Monday, June 30, 2014

Training 6/30-7/6 (race week)

6/30- AM- 1 mile on Wisteria without Endodren in 6:56.  Feeling hopeful that it is not adrenal fatigue.

PM- Strong tempo.  5 miles in 32:40 (6:32 pace) plus a cool.  Splits were 6:18-6:31-6:38-6:43-6:30.  My course PR at Peachtree is a 42:27 (6:48 pace) but it was done in warm conditions on a hilly route.  I will have the race day magic to carry me so we shall see.  I think I have a chance to CR it.  The medical report is in and I don't believe it.  All my ratios look pretty good except my thyroid and adrenals are off the charts HIGH.  I'm going to have to call the doctor about this.  I suspect molybdenum was the culprit but it was necessary to detox the copper.  The copper actually looks fine on this report.
Grade:A-/2 credit/distance=7.0

7/1- Bad day. Panicked after seeing the medical report.  Upped the Cal/Mag to 500 and it was a bad call.  Would have survived an easy run but had nothing in a light speed session.  5x200 and could not crack 40 seconds.
Grade:C-/1 credit/distance=2.0
UPDATE:  After doing some research this morning, I've come to the conclusion that CADMIUM is the culprit.  Again, I probably had a hidden toxicity all along.  So, the verdict is continued fast oxidation with an explanation.  Cadmium can cause extreme fatigue as part of the healing reaction and many patients do need an adrenal glandular to deal with the symptoms.  More details to come.

7/2- AM- Spain Park Mile without Endodren in 6:29.  I am now within 48 seconds of my current time with the pills.  That is a good sign.

PM- Naked 3 mile Trak Shak loop.  Didn't feel so good but it was hot.  Also felt a difference after taking a 3rd pill.  2 were not fully effective but a 4th didn't make any real difference.
Grade:B/1 credit/distance=4.0

7/3- Plan is a junk run in the morning then head to Atlanta.
Grade: Pass/0 credit/distance=1.0

7/4- Peachtree Road Race in 41:54 (6:44 pace).  New course PR and re-qualified for the sub-seeded wave.
Grade:A-/3 credit/distance=7.0

7/5- Gold's 5 in 36:46 (7:21 pace).  Remarkably fresh given the solid effort yesterday.  Never struggled.  Splits were 18:14-18:32 but I backed off intentionally especially in Mile 5.  I'm going to try adding some zinc with B-5 tonight but if it messes me up, I'll still win the week.
Grade:A/1 credit/distance=5.0

7/6- Well, every indicator says that zinc should be a good choice for me.  I have a low ceruloplamin, a high Na/K ratio and a cadmium toxicity but both times I tried it this week I have sucked.  Today was a lame 5 miler on Lakeshore in the morning in a turtle time of 43:36 (8:43 pace).  To my credit, I managed to keep the pace even all the way and actually finished slightly faster than I started.  I put in the same effort as yesterday yet I was nearly 7 minutes slower.  Yes, a single pill can really make that much difference.
Grade:D/1 credit/distance=5.0

Weekly summary:
Win #12 on the year thanks to a strong race and tempo.  I will be adding a liver and kidney supplement but again, as long as I continue to win, no big changes will be made.  I believe that Tuesday's suckage had to do with the zinc, not the extra Cal/Mag.  In my last 5 weeks, I am 4-1 with a 3.1 GPA.
Distance= 30.0/ GPA= 28.2/9= 3.13
YTD: 883 miles.  Record: 12-14 with a 2.66 GPA

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Zinc, copper, ceruloplasmin blood test results

UPDATE:  Lots of page views here so I need to update my status.  I have boosted my Cp from 17.9 all the way up to 25.9 but the sensitivity is still there.  There was another cause, which was poor methylation and poor gut health.  How to improve ceruloplasmin:
-Consider whole food vitamin C (not ascorbic acid)
-B12 (assuming Lithium levels are not deficient)
With caution: Liver Beef (this stuff WILL DEFINITELY raise your Cp but it will also crash your zinc).  Limit it to a few caps per week and be wary of Iron status.  Liver will raise Iron, which can be problematic if you have Iron Overload.

