Monday, November 24, 2008

training Nov. 23-29

11/23- 5 mile time trial in 35:39 (7:09-7:07-7:14-7:13-6:56). I only planned on running this at tempo pace (37s) so I could push Tuesday's long run. Early pace was faster than expected so I decided to go for it. Felt more like myself than any time last week despite mild rut in miles 3 and 4. Maybe I could have gone faster with a running buddy. In any event, I am almost there. Short and easy tomorrow then a 13 miler Tuesday. I may or may not push it hard. We'll see how I feel at the time. Still no news on the medical report. I should hear shortly after Thanksgiving but this run removes any doubt. I am on the right track.
Grade:A-/3 credits/ distance:5.5
11/24- 3 miles smooth and easy. Time was 23:30 but that's not important on an easy day. No ill-effects at all from yesterday's time trial. This pace felt almost effortless. Incidently, the pace of 7:50 per mile is exactly the same as my half marathon PR and would bring me home in 3:25 for a marathon. I think I can hold this pace for 13.1 but I will probably not try for a PR tomorrow. 2 all out time trials in 3 days is a bit much even when a rest day follows.
Grade:A/1 credit/ distance: 3.5
11/25- 13.1 miles in 1:42:38 PR. Just had to go for it. I couldn't resist.
Felt great the entire way except for a calf cramp in the final lap. Room for improvement if I had gone out a bit faster and drank a bit more. I know I can beat this time on race day and hope to break 1:40 come February at Mercedes.
Splits: (7:55-7:49-7:52-7:47-7:55-7:52-7:48-7:49-7:55-7:55-7:43-7:48-7:32-56)
Halfway point: 51:35, 2nd half: 51:03. 10 days to PR after 2 week break. That's awesome
Grade:A+/3 credits/ distance: 13.25
11/27-3 times around my parents' neighborhood. Struggled a bit on the hills. I didn't time it or push the pace but it felt about average. I will post the medical report next week. The news is mixed and somewhat surprising.
Grade:B-/1 credit/distance:2.25
11/28- 2 slow laps around the block. Sluggish early but warmed up later. Really didn't feel up to running so I didn't push it. I'm not too concerned because I'm out of my routine but this was not a good sign
Grade:C/1 credit/distance:1.50
11/29- 5 mile tempo in 37:30. Felt better than yesterday. Pace was slightly slower than my normal tempo pace but it's still a decent run. Probably would have been in the 36s if this was a race. This goes in the books as about average.
Grade:B-/2 credit/distance:5.0
Week summary: Improvement over last week but still inconsistent. 2 time trials, 1 other quality workout and 3 easy ones. Glad that I topped 30 miles and hope to hit 35 next time.
Distance= 31.00 Weekly GPA: 38.1 QP/11 credits= 3.46

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