Monday, October 7, 2013

Training 10/7-10/13

10/7- Lakeshore 6.5 on a picture perfect Fall day.  Temps in the low 70s with crystal clear skies.  Strong performance.  Finished in 48:32 (7:28 pace).  Fairly smooth and relaxed with a nice even pace.  Only gripe with a bit of aches in the knee and groin.
Update:  I had a mild negative reaction to an extra Mag pill last night but it feel like I am a bit low there.  If I am to increase the dose to 300 mg, the Thym-Adren should be cut from 8 pills to 6.
Grade:A-/2 credit/distance=7.0

10/8- Unplanned rest day.  300 mg. of Magnesium is too much.  It would require me to drastically cut the Thym-Adren.  I was hoping to salvage a workout but could not.  Quit after 1 mile.  I will be very lenient and not grade this.
Update: Since both Mag and Thym-Adren suppress the adrenals, perhaps taking them too close together is causing problems.  I will begin taking the Mag later in the day then maybe I can tolerate more.  Also, I MUST CUT OUT SUGAR, CAFFEINE AND ALCOHOL!
Grade:None/0 credit/distance=1.0

10/9- HORRIBLE again.  Trak Shak 3 mile in 26:21 (8:47 pace).  Took the same dosage that worked well for me over the weekend (8 Thym Adren + 225 mg Mag).  Clean diet.  A few more sprays of Mag chloride made me feel worse.  It's either cut the Mag further or cut the Thym-Adren.  I will be taking Cal/Mag at night starting next week. at the latest.
Grade:D/1 credit/distance=3.0
Update: I will probably order a Mag RBC test.  If I am deficient in Mag AND cannot tolerate it in supplement form, it's over.  I'm done as a serious runner.  I'm giving it until December and that's all.

10/10- Took only 6 Thym-Adren in the morning and felt badly overstimulated.  Then added 225 mg of Mag and within 2 hours, I reversed it to the blahs.  As of tonight, I take the Mag at night and the Thym-Adren in the morning.  Workout was 1 mile at Gold's in 8:30.  No further comments needed.
RBC Magnesium test is tomorrow afternoon. I'll have a good idea of where I stand after I get the results.  If my Mag is near normal, I have no problem taking only small amounts of it and I will focus on staying on the Thym-Adren.
Grade:F/1 credit/distance=1.0

10/11- 3 miles in 23:48 (7:56 pace) with a slow fade (7:42-7:55-8:11).  It was right to take the Mag at night but the dosage should have been cut, not raised.  I'm going down to 150 mg tonight and I should be significantly better tomorrow.
In other news, I went to the lab for the Mag RBC test and it was an ordeal.  It took me 30 minutes to find the right building in a huge hospital complex. They told me that it might not go through and I may have to be "stuck again" with the needle for reasons I didn't understand.  I can only hope that it goes through and if it does, I'll get the results no later than Wednesday of next week.
Grade:D+/1 credit/distance=3.0

10/12- WORSE!  Lakeshore 5 in 42:49 (8:34 pace).  I was holding up in the 8:10 range for the first 3 miles then I unraveled and finished with a 9:33 split in Mile 5.  I am going to try to go completely off the Mag and see what happens but I predict that deficiency symptoms will flare up in just a few days.

PM- Lakeshore 5 only 4 hours later and this time, my time was down to 37:42 (7:32 pace).  Each mile got progressively faster until I clocked a 7:07 in Mile 5.  That's an improvement of 5:07 in just 4 hours while putting forth NO MORE EFFORT!  The excess Mag is clearing my system.  I will attempt to run without it tomorrow and try to go long.
Grade:C/1 credit/distance=10.0

10/13- Attempted to go long and failed again.  5 miles on Lakeshore in 41:50 (8:22 pace).  Passed 4 miles in a respectable 31:40 then hit the wall and clocked a 10:10 for Mile 5.  I went with no Mag last night.  I took some after Mile 3 and got no better then tried Fructosin after Mile 4 and got MUCH worse.  WHAT THE ______________?
Grade:F/2 credits/distance=5.0

Weekly summary:
Every time it seems that I am improving, I crash.  I cannot take it anymore.  11 more weeks until the end of the year and if I don't have it together by then, I give up.
Distance= 30.0/ GPA= 11.7/8=1.46

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