The raw stats:
Zinc- 88 (54-132)
Copper- 82 (72-166)
Ceruloplasmin- 17.9 (15-30)

The good:
Zinc is solidly within the normal range and just outside of the optimal range of 90-120 so that's not a problem.  Also the zinc/copper ratio of (88/82)=1.07 is within the healthy range.  Docs like to see it between 1.0-1.2 so I'm right in the middle and I think I can expect a much better ratio on my hair test as well.  It had been severely low on my last one.

The bad:
First off my chest is a mini rant.  The ceruloplasmin is technically within the normal range at least for this lab.  That means that if I showed up at the doctor's office with these results, I would have been told that I am fine. However, knowledgeable people will tell you that the true "healthy range" is actually 25-40 so I am WELL BELOW THAT!  Also, some labs use a reference range of 20-35 instead of 15-30.  Thus, some other labs would flag my result as low but this one would not.  One of my old doctors told me that if a patient tested at 15.1, he or she would not receive treatment but a value of 14.9 would be flagged.  It should be pretty obvious that something is wrong there but I will elaborate.  First, a patient with a 14.9 will not feel much different than a 15.1.  Second, the same doctor admitted that when you combine lab error and natural fluctuation, results can vary by 5-10%.  If I were to test again tomorrow, my result could be as high as 19.7 or as low as 16.1 with the more likely range being 17.0-18.8.  The short answer is that my result is significantly low.
Secondly, my unbound copper of 28% is WAY above the healthy value of 15% or less.  I wish I had known about this test before the detox.  I'm betting that my numbers are much better than they would have been back in December when I could only tolerate VERY limited doses but unfortunately I have no such base test.

Q:So what is ceruloplasmin and why is it important?
A:  It is a protein synthesized in the liver that is responsible for carrying and binding copper in the blood.  It is an important indicator of both liver and adrenal health.  As I've said many times, the liver is the central processing unit for vitamins and minerals.  Although my tolerance for necessary supplements has improved after the detox, I am still WAY too sensitive. Until my ceruloplasmin gets into the 20s, I will remain overly sensitive and yes, a single dose will make a significant difference in how I feel.  It's just the nature of the beast.

Q: How do you improve ceruloplasmin?
I am less clear on this point.  You need more copper and less zinc. Based on my zinc/copper ratio combined with some issues after having taken zinc, I'm probably better off not messing with it.  I've also read that ICMN (Inositol, Choline, Niacin, Methione) can help liver function as is the case with certain liver supplements.  However, the best way to improve this key value is to improve adrenal function.  There are 6 key ratios on the hair test but there are really only 2 that are of supreme importance to me (Na/Mg and Na/K)

Na/Mg- A high value indicates adrenal hyper-function and a low ratio indicates adrenal insufficiency.  This ratio has been stubbornly high since 2008 and has at times been extreme high despite taking mega doses of adrenal suppressants.  In a stunning turn of events, my system rejected the suppressants starting about a month ago and demanded the stimulator 2 weeks ago.  My theory is that because of the detox, years of adrenal suppressants finally kicked in full force and swung it too far in the opposite direction.  That makes sense and is the only way that I can continue training safely.  If my ratio remains high without an explanation as to why my symptoms flip flopped, I'm afraid that I am headed for a crash and must take time off from running.

Na/K- This is the life and death ratio.  A high ratio here can indicate tendency for inflammation but is far better than a low ratio which indicates adrenal fatigue.  I was finally diagnosed with full blown adrenal exhaustion (Stage 3 adrenal fatigue) back in 2006 but my ratio has been in the healthy range since late 2008-early 2009.  It seems very doubtful that I have full blown adrenal exhaustion given that on a good day I can still run a 6 miler at sub-7 pace with relative ease.  Also, I usually do not "look" sick and still have a good build for a runner (5' 11" 155-160 lbs).  Moreover, the pills that I had been taking during the testing interval (Thym-Adren, molybdenum, Cal/Mag) SHOULD safeguard against a relapse.  I figure the worst case is that I am in the early stages of a relapse, in which case I will need an extended break from training and may never match my peak fitness again.  Symptoms of adrenal insufficiency and adrenal fatigue are similar but are more extreme in the latter case and require more time to correct.

