Sunday, July 14, 2013

Comments on last week/Non-running interests

First, a quick reflection on the events of last week:
  The collapse that I did experience on Tuesday was likely cheating too much on the caffeine restrictions, not the magnesium.  I have not had to adjust my formula for 10 days, which is at least a small victory that could grow bigger.
As of now, my times from the Mile to half marathon would likely be as follows:
6:00/21:30/45:00/1:40 and it feels like I am operating at about 80-85% efficiency.
I believe my potential is 5:00/18:00/38:00/1:25.
I have said many times that achieving those results will generate much interest in my story as well as the treatment protocol that I have endorsed, which will lead to more people getting healthy.  While that's certainly a noble cause, I'm beginning to think it may be off track from what God really wants me to do.  We shall see if a week-10 days off will alter my perspective.

Let's go back to my hot streaks.  Even when I was in the groove and setting PRs almost every time out, even one missed dose would significantly inhibit my performances.  I've been so unstable in the past that I have gone to bed blah and fatigued then woke up overstimulated and anxious.  I NEVER want to go back to that. Who could live with me?  It is not the imbalances that make me unable to date, it is the instability. If it turns out that I have to sacrifice some speed and even some energy for more stability, it's a deal that I'd be willing to accept.  Let's say that I remain stuck at 80-85% energy but do not have to go back to the pills, it would be disappointing but I could probably still be happy.

Okay, now enough about running. Maybe some of you are curious about some of my other interests:

Travel:  I have visited all 48 contiguous states with significant memorable experiences in 37.  In terms of major cities, which I define as ones with 2 or more sports teams, I've been to all except San Diego, Seattle, Phoenix, Dallas, Kansas City and Detroit.  I have also been to 5 foreign countries (Canada, Bermuda, Spain, France and Italy) including cities of Toronto, Barcelona, Marseille and Florence.  In addition, I enjoy stopping at diners in rural areas just to take in some of the local culture.

Food: Big meat eater though I will eat some seafood on occasion.  My favorite would have to be a Porterhouse steak and my favorite chain restaurant would have to be Longhorn's Steakhouse.  I also like Southern fried chicken, BBQ ribs and pizza.  I do have to watch what I drink but can eat pretty much as much and whatever I want without fear of weight gain or high cholesterol.

Drink:  Not much of a drinker nowadays but I will have a beer on rare occasions, usually no more than 1-2 per week.  I generally avoid mixed drinks because those are very bad for me.  I've been pretty good at avoiding soda but have gotten hooked on fruit smoothies.  Again, those are not the best for me but every now and then won't hurt.

Books: The Holy Bible is my favorite by far.  I don't read many novels but will enjoy an autobiography of someone that I admire, often an athlete or political figure.

TV: I don't watch any popular sitcoms nowadays and find most reality TV shows to be garbage.  I will make an exception for The Biggest Loser and COPS.  I follow politics pretty closely and consider myself a moderate sports fan.  I'll watch some baseball and football with interest but will not plan my day around it and will not invest any real emotion in the outcome.

Music:  Pretty broad here.  I can appreciate all genres except for boy/girl bands and gangsta rap.  I used to listen to a lot of country but not as much anymore with more and more corny love songs.  I'm more of country/rock or old southern rock fan.  I still enjoy '90s alternative rock when it's on the radio.  Lately, I've been listening to more contemporary Christian music.  What might surprise some people is that I like hard rock and some heavy metal as well.

Movies: I enjoy anything with a positive and uplifting message as well as a good comedy.  Some of my favorites include Rocky 1-4, Star Wars Ep 3-6, The Pink Panther series and Back to the Future.  I generally avoid "R" rated movies but may make exceptions if it's got a positive redeeming message or the rare harmless comedy such as My Cousin Vinny, which does have bad language but is otherwise inoffensive.  Anything that glorifies sex, drugs or violence is repulsive to me.

Favorite Athlete: Tim Tebow, no doubt.  As far as runners go, my #1 is Meb Keflezghi followed by Ryan Hall and Kara Goucher.  I used to like sprinter Tyson Gay and was quite disappointed by his failed drug test.  Most disliked athletes are Tiger Woods, Michael Vick, Justin Gatlin and Lance Pharmstrong.

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