Monday, January 23, 2012

Training 1/23-1/29 (race week)

1/23- Planned rest day and it is the right call. If I get the itch this evening, I will do a couple of strides in the parking lot but that's it.

1/24- Stress free tapers are a rarity for me and this one appears to be no exception. Taper paranoia has set in big time and I'm afraid of a relapse so I allowed myself a bit of a test run. Lakeshore 2.5, roughly a 3 minute rest, then another 2.5 going the other way. The plan was to run near tempo pace with a marked pick up in the last 600 meters. I got off to a sensational start but was fading by the end of Mile 2 with a bit of tightness in the calf. 1st half was 16:11. 2nd half was 16:47. Not very good splits but still a 6:35 overall pace. Only managed a 6:27 pace over the final 600 meters. More concerning was the way I felt. I had tightness in my muscles and felt just plain out of sync much like before White River. I panicked when I got home and tried half a thyroid pill. I quickly realized that it was not the answer, which is actually a relief but may have to endure a rough day tomorrow until it clears my system. This workout was not too bad and I'm still 5 days out. Plenty of time to get things right.
Grade:B/2 credit/distance=5.0

1/25- I expected a rough day today and it was a price I was willing to pay to confirm that I do not need thyroid pills. I did not expect it to be THIS bad. Funny thing is that I did not feel too bad during the day but as soon as I took my first stride running, I felt horrible. I hoped to run an easy 3 with a pickup at the end. I ended up doing only 1 Mile from the Shak and finished in 7:55 and I had to hustle at the end just to break 8. This would be an "F" if I was not in taper mode. Now 4 days out, I am still hopeful to get back on track but the brash confidence of a week ago is gone. I need a half decent run tomorrow to get back at least some confidence. I took no thyroid pills today and do not expect to take any more.

2 hours later: Went to the track at Vestavia after taking some Paramin (to regulate blood sugar) and felt an improvement. 1200 in 5:38, on pace for about 7:30. I stopped for about a minute then clocked a 400 in 73.3 (best time of the year). Nothing to brag about but I do feel like I've taken a step forward. 1/2 mile cool.
Grade:C-/1 credit/distance=2.5

1/26- 5 miles indoors in 35:45 (7:09 pace). Back on track today. Effort was easy and even with a pace of 7:13 through 4.75 miles then stepped on the gas for a 90 second last quarter. With normal volume, the pace would be 7:25-7:30. It was faster today because my volume has been so light over the past 7 days (only 24 miles). Today went just like it should have and I am regaining some confidence. I may be dependent on Paramin but I'm okay with that because if I do miss a day or two every now and then, it won't hurt me. With the Thym-Adren, if I missed even 1 dose during the day, I would suck in a workout. Much better situation.
Grade:A/1 credit/distance=5.5

1/27- Planned rest day. Flight to Houston was delayed. Drove to San Antonio for dinner then stayed in San Marcos for the night.

1/28- Spent whole day in Austin. Junk run outside the hotel for 11 minutes. Felt good.
Grade:A/1 credit/distance=1.5

1/29- 3M half marathon in 1:28:12 PR. Lunch in Austin, tour of Bush 41's library in College Station, back to Houston.
Grade:A+/4 credits/distance=14.5

Weekly summary:
Sheer exhilaration about my performance. Enough said.
Distance=29.0/ GPA= 3.66

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