  Which is the problem?  Is it adrenal fatigue or insufficiency or do I still have a high Na/Mg despite the symptoms?  If it's adrenal insufficiency, I'll be fine.  It will take time to get the adrenals back up to par but I have every confidence that I can.  When I do, the ceruloplasmin will increase and I won't be so sensitive.  It's likely that I will eventually be back to hyper-function before too long, which is why I am being cautious with the stimulator.  However, if I do flip back to hyper symptoms, I will not be sensitive and will not need mega doses of the suppressant.
I'll know my fate no later than Monday.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Training 6/23-6/29

6/23- AM.  2 miles in 13:44 (6:52 pace) with a strong 35 second last 200.  Just wanted to see if I have recovered my form and indeed I have.

PM- Decent tempo.  3 miles in 19:46 (6:35 pace) plus a cool.  That's equivalent to a 20:30ish for a full 5K.  Got off to a fast start that settled into a 6:40 pace which felt like a tempo should. Finished pretty strong.  Splits were 6:33-6:41-6:32.  I think that at least for now, I have found a winning formula.  I MUST take the Mag (possibly Cal as well) at NIGHT and the Endodren in the morning.  If I take them both in the morning, fatigue will predominate.  I did not take but a few sprays of Mag last night and I could feel some deficiency symptoms.  I believe I would have been 30 seconds faster with a full pill last night.  My system may demand more as time goes on but as of now, that dose is low.
Grade:B/2 credit/distance=6.0
Update: 2 noteworthy events today.  I went to the lab for the zinc/copper/ceruloplasmin blood test.  Also, I abstained from caffeine today with no real trouble.  If I don't flip back to Thym-Adren by Friday, it likely won't happen for several weeks-months.  Clinched a 1.25 GPA on the year.

6/24- Took Cal/Mag last night in a ratio of 250/160 and it was not the answer.  Horrible morning and could not break 6 in the Mile (punted after a 3:03 first 800).  Popped another 250 of Mag and was able to do the standard issue workout.  5 miles in an even 37:30 (7:30 pace) with fairly even splits (18:41-18:49).  Felt okay but it was done in lock step.  Could not pick up the pace despite a relatively easy effort.  Added a short cool.  Tonight, it's all Mag.  How much will I need?
-No news on the medical front.  I may get some blood results back tomorrow.
Grade:B/1 credit/distance=6.0

6/25- Tried 375 Mag with no Cal and the result was worse.  3 miles in 25:54 (8:38 pace).  Endodren was reformulated by taking out 25 mg of Cal and adding 5 mg of Mag.  I don't think that should make much difference.  Tried a 4th pill as a 1 time deal and don't feel much better.  I am running out of options again.  I could try 250 Mag or maybe 125 Cal/125 Mag.  If the medical report is bad, I am quitting.  I'd hate to see it come to that but I may not have a choice.  If I've relapsed back to adrenal fatigue, I may have the occasional decent day but the trend will be down and fast.

PM- 5 miles in 35:58 (7:12 pace).  How about that?  Nearly 90 seconds faster over 2 extra miles only 10 hours after the debacle in the morning.  I'm going down to 125 Mag tonight.
Grade:B/1 credit/distance=8.0

6/26- More of the same.  Horrible morning followed by an adjustment then a pretty good afternoon.  Spain Park Mile in 5:42.5 (85-87-88-82). Modest 4 second improvement over the last time trial 2 weeks ago but it is my FASTEST TIME SINCE 2012.  Finished up by running the 5K course at Veteran's Park as a naked cool down.  125 Mag was NOT the answer but adding about 100 of Cal helped.  It will be a 1:1 ratio and I hope it will be 250 of each so I won't have to cut pills in half.  Again, a 1:1 ratio did NOT work at all before Nova Scotia.
Grade:B+/2 credit/distance=5.0

6/27-  Fast finish 6 miler with an overall time of 42:12 (7:02 pace).  Did the first 5 in 36:15 with dead even splits.  No faster than 7:13 and no slower than 7:17 then reeled off a 5:57 in Mile 6.  STRONG.  Took 250 of each last night and 3 Endodren in the morning.  I'm going with that formula until Peachtree.
Grade:A/1 credit/distance=6.0

6/28- Gnome run.  Trak Shak 8 + Dexter loop plus a Jemison extension made for 10 miles in 75:20 (7:32 pace) with liberal water stops again esp in the last 4 miles.  Relatively even pace.  Felt decent but the 250 of both Cal and Mag may be a bit too much right now.  I'll eventually grow into it.  Solid performance.  I don't think I could do this with adrenal fatigue even with glandulars.
Grade:B+/2 credit/distance=10.0
-No medical report today.  It should come by Monday.

