Monday, September 1, 2014

Training 9/1-9/7

9/1- WORST RACE ON RECORD.  Franklin Classic 10K in 49:30 (7:57 pace).  I took the same formula that only 3 days earlier nearly carried me to a PR but it doesn't work anymore.  I had a sense that it was failing over the weekend and should have done a test run yesterday.  It was too hot and humid for a good time and the course was tougher than it looked on the map but there's NO WAY that I should have been this bad.  I got off to a decent start then the power cut off at 1.2 miles.  I fought it for another mile then just jogged it in and walked a couple hills.  Cutting the Cal/Mag from 750 to 500 will certainly help but it's highly unlikely that I will remain stable there.
Grade:D/3 credits/distance=7.0
- I have now completed a 10K in 8 different states.  Only 2 to go.

Update: I have a theory that my abstinence for sugar and caffeine last week drove down the need for Mag, which is possible.  If that's true, it would make me feel a little better about my situation.  There is also a chance that a 1:1 ratio may no longer work.  Do I go with 500 of each or 750/500?  Again, trial and error is all I can do. THIS SUCKS!

As for my 10K in 10 states goal, I have completed the following:
South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, Pennsylvania, Tennessee.
There is a race in Bowling Green, Kentucky (4-4.5 hrs) on 10/19.  That one is listed as "probable."  Because it's a Sunday race, I won't have to miss any work and it will take me up to 9.
For number 10, I could find a low-key race in western North Carolina or eastern Arkansas that is within a fairly easy drive but I want it to be something special.  I'm considering these 3:
-Monument Ave (Richmond, VA).  Mega race, PR-able course, probably a flight.
-Bolder Boulder (Colorado). Another mega race that attracts world class runners. Not a PR course.
-Something in Texarkana. Smaller race. Tough but manageable drive.  One side of the street is in Texas, the other side is in Arkansas and you get to run in both.
When I get to 10 states in the 10K, I will stop as I have with the 5K in 5 states.

9/2- AM- 2 mile test run in 14:08 (7:04 pace).  That's the Crazy J that I know.  Again, I was out in 7:10 then picked up the pace without trying.

PM- Took 6 sprays of Mag after the morning session (equivalent of half a pill).  I could feel just a trace of weakness as a result but not enough to affect my standard issue workout.
6 miles in 44:26 (7:24 pace) with splits of 22:05/22:21 and never went above 7:30 pace.  Strong. Formula was 750/560.  Tomorrow will be 750/500.
Grade:A-/1 credit/distance=8.0

9/3- VERY POOR.  750/500 is not the answer after all.  It's got to be 500 of each.  I attempted the Gnome run and held on through 4 miles in a time of 31:44 (7:56 pace) then collapsed and completed a 2.5 mile walk of shame with a few short spurts of jogging.  I was late for work as a result.
Experimentation results:
-extra ADHS did not seem to hurt, which is good news.
-just a trace of extra Cal did hurt so that was enough to confirm the culprit.
-Took 250 of each to even out the ratio and felt slightly better.
-I should be taking 750-1000 of each to optimize my numbers but 500 should be enough to at least ward off deficiency.  If I can't tolerate 500, I may be screwed.

PM- 1 mile on Wisteria in 7:51 with a slight negative split (3:58-3:53).
Grade:D/1 credit/distance=6.0

9/4- AM- 2 mile test run at moderate effort in a time of 13:25 (6:43 pace).  Added taurine and will post an update later.

PM- Roller coaster.  Flamed out after 1 Mile in 8:04 then popped some more Cal/Mag.  Since I took divided doses yesterday, I was late on it by this evening.  Came back in less than 1 hour and ran a 5K in 19:09 (6:09 pace).  UNOFFICIAL PR!  Here's a mini report:

Took off at an even 6:00 pace but lost a couple seconds in the 2nd quarter mile, passing 800 in 3:03 then my hopes started rising after I actually gained some time in the next half mile, passing the 1 Mile mark in 6:01.  I began to believe after seeing another half mile in 3:01 and passed 2500 in 9:23.  Now, I had a great shot but I was starting to hurt.  The pace slowed in the next 2 laps but I managed to reach the 2 Mile mark in 12:09 for a 6:08 split.  All I need is a sub-20 pace the rest of the way and if it came down to the last 200, I knew I could do it. That 3rd mile was pure torture and I wanted to stop several times but with each passing lap, it seemed more and more likely.  The pace had slowed and there was nothing more that I could do about it but I knew that if I got to the 3 Mile mark before the watch turned 18:33, it was mine.  I got there in 18:30 for a 6:21 split then brought it home in 39.

Sadly, this does not change my attitude about chemical sensitivity.  It still sucks!  1 great race or time trial does not mean that I am cured.  I could be awful this weekend.  The jury is still out on the taurine.  I know it will NOT protect me from missed doses but it MAY protect against over doses and allow me to tolerate stuff that I could not take before starting the taurine.
Grade:A/3 credits/distance=6.0

9/5- Planned rest day.  Feet are a bit sore today but no cause for alarm yet.  Good day at work.  The boss says I have a chance at a promotion in 6 months.  I'll need some luck for it to happen though.
Took a trace of zinc and Thym-Adren and did NOT tighten up!

9/6- SUCKED AGAIN.  Hit the wall after 5 miles in my attempted long run.  Fortunately, there was no walk of shame this time because I was within 2 miles of my car.  Totaled 7 miles in 54:51.  That's an overall 7:50 pace but the last 2 were 8:10 and over 9.
Good news is that I took a full zinc and Thym-Adren pill afterwards and really did not get any worse.  My theory about increased need for Mag when I'm on sugar and caffeine appears to be correct.  Jury remains out on the taurine but early signs are promising.  If I can tolerate 750 when I am OFF sugar for a week, then I know it's working.  It is possible, however unlikely, that taurine is increasing my system's demand for magnesium.
Grade:C-/1 credit/distance=7.0

9/7- 6 miles in 45-flat (7:30 pace).  Standard issue but had hoped to run 10 at this pace.  Just didn't have it in me today.  Bad splits too (21:54-23:06).  Performance was average at best but I do have a couple pieces of good news.  I had an injury scare yesterday with a sore ankle.  It's still tender but held up through 6 miles.  Second, I loaded on Mag yesterday (1350 mg) and it appears that thanks to the taurine, I can handle it.
Grade:B-/1 credit/distance=6.0

Weekly summary:
The 5K PR that I ran is the first time I have BEATEN a time that I actually raced in high school.  I'm not real excited about it because outside of that I was awful.  There may be hope that my chemical sensitivity is fading but there is still the possibility that the taurine will cause new problems.  The ankle is still tender and seems to get worse if I ever consume caffeine.  Hmm.
Distance=40.0/ GPA= 24.1/10= 2.41
YTD: 1,201 miles.  Record: 16-18 with a 2.67 GPA.

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