Monday, July 23, 2012

Training 7/23-7/29

7/23- 1st day in uncharted territory was a good one.  I felt good all day today at work and opted for my first sprint workout in more than a month.  Temp was over 90 but the dew point dropped below 70 so it was pretty much a wash.  Workout was 5x200 with a 200 jog recovery then 6x100 with a 100 jog recovery plus a 1 Mile warm and cool (the cool was exhausting and I was barely moving).  I only timed the warm up (7:19) and the 2nd 200 (29.73) and may have been a hair late stopping the watch.  I must admit the 59.9 goal will be very difficult esp. solo.  This type of workout is geared toward that objective.  After 30, it gets harder every year and the window is closing.  How much do I want it?  The mileage will have to be cut significantly if I am to train like a sprinter.  Still a slight touch of foot discomfort, which could hold me back as I get on my toes and go all out.  Good overall.  Clinched a 1.75 GPA for the year.
Grade:A-/2 credits/distance=4.0

7/24- Day 27.  Indoor 7 in 52:28 (7:29 pace).  Even pace (26:10/26:18) but VERY sore in the hamstrings and knees.  Yesterday's sprint workout took more out of me than I expected.  I am a little concerned that my recovery from these workouts is not as strong as I expected coming off the pills.  Then again, my body was not tired today, only the legs were sore. Another puzzle is that I felt MUCH better after drinking a chocolate milk protein drink packed with vitamins and minerals (only 3 grams sugar too).  Perhaps I am a bit deficient in certain minerals but if I can get them through my diet rather than pills, I will not complain.  1/2 mile cool.  HOT and slow at the Shak tomorrow.
Grade:B+/1 credit/distance=7.5

7/25- Day 28.  Only 2 to go.  I was still quite sore in the morning but began feeling different by the afternoon.  My body seemed to clear some toxins if y'all know what I mean.  I got my 95 and dry weather today and it wasn't too bad at the Shak.  Easy 5 in 36:35 (7:19 pace) with a solid even pace.  I hope this one won't hurt me over the weekend.  I feel pretty good and relaxed now.  Pleasantly tired.
Grade:A-/1 credit/distance=5.5

7/26- Planned rest day.  If the weather cooperates and I feel up to it, I'm taking a shot at the 5:15 Mile tomorrow for Day 30.  It will not be easy.  In 90 degree heat and no competition, I probably need to run the equivalent of a 5:05 with close competition and 70 degree weather.

7/27- Weather was very humid (73 dew point) with a threat of storms so I bagged it on the Mile and made an attempt at 10K indoors.  I wound up cutting it short but did finish with a sub-40 pace for 5 Mile (2K short).  Final time was 31:56 (6:23 pace), #2 all time.  Could I have held it for another 2K?  I may have coaxed a baby PR (40:14) but no sub-40 today. McMillan projects a 40:15 and I would not have been pleased to miss it by 1 tick.  I was on pace through 4K but after that point, I knew I didn't quite have it in me. Passed 5K in 20:05 and I figure that I would have done 4:06/K until the last Mile then smoked it.  Splits were 6:19-6:25-6:32-6:33-6:07.  That last Mile was a shocker and proves that even if I'm 15 seconds in the red with a Mile to go, I might still have a shot.  Last 400 was 86, last 800 was an amazing 2:59.  Anything I could have done differently?  Yes, I really think I could have done it if I was totally fresh. That Trak Shak 5 @ 7:19 in 90 degrees was the equivalent of 7:02 in optimal conditions according to run works.  That's in the "dead zone" of too fast for GMP, not fast enough for tempo.  Good attempt today.  I will try again later.  If I do it in a time trial, I'll run Vulcan in November instead of Mobile.  Once again, a time trial at any distance requires a junk run and a rest day over the previous 2 days for optimal results.
Day 30 off the pills.  THIS IS THE REAL DEAL NOW!
Grade:A/3 credits/distance=6.0

7/28- BTC social run.  I was not expecting much and was not disappointed.  Finished 9 miles in 69:48 (7:45 pace) in tough conditions and added a long cool at glacial pace.  Slowed down to near 8:00 for the last 3 so I could run with Kelly.  No foot pain at all but the right groin was VERY sore at the end.  I hope that's not going to keep coming back. Grade is a bit lenient.  Need 7 tomorrow.
Grade:B-/2 credits/distance=10.0

7/29- Easy 6.5 indoors.  Slow start but got into a groove from Mile 2-5 then faded a bit towards the end.  Finished with a time of 48:28 (7:27 pace).  Not too glamorous but a solid effort.  Quads are sore today but the foot was okay and the groin pain has diminished.
Grade:B+/1 credit/distance=7.0

Weekly summary:
A milestone week that was hard and painful.  The intensity must be scaled back because I am too tired on a day to day basis.  Sprint workouts must be slowed down or eliminated altogether.  Time trials must be done when fully fresh if I am to have any hope of a PR.
Distance=40.0/ GPA= 35.1/10= 3.51

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