Friday, August 24, 2012

Training 8/26-9/2

I have a good feeling that my prolotherapy to the foot (8/23) will be my last treatment.  The inflammatory response peaked after 12 hours and is just beginning to die down today.  I could probably do a junk run tomorrow but will put it off until Sunday and limit the mileage this week.  Talladega is 3 weeks away and Denver is 4.  It seems unlikely that I'll be in top form for either event.  I'm questionable for 'Dega and in for Denver no matter what.   As for the sugar intolerance, I will keep up the heavily restrictive diet until Denver then try the Fructosin supplement, which supposedly converts fructose to glucose.  I will still drink very little-no soda/energy drinks but I do want to have the occasional beer or fruit smoothie without a relapse.  It remains to be seen what, if any effect the fructosin will have on my body chemistry. As long as I am not locked into a "pills every day or else" scenario and do not have to adjust dosages without notice, I can be happy.  Today is 8/24 and it's 2 days until I can run again.

8/25- I am itching to get back out there today but will hold it off as planned.  Tissues surrounding the injection site appear to be smooth and strong but there is still a bit of tenderness.  I bet I could do a junk run this evening but will wait until morning.  No more than 2 miles, no faster than 7:30 pace.  I ordered some Fructosin today and it's expensive ($45 for just 30 pills) so the plan is to take the standard dosage for just a few days then take it only when I plan to consume any forbidden item.

8/26- Junk run at Vestavia.  Terrible performance.  The first workout back after any rest is always a little rough but nowhere near this bad.  Finished only 1.5 miles in a turtle time of 13:00 (8:40 pace) with pain in my heel and groin.  I had a protein bar (sugar) for breakfast and had to run to the bathroom shortly thereafter.  Fructosin will be taken if need be regardless of the cost.  The only positive to this one is that the bar is set very low and I certainly hope that it can't get any worse than this.  No grade today but it will be my last freebie.  Performances of this caliber will be graded as an "F" ongoing. The heel pain could be tenderness from the injections.  The groin?  No idea.
Grade:None/0 credit/distance=1.5

PM- MUCH better.  I covered the same 1.5 mile distance in Vestavia this time in 85 degree weather and my time was down to 10:50 (7:14 pace) with splits of 3:48-3:36-3:26.  Slight discomfort in the heel on the last lap so I backed off a tad at the very end.  The groin was much better.  My only explanation for the vast improvement is that the morning's attempt activated the dopamine, which had been off for the past week.  In order to be healthy and happy, I MUST run or at least do vigorous exercise.  Simple as that. Grading starts tomorrow.
Grade:None/0 credit/distance=1.5

8/27- 3 mile progression run in 21:54 (7:18 pace).  Improving all around but I still felt nowhere near my old self.  Splits were 7:40-7:20-6:54 despite not having any top gears.  I still can't believe I got this bad after only 6 days of inactivity.  I should come back quickly but I'm listed as doubtful for Talladega.

PM- 4 miles easy in 29:48 (7:27 pace).  1st half in 15:01, 2nd half in 14:47.  Still feeling a little weird and sore in the groin but much improved in the last 24 hours.
Grade:B-/2 credit/distance=7.5

8/28- Mediocre performance.  Lakeshore 5 in 37:30 (7:30 pace).  Splits were 18:21-19:09 and I was struggling for a 7:50 in the last mile.  I ate clean today too.  I had no power in my body at all.  Fructosin will arrive hopefully next week.  If it forces me back on Thym-Adren, I will actually be okay with that.  This clearly does not feel right.  Yesterday's double should not have taken much out of me.  I will probably rest tomorrow then try to regroup.
Grade:C/1 credit/distance=5.5

8/29- Unplanned rest day.  I feel flat out AWFUL!  Apparently, I cannot even drink protein drinks such as Muscle Milk in the morning because they contain crystalline fructose and sucralose.  I thought it was okay because it only had 3 g. sugar.  Wrong!  This diet is virtually impossible to follow.  Fructosin is my last hope.  No grade today but if I can't go tomorrow, I have to take an "F"  Ironically, Red Bull may actually be okay for me because it contains sucrose and glucose, not fructose.  I do not plan to make it a staple of my diet.  Fructose intolerace is associated with magnesium deficiency so I took some of that stuff today.  1st pill did not affect me but the 2nd one did and it was NOT good.

8/30- 3 miles in 23:50 (7:56 pace) plus a mile cool.  Poor performance but I was glad to be able to get out there today.  The Red Bull that I had yesterday probably helped me for reasons explained above but it will not be a regular part of my diet.  Even pace but could not go much faster.  Glad this nightmare of a month is almost over.

PM- 3 miles in 21:55 (7:18 pace), which felt no harder than the this morning's workout.  Improving and this was only my first day clean.
Grade:C-/1 credit/distance=7.0

8/31- Short tempo before work.  Same 3 miler but my time was down to 20:17 (6:45 pace). Splits were 6:48-6:50-6:38.  I am still a LONG way from PR form.  A full 5K would have been around 21:10 (2 minutes slow) and I still had some soreness in the foot and groin.  No fructosin yet but I am sticking with the heavily restrictive diet until Denver.  Clinched a 2.00 GPA on the year.
Grade:B-/1 credit/distance=3.0

Update:  I had a reaction to a muffin that I ate for breakfast.  That means that cereal is basically all I can eat for a quick breakfast and I expect to suck tomorrow too.

9/1-  As expected, I sucked.  8 miles with the Gnomes.  Felt decent for the first half then hit the wall and it was downhill.  1st 4 miles were near 8:00 pace.  Last 4 were near 10:00.
Grade:D/2 credits/distance=8.0

9/2- AWFUL.  I fully expected it because I was bad last night at the Clemson/Auburn game.  I figured that since I was already messed up, what difference will it make if it's another day?  1 Mile at Vestavia in 8:21 with a split of 4:15-4:06.  I'll try again this evening but I still failed.

PM- Same Vestavia Mile and my time is down to 6:58.6 with splits of 1:52-1:50-1:43-1:33.
Grade:F+/1 credit/distance=2.0

Weekly summary:
I cannot stick with this diet long term.  I can do it for 3 weeks because I have to.
Distance=35.0/ GPA= 14.1/8= 1.76 

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