Monday, February 13, 2017



Here's what I am up against:
-Upregulation of GNMT, which makes MTHFR worse
-Homozygous mutation on the dreaded MTHFR 677.
-Diet that is deficient in vegetables.
That's a triple whammy!

Obviously, I need to support my folate somehow and the form of it MUST be:
 5-Methyltetrahydrofolic acid
-It MUST be taken with either TMG or SAM-e.

The word folate is derived from foliage, which in dietary terms means green leafy vegetable.  Because of my genetics, even a diet rich in this area will not be enough.  Some type of supplementation is required.   Dr. Ben Lynch agrees.

How will this all play out?
It's still too early to tell but I see one outcome that is acceptable and one that is unacceptable.

-Dosage continues to trend down but eventually stabilizes between 1000-2000.  That's ACCEPTABLE!  It's highly unlikely that I will ever be able to get off MF because of my genetics.  I would certainly prefer to have some flexibility with the dosage such that I take one too many or too few pills, it won't hurt me too much if I'm a little off for a few days.  However, even if the magic number remains rigid at say 2,000 and must be taken every day, that is STILL ACCEPTABLE.

-The magic number goes up and down periodically with seemingly no explanation.  There is no stability and the dose that works one day may not work the next.  That is UNACCEPTABLE and I don't care how fast I can go when I have everything in sync.

Is there any way to create a 3rd outcome without the MF pills?
MAYBE.  I have a product in my cabinet called GREENS from It Works.  I tried it last night and found that the symptoms of excess MF came on hard.  This GREENS supplement is a powder form that is to be mixed with water or juice.  It is DENSE in nutrients and you could have to eat all veggies and still not match the greens in this supplement.  There is no dispute that more greens will help the MTHFR mutation.  Early signs indicate that the GREENS will reduce my dependence on the MF.
GREENS must be taken with TMG or SAM-e.

Will it be enough to get off those MF pills altogether?  That would be NICE!  It would mean that there is no pill in my cocktail that causes sensitivity.  I would consider that VICTORY once and for all.  Again, I have no doubt that I can get back to respectable times with steady training and anything beyond that is a bonus.

What to do?
For the time being, I will lay off the GREENS.  I don't know for sure if the negative reaction was due to excess folate, an ingredient in GREENS that I can't tolerate or a combination of both.  Only time and experiments will tell.  If I need 4000 MF without the GREENS, it seems unlikely that it will go down to ZERO with it.  If the magic number drops below 2000, it's worth a shot.

Ferritin re-test:
I am about 90% sure that it is methylation that is the smoking gun.  NOT Iron or Ferritin.  If the ferritin is below 150 and trending down, I will NOT bother with the liver flush.  Even if it's still high, I will postpone it until after NYC.  A Liver flush could alter my chemistry and I've got a bit of positive momentum going.

I was taking 4000  MF last week.  We shall see how much I need/tolerate at the end of this week.  It could be 3000 or up to 5000.  If the dose goes up again, I'll give the GREENS a shot in that case too.  It's also possible that the GREENS will reduce but not eliminate the need for MF pills.  If the GREENS reduce the sensitivity, it's a good thing.

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