Friday, November 21, 2008

Training Nov. 14-22

Nov. 14- AM- 1 mile run- 6:24 (3:18-3:06) . Shooting for low-mid 6 with comfortable effort and a negative split and did just that.
PM- 3 mile tempo in 21:46 (7:14-7:16-7:16). Maybe pushed too hard on my first day after a 2 week layoff. Very sore groin. Pretty much sore all over.
Grade: B/Credit/2 Distance: 4.5

Nov. 15- 3.5 miles in 28:13. Planned to go 6 miles at 8:00 pace. Held pace for the first 3 (23:50) then ran out of energy and called it quits after a pedestrian 4:23 next half. Body chemistry is clearly out of whack.
Grade: F/Credit/1 Distance: 3.5
Distance=8.0/ GPA=6/3 credit= 2.00
Nov. 17- 5 miles in 39:26. Better after taking modulator supplement for adrenals. Faded after 2nd mile, felt locked into 8:00 pace and couldn't pick it up no matter what I did. Oh well, this was not meant to be a hard time trial. (7:52-7:45-7:59-7:59-7:51). Groin pain is no worse.
Grade: C-/credit/2/ Distance:5.5

Nov. 18- 7.5 miles in 62:xx (8:20-8:30 pace). Sloppy form, put forth tempo effort just to run what I normally do on an easy day. Not all that tired but could not pick it up. Legs felt like they burdened with weights. This does not feel right. I will try excitatory neurotransmitters.
Grade:C-/credit/2/ Distance: 8.0/

Nov. 19- 3x800 with long rests. I knew before the run that excitatory neurotransmitter support was not the answer. I just wanted to see how I felt if I tried to run. Out of breath after just 15 seconds but leg pain diminished. Times were abysmal but at least I know that my neurotransmitters are balanced without the support. Bovine adrenal substance in my next option.
Grade:F+/credit/1/ Distance: 1.5/

Nov. 20- 5 mile time trial to test new formula= success. Time is down to 36:55 (improvement of 30 secs. per mile). These workouts tell me that my neurotransmitters are balanced but my adrenals are sluggish. I am unsure about my thyroid function. It will be a lot easier to fix if both my thyroid and adrenals are sluggish. I'll get confirmation when my medical report comes back. I have faith that my doctor and I will find something that works long-term.
Splits:7:16-7:18-7:29-7:35-7:21. Still got into a rut in the 3rd and 4th miles but I'm clearly on the right track now. I have split the difference between my PR and Monday's time.
Grade:B-/credit/3/ Distance: 5.5/

Nov.21- Easy 10 in 83:50. Much improved since 11/18 despite similar pace. This time I did not put forth tempo effort to achieve target time. 9 out 10 miles were below 8:30, 2nd half was nearly as fast as 1st half. I still don't feel quite 100% but I will go with this formula until my medical report confirms what I already know. Right now, I am probably capable of running a half marathon in about 1:47-1:48 so I've got a ways to just to get back to where I was 3 weeks ago but I am headed in the right direction.
Grade:B+/credit/2/distance: 10.0

Nov.22- Planned rest day
Week summary: Distance=30/GPA=21.8/10 credits=2.180
Finished 4 out of 5 planned workouts and managed to meet mileage target in first full week but I've got a long way to go before I can get up to 50 miles/week and I'm a long way from being able to run a 3:30 marathon. Thanksgiving will probably be a cut back.

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