Monday, November 5, 2012

Training 11/5-11/11

11/5- 2nd day on only 2 pills.  7.5 miles near GMP.  Time was 54:40 (7:17 pace) with even splits.  I was still sore in the quads but as soon as I started, I knew that I was back and it sure feels good.
Grade:A/1 credit/distance=8.0

11/6-  Easy 6 in 45:00 (7:30 pace). (22:22-22:38).  Standard issue workout with a discouraging development.  It is becoming apparent that 2 pills are not enough and 3 are too many.  Once again, I will be forced to cut pills in half.  Prediction:  I will be sensational tomorrow on 2.5 pills.  Maybe a time trial to test it.  Prediction:  2.5 pills will not remain the optimal dose indefinitely.  I was fine in an easy workout today but would have struggled in a tempo/interval or race.  I'm headed out now to what I hope will be a victory party for my guy in the election.
Grade:B+/1 credit/distance=7.0

11/7- Prediction was dead on accurate.  10K time trial in 39:44 (6:22 pace).  Here is a mini report:
Got to the track just after 5 PM after an uneventful day at work and got in a hasty 1/4 mile warm up and a few strides.  The plan was to go out at 95 seconds per lap and hold it as long as I could.  That would work out to a cushion of 1 second per lap in the bank.  I did not expect to lose it in the first 5K and I knew that I would be able to find it if I had a chance in the final lap.  Mile 4 and 5 would be key.  Stay at or at least close to a 6:30.  If I got to 8K at below 32:00, I knew it was mine.

First lap came through free and easy at 93.  Just a hair fast but nothing to worry about.  Just keep the effort even through the first Mile.  I continued clicking off laps in 94-95 and came through the first 4 at 6:16 still feeling quite comfortable.  Another 94 lap brought me to 2K in 7:50.  10 second cushion with 20 to go and it doesn't feel like I'm going to fade any time soon.  Again, nothing too exciting to report over the next 3 laps either as I came through 3K in 11:48 and lap 8 in 12:35.  Looking better and better.  All I have to do is run the next 3 in 6:30 each and I should have enough left at the end if it comes down to a final sprint.

By Mile 3, it finally began to hurt.  The pace was slowing just a tad but at the end of the lap, I was still doing 95-96s.  Just hold it right there.  Halfway home and the watch read 19:45.  Still looking good.  Another 5K in 20:15?  That's almost a 10 second slower pace.  By the end of lap 15, I felt my first trace of doubt as the previous kilometer was a 4:01 but it sure helped to see a 6:23 split for Mile 4.  Just hang on.  One more mile to hold this pace and you've got it.  No way that I'll lose it in the last 5 laps.  In Mile 5, I may have lost focus a bit but comfortably ahead of pace, it was beginning to feel a bit surreal.  Nobody else was out except for a few stray walkers and slow joggers and with each passing lap, I still had nearly a 10 second cushion.  8K came in 31:52.  8 ticks up and I could probably even go 5 in the red before the last lap.  I pushed as hard as I could but it was not a significant change in pace.  1 lap to go and the watch read 38:17.  It's in the bag now but keep pushing.  I crossed the line in 39:44 and did not realize until after the cool down that I had completed the last 5K in 19:59.  Amazing but not really a surprise.  I knew I was in balance and I've shown before what I am capable of when that happens.
Splits: 6:16-6:19-6:23-6:23-6:31-6:25-87= 39:44 (unofficial PR by :30).
Sure, I still want to get it done in an official road race but it counts in my book.  Mission accomplished.
Grade:A+/3 credits/distance=7.0

11/8- Easy 8 on Lakeshore in 59:20 (7:25 pace).  Felt strong. Hit 1750 on the year.  Good job.  Very few ill-effects from yesterday.
Grade:A-/1 credit/distance=8.0

11/9- Planned rest day.  FYI: I am 30 seconds faster over 10K than I was in January leading up to my great effort in Austin.  Does that mean that I could go sub-1:27 in the half?  Maybe so on the 3M course but it won't happen in Charlotte.  Anything below 1:30 would be outstanding on that course.
A 39:44 10K predicts a 19:08 5K and I am historically better at short distances.  I think that I am very close to sub-19 shape for 5K.

11/10- Gnome run with the big boys.  15 miles in 1:49:55 (7:20 pace).  Not a particularly hilly route but I don't think it's too much a stretch that with an even pace and pancake flat route, I can run 20@7:15. Must go easy tomorrow.
Grade:A/2 credits/distance=15.0

11/11- I planned on going slower today but my body did not want to.  Lakeshore 5 in 35:41 (7:08 pace) plus a mile cool.  Because this was such a short distance, it should not hurt me but I have to be careful not to do this very often.  This pace was "no man's land" as in too slow for tempo, too fast to be considered a MP run.
Grade:A-/1 credit/distance=6.0

Weekly summary:
One of my best weeks on record but can I hold it?  When will I have to adjust my dosage again?  The medical report should answer that soon.  In the meantime, I will continue to celebrate that 10K accomplishment. Charlotte is next week.  YTD: 1,771.  Should pass 1,800 next week.
 Distance=51.0/ GPA= 34.6/9= 3.84

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