Monday, December 1, 2008

Medical report

Neurotransmitters: Good news here and no surprises.
Best news: For the first time on record, my adrenals are producing enough adrenaline. Yes!
-other adrenal hormones are normal as well
-dopamine and serotonin (mood chemicals that also impact energy) are also normal and I've done this without antidepressant drugs.
-GABA is a bit lower than I wanted but still within the normal range (unbalanced GABA causes panic attacks)
Hair test: I was not as pleased with this one
Good news:
-blood sugar ratio is perfect.
-I have reversed adrenal burnout and that ratio is actually slightly above normal.
-previous zinc deficiency has edged into the normal range, copper improved as well (both can cause fatigue if they are too low)
Bad news (and a surprise):
-hyperthyroid condition has worsened (now almost 2.5 times faster than ideal). Supplements designed to slow my thyroid cause joint and muscle pain and I feel lethargic when I run on these supplements. I feel better when I stimulate my thyroid. That is not unheard of but still unusual and it makes me feel uneasy. It almost always suggests that one is compensating for other deficiencies, often low neurotransmitters. In my case, I am very low on chromium and manganese, which are associated with fatigue.
New plan: Get my body to a point in which I can tolerate what I must take to slow down my thyroid. No further action on my neurotransmitters should be necessary. Let me remind y'all that I achieved all of my running goals in 2008 including a sub-43 10K on the Vulcan course and a sub-20 5K on a track. Without a doubt, I can get significantly faster if I can get my thyroid closer to balance and I may feel better than I ever thought possible but there will be more ups and downs along the way.
I know it's wrong to live in the past but I can't help but wonder how good I could have been at the shorter distances if I never developed this disease. Now, of course I want to reach my potential in the longer distances. The doc says that it's rare to see people precisely in balance but research has shown that they tend to be the most successful in every area of life (not a surprise). I don't expect to be perfect on every ratio but if I can get my thyroid down to 1.25 times faster than ideal, the ill-effects should be minimal.

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