6/29- Another 5 miles at goal marathon pace.  Finished in 36 flat (7:12 pace).  Even splits (17:58-18:02).  I was beginning to work in Mile 5 but it was a pretty strong day overall.  Took only 125 of Cal/Mag today and it may not have been quite enough but again, it's the ratio rather than the dosage that is important.
Grade:A-/1 credit/distance=5.0

Weekly summary:
A hard fought victory.  I normally don't run all 7 days but I will be slacking some ahead of Peachtree next week.  I have now won 3 out of 4 and am considering keeping up the training even if the medical report is bad.  Of course, that is provided that I continue to win.  Hopefully, I will know tomorrow.
Distance=46.0/ GPA= 32.9/10= 3.29
YTD: 876 miles.  Record: 11-14 with a 2.63 GPA
2nd quarter result: 6-7 with a 2.74

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Radical change?

It has now been 3 full weeks since I have been forced off the Thym-Adren (adrenal suppressant) and 1 week since I started on the Endodren (adrenal stimulator).  Can it be true this time that I really have flipped from fast oxidation to slow?  It is a plausible scenario.  Here's why:
-Despite mega doses of adrenal suppressants, I never got in balance because of a congested liver (CPU for vitamins and minerals) and insufficient magnesium.  That's right, the 1:28 half in Texas was done in spite of Mag deficiency and malabsorption!

-Now that the liver has been cleansed, perhaps the pills are more effective now and thus, I overshot the balance point.  Also, extra Mag aids in reducing excessive adrenal activity.

It is puzzling that my symptoms flipped so suddenly,  Up until the middle of May, even in the days leading up to Nova Scotia, I absolutely needed the suppressant.  Now, just a trace of it will cause significant abnormal soreness.  My doctors says it's not unheard of for that sort of thing to happen because symptoms often do not appear until AFTER the imbalances have been there for weeks or more.

I have been forced off the Thym-Adren several times before but it was always due to either copper toxicity or some type of malabsorption.  I don't believe either to be the case this time around because:
-another detox made no difference
-I have not touched anything with copper in more than 10 days
-I even had to take a break from Cal/Mag for a while because it too was slowing my adrenals

There are several changes going on that lead me to believe that this time is different:
-normally oily skin has become drier, a sign of lowered adrenal activity.
-appetite has diminished somewhat
-I CAN tolerate and benefit from the adrenal stimulator whereas in the past, I could not take either the suppressant or stimulator.  That's where I was when I thought I was healed in 2012.
-My system has NOT demanded mega doses of the stimulator and don't think cutting the dose from 3 pills to 2 would make a huge difference. 

Internal change:
If I run up to my capabilities, I will certainly be more admired in the running community but I've realized that seeking approval of others through running has been a false responsibility.  Yes, I like my running friends but not many of them would still hang with me if I couldn't run anymore.  Never again will I seek to "earn" friendships by running faster.  I have not read or posted in running forums in more than a month.

Of course, it is possible that there is another explanation for my sudden flip in symptoms in which case, I am in trouble. I'll know within 2 weeks.   If my theory is correct, I know for sure that balance is possible.  I may have to flip flop a couple times but should no longer require mega doses and can certainly stabilize near the balance point.

Recently, I had an episode in which I could not even break 24 minutes for 5K (yes I was fresh) then I simply reduced my key pill from 4 down to 3 and Presto, I was back to sub-20 form the very next day. For the last time,  I can deal with a little fatigue but not instability.  If I'm so far out of whack that I'm losing 25% of my top speed, it's not just running that's affected.  I'll be visibly sick, struggle at work and can be awfully moody.  PLEASE NO MORE OF THAT!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Training 6/16-6/22

6/16- AM- Wisteria Mile on zero pills and my time was down to 7:24.  That's 21 ticks better than yesterday in spite of the hilly route.  How do I know when to switch back to the Thym-Adren?  Easy.  I'll do that when my time without the pills is better than my time with the Endodren.  I'll probably be indoors this afternoon.

