Sunday, June 16, 2013

Committed to 30 days drinking water only

EDIT: I abandoned this plan after 4 days after a relapse.  This plan proved to be both ineffective and unnecessary.  Caffeine is the worst for me.  I can handle rare alcohol and sugars but am wise to limit consumption.  Total abstinence from everything but water was not enough to prevent symptoms of magnesium deficiency.

Well there you have it.  It's pretty much a last resort.
I have had multiple theories about what is causing this (my worst slump since starting this blog) but I am now pretty confident that I have it nailed down.  Let's start with some history:

Back in February, I started downhill despite the fact that my medical report would later show a big improvement in my thyroid and adrenal function.  The problem was my blood sugar ratio (Ca/Mg) at 30/2.  I started on more magnesium back in March and was sensational for the first few days.  I did go downhill a bit after that first week but I usually wasn't horrible and had plenty of "decent" workouts.  I thought that perhaps I was not performing my best because the magnesium was not being absorbed properly.  Here is what happened:

1. Tried a B-complex, which proved to be a bad call because it contained 2 forbidden ingredients (choline and inositol), which was partially to blame for my terrible race in St. Louis.

2. Tried B-6 alone, which ended in disaster.  Shortly thereafter, I was forced off both the B-6 and the magnesium.

3. Had to ration my Fructosin supply because of an error in ordering (my fault), which caused sugar intolerance and a decreased tolerance for the Thym-Adren, which is my only hope to get the Na and K back down to normal.

4. Cheated far too often on my diet especially with caffeine, which led to depleted magnesium and caused a deficiency in Vitamin E.  Until I learned that from the medical report, I actually had to take stimulants to control the symptoms, which allowed a half decent effort in P'Cola.  I knew however that staying on that course would have been disastrous.

What I have found out:
- Abstinence from caffeine has taken care of the Vitamin E issue and not only do I not need it, it becomes like poison to me if I do take it.

-Taking the Fructosin consistently allows me to take as much Thym-Adren as I need.

-Fructosin may have reduced my dependence on Cal/Mag supplements but does not offset cheating on my diet.

-I am deficient in magnesium yet cannot tolerate it in supplement form because it throws my thyroid and adrenals through the roof.  Alcohol and sugar both deplete it.

I did do it for 30 days last year and it didn't work only because of the enzyme deficiency, which has been corrected by the Fructosin.  Early signs point to magnesium being necessary only if I consume sugared or alcoholic drinks (including caffeine free and fake sugar) but toxic if I can successfully abstain.  Quitting alcohol will not be difficult but quitting the fruit smoothies could be a challenge but it's one that I have conquered before.
After I do the 30 days, I may well stick with it but will likely allow myself to cheat on special occasions, which must be no more than once per week. 
The final takeaway:
For the first time in several months, I have real hope of a turnaround.


Carrie Beasley said...

Hey Justin, You could try Mag oil or Epsom salt foot soaks to get your magnesium if you find you still need it and you can't take an oral supp.

Crazy J said...

Thanks for the comment Carrie. Based on what I've read, magnesium in any form will likely raise my Na and K too much. Good diet combined with Thym-Adren + Fructosin is my only hope.