Monday, March 6, 2017

Training 3/6-3/12

3/6-AM- Gold's 3 in 23:39 (7:53 pace).  Probably a mistake to double today but no harm done.  A longer single run at a slower pace is the better choice after a hard long run.

PM- Canterbury-Jemison 5 in 39:35 (7:55 pace).  Smooth and fairly relaxed despite very tired legs.  I didn't care if the pace slipped to over 8.  Even effort over hilly terrain early.  The first 3.5 were just a tick south of 8:00 pace but on the flat section, I dipped to the 7:45 range.  It's normal to see the paces slow when there is a higher volume of miles under my belt in recent days.  A few more easy days will bring the standard issue pace back down.  On the medical front, Curcumin is necessary but extra pills don't seem to really matter.  I should be able to reduce ADHS soon.
Grade:B/2 credit/distance=8.0

3/7-Easy 6 in 46:35 (7:46 pace). Even pace with plenty in the tank. This is sub-1:42 pace and I don't think it is too unrealistic to expect to hold this pace when fresh. Moly will indeed work at doses between 75-225. ADHS was cut with no problem.
Grade:B+/1 credit\distance-6.0

3/8-AM-Lakeshore 6 with the fast group and managed to stay with the pack for the first half then dialed it back. Passed 5 miles in 40:30 (8:06 pace) but fading so I cut off the watch and treated the last mile like a cool down. Not worried that I struggled today. It's just too many miles without enough rest. I could have duplicated yesterday if it was an evening session.
Grade:C+/1 credit/distance-6.0

3/9- Another 5 on Lakeshore this time going the opposite direction plus a mile warm. I was doing my standard pace through 3 then endured one of my worst bonks ever. I couldn't do 10 minute pace after that. The collapse was just as sudden as it was complete. Got home and found the culprit to be too much MF. PABA helped but not enough.
Grade:D/1 credit/distance-6.0

3/10- This was a scheduled rest day but I need to know what the hell is going on with the MF. Started on 1200 and finished the first mile in 7:56 with a rapidly slowing pace. On 1600, I was immediately MUCH worse and didn't even try another mile. Took full strength PABA when I got home and improved but doubt that I could handle a real workout.
PM- Fared no better on full strength PABA in the afternoon session but tacked on another mile.
No grade today./distance=2.0

3/11- Good call on skipping the local 10K.  I would have had NOTHING.  A couple pieces of good news. Both Yucca and SOD (so far) APPEAR to be tolerated now whereas they were disasters before.  I credit the molybdenum for opening up my sulfur pathway.  Unfortunately, neither helped the situation with the MF.  I tried on zero and was awful.  1 lap at Spain Park in 2:16 (9:04 pace) then on 400, I improved only to 2:09 (8:36 pace) but 800 left me worse off than zero.  I jogged 2 laps at glacial pace then tacked on another mile later in the day. Time was 9:40.
Grade:F/1 credit/distance=2.0
If I cannot tolerate the MF, it's the death knell for my recovery.  I don't see a pathway to balance without it.  What could be causing the sudden intolerance?  It could be Lynch's MTHFRade, which is supposed to prevent side effects or it could be cheating on the caffeine restrictions.  Both will be stopped.  Stopping caffeine did help in the past with MF intolerance but I never stuck with it because it did not solve my other problems.  Last resort now.  One way or the other, I may know by NYC just as I predicted.

3/12- AM- 2 miles on Wisteria and improved to 17:40 (8:50 pace). Looking at another slow climb out of a hole. Did manage an 8:34 on the upside. NYC will get hammered by a big league blizzard on Tuesday. Early forecast looks cold but mostly dry next weekend. Central Park will still be blanketed with snow.

PM- Again, I doubled the distance and improved the pace.  4 miles at Gold's in 33:49 (8:27 pace) with another negative split.  Improved from 1@9:40 to 4@8:27 in just 24 hours.  I'll shoot for 6@sub-8 tomorrow.  Took 1000 MF.
Grade:D/2 credit/distance=6.0

Weekly summary:
Despite the relapse and missed long run, I managed 36 miles on the week.  As for the MF dose, I said before that I'm okay with the dose going down but NOT UP AND DOWN!  My need had better not shoot back up next week.  Because I have the homozygous MTHFR mutation, I KNOW that I need at least 1000 and there is no path to balance without it.  Once again, I feel the formula SHOULD be set for good.
GPA= 14.6/8= 1.83

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