PM- Standard issue run.  Gold's 5 in 37:55 (7:35 pace).  Not a bad time for an easy run but something was clearly not right.  I'm thinking it could be zinc or Cal/Mag.  No need to panic but this was a downer.
Grade:B-/1 credit/distance=6.0

6/17- Tried some Cal/Mag last night and began feeling better.  I need to make 2 notes to my critics following this episode: #1, If I was not "obsessed" with running and did not train yesterday, I never would have noticed anything wrong until much later.  As I've posted before, running increases your awareness of symptoms.  You might think you are feeling okay but in reality, you are not and work will be affected.  Number 2, If I had dawdled through the workout at 8:15ish pace as most runners of my caliber do, I likely would not have noticed anything amiss because I wasn't pushing at all.  On a good day, 7:20-7:30 pace feels quite comfortable over 5-7 miles. If it doesn't, something is wrong.  Even yesterday, an 8+ pace would have felt fine and I would have endured more severe symptoms down the road.

As for today, I will likely rest or do a junk run.  After the initial improvement from a small amount of Cal/Mag, I jumped right back to full strength.  STUPID!  I need to gradually re-introduce it to my system.  We had our first 90 degree day yesterday and today will be hotter.  Just get through these next 8 weeks and then it will be the nicest weather of the year.

PM- As expected, the morning was rough but I improved as the day progressed.  Junk run at Veteran's Park.  2 miles in 15:04 (7:32 pace).  I believe my performance was about on par with yesterday.  Yes, I was feeling it at the end but this was on a slow gravel trail in 90 degree heat.  Put me in the air conditioned gym with the smooth surface and I bet I could have held this pace for another 3 miles. Tonight, I will reduce the Cal/Mag by half.
Grade:B-/1 credit/distance=2.5

6/18- Another episode.  Cutting the dose of Cal/Mag did not do the trick.  It appears that I can and should take some Mag but cannot take any Cal.
AM- Attempted a Mile and punted after a 93 second opening lap and this was ON the Endodren.
PM- Popped some zinc at lunchtime after really struggling at work.  Felt better almost immediately.  Cruised the Trak Shak 5 loop in a strong 35:22 (7:04 pace).
What to make of this episode?  I may be a mixed oxidizer with normal-slightly high Na/Mg and a very low K level.  Zinc raises K and lowers Na so it would make sense that it worked.  I'm hoping to try another Mile tomorrow morning hopefully under 5:40.
Grade:B+/1 credit/distance=6.0

6/19- MAD AS HELL!  For the 3rd straight day, I was horrible in the morning and did not attempt a time trial.  Apparently, now that I am taking zinc, I need to take more Cal/Mag so I went with the same formula that worked yesterday.  It did NOT work today.  Did 3 miles in 22:15 (7:25 pace), which looks respectable but my splits were 6:46-7:35-7:54.  I tried to run it as a tempo but could not do it and got slower with every step.  Confirmed that too much zinc was the culprit.  I'll bring it down from 2 pills to 1.  CHEMICAL SENSITIVITY SUCKS!
Grade:C+/1 credit/distance=3.5

6/20- Forced rest day.  Cut the zinc from 2 pills to 1 and as a result, I needed to reduce the Cal/Mag but I didn't.  The medical report may show big changes to my chemistry but IT'S MORE OF THE SAME symptom wise.  MAD AS HELL!  Looking into a zinc/copper blood test.

