Monday, April 4, 2011

Training 4/4-4/10

4/4- Easy 8 indoors in 61:43 (7:43 pace) just before a severe t'storm. Felt good. Strong performance. Good news and bad news is that the groin pain has diminished but I think it was due to the copper supplements. The bad news is that I am counting on the copper to neutralize the zinc, which causes the chromium dependency. I sure hope that I can tolerate it at a lower dosage. Without the copper, there's still a chance that magnesium will work. If I can make it 6 weeks without the chromium, I'll feel a lot better about my situation.
Grade:A-/1 credit/distance=8.0

4/5- Strong downward ladder at Sanford track. Groin/hip issue is manageable but still not quite right. I may yet opt for more prolotherapy. Good news is that I feel less dependendent on the ADHS and that means that maybe I can cut my dosage safely if the chromium issue does flare up. 3 months is a long time to wait for the next medical report.
2000: 7:36 (that's an even 19 pace for 5K, 6:05/mi)
1600: 5:58 (hard effort, banked a few ticks early)
1200: 4:28 (Ditto the 1600)
800: 2:55 (coming easier now)
400: 86.1 (sandbagged it to save energy for dessert)
400: 68.14 (less than 4 off my best of the year) Overall 5:53 pace. Better workout than the 3x1600 2 weeks ago. Finished with a cooldown on Lakeshore that was not a struggle.
Grade:A-/2 credits/distance=6.0

4/6- Easy 9 from the Shak in 69:20 (7:43 pace). Just about what I planned to do. A bit sore but I had a reason to be. Tight at the beginning but loosened up nicely. Even pace (7:37-7:51). 1st half was 34:34, 2nd half was 34:46. Hoping to do short intervals tomorrow and am on track for back to back 50 mile weeks.
Grade:B+/1 credit/distance=9.0

4/7- 2 mile warm, 8x200 in 32 and a 1.5 mile cool at Hoover. Not a bad showing especially on tired legs but I was hoping to do a little better. The first 200 was 34 then the next 6 were all in the low 32s and an all out effort in #8 resulted in a 30.07. I really hoped to run a couple under 30 but could not. In my defense, I had tired legs, no spikes, no competition and all were self timed with no rolling start. The realistic goal was a 32 average, which I made. I still think I'm good for a 63 400 right now but no faster. More of these workouts will allow me to get faster.
Grade:B/2 credits/distance=4.5

4/8- Planned rest day

4/9- Long run in warm and humid conditions. I won't be able to go more than 10 for much longer as the heat index climbs further. It was about 68 at the start of the run and over 75 at the end with high humidity. I ran with a group and stopped many times for water and Gatorade. The moving time was 1:59 flat for 15 miles (7:56 pace). Pace was very uneven. A few middle miles were below 7:30 but by the end, I was struggling at about an 8:15-8:20 clip. Groin was very sore and I have made another prolotherapy appointment for 4/20. I'm most upset about that. Will I have to do this twice a year for the rest of my life? That's still a small price to pay to avoid a debilitating condition. Very tired and worn out. Dreamed that I had to steer an actual car with a video game controller and wrecked twice.
Grade:B-/2 credits/distance=15.0

4/10- Struggling. 5 miles at a steady 8 flat pace then limped in untimed and barely finished the workout. Groin remains very sore. Probably no worse than yesterday but based on the trend, it appears to be getting worse.
Grade:C-/1 credit/distance=7.5

Weekly summary:
Some high quality workouts early in the week but it ended on a sour note and I will need a sharp cut back week next week with planned lower mileage the next 2 weeks. As for my training intensity, yes it's been hard not the killer schedule of last Fall but my body still broke down on me. I may have to skip Statue 2 Statue but that was only for fun anyway. Prolo is in 10 days and I likely have a rough 2 weeks ahead.
Distance=50.0/ GPA= 27.5/9= 3.06

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