Tuesday, September 30, 2014

End of 3rd quarter/Racing plans

Overall stats on the year: 1,335 miles.  18-19 with a 2.72 GPA.  By comparison, last year I had 1,321 miles and a record of only 13-24 with a 2.54 GPA.  Barring a serious injury, I will finish better than last year in all categories but I want more.  At the very least, I want 1,800 miles and to finish over .500 (26-24) with a GPA above 2.75.

3rd quarter stats:
452 miles.  Record was 7-5 with a 2.85 GPA, which is my best showing since Q4 2012 and done amid a TON of upheaval.  I scored a CR at Peachtree and a PR on the track in the 5K.

I began the quarter still trying to detox the cadmium and turned to an adrenal glandular for relief as a temporary measure.  Predictably, it lost its effectiveness and I was back on Thym-Adren.  Soon, that would fail me and I ended up on ADHS, which I have tolerated well.  The Cal/Mag battle has been just as difficult.  I went from 500 to 750 and back more than once and even had a few days of complete intolerance.  I had hoped that taurine would solve the extreme sensitivity and the jury will return with the final verdict by the end of the week.  Abstinence from caffeine may be the key to tolerate it.

Quarter 4 will be a lot more race heavy if I am at least somewhat healthy.
10/11- Race for the Cure 5K (local)- probable
10/19- 10K in Bowling Green, KY-probable (State #9 for 10K)
11/1- Monumental Indy half- In.  Signed up. (State #20 for half/full)
11/23- Route 66 half- Tulsa- questionable  (State #21)
1/15- Red Shoe Run (local 10 mile) or Mobile First Light half
2/28/15- Phoenix Marathon- first BQ attempt. (State #22)

If I do get a decent report from the lab and I can once again tolerate the taurine, I've decided to go "all in" with the marathon training, which includes hiring a coach.  He may not approve of so much racing and I may be talked out of Tulsa.  I will be skipping Vulcan this year and the Mercedes half next year though I may run the 5K.

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