Tuesday, December 30, 2008

training Dec.29-Jan. 3

12/29- Hurting when I woke up but felt better as the day progressed. Untimed 3 mile that felt much freer and easier than my 2 previous runs. Achilles still a bit tender but I got some new running shoes, my first pair of Asics, that seem to have good support where I need it.
Grade:B/1 credit/distance=3.0
12/30-last run before the New Years time trial and the official end of the preseason. It was not very good. I saw that had lost 2 pounds before I started, back down to 151 so that usually means that I am becoming more hyperthyroid and I felt it today.
Strong first 2 miles in 14:50, then deliberately slowed down to 8:00 pace but by the end of it, I was fading and putting forth effort to run an "easy pace" Time for 4 miles was on target at 30:51 but I could not have come close to a PR at any distance today if I went all out. I will load up on Lithium to slow my thyroid/adrenal activity and will attempt the 26.2 on Thursday. If I can't do it, I'll quit early, take an F and try again another day.
Grade:C+/1 credit/distance=4.0
12/31-planned rest day
1/1- PR marathon time trial.

I slept in as long as I wanted and headed out the door around 9:30. Temp was in the low 40s with clear skies and a 10 mph wind but it warmed up to the mid 50s by the time I finished. My legs were a bit stiff and I didn't feel very well after 3 miles and felt my body chemistry was a little out of whack but I still did fairly well.

For me, the marathon is divided into 4 stages.

1-16- should not feel much effort. There's something wrong if I do.

16-20- pain setting in, must push to maintain pace, usually slow by 10-15 secs per mile but could maintain it if these were the last 4 miles of a race

20-23- much harder but the wall doesn't hit me suddenly. Pace slows again but I can hold the new pace for a while

23-26- every step is agony, pace slows again and the time goes by so slowly and the end cannot come soon enough.


8:21 (too fast in the first 1/4 mile)

8:30 (better)

8:39 (on pace but shouldn't feel this tired)

8:42 (OK, just hold this pace)


8:38 (feeling better)

8:38 (good)

8:45 (slipped a little)

8:34 (good)


8:42 (hanging on)


8:45 (13.1 in 1:53:25, up by 2 mins. over last time)

8:47 (slowest one yet, need to stay below 9)

8:44 (hanging on)

8:45 (10 miles away from a PR)

8:55 (starting to hurt, phase 2 has begun)

8:56 (hanging on)

8:57 (hanging on, phase 3 coming)

9:01 (dang, still 2 mins. up on PR pace at 2:54:26)

9:00 (just keep this pace)

9:09 (slipping, can't hold the pace, no sub-3:50 but I'll still PR)

9:13 (thought it would be worse)

9:21 (when will this be over)

9:49 (new level of pain)

9:29 (almost done)

1:59 (last lap on a track)

Final time of 3:52:27 (PR by 3:36).
Grade:B+/3 credits/distance=26.25
1/2- well deserved day of rest, not hurting as much as I feared.
1/3- 5K recovery jog. Got about what I expected today. I didn't push it at all and was just happy to be able to run at all. 2 days after a marathon and I'm able to run. That's a pretty quick recovery. Time of 25:43 was faster than the first 5K of the marathon. I'll take it.
Grade:B/1 credit/distance=3.25
Weekly summary:
Solid workouts but nothing was overly impressive. Still managed to stay above a 3.0 because of my PR marathon. The stakes are higher now than the 2009 season is officially underway. I want to hit 40 MPW with nothing very hard next week. I am listed as doubtful for the race in St. Louis on MLK weekend but I could change my mind and treat it like a training run.
Distance= 36.50 GPA=18.2/6 credits= 3.033 GPA

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