Monday, November 3, 2014

Copper and Ceruloplasmin test #4

Raw numbers:
Copper- 85 units
Ceruloplasmin- 19.9 units
  In order to determine unbound copper, multiply Cp by 3 and subtract that result from the total.  Bound copper- 59.7/ Unbound copper- 25.3
At first, I was upset by this result, specifically the high unbound copper.  Copper was up by 9 units last month thanks to the liver glandular but only 5.1 units were bound vs 3.7 units unbound (toxic).  By comparison, I only had 21.4 units unbound last month and was well on my way to getting my unbound copper out of the toxic range (>15).  I feel better about it now.  The good news is the ceruloplasmin, which jumped 1.7 units after being essentially frozen at 18 since July.  25-35 is “optimal” but most labs consider 20 to be the edge of “normal.”  I feared that I may never raise it much above 18 but now I know it can be done.  I also know that reducing toxic copper can be done because I have lowered it from a high of 28.3 down to 21.4 on the previous test.
Suppose that my Cp level remains at 20ish.  Because of lab error, there is about a 40% chance that if I was tested again, I’d be 20.0 or slightly higher so I’m essentially already there.  If I can get my unbound copper down to 20 units, I’ll have only 5 toxic.  I think I can get there by the end of the year. 
What to take:
Thym-Adren or ADHS?
   Thym-Adren is clearly the better choice.  Not only is it more effective in fighting fast oxidation, it also contains a small amount of defatted liver tissue, which may be my key to building ceruloplasmin.  Without the liver glandular, I cannot expect my Cp to rise significantly every month but I’m essentially “normal” already.  Suppose it goes up to 20.3 next month then stabilizes around 21-22, I could live with that.   PLEASE  PLEASE don’t fall into the 18 range again without the liver glandular.
 I had to switch to the ADHS before starting the liver glandular because my total copper was getting too low relative to zinc.  ADHS has a 10:1 Zn/Cu ratio vs 20:1 for the Thym-Adren.  Although it may slow the progression of a high Zn/Cu ratio, it does not raise Cu or Cp.  It does contain herbs, which may be useful in detoxing other heavy metals so I’ll probably use it occasionally until my bottle runs out.
Taurine or Glutathione?
Still unsure on this one.  For the time being, I’m going with the taurine though I may try an occasional glutathione just to see what happens.  When I am not on the liver glandular, taurine is KNOWN to be effective in detoxing copper.  I am unsure of glutathione’s effectiveness.  I do know that glutathione was necessary when on the liver glandular but don’t know why.  There is a risk of symptoms if copper falls too quickly so I don’t want to see it go much below 80 regardless of my Cp level.  If that does happen, I know that the liver glandular will bring it back up.
Boron and Vitamin A to raise Cp?
I know Boron is a NO.  Vitamin A is also a NO.  Again, I don’t need to do anything radical to raise my Cp anymore.  I only need to keep it from falling.
2 viable treatments:
#1- 6 Thym-Adren + Taurine + Cal/Mag- to reduce unbound Cu and hope Cp rises slowly or at least stabilizes near 20 but I run the risk of a Cu deficiency.
#2- 3 Thym-Adren + Glutahione + Cal/Mag + Liver Beef- to raise Cp and Cu quickly while accepting increased unbound Cu.
I may have to alternate the treatments to get to the numbers that I want to see but I really believe that I can do it.   

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