Scriptures as evidence that Jesus also took on sickness and disease and my ideas were quickly shot down.   It is true that the forgiveness of sins is the most precious gift from the cross but so many people limp into the Kingdom of Heaven crushed in Spirit.  I don’t believe that’s good for the Kingdom.   If you read the “take up your cross” Scripture in context (Matt 16:24), it is clear that Jesus was speaking specifically about persecution and predicted the martyrdom of His disciples.  The verse has nothing to do with sickness and disease.  I’d wager that Jesus never experienced any type of chronic illness so you can’t share in His suffering by embracing it.  The Word is clear that Christians will NOT be protected against persecution, which may involve physical pain to the point of death.   This is especially true in the Muslim world.   

Some, not all, who fully embrace the Confidence Camp have a tendency to show arrogance and lack of compassion for those who are hurting.  Their view is that since it is always God’s will to heal you, your faith must be lacking if you do not receive it or it does not manifest itself within your time frame.  Some people might think that it is somebody’s sin that caused their illness.  While it is true that sinful choices can cause disease, I strongly reject the notion of karma as it relates to health.  Think about the children being treated at St. Jude for childhood cancer.  What grievous sin did they commit to deserve such a fate?  Regarding a man who was born blind, some people asked Jesus if it was his or his parent’s sin that caused the blindness.  Jesus clearly answered that it was neither (John 9:3).  Now, what about those in the Confidence Camp who must endure long-term sickness and disease themselves.  I can tell you for sure that they will be especially prone to anger at God for not bringing forth the healing, which they believe they are entitled to at any time.  They may suffer self-condemnation because they think it’s their lack of faith that is holding them back.  Especially troubling is when they see others receive healing yet they are denied their own.  I’ve been there myself and it’s a dangerous position. 

So what do I believe?  I lean towards the position that it IS God’s will to heal you especially when it comes to chemical imbalances but it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY to happen within your time frame.  The first devotional that I wrote was on that very subject and it was easier to write it at age 26 versus 35.  Bob Sorge’s book entitledThe Fire of Delayed Answers provides a balanced viewpoint though I did not agree with all of his points, specifically that Jesus did not take pleasure in healing.  While I maintain that no good can come out of it if I am never healed, there is redemptive value in temporary suffering so that the glory of the Lord will be revealed.  I have most definitely become more compassionate towards others and have acquired knowledge of defective enzymes and genetic mutations, which would not have happened if the healing was completed in 2012 as I was led to believe.  The number 37 sticks in my head for some reason and perhaps that’s the age when it will all come together for me.  If that’s true, I’ll be well past my prime and it will have a greater impact.    What about people of faith whose illness ends in premature death?  It’s troubling to me and I don’t have an answer for it.  I reject the notion that it was a lack of faith.  We are up against a powerful adversary who may win a few battles but not the war.   

Monday, July 4, 2016

Training 7/4-7/10

7/4- Peachtree 10K in 54:09 (8:40ish pace).  My worst race ever is either this one or Pittsburgh last Fall.  Probably a toss up but given the conditions (sunny and 80 w/humidity), I'd say this one was slightly less bad.  I knew I was in trouble warming up but gave it my best shot anyway.  I could feel a MASSIVE fade coming by Mile 2 but was a still respectable 23:30 at 5K, which was about what I expected.  Faded to 30:39 over the last 5K.  Granted it was net uphill and it was hot but there's no way it should have been THAT bad.

Pills were clearly off.  I've considered the possibility that the usual pre-race steak needs to be changed because of its high sulfur content.  More likely, the ADHS needs to be reduced.  Strange that this formula worked 2 days earlier and in fact, I NEEDED the higher dose.  However, Dr. Campbell has told me that when you solve a major problem (methyl folate sensitivity in this case), adrenals can go haywire early but it's just a temporary reaction.  I expect my dosage will be back down to the 2-4 range soon.  The good news is that extra Methyl Mate did NOT seem to matter.  In fact, I was probably slightly better whereas in the past, I would have required another 1200 MF with every MM pill.  Just please don't trade MF sensitivity for ADHS sensitivity.

7/5- AM- 3 miles at Gold's in 21:42 (7:14 pace).  Reduced ADHS from 6 pills to 4 while keeping everything else constant.  Felt much looser and more relaxed from the start.  Figure this was the equivalent of a 22:30 5K, which was 1 minute faster than my split yesterday.  I had something left at the end as well.  Splits were 7:16-7:17-7:09.  That's still well off my 21:04 from last Friday so it needs to be cut further.  I won't be surprised if I end up below 3 ADHS but having to stop all adrenal support would make me feel very uneasy.

