Monday, August 6, 2012

Training 8/6-8/12

8/6- We're really in the dog days now.  No racing for at least a month so if I was to slump this summer, now is when I would choose it.  There is good news and bad news in this workout.  The good is that I am continuing to improve.  6 mile tempo in 41:18 (6:53 pace), 20 seconds per mile better than yesterday with comparable effort.  I'm still probably 2 days from being fully clear of the poison.  The bad is that I'm still about 30 ticks per mile from goal pace and it is becoming increasingly clear that the PF will not be going away on its own.  I will be calling Dr. Johnson tomorrow to see if there are any appointments this week.  Interestingly, I did a half mile cool barefoot and it felt okay.
Grade:B/2 credit/distance=6.5

8/7- 4th day since hitting the nadir and I continue to improve.  Ran 6 miles indoors (sunny and rainy outside) in a time of 42:18 (7:03 pace) then turned it on for an 83 last quarter to finish below 7 pace overall.  That's only 10 seconds slower than yesterday on MUCH less effort.  I think I could have broken 1:32 in a half mary and I expect to be better tomorrow as well but will level off after that.  Ran 3/4 mile barefoot as a cool down.  Good job today.  That pace is in the "dead zone" on not quite tempo but too fast for GMP but since my mileage is low without much quality recently, it's okay.  Dr. Johnson is available tomorrow at 12:30 PM.  I'll run in the morning and should only miss one day of training.  Feeling better emotionally.
Grade:A-/1 credit/distance=7.0

8/8- AM group run on Lakeshore.  Slow start, fast middle, slow finish.  Overall time was 38:13 for 5 miles (7:38 pace) plus a half mile cool.  Did not feel too good but I'm not concerned or disappointed.  I've gone hard this week so far and it's caught up to me.  PF hurt at the beginning, was okay during the run then hurt again afterwards.  Heading up to Nashville this afternoon.  I blame it on unbalanced blood sugar, too much toe running and possibly improper shoes.  Let's hope I've gotten it treated before it becomes a major injury.
Grade:B-/1 credit/distance=5.5

PM- Prolo in Nashville.  Much less humid up there at least today but the trade off is that it's about 5 degrees colder in the winter.  I'm optimistic that Dr. J got all the trigger points.  Again, it's not an injury unless it required me to take time off so I still have a chance at 5 out of 6 years.  I'm sore as I should be and it's been a long day.  I've been up since 5 AM and just got back home at 7 PM.

8/9- Well deserved and planned rest.  If I can run tomorrow, I will have lost zero training days.  A couple of sub-par weeks won't wreck my fitness.  I hope to come back full throttle next week.

Update: I am walking a bit gingerly today but nothing too severe.  I still hope to be able to do a gentle run tomorrow.  I still hope that 1 prolo session will do but if I need another, so be it.

8/10- Junk run was all that I could do which was not a surprise.  Finished 3 miles in 23:51 (7:57 pace) with an 8:10 3rd mile then ran barefoot for another half mile.   I set the floor grade at 75 and that's what I get today.  No cause for alarm.  I should do better tomorrow.
Grade:C/1 credit/distance=3.5

8/11- Good day for me.  17 miles progression style in 2:38:44 (7:34 pace- 3:17 marathon).  That's my longest run in 6 months.  Final 6 miles were as follows:  7:15-7:10-7:13-7:16-7:18-6:34.  That's an overall time of 42:46 (7:07 pace).  Encouraging performance given that I haven't really trained for distance in several months.  I do have 2 gripes to report.  Groin and quads soreness was a bit problematic AND I was in no man's land (not good enough to run with sub-3 guys) (too fast for 2nd group).  I really need a training partner who runs a steady 7:30 pace.  I got to meet Lisa today (aka Yo Momma Runs) who was finishing up a 20 miler.
Grade:A-/2 credits/distance=17.0

8/12- Another benefit to keeping the mileage moderate is that I can recover quickly when I do run long.  Today went well.  Lakeshore 5 plus a cool in a time of 37:10 (7:26 pace).  Slow start but once I got past 1/2 mile, I loosened up nicely and was really moving by Mile 3.  I backed off a tad towards the end but that was by design.  Passed 1,250 miles on the year.

PM- Junk run.  Very easy 3 at Red Mountain Park.  The trails get more hilly as you get deeper into the park.  I went naked over the last half but estimate my pace was 8:10-8:20 but I didn't care.  It was a beautiful day outside (85 and sunny w/ low humidity) and I did not want to waste it.
Grade:A-/1 credit/distance=8.5

Weekly summary:
The big victory is that it appears that I have been spared almost certain injury thanks to prolotherapy.  I do not think the Chia is helping me at all.  Any benefit that I am getting is probably wiped out by the 22 grams of sugar per bar.  I'll probably finish what I've ordered then stop it completely.  Planning a slight cut back and a time trial next week.  The heat and humidity is beginning to die down so now is the time to go full throttle.
Distance=48.0/ GPA= 25.5/8=3.19

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Yo Momma Runs said...

I'm so happy it wasn't as hot when we were out on Saturday. Great to meet you out there!

I had a similar problem with that group last week. Couldn't find people who were running my pace. I ended up running between two groups and then got lost. Not cool! But then I found some other lost people so it worked out.

Your paces for the end of the 17 miler were very impressive!