Monday, May 24, 2010

training 5/24-5/30

5/24- Pretty good day all around. I got a raise at work after all and ran well today. Perhaps too fast and somewhat "stuck in the middle." Too fast for an easy run but not quite fast enough for a tempo. I hoped to run this progression style but started too fast for that. I could not pick it up at the end without putting forth all out effort. Finished at 9 miles @ 7:35 with an even pace. I did have to stop several times for traffic and water (rush hour+ 90 degrees). Faded a bit at the end but I'm not concerned about that.
Grade:A-/1 credit/distance=9.0

5/25- Johnny's workout. (800-400)x3. Long recoveries but still a very good run nonetheless. Times were 78-2:44, 75-2:43, 69-2:33. Mile cool down. 5:12 overall pace. Strong. Took glutamine and taurine together at night and it worked well. Shin was sore but it's NOT localized pain. That's good. I blame that on insufficient rest after my race. I won't push it as hard tomorrow and I'll take a rest Thursday. I got some new sprinter's spikes and I'm hoping that could make the difference on Friday. I bet I can run below 61 but sub-60 will be tough.
Grade:A-/2 credits/distance=4.0

5/26- Easy Trak Shak 8 @ 7:54. Easy may not be the word. On that course, the hills hurt no matter how slow you run. Decent workout. That's probably the equivalent of about a 7:40 on Lakeshore. I feel beat up but it's natural fatigue. Dreams could be crazy. I hope my one day off tomorrow will be enough to leave me fresh on Friday.
Grade:B/1 credit/distance=8.0

5/27- Planned rest day. I'm beat up badly. I hope that I'll be fresh tomorrow. This is not natural fatigue. I'm low on GABA. I slept almost 10 hours (no dreams) and it still wasn't enough.

5/28- Awful day. Woke up feeling horrible because of overstimulation. Had to resort to taurine and it took me to the other extreme. Very sluggish all day. I'VE GOT TO SOMEHOW GET OFF THIS TAURINE!!!! 400 time trial. I didn't expect a PR but certainly wasn't expecting THIS either. Finished with a pitiful time of 70.3 then ran a mile cool down @ 8:30 and got disgusted and quit.
Grade:F/2 credits/distance=1.5

5/29- Not much better. 3 miles in the rain with Eric. Put forth near all out effort and only managed a 7:10 pace. Went home and hit the 'mill and had nothing left. Disgusted and quit after a half mile. Heading to Atlanta this afternoon.
Grade:D/1 credit/distance=3.5

5/30- Silver Comet 5 with Nick. How about this for splits: 7:35-7:40-8:08-8:27-9:12= 41:12 running all out. Taurine isn't the issue after all. It's got to be the Lithium. Maybe a switch to SBF will do the trick. This is the 3rd straight bad weekend. I AM OFFICIALLY ANGRY!
Grade:D-/1 credit/distance=5.0

Weekly summary:
Not much more to say that isn't already evident. It's Sunday evening now and I am feeling a somewhat better only an hour after taking some SBF. Even if it does work, it will take a while for the anger to fade. If taurine wasn't the problem, why the hell did I have such a nasty reaction to it? Could be a sodium/potassium imbalance and both Lithium and taurine lower tissue sodium. If that's true, I'll just have to switch back and forth from Lithium to SBF at regular intervals. Once again, if I could trade my running talent for freedom from this, I would do it in a heartbeat.
Distance=31.0/ GPA= 15.8/8= 1.98

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