TERRIBLE DAY at work.  I was so bad that I had to go home at lunch and take a nap.  One option that I haven't tried yet is Endodren + Mag only.  I will not touch the Cal or zinc.  That's pretty much it.  I will still plan on doing the zinc, copper and ceruloplasmin test.
Grade:F/1 credit/distance=0

6/21- Hilly, hot and humid.  I wasn't even sure I could hang with the slow group today but I managed to survive.  11 miles in 92:24 (8:24 pace).  Faded at the end but it was a hilly last 3 miles.
Grade:C+/2 credit/distance=11.0

6/22- Very poor.  4 miles in 30:38 at Gold's (7:39 pace).  Doing okay through 3 miles (22:26) then crashed to an 8:12 last mile.  If I had kept going, it would have been over 9 in Mile 5.  SUCKS!
Grade:C-/1 credit/distance=4.0

Weekly summary:
One of the most frustrating weeks on record.  Only Wednesday was above average.  Once again, I am thinking about quitting.  If I can only tolerate limited amounts of Mag, I MUST stay off sugar and caffeine. There is a slim chance that I will flip back to Thym-Adren.   If I have to, I will increase the Endodren but will not consider that until the medical report comes in, which should be by the end of next week.  I have also ordered the zinc, copper and ceruloplasmin test and should get those result back by next Thursday or so.
Distance= 33.0/ GPA= 17.2/8=2.15
YTD: 807 miles.  Record: 10-14 with a 2.61 GPA

Monday, June 9, 2014

Training 6/9-6/15

6/9- SENSATIONAL!  6 miles in 41:54 (6:59 pace) and it felt EASY!  No pills again and the thymus has likely cleared.  Almost a carbon copy of yesterday except it was a mile further and I did not need a last 200 sprint to finish under 7:00 pace.  Once again, I will NOT BELIEVE I AM HEALED UNTIL A MEDICAL REPORT CONFIRMS IT! NO MORE HEARTBREAK!
Grade:A+/1 credit/distance=6.0

6/10- AM- COLLAPSE!  Of course, I knew it would happen but the relief was fun while it lasted.  Could not even break 7 minutes for ONE mile.  Took some Cal/Mag and got worse.  The internal debate is over.  I need that adrenal glandular at least temporarily.  The results will come in 2-3 weeks.

PM- After taking the Cal/Mag, I doubt I could have broken 9 for a mile.  Then, I popped the adrenal glandular and guess what?  I was fine in my standard issue run.  5 miles in 37:09 (7:26 pace).  Solid performance.  If I have not flipped to slow oxidation, a crash is inevitable.  Another possibility is that I will flip back and forth for a year or so but will be fine eventually.  Regular testing is the key to catching it early.
Grade:B+/1 credit/distance=6.5

6/11- Downhill. Lakeshore 5 with the Gnomes in 38:47 (7:45 pace).  Pills were not strong enough.  I need the full strength Endodren.

PM- Took 2 of the full strength Endodren and once again, I got better.  Junk run on Wisteria in 14:02 (7:01 pace) with the down leg in 6:52 and the up leg in 7:10.
Grade:B-/1 credit/distance=7.5

6/12- AM.  On full strength Endodren (3 pills), I managed a 5:46.9 in the Spain Park Mile (86-89-88-83).  That's a modest 9 seconds better than last week but it is a new best time of the year.  Let's keep chipping away at the PR.  I want to see a sub-5:40 next week and be around 5:30 by the 4th of July.

PM- Downward ladder.  1200-1000-800-600-400.  R was 3 min after the 1200, 2:30 after the 1000 then 2:00 thereafter.  I was shooting for an overall 6:00 pace and was able to manage that.  Splits were 4:37-3:49-2:58-2:09-75.  Overall pace was 5:56 for 2.5 miles worth of intervals.  Added a warm and cool.  Energy is clearly moving in the right direction but for how long?  I will NOT take more than 3 Endodren even if it does give me a boost.
Grade:B+/2 credits/distance=5.0

6/13- Planned rest day.  I may just do a few strides just to see how I feel.  I am in good position to win this week.

6/14- I feel like the Cal/Mag did stiffen me up a bit but it was not an extreme reaction.  Still, I'm going off it for the next week or so.  It cleared by the morning and I was STRONG.  11 miles in 79:26 (7:13 pace).  I ran with the slow group and pretty much did my own thing.  It was not quite as good as the time indicates because I was very liberal with the water and Gatorade stops on a warm and sunny day.  More good news is that my body has NOT demanded more than 3 Endodren.  I wasn't half bad when I woke up and I don't think that dropping down to 2 pills would be a radical change.  I've clinched a win this week.
Grade:A-/2 credits/distance=11.0

6/15- AM.  1 mile on South Lakeshore at "standard effort" without any pills in a time of 7:45.  Encouraging that I was able to break 8 without pills.  That's a good sign.  In the recent past, I would have been over 9 without pills even when I was doing well on pills.  Let's get this under 7:00.

