Sunday, August 6, 2017

Glycine Conjugation

The 3 week "MAKE OR BREAK" period may very well have been successful but not in the way that I expected.  The record was 2 up and 1 down but unexpected intervention was necessary for the 2nd victory.  I will proceed as planned with the 2nd blood donation in 10-12 days but I believe my complications will not be severe this time around.  Here is what I predict would have happened come October if not for the glycine:

-Ferritin and overall Iron profile will be much improved.  I'm going to say that with or without glycine, the Ferritin will be 100-124 after 2 donations, possibly even a little lower. Under 50 is ideal but that's a whole lot better than my high of 248.  After that, I will donate twice a year for preventative maintenance.  Most other labs will be slightly outside the optimal range but not nearly bad enough to stand out as the proverbial smoking gun to explain the sensitivity.

-Overall, I will feel slightly better physically.  Signs such as less ridged nails, which is evidence of improved organ function, are already apparent.  However, I will not be able to solve the sensitivity issues and will be left completely demoralized emotionally.  When the Iron approaches normalcy yet the sensitivity remains, it will be crystal clear that there is another cause.  Let's take a look at the Whole Food C and Zinc reactions.  Even if they took my chemistry in the wrong direction, THERE IS NO WAY THAT I SHOULD REACT THAT BADLY TO A MICRO DOSE!!!  Sometimes, I actually broke open the capsule and took only the small amount on the bottom.  The initial reaction was JUST AS SEVERE but with the smaller dose, the duration was not as long and it cleared by the next morning.

Today's workout was YUGE!!  Pills that were culprits DURING THE WEEK now had LITTLE EFFECT one way or the other.  NO MORE MINUS 60 after ONE PILL only to see what had been a life saver a few days earlier become a disaster!!

How did I find out about this possibility?
  I had looked into many of the other possibilities and even tried many of the other treatments without success.  The glycine conjugation intrigued me for 2 reasons.
1) Glycine has been tested several times on Amino acid profiles and consistently tested low, often bad enough to be flagged as LOW but supplementation with it was never suggested.

2) The GNMT enzyme may be upregulated because I took Accutane and have the MTHFR mutation. Thus, my system burns through glycine quickly, which leaves me with an increased need for it that cannot be satisfied with diet alone.   IIRC, I did attempt glycine years ago but I reacted badly to it.  I believe it must be taken with methyl folate to be effective.  I thought that perhaps TMG would satisfy my glycine needs but although it helps me tolerate MF, it did NOT solve the other sensitivities.  Glycine itself has done so.

Any other testing that can be done to confirm this?
Yes, Genova's Organix Comprehensive Profile.
  The marker Benzoate would be SKY HIGH and indicative of poor glycine conjugation.  Glycine is indeed the suggested intervention!  I also would have expected Sulfates to be high last year but only because they were being wasted. B-12 and molybdenum solved that.  I asked for this test before but was instead encouraged to do another one, which it turned out, I already did through Yasko.  No need to do it now that I am on glycine.

Note to the naysayers who won't consider alternative treatments:
Do you really think I could have found this out from a conventional MD (Mineral Denialist)?  Of course not!  I'd be prescribed the latest anti-depressant, which would likely do ZERO for Glycine conjugation and produce other unwanted side effects.

Current Emotional State:
Somewhat excited by the prospect of freedom but only cautiously optimistic.  I've been hurt too many times by false hopes.  I cannot take another collapse.  PLEASE LORD, let this be the answer!

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