Monday, July 16, 2012

Training 7/16-7/22 (cut back)

7/16- Body is less tired today but I'm still resting as planned.  The plan for the week calls for only 30 miles but something big on Saturday that will be determined by the weather conditions.  It will either be a local 5K if it's not too hot, humid and nasty outside or an indoor 10K time trial.  I expect to be ready to go full throttle tomorrow and will probably run Johnny's workout.

7/17- Johnny's workout was fairly laid back but I was okay with that.  Workout was (400-800) times 2 then an 800-400.  Weather was 90 degrees with a dew point of 74 so he gave us generous recoveries.  400s went great (73-73-68) and I held back some on the first 2.  In the 800s, the humidity took its toll and I managed only a 2:41 followed by a pair of 2:47s but to my credit, the pacing was even.  Overall pace was just a hair above 5:15/mile and I felt invigorated.  Speed remains my strength and training will be tailored to it.
A bit of a rant: There are some folks in the running community so obsessed with marathons that they can't understand those of us who don't particularly enjoy running longer than 2 hours.  When I say that, it's almost like I've committed heresy.
Grade:A-/2 credits/distance=5.0
Still questionable for the race on Saturday.  We're in one of "those" weather patterns now.  High 90F, 50/50 chance of rain and brutal humidity.  I don't like to race anything over a Mile in such conditions and that's why my 800s suffered.  I see little chance of a fast time even in a 5K.

7/18- Planned an easy-GMP run and it ended up as an impromptu tempo.  Trak Shak 5.5 in 37:25 (6:48 pace).  Good even pace too. That's very solid in these weather conditions.  Today was only in the low 80s but STEAMY (dew point of 72) and the sun had just come out after a rainy day.  I figure that's the equivalent of a mid-6:30s in optimal conditions.  I'm leaning towards skipping the 5K on Saturday.  Even if I am 100%, the best I can hope for is about 19:30 because I'll lose at least 10 seconds per mile when it's hot or steamy.  I did run 19:27 here before but that was done on a pleasant 75-80 degree evening with low humidity.
21 days off the pills. 9 to go but only 4 away from my record.
Grade:A-/2 credits/distance=6.0

7/19- Basic standard issue easy 5 in 37:22 (7:28 pace).  1st half: 18:40, 2nd half: 18:42.  Every mile was between 7:25-7:30.  I would have gone longer if not for the big event over the weekend.  I had all but decided to skip it but now the rain chance is down to just 20%.  I'm sure it'll still be brutally humid.  If my goals were accomplished in both the 5K and 10K, I'd do it but my best chance is likely the 10K even if it is solo.  It will be a game time decision and the forecast could change again tomorrow.  In another note, the Mizuno Wave Inspire shoes are not so good for big time forefoot striker.  I can use them for recovery junk miles but that's about it.
Grade:A-/1 credit/distance=5.5

7/20- Planned rest day.  Mildly run down but nothing unusual.  I should be fresh tomorrow for whatever I decide.  Rain chance is back up to 40%.  A hard indoor 10K in a dry air conditioned environment sounds better.  I am within 14 seconds of the goal.

7/21- The weather forecast called for a high chance of rain in the late afternoon hours.  That was enough to convince me to skip the race.  The rain never came but it was still a good call because I was HORRIBLE in the workout.  I took off at near perfect 40:00 pace and held it for the first 2500 meters then I fell apart.  Splits were 6:22-6:36-6:54 and I came through the 5K in 20:47.  After that point, I tried to get going again but there was nothing there and I simply slow jogged another 1.5 miles before shutting it down early.
  I really don't know what to make of this.  This is day 24, right about the same time I relapsed last time.  I will not panic and pop some pills.  My theory is that I was out of my normal Saturday routine of getting up before 5 AM and just wasn't into it.  I am going to trust God to get me to 30 days but I need prayer big time.  I will try to regroup tomorrow.

Update: Took a nap and felt better.  Hit Vestavia for a moderate 2 miler in 13:50 (6:55 pace) with negative splits and a 1:33 last lap.  Another theory is that my night split put too much pressure on my calf and indeed the first sign of trouble this afternoon was calf issues.
Grade:D/2 credits/distance=7.0

7/22- Trak Shak 6.5 at moderate effort in tough but manageable conditions ( mostly cloudy 80 degrees, 80% humidity, 72 dew point).  Finished in 47:14 (7:16 pace) on a hilly route.  Faded a bit in the 2nd half but had only 1 mile over 7:30.  Solid but not stellar performance.  This was day 25 off the pills, which ties my record.  I'm heading into uncharted territory next week.
Grade:B+/1 credit/distance=6.5

Weekly summary:
A loss overall but it was decent week that was skewed by the hiccup on Saturday.  I'm still not sure why it happened but I'm not stressing over it right now.  Maybe I'm just jinxed at 10K.  LOL.  Next week is expected to be hotter but drier, which I actually prefer.  At any rate, the weather should begin to improve in another 3 weeks and until then, I'm sticking with lower mileage.  Day 30 falls on a Friday and I can think of nothing more fitting than to celebrate it with a new Mile PR.
Distance=30.0/GPA=23.8/8= 2.98

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Yo Momma Runs said...

Saturday would be fun to run just for the costumes! I almost convinced my brother to run in a three-piece corduroy suit. The heat is really killer though. Plus that race is pretty pricey for a 5K. Might be fun to spectate if you aren't running!

What? You aren't obsessed with marathons.:) Your rant reminds me of people who think you can't be a real runner if you wear headphones while running.

Even though I love (and hate) marathons, shorter distances are fun too. And I love music while running. So I'm probably not a runner at all.:)