Monday, March 20, 2017

Training 3/20-3/26

3/20- Planned rest day.  Appropriately sore.

3/21- 3 miles untimed on Jemison Trail.  I was not expecting much and was not disappointed.  I got back to Alabama very late last night then got up early for work.  As for the pills, I feel I may need to cut the Curcumin, which is not a huge surprise.  The molybdenum removed the iron from storage and the Curcumin bound it up and now it may have gone too far.  We shall see.  I am betting that the glutathione is fine but we'll see on that as well.
Grade:C/1 credit/distance=3.0

3\22- Trak Shak 3 in 29:45 (9:55 pace). Felt drowsy most of the day. Not yet recovered from the trip. I should be better tomorrow.
Grade:D-/1 credit/distance-3.0

3/23- Lakeshore 4 in 34:35 (8:39 pace). Nice improvement over yesterday. Slept 10 hours last night. Caffeine is the cause of this mini-relapse. I cheated after the race. I can get away with it for 1 day, maybe 2 but no more than that. Back on track now. Should be normal by tomorrow.
Grade: C-/1 credit/distance-4.0

3/24-AM Attempted interval session.  400-800-1200-800-400-400 at 95 seconds per lap.  I found myself struggling for a 1:40 on the opener and managed just 3:27 for the 800.  After that, I collapsed and cut out the 1200.  Managed just 3:55 for the 2nd 800 and a pair of 1:57s for the 400s (7:48 pace).  Something is clearly off with the pills and I'll be back this afternoon to find out what it is.

PM- Vestavia was closed due to a soccer game so I ended up at the gym for 2 lap intervals.  Slightly less than a 400 but enough to give me the info.  Took Curcumin at lunch and was noticeably worse off.  Did not even need to run to know it.  Started off at 1:52 (8:24 pace) plus a 1 lap warm.  Then, I began the experiments knowing the Curcumin slowed me down by 36/mile.  That is significant and it must be stopped. 
Glutathione- Improved to 1:49 (8:10 pace). MINUS 14
SOD- Improved  to 1:48 (8:06 pace).  MINUS 4
Yucca- Slipped to 2:12 (9:54 pace).  PLUS 1:48- CULPRIT FOUND!
Grade:D/1 credit/distance=3.0

3/25- More trial and error this time with Lynch's MTHFRade.  Opened with a Mile in 8:38 then drank 2 servings of the MTHFRade and came back with another Mile this time in 8:40.  All the questions have been answered now.

I was unsure about the Glutathione heading into NYC so I took a micro dose to be safe.  While it's not a game changer, it is likely beneficial and will be re-ordered.  The Curcumin needs to be cut out, which is not a huge surprise.  It was a temporary measure to bind up the excess stored Iron that was dumped after starting the molybdenum.  If I had cut it out before race day, I probably would have been 2-4 minutes faster in NYC.  Still, it was not a bad race for me.  The ill-effects didn't really start to kick in hard until this week.  The Ferritin re-test HAD BETTER turn out good or I must go radical.

The SOD is a non-factor.  I'll finish the bottle but will not re-order.  The best news out of this is MTHFRade is also a non-factor.  That means the problems with Curcumin are NOT related to sulfur.  It must be Iron instead.  MTHFRade contains taurine and I took 2 serving but was just 2 ticks slower over a full Mile.  Not even close to a significant difference.  The last question is the caffeine intolerance.  It is best avoided altogether but I can handle it once a week, maybe twice on non-consecutive days but ABSOLUTELY NO MORE THAN THAT!

PM- Gold's 3 in 25:28 (8:29 pace). Didn't push at all and felt surprisingly loose. I should be decent tomorrow.
Grade:D/1 credit/distance=5.0

3/26- 2 mile junk run just to hit 20 on the week. Took too much MF with caffeine the previous day and died after Mile 1.  Even knowing what the problem was and being certain that I'll be better tomorrow did not help my mood.  It's all about the chemistry.
Grade:D-/1 credit/distance=2.0

Weekly summary:
I am not upset or disappointed in the events of this week.  I had planned on a throw away week with experiments anyway.  I got the answers that I needed and I should be back on track going forward.
-20 miles on the week.  YTD= 339  

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