PM- Gold's 5 in 35:05 (7:01 pace).  Returned to the form I had last weekend.  I had to take 3 Endodren to do it but so what?  I know this pace is too fast for an easy day and really did try to restrain myself but it just didn't happen.  I could have turned in a sub-7 easily but did not sprint the last lap.
Grade:A/1 credit/distance=6.0

Weekly summary:
Same distance as last week and chalked up a 2nd straight win.  I'm comfortable staying on the Endodren only until the medical report and may add a little more zinc just to see what happens.
Distance=42.0/ GPA= 28.3/8= 3.54
YTD: 774 miles.  Record: 10-13 with a 2.64 GPA

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Possible Prognosis

Okay.  It's happened again.  I've been forced off the Thym-Adren.  This time, I am more apprehensive than excited.  One day, I needed 3 Thym-Adren pills or else then the next day, I could not tolerate any.  In the past, my system's rejection of a necessary pill could be traced to malabsorption issues or copper toxicity.  I don't believe that either scenario is true this time around.  Why?

#1- I just did the liver cleanse and STILL cannot take the Thym-Adren
#2- I have not taken any copper in the last 4 days and still remain symptomatic of slow oxidation.  Also, the molybdenum is no longer working.
#3- Tried Fructosin as well as another enzyme supplement.  Before the detox, it was a life saver when I was severely Mag deficient and poison after I corrected it.  Now, it's had NO effect at all.  I still cannot take the Thym-Adren and even the Cal/Mag is causing a bit of stiffness in my muscles.
#4- Tried Endodren (adrenal stimulator) and got better
#5- I will try the Thymus alone but see little chance of anything but a negative reaction.

The signs certainly do point to slow oxidation but of course there is always the possibility that something else is wrong and my oxidation rate remains fast.  One point in my favor is that I had been consistent with BOTH the magnesium and Thym-Adren for 5 months and taken together, may have done the trick.  Upwards of 80% of adults are slow oxidizers and the usual treatment is Magnesium + adrenal support (not suppression).  If I do fall into that category now (I'll know in 3 weeks), it will be a simple fix.  I will simply take the Cal/Mag with a gentle adrenal glandular (Cytozyme-AD) with no synergistic nutrients that may upset the copper balance.  I expect to eventually get off that stuff and hope to get by on the Cal/Mag alone.

I have never been in balance.  Even when I was running my best, my Magnesium levels were very low.  If I had taken the Mag in the days leading up to my best races, I would have seen a 1:26 in Austin and a 1:28 in Los Angeles.  I can get back to that level of fitness but once again, I'd be fine with being a consistent 1:35 performer.  KEY WORD is CONSISTENT!  By the time I realized that the Paramin + Thym-Adren wasn't cutting it regarding the low Mag, it was too late.  The chemical sensitivity had progressed to the point in which I could process only a small number of pills.

One last point that I want to make is a confession.  Ever since high school, I have used running to gain the approval of others with mixed results.  That has been a false responsibility.  I've met a lot of good people in the Birmingham Track Club but to be honest, only 5-10 would have anything to do with me if I could not run anymore.  If I get a book deal out of this, I expect my sales will come primarily from Christians and those interested in alternative medicine, not so much from runners.  The best people in my life are my family and my Bible study group.  I'd be curious as to who reads my blog but I'm betting that serious runners are in the minority.  Rather it is those with a history of chronic fatigue and/or Facebook friends who became interested when clicking on my links.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Training 6/2-6/8

6/2-AM- Another test day and it did not go well.  Tried to run without the ADHS and it predictably did not go well.  Did 1 Mile in 8:26 on S. Lakeshore.  Popped 2 ADHS and hit the trail on Lakeshore and it really did not go much better.  I had a respectable 15:12 split at 2 miles then CRASHED.  Mile 3 was 8:11 and Mile 4 was 9:52.  At that point, I had seen enough and walked the last mile.