PM- Another 3 miler at the same place and under the same conditions.  Took an extra Methyl Mate just to see if anything would happen.  Finished the distance in 21:33 (7:11 pace). MINUS 3.  Splits were 7:11-7:16-7:06.   Felt slightly better and I don't think the morning session tired me out that much but a 3 second improvement in pace is not nearly enough to be considered significant.  Added a half mile cool to even out the mileage.

Thanks to the R-5-P, neither the MF nor the MM dose seems to matter though both must still be taken.  Out of all the pills that I have to take, the only one in which the dosage does matter is the ADHS (adrenal modulator).  I'm okay with being locked into a specific dose but the moving targets are not okay.  If I can just stabilize somewhere between 1-3 pills, I'll be fine with it.  Come to think of it, I wasn't horrible on 4 but if I go up to 6, it's another matter.

7/6- Well, the formula is set now.  The magic number on the ADHS is clearly 3 pills.  Did experimental Mile reps at Gold's today.
1 pill- 7:24
2 pills- 6:51 (MINUS 33)
3 pills- 6:28 (MINUS 23)
Did not try 4 but I was definitely sluggish on it yesterday.  The difference between 2 pills and 3 pills IS INDEED enough to be considered significant.  If I bumped it up to 4, I'm betting I would have been around 6:45 so while 3 is the sweet spot, I'm not horrible from 2-4.  Still, the fact that ONE pill makes a significant difference really does not sit well with me.  What can I do about it?  The only thing I can think of is to increase the methionine any way that I can (more MM).  That 9.7 reading vs the normal range (7-35) is still quite low.  I need to shoot for around 15.

7/7- Loaded on methyl including a double dose of Methyl Mate plus TMG.  Gold's 3 in 20:58 (6:59 pace).  Felt good and even dialed back the effort a bit.  Splits were nearly perfect at 6:58-6:58-7:02 and I had the sub-21 all the way.   The moment of truth would come when I popped 2 more ADHS, which upped my dosage from 3 pills to 5.  You know what happened at Peachtree because I took too many of those but today I DID NOT COLLAPSE.  In fact, I actually got better.  Ripped off a 6:22 Mile after about a 5 minute rest.  The TMG has apparently solved the ADHS sensitivity.  YES YES YES!!!  It's ON NOW!  Time to re-start serious training.

7/8- Planned rest day.  I want to be fresh for the long run.  I may even try to run with the snob group.
PM- I took 6 ADHS this morning and was awful.  TMG didn't help much but extra Methyl Mate did.  I could have done an easy workout but chose not to.  I'm not sure that 3 ADHS will be enough.  Perhaps divided doses are the answer.

7/9- Another failed long run with the BTC.  Quit after just 1 Mile in 9:42.  After 1 day of feeling great on TMG, it has failed me again.  Odds are that I'll just have to live with ADHS sensitivity for now though strangely, Betaine HCL does not seem to hurt me.
Just 2 questions remain.  Can divided doses of ADHS work for me?  Could Betaine HCL reduce the sensitivity?  I could take extra Methyl Mate but I'd go broke if I took mega doses of that stuff.  Just taking 1 of those pills per day costs me $40/month.  I am pitching the TMG.  I thought it might work now that I'm taking MF but apparently not so.
Why take more than 3 ADHS?  I just don't think 3 is enough to slow down my runaway adrenal function.

PM- Went to Gold's to try out Betaine Hcl.  1 Mile in 8:48 without it followed by a 7:55 with it (MINUS 53).  Another one of those What the _____? moments.  TMG is also known as Betaine Anhydrous and it's poison to me BUT Betaine Hcl appears to be beneficial!  Again, what the _____?

Run #3 was at Vestavia.  4 laps on the track.  Did the first 2 in 3:45 then popped 3 more ADHS and repeated the 3:45 within a couple tenths of a second with the same effort.  This is good news.    If I am properly methylated, 6 ADHS will be tolerated if taken in divided doses.  Tomorrow, I'll find out if divided doses are even necessary.  All questions will be answered tomorrow.

7/10- I learned yesterday that the dose of 6 ADHS is tolerated if the methylation cycle is working.  Does it matter if taken all at once or in divided doses?  It appears that the answer is NO.  6 miles at Gold's in a time of 44:45 (7:28 pace).  Faded a bit on the back half (22:15/22:30) but had the sub-7:30 all the way.  This was my standard issue workout when healthy.  While I won't go as far as to say it was easy today, I had some left in the tank and have no doubt I could have gone 13 @ sub-8.  YES!

Weekly summary:
30 miles despite the failed long run.  Things are definitely looking up.