Friday, June 21, 2013

Transdermal Magnesium (LAST LAST RESORT)

Without a doubt, the magnesium has been the source of the suckage since March and it has gotten progressively worse in recent weeks.  Here's what's been happening.
-If I take a Cal/Mag or Mag alone every day even at small doses, I will not be able to tolerate it.  My body will tighten up something awful and I will be overwhelmed by fatigue and depression. 

-If I stop it, I will likely feel better for 3-5 days then I will need it again because I feel awful.

-If I take a larger dose, I will immediately feel terrible then get better for a few days and manage a few decent workouts but none will be even close to the level it was when I was in PR form.

-It does seem like my tolerance does seem to be affected by my sugar consumption but it was far too unstable. 

-Drinking water alone has failed and I most likely will not stick with it.  The only thing that could work even remotely decent would be to set up a plan in which I take it every other day or 3rd day but either way, it's far too unstable and unlikely to remain steady.

OBVIOUSLY, SOMETHING MUST CHANGE. Last Last resort is transdermal magnesium.

What is that and how can it help?
Transdermal magnesium is a clear gel that is applied directly to the skin then is to be rubbed in just like suntan lotion.  The advantage is that it is absorbed directly into the cells without passing through the intestinal  and digestive tract.  Certainly sounds good on the surface.

Potential negatives:
I have been aware of this product since April so why did I not try it sooner?  The reason is that it could be very difficult to regulate and given my history of instability in which 1/2 pill can make a huge difference, I had reason to be gun shy.  In fact, there is NO directions such as "tablespoon twice per day."  It simply says to "Apply generously to the skin." According to the website, the "skin has a unique ability to regulate" and thus there is "no danger" of taking too much.  What?  I find that very hard to believe.  In fact, it is my understanding that magnesium in any form will raise Na and K so too much could be very dangerous.  However, given my lack of other options, I don't have much of a choice.  Early results appear to be somewhat promising.

If this fails:
In all likelihood, I am done.  There are no other options that I am aware.  I have said many times that I would gladly trade my talent for freedom from symptoms and I stand by it.  I will train through to Peachtree and run it seriously but after that, it's questionable.  If I cannot recover my form by then or it becomes clear that the transdermal magnesium is a failure, I'm taking 4-6 weeks off and after that, it will be touch and go.  I have NOT enjoyed my running at all these past 3 months and have not been cold this long since before the adrenal fatigue diagnosis in 2006.

Why I don't want to quit running:
Tons of reasons.  I will only do it if medical report shows that I am back to full blown adrenal exhaustion or all options have been exhausted.  If it's the latter case, I'm not sure it will be a net benefit.  Maybe, I can manage by taking fewer Thym-Adren but that is NOT confirmed.  Getting off magnesium would be very iffy at best and I feel that the chances are slim that I will stabilize there.
The positives are iffy and negatives are almost a certainty:
1. I will be less in tune with my body and will not know how out of whack I am, which could lead to problems at work.
2.  Neurotransmitters such as dopamine, adrenaline and serotonin will almost certainly fall, forcing me back on more pills.
3. When relatively free from symptoms, I love it.  I love the training as well as the competitions, which includes  traveling to various destinations.
4. Much of my social life revolves around the group runs on Wednesday and Saturday.
5. Dreams of a book deal will die.  I've been averaging close to 40 page views per day over the past 2 months and I'm betting most of my readers do not even know me.  I don't have any illusions of a best seller but I do expect that it will draw some interest well beyond my friends and family.  I am friends with another Birmingham Christian author who is one of my biggest fans and if I can get an endorsement from a pastor and/or a well known alternative medicine practitioner, that will further boost the sales.  That said, I cannot in good conscience, write about treatment protocol that failed me.  Thus, it is contingent on my healing.
Final thought:
My Bible study leader says that Satan is attacking me especially hard because he knows that my calling, once fulfilled will do much for the Kingdom.  Therefore, he is pulling out all the stops to prevent it from happening.  God has the power to stop the relentless attacks and it's high time that He does.  I will serve Him no matter what but I may never fully recover from such a huge disappointment.

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