Sunday, January 4, 2009

training Jan. 4-10

Jan.4- 5 miles in 38:30. Probably the best that I have felt since before Christmas. This would have been an A if I did not mishandle the pace so badly. Started at 7:20 pace the first half mile then gradually slowed down. Planned on going 6 but decided to cut the last mile because my average pace was too fast. I can't afford to keep doing this if I want to average 50 MPW.
Grade: B+/1 credit/distance=5.5
Jan.5- 8 miles in 65:37. Still a little fast (8:12 pace) but this was a strong performance. Well ahead of marathon pace and I had plenty left at the end. The pain began setting in shortly thereafter. Must go easy tomorrow. 5 day mileage total is 43.5 so I've got a shot at hitting my personal high of 52 in 7 days.
Grade:A-/1 credit/distance=8.5
Jan.6- 4 mile recovery jog probably around 33:xx. Legs were not very sore but the rest of my body felt weak. Ate a big dinner afterwards and got a decent night sleep. Hopefully, I can manage a quality workout tomorrow then I'll rest on Thursday. 48 miles in 6 days.
Grade:B/1 credit/distance=4.5
Jan.7- Long intervals. 2400 in 11:00 (weak), 1600 in 7:29 (sucked), 1200 in 5:28 (weak), 800 in 3:31 (satisfactory), 400 in 82 (strong). plus 1 mile worth of warmup/cooldown. Overall pace for the interval workout was 7:12.5. Weight dipped below 150 so I knew that I would struggle a bit. Typical hyperthyroid pattern. Pretty good speed. I would have been decent in a short interval workout and was surprised that I showed some life in that last quarter but the quality suffers as the distance increases. I would have sucked if I ran any long distance race today. I'll be a little generous with the grade because today's distance was enough to set a new 7 day high in mileage with 53. Time to cut the chromium and manganese to slow thyroid/adrenals.
Grade:C-/2 credits/distance=5.0
Jan.8- planned rest day. I needed one.
Jan.9- easy 5 in the evening. Time was over 40 but that's fine. Feeling better than I did two days ago. I'll have to do my long run tomorrow morning because it will rain in the afternoon. This run will help me hit my mileage target.
Grade:B/1 credit/distance=5.0
Jan.10- 13 miles at a comfortable pace, came through in just under 1:50 or slightly under 8:30 pace. If I can keep this up for the full 26.2, I'll run in the low 3:40s. But I wasn't done yet. I needed to take a bathroom break and came out ready to run a few miles at a faster pace. I ended up following the 13 miler with a 5K in 22:23, which is not far from my tempo pace. Last mile was 6:45, last 800 in 3:13, final quarter in 91. I think that I can PR in the half. A sub 1:40 will not be easy on the Mercedes course.
Grade:A/2 credits/distance=16.5
Weekly summary: Feeling good about this week overall. It sure ended on a positive note. I did have a minor flare up but quickly recognized what was wrong and cut out the pills that I needed to with good results. I like that distance for the first full week of '09.
Distance=45.0/ Weekly GPA= 24.4/8= 3.05 (again, pleased with the 3.0+)

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