Monday, July 6, 2009

training 7/5-7/11

7/5-Enjoyed the day with my parents despite not feeling well for much of the day. It was a planned rest day anyway.
7/6- Mountain Brook 400 in 61.88 (4:07 pace) solo (fastest time since '99). Warming up, I knew it was unlikely to happen but I gave it my best shot. I am now less than 2 seconds away or <1/2 second per 100. Splits were approx. 14-30-46-61. Really need to push the midsection. Must be under 30 at 200 and not much over 45.0 at 300. Still felt too loose in the last 100 and could not accelerate like I should have. Overall, it was clearly an improvement over last time but still not enough. I still believe that a 59.99 is within my current capability but I may need close competition and/or "A+" stuff. I will try again in a few weeks. Friday will be a Mile time trial. My best of the decade is a 5:25 in 2004 and I fully expect to beat that. Can I break 5:20? It will be tough going solo. Finished the workout with a 3 mile in 23:16 (7:45 pace) as a cool down. Final 200 in 39 fast and controlled then a 200 m slow jog and shut it down for the day.
Grade:B+/3 credits/distance=4.0
7/7-Johnny's speed session. I was a tad off form due to lack of Serine (I did take Taurine) and/or yesterday's time trial took something out of me. Mile warm in 7:15, quarter mile worth of strides then the real workout. 800-800-800-1200-400. 800s were 2:41-2:42, even with Dave but I got slaughtered in the 1200 (4:22) then came back with a solid but not stellar 69 final quarter. Overall pace was 5:27 for 2.5 miles worth of intervals so that's not bad. 400 m jog in between reps and a 1/2 mile warm down for a good total on the day.
Grade:B/2 credits/distance=5.5
7/8- Trak Shak run. Shorter and faster today. I don't know the exact distance or pace because I ran a bit different course. Tried to run with the fast group again and got massacred again. I felt good overall and part of me wished that I ran the full 8 miles. Took taurine and serine today and the real test will be Friday's Mile.
-Learned that a coworker's husband has "really ugly toes" and "ugly feet"
Grade:B+/1 credit/distance=7.0
7/9- I feel good enough to do a few easy miles but I'm resting as planned. I want to be 100% ready for my assault on 5:20 in the Mile and I want a good long 10+ run on Saturday.
7/10- Mountain Brook Mile time trial- 5:22.03. (78-82-84-78). Fastest time since '99. An improvement of 4.5 seconds from last time. I'll take it even though I didn't quite make my goal. I ran a 5:25 in 2004 while on Adrenal Boost and I have beaten that time without it! Yes! I am now 8 seconds faster than last year. If you multiply that by 3.1, you get 25 for a 5K which would be a 19:33 and the race is a week from tomorrow. Taurine seems to be working. I was not at all keyed up before this and if anything, I may have been too relaxed. Pleased with my splits: 1st half in 2:40, 2nd in 2:42 (probably 2:41+ change). I've upgraded my lifetime goal to 5:15 and I am just over 6 seconds from it or 1.51 per lap and I ran it solo. I think that if I had Dave on my tail or slightly ahead of me with 200 to go, I could have done it today. Very tired at the end of it and managed to coax a 6 lap cool down jog.
Grade:A-/3 credits/distance=3.0
7/11- Long with Scott and John. 1st 9 were quite easy (around 8:30) then Scott wore me out with a 7:04 pace in the last 1.5. I was struggling a bit but I did stay with him. Took a break to drink water and Gatorade then did 4 solo in Mountain Brook with a faster 2nd half. This run began less than 12 hours after finishing my Mile. I'm sore esp. in the calf but I've got 36 hours to recover and tomorrow will be easy.
Grade:B-/2 credits/distance=14.5
Weekly summary: Again, relatively low mileage but it was almost all quality. That's going to be the theme for next month as well. 2 post- adrenal fatigue PRs in a single week. That's pretty good. All A's and B's too. I hope I can stay in the groove. I'm racing next weekend.
Distance= 34.0/ GPA= 35.7/11= 3.245

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Preston said...

You need to stay away from that fast group if it is the one I am thinking of heh heh. I got suckered into running with them once... They are good group of guys though. But dang are they fast.

I saw you running with a group this morning. I was driving across the bridge on Green Springs where the Lakeshore trail is.

Hope your run went well!