Sunday, October 28, 2012

Training (10/29-11/4) race week

10/29- Planned rest day.  I expect to enjoy this one but towards the end of the week, I should be itching for some action.  Short tempo planned tomorrow.  Forgot to mention that I clinched a 2.5 GPA for the year at the end of last week and am well ahead of 3.0 pace.

10/30- Short tempo.  4 miles indoors (very windy) in 25:09 (6:17 pace).  The plan was to run the first 3 miles at 10K race pace then hope to drop down to 5K pace for the last mile.  I actually did a little better than that.  Splits were 6:14-6:24-6:24-6:07.  Passed 3 miles in 19:02 and came through 5K in roughly 19:48.  The last Mile was a 5K pace of about 19:06 so it was a marked pick up.  I actually considered going for sub-40 today. There will be another time.  I think that I would have had a shot too.  Suppose that I slipped to a 6:34 in Mile 4 and 5, I still could have done it with a 6:15 6th mile and a last .2 at average pace.  Because Miles 3-4 are tough at Vulcan, I'll probably need to run the equivalent of at least 39:40 on level ground.  Perhaps a bit more tapering will get me there.
Grade:A/2 credits/distance=5.0

10/31- Last Wednesday night Trak Shak run in the daylight.  Finished the 5 mile loop just after sunset in a time of 37:05 (7:25 pace).  Fairly even pace except for a fast Mile 2 and slow Mile 5.  Again, I slacked off at the end.  Solid but not stellar performance.  Still a bit of soreness in the legs but my body is not tired.  The plan is a junk run tomorrow (2 untimed) and a complete rest on Friday.  Passed 1,700 miles on the year.  Need 296 in the last 2 months, which should be do-able.
Grade:B+/1 credit/distance=5.0

11/1- Junk run.  2 miles sans watch at very easy effort on Wisteria.  Just wanted to keep the legs from going dead and to get 2 miles closer to my target on the year.
Grade:Pass/0 credit/distance=2.0

11/2- Planned rest day.  Tomorrow is forecasted to be sunny with temps near 60.  I like it.  If I fall a little short in the race, I am pretty confident that I can get it done in a time trial before the end of the year.   I expect that I will be plenty rested despite the 3 hard weeks prior to this.

11/3- CHOKED!  Vulcan 10K in 41:42 (6:43 pace).  Added a warm and cool.
Grade:B/4 credits/distance=8.0

11/4- Very poor.  6 miles indoors in 49:32 (8:15 pace).  1st half: 24:38, 2nd half: 24:54.  Took about all of my energy to do this one.  It is now obvious that the Thym-Adren must be cut from 3 pills down to 2.  That makes me feel very uneasy.  I will order a hair test next week and it had better be heading back to balance.  If I can't take any pills but my numbers are out of balance, my symptoms will return as sure as I'm alive.
Grade:D/1 credit/distance=6.0

Weekly summary:
Thanks to lenient grading on race day, I have extended my winning streak to 6 weeks.  Needless to say, I do not feel good about this.  If I have a chance to get it done in a time trial, I'm taking the shot because it may be a long time before I get another one.
Distance=26.0/GPA= 24.3/8= 3.04

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