Sunday, February 22, 2009

training Feb. 22-28

2/22- 5 mile "recovery" run in 38:15. Not very long ago, that would have been close to tempo pace. I tried to slow it down some but I felt so good that I just couldn't do it. This was a bit too fast and I hope it won't come back to bite me later. 1st half in 19-flat, 2nd half in 19:15. Soreness setting in a bit. Planning an easy 10 tomorrow.
Grade:A/1 credit/distance=5.0- no warm up, not real smart there.
2/23- Easy 10 in 80:31. Time and effort were on target. Perhaps a tad overstimulated but I don't feel that it affected me very much. Feeling a little weak but I have gone 34 miles in just 3 days so I have an excuse. Yes, this was still a very good workout. 1st half in 40:17, 2nd half in 40:14. Smooth and relaxed especially in last 2 miles. I may rest tomorrow. We'll see how I feel. I want to do well in my short tempo this week.
Grade:A-/2 credits/distance=10.25
2/24- took my rest day today ahead of schedule. Legs don't hurt very much but the rest of my body feels weak. I'm paying the price for going too fast on easy days. I'll get a good night's sleep and hope to do well on my tempo coming up (shooting for a mid-20 5K at comfortably hard) then I'll go real slow on Thurs. and Fri. hope to go 20+ on Saturday with another 50+ week
2/25-Felt good all day so I decided to go for it in the 5K time trial. Came away with a new post- adrenal fatigue PR of 19:48. Fastest time since '04. 4 seconds shy of my best time since '98.
Splits: 6:19-6:24-6:24 followed by a 41 second kick in the last 200. Long warm up and cool down. A bit of soreness in the calf when finished but not at all exhausted on the cool down.
Grade:A/3 credits/distance=5.0
2/26-Overdue for a bad workout and it finally happened today. 7 miles at an average pace of 8:42 (shooting for 8:20-8:25) and faded badly in the 2nd half. I was running in the 8:50s in the last 2 miles and would have quit if I slipped over 9. I don't think my chemistry is out of whack. It's probably a combination of natural fatigue and feeling a cold coming on. Hopefully, I will be better by the weekend. Tomorrow is either a rest or very easy junk miles.
Grade:C-/1 credit/distance=7.25
2/27- Feeling better but did not run due to a severe weather alert. I played it safe and went straight home from work.
2/28- One thing that I can predict about my body is that it is unpredictable. Waited for the rain to stop and tried to run a 20 miler in brutally humid and windy conditions. I thought I might struggle but I had absolutely nothing and wound up quitting at Mile 11. Then I took more chromium and tried to run an easy 5 several hours later. To my surprise, I breezed through in a near effortless 36:54 with my first 4 miles within 3 seconds of each other. How to grade today? AM workout was an automatic "F" since I failed to finish. PM workout was an "A". I'll split the difference overall.
Grade: C/2 credits/distance=16.50
Weekly summary: Up and down week to say the least. Mileage was lower than I had hoped for but my GPA indicates that it was still decent overall. It is obvious that I now need to take 1 chromium pill/day to train effectively. How much will this stimulate my already overactive thyroid/adrenals? Will I be able to keep my weight up to at least close to 150? Highlight of the week was my 5K. Always good to have a time that starts with a 1 instead of a 2.
Distance=44.0/Weekly GPA: 29.1QP/9 credits= 3.233

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