Monday, November 3, 2014

Training 11/3-11/9

11/3- Poor performance.  Gold's 5 in 39:44 (7:57 pace).  Should not be THIS sore 2 days after a half marathon.  I actually took a step backward from yesterday's afternoon run.  Vitamin A is going to be a NO and I confirmed it after I got home.  I may struggle tomorrow but it's worth it to know.  It has to be Thym-Adren alone to get my Cp on the other side of 20.  Good news is that I did not fade (19:50-19:54) and kept the pace at or below 8 every mile.
Grade:C-/1 credit/distance=5.5

11/4- Unplanned rest day.  Feel about the same as yesterday though it does feel like I am improving this evening.  I should have a good day tomorrow.
Grade: None/0 credit/distance=0.5

11/5-AM- 3 miles in 22:24 (7:28 pace).  An improvement over yesterday but still not feeling quite right yet.
PM- 3 miles in 20:25 (6:48 pace).  Consider that a full 2 minute improvement after only 10 hours.  No doubt that the toxins are coming out but I still didn't have a tempo in me today.  Slight negative split (10:16-10:09).  I should be able to go medium-long tomorrow.
Grade:B/1 credit/distance=7.0

11/6- Daylight 10 miler from the Trak Shak in 73:40 (7:22 pace).  Solid performance.  Did okay for a training run but still don't feel quite right.  I think I need to tweak the Thym-Adren.  Got my driver's license renewed but still need the Star ID.
Grade:B+/2 credit/distance=10.0

11/7- AM 1 Mile on NO pills.  Last week, I ran a 7:23.  Today, I am down to 6:44 with an even pace. The not as good news is that although 3 pills did help, it wasn't enough.  I need 4 or 5 for optimal results but again, I won't be horrible if I'm off by 1 pill.  Did a half mile in 2:59 on 3 pills and was struggling a bit then finished with a cool down.  Next week, I'm trying ADHS and/or glutathione.

PM- Easy 4 at Gold's in 29:58 (7:29 pace) with a negative split (15:06-14:52).  Decent workout but something still feels a little off.  I haven't recaptured the magic of an easy run at low-7 pace.  I'm going back to the glutathione.  I believe my issues with Cal/Mag were due to excess Boron, not the glutathione.  I have 2 weeks to get this straight before Tulsa.  I can still win this week with a good long run and that would mean a lot.
Grade:B+/1 credit/distance=6.0

11/8- AWFUL!  Glutathione is NOT the answer and I suspect taurine may have been the reason I've been sluggish this week.  If that's true, I could be in big trouble.  7 miles in 56:49 (8:07 pace).  I was doing okay through 4 then hit the wall.  Last 2 miles were 9:11 and 9:44 so I had to do a 1 mile walk of shame.  I'm going to lose this week so that means I still haven't won 4 straight since Jan '13.  SUCKS!
Grade:D+/1 credit/distance=7.0

11/9- I did what I had hoped to do today.  Survived a double digit run without a meltdown.  Lakeshore 10 in a time of 79:09 (7:55 pace).  1st half: 38:52, 2nd half: 40:17 but I did show some life with a 7:20 in Mile 10, which was my fastest of the day.  No glutathione and I'm now testing my reaction to taurine.

Update: Feels like I went slightly backwards after taurine.  I'm going off it at least for a few days.
Cysteine and glutamine could be options but unlikely effective and possibly harmful.
PM- Another 1 mile junk run on Wisteria after taurine in 7:51.  As expected, I was slightly worse but not significantly harmed.
Grade:C/2 credit/distance=11.0

Weekly summary:
This is a blow to my year end goals of 26 wins and a 2.75.  Nothing should surprise me anymore with my chemistry but if I cannot take taurine, it could be BIG trouble.  I could try another sulfur containing amino acid but more than likely, it won't work.  If the sensitivity to Cal/Mag flares up, I believe taurine will work again.  Can I lower my toxic copper without it?  I'm not due for any more testing until after Thanksgiving.  This is my first week in marathon mode and I've got to do a LOT better than this to have any hope of a BQ.
Distance=47.0/GPA= 19.9/8= 2.49
YTD: 1,553 miles.  Record: 21-22 with a 2.71 GPA.

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