Monday, July 20, 2009

Training 7/19-7/25

7/19- Woke up early and feeling good so I did my run in the morning, just 12 hours after race time. Lakeshore trail- first 6 miles easy (7:40s) then turned it up a notch with a 7:04 7th mile. Finished at 53:07 (7:35 pace). A little fast for a planned easy day but I felt so good that I couldn't help it.
Grade:A-/1 credit/distance=7.0
7/20- 5 miles in 38:39 (7:44 pace). Ran half the workout in Heardmont Park (site of the 1st race of my comeback) and half at Oak Mtn. HS track. A bit of soreness in the groin area but I don't think it is a major concern. Felt pretty good overall. 2 quality days ahead.
Grade:B+/1 credit/distance=5.0
7/21-Solid but not outstanding speed session. 5x800 with 400 jog in between. 4 out of 5 were under 2:40 with a best of 2:32 then finished with a respectable 67 in the quarter for dessert but felt like I could have coaxed a 65. Still pleased. I want to take another shot at 59.9 next month and would like to take a shot at 2:20 for the 800.
Grade:B+/2 credits/distance=4.5
7/22-Good run at the Trak Shak. Garmin showed 5.9 miles @ 7:16 pace. That's BQ marathon pace so I like it. I forgot to restart the watch and it was probably more like 6.5 @ 7:20. Still good on a hilly course. Interesting workout. Kept up with the faster group for 3 miles (7:34-7:10-6:46) then ran the 4th mile in driving rain. Faded a bit on the final hill but got back to low 7 pace at the end and hit a pace of 4:20 on the downhill finish. 1 mile cooldown at the end.
Grade:A-/2 credits/distance=7.5
7/23-Veteran's Park 4 mile in 31:23 (7:51 pace). On an easy day, McMillan says that someone training for a BQ should do easy runs at 7:45-8:15 so I will go no faster than 7:45 even at lower mileage. If I feel good enough to do 5 @ 7:30 on an easy day, I'll go longer.
As for today's run, very even pace (6 laps all between 7:48-7:54 pace). Felt pretty well during the run but a bit sore after.
Grade:B/1 credit/distance=4.5
7/24- Took 3 tries to find a track that was open then finally ended up at Mountain Brook for 8x300 with just a 1 min. R. and a 400 for dessert. Hoped to run the 300s in 54 and finish with a 65 400. I knew that I would suck after I struggled through a mile warm up in 7:45. First set was very poor (60-62-62-61) then came back a bit in the 2nd set (59-60-58-53). That's an average of just under 60 or about 5:20 pace but for short intervals, I should be under 5:00. Came back with a respectable 69 on the final quarter. Overall performance was marginal.
Grade:C/2 credits/distance=3.0
7/25-Good long run. Scott, John and Cary ran 6 before we started so the early pace was too slow. Picked it up at the end and probably averaged close to 8 for the 2nd half. Finished at 16.25 @ 8:18 pace with hills so I'll take it. That's about a 3:38 pace for a full mary. Ran with a fuel belt but still stopped to drink at regular intervals and had to stop for traffic a few times. Those last 3 miles hurt and it tells me that my lower mileage training is fine for a half but not a full. That's an entirely different beast. Still managed a 6:50 pace for last 3/8 mile.
Grade:B+/2 credits/distance=16.5
Weekly Summary:
If my body chemistry is in balance, I will run well almost every week. If not, I will suck every time. It's as simple as that. I like the distance this week but will likely have to cut back next week since I'll be at the coast (Destin, Florida).
Distance= 43.0 GPA=34.6/11=3.145

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