Monday, December 10, 2012

Training 12/10-12/16

Note:  I'm seeing a lot of page views on this one and I'm not sure why.  It was a good week for me overall but I have had better.  Check out late 2011-early 2012 for some really crazy workouts.  This week was just BEFORE I discovered the Vitamin C deficiency.  By adding the C, my dosage went back up  and as a result, I showed much improvement on my March medical report.  Hope this answers any questions.

12/10- Indoor 6 in 43:54 (7:19 pace).  Yes, I am improving but I still struggled in Miles 4-5 before rebounding at the end.  Again, this was acceptable for a planned easy day but in a tempo or interval, it would have sucked.  This was NOT an easy effort.  Good news is that it appears that I will not have to raise my Thym-Adren dosage up above 1.5 and I hope to be down to 1.0 by L.A.  I still believe that I am trending down and may yet be able to get off this stuff once and for all.  A "magic bullet" pill in which the target goes up and down?  I've been there before and IT SUCKS REAL BAD!  Fortunately, that does not appear to be happening this time.  Added a mile cool.  Nothing in the mail and no word from the doc but I expect something any day now.  3 weeks left in the year and I am only 61 miles shy of 2,000.  Let the countdown begin.
Grade:B/1 credit/distance=7.0

12/11- Continued improvement.  5 mile tempo in 33:25 (6:41 pace).  Still not quite 100 percent.  Could not hold my "A" pace through the middle.  Splits were 6:34-6:42-6:48-6:53-6:28.  1st half was 16:38, 2nd half was 16:47.  I was shooting for 6@6:40 but could not quite manage that but this was still an above average workout.  Added a mile cool.  Countdown is down to 55.  Still nothing in the mail.
Grade:B+/2 credits/distance=6.0

12/12- Strong MLR.  Finished 10 miles in 72:44 (7:16 pace).  Cruised the first 9 at an even 7:20 pace then dropped a 6:41 while remaining fairly comfortable until the last 200.  Again, with no tempo the previous day, I believe that I could have gone double the distance at the same pace.  Today, I had NO trouble holding the pace.  This one was key for the 3.0 goal.  With a win this week, it's mine barring disaster.  The countdown is now at 45.  If it goes as planned, I'll hit 2K by next Wednesday.
Grade:A/2 credits/distance=10.0

12/13- Strong again.  Lakeshore 6.5 in 47:31 (7:19 pace).  Hit 5 miles in 36:15 (GMP) then backed off to 7:30 on the extension.  After a tempo and a MLR and now 30 miles in the last 4 days, I expected to be a bit sore but I'm holding up pretty well.  When I'm healthy, this training is really not that hard for me.  Countdown stands at 38 with a half mile cool.
Grade:A/1 credit/distance=7.0

12/14- Planned rest day.  Feeling a little uneasy.  I am sore but it does NOT feel like it's natural fatigue.  I had a couple fruit smoothies and a milkshake this week, which SHOULD NOT hurt me as long as I'm taking Fructosin.  I MIGHT need to cut the dosage down to 1.0.  4 weeks out from LA so that means that I will likely have to cut it again before race day.  I really wish that I could make the adjustment just a few days before the race to minimize the chance of another off day at an inopportune time.  If the medical report is not in the mail by Monday, I will call the doctor's office.  I have decided to do a long run tomorrow instead of a local 5K race on a rolling course.  4 weeks out is probably the best time to do an 18 miler and I have as much chance to nail the sub-19 going solo on the track.  I'll have a couple chances before the year is over.

12/15- Good call on skipping the Meadowbrook 5K.  I DID cut the dose down to 1.0 and it was a good call but it was a day late. If I had done it yesterday, I would have been fine today.  If I had waited another day or two, I would have been forced off the pills then back on them again just like before.  It will take another day or so to equalize on 1.0 pills.  As for the workout, it was a split decision.  Felt strong early but faded in Mile 6.  To my credit, I managed to keep it under 8:00 to the end.  1st half: 43:54,  2nd half: 47:06.  Overall time was 91-flat for 12 miles (7:35 pace) on the R9 and 3 Trak Shak route.  Countdown to 2K now stands at 26.  Still on track for the 3.0 but it will probably come down to the last week of the year.  Grading is a little lenient today.
Grade:C+/2 credits/distance=12.0

12/16- 7 miles indoors in 51:55 (7:25 pace).  Good call because it started pouring rain shortly after I started.  Solid performance but nothing special.  Felt a little loose like I didn't take enough pills.  I'll bet the optimal dose is around 1.2 pills but I'm sticking with 1.0 until further notice.  I hope to stay at 1.0 at least until the end of the year but there's no way to time the adjustment.  If it happens on race day, that's just bad luck.  Added a half mile naked at the same effort and a half mile cool at glacial pace.  Countdown- 18.  I'll hit 2K no later than Thursday.
Grade:B+/1 credit/distance=8.0

Weekly summary:
Win #32 on the year.  That's 1 shy of last year's total.  The dose is down to 1.0 and I'm 4 weeks out from L.A.  Ideally, I want to stay on 1.0 for another 3 weeks so it will take some good luck to perform well on race day.  As for the week, it was a nice total on the week but I was unable to do the long run.  I will only have 2 more chances to go beyond 15.  YTD: 1982.  I can clinch a 3.0 with a 3.82 next week, which is a long-shot but I have 2 weeks to do it.  Barring injury or infection, I've got it in the bag.
Distance=50.0/ GPA= 29.5/9= 3.28

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