PM- Just out of curiosity, I wanted to see what I could do if I tried the stimulator (Endodren) and I improved to a 14:28 (7:14 pace) for 2 miles on Wisteria.  Where to go from here?  I dare not take the Endodren long-term.  I won't know where I stand chemically for another 3 weeks.  Really, all I can do is ride it out and hope for gradual improvement.  ANGRY!
Grade:C-/1 credit/distance=7.0

6/3- Another "interesting" day.  Spain Park Mile without ADHS and my time improved all the way to 6:52 with a 91 second final lap.  Then, I took 2 ADHS and clocked a 3:31 half mile (7:02 pace) so I was actually slightly WORSE after the ADHS.  I began to suspect the copper to be the culprit so I tried a protein bar and was MUCH WORSE in the evening  Did just 1.5 miles at Gold's in 13:20 (8:53 pace).  I'm done with all pills that contain copper.  I'm only 3 options away from the end of the line, which means retirement.
Option #1- Take Cal/Mag only
Option #2- Add thymus alone with no synergistic minerals
Option #3- Try an enzyme based supplement that may allow copper tolerance
Grade:None/0 credit/distance=3.0

6/4- AM- Legs felt as stiff as a board but my Mile time was down to 6:16.  Splits were 96-98-96-86.  Took no pills in the morning, only the Cal/Mag in the evening.  NO copper!  That's a 36 second improvement despite the copper yesterday.  Let's strive for the 5s tomorrow.

PM- Trak Shak 5.5 in 42:09 (7:40 pace) plus a cool.  Effort was between easy and moderate.  Splits ranged from 7:27-7:51 but the 1st and 2nd half splits were pretty even.  I'll take it.
Grade:B/2 credit/distance=7.0

6/5- AM I made it.  Spain Park Mile in 5:55.85 (87-91-91-86).  May have let up a bit in the last 200 because I knew I was comfortably under 6.  Chopped off another 21 seconds from yesterday on just my 2nd full day on just the Cal/Mag.  Definitely room for more improvement but the progress will be slower from here on out.

PM- First time since before Nova Scotia that I felt anything like my old self.  6 miles in 44:36 (7:26 pace).  Slow start but really got into a nice groove from Mile 2-5 then let off a bit in Mile 6 but still clocked a solid 7:30 split.  1st half: 22:18, 2nd half: 22:18.  How about that?  Added a cool.
Grade:A-/2 credit/distance=8.0

6/6- Elective rest day.  I am a little sore in the feet and hips but no need to panic.  Not real smart to push for a 50 mile week at this stage of my training.  Just stay in the 40 range.

Update: It is becoming increasingly clear that the Cal/Mag is the source of my soreness.  What to make of that?  I don't know but I don't like it.  I'm surely doomed if I can't take Mag long-term.  I may need adrenal support like most everyone else instead of inhibition.  Separate post to come.

6/7- Steamy 11 mile run with the Gnomes.  Finished in 82:05 (7:28 pace).  Great first 8 then slipped to the 7:50 range for the last 3.  No big deal.  I think it was the poor hydration (water w/no Gatorade) more than the fatigue.  Dewpoint was 72 and it had rained last night so it was pretty rough.  Pleased with the performance.  No pills in almost 24 hours.
Grade:A-/2 credits/distance=11.0

6/8- 5 miles at Gold's in a strong 34:50 (6:58 pace).  Felt jittery but that was due to the increasing oxidation rate, which is to be expected off the pills.  This was NOT even close to tempo effort.  I had plenty left at the end and clocked a 36 second last 200.  Added a cool.  As expected, the thymus caused me to stiffen up and I may have to endure a rough day tomorrow.
Grade:A/1 credit/distance=6.0

Weekly summary:
Nice come from behind win.  Ninth of the year, which snaps a 4 week losing streak.  As of now, I cannot tolerate anything that slows the oxidation rate and am prepared to take gentle adrenal support on a temporary basis.  If I don't take anything and specifically, if I don't take Magnesium, I know exactly what will happen.  I will get RED HOT for a few weeks then suffer another heart breaking crash.  NEVER AGAIN!
Distance= 42.0/ GPA= 26.5/8= 3.31
YTD: 732 miles.  Record: 9-13 with a 2.59 GPA.