Tuesday, May 26, 2009

training May 24th-30th

5/24- Hoped to do 7 easy but had to quit after 5. Pace slowed considerably in the 2nd half. Finished in 41:30 (8:15 pace) but was fading to 8:40 by the time I finished. I overdid it on the chromium. This was my last run at Metro Fitness gym in Montgomery. I do have some fond memories of that gym.
Grade:C-/1 credit/distance=5.0
5/25- Good interval workout at Mountain Brook High. 400-90, 800-3:00, 1200-4:35, 1200-4:38, 800-3:01, 400-72. I was shooting for an overall 6 minute pace and my fast finish brought me in at 5:59. When I do this workout again, I hope to stay under 4:30 for the 1200s and finish in 70 or under. If I can do that, I think I am capable of a low-19 5K and a low 5:20s mile.
Grade:B+/2 credits/distance=4.0
5/26- 7 miles easy at Lakeshore. Time was 56:20 (8:03 pace). I'll take it in humid conditions. Pretty even splits of 28:03/28:17 and made no real attempt to pick up the pace.
Grade:B/1 credit/distance=7.0
5/27-Trak Shak 8 miler @ 8:10 pace. Solid effort considering the hilly course. It was great to run with a group again. It almost feels like I'm back on a team. My body is sore but this is "good soreness" from hard training and feels very different from chemical imbalances. I know that difference well. Pace picked up toward the end and I was feeling the effort. Ran mostly with Preston from RWOL. Maybe another quality day tomorrow then I'll rest Friday.
Grade:B/2 credits/distance=8.0
5/28- Veteran's Park 4 mile tempo run, 6 laps around the lake in 27:53 (6:58 pace). Took off at 6:40 pace on the first lap but could not sustain it without putting forth race effort. Slipped to a 7:06 pace in the second half but still had enough left at the end to finish under 7 overall. Generally flat course but it does have one gentle incline and one short but steep hill that throws off your rhythm. Solid effort overall and didn't feel too beat up afterward. I took manganese and no chromium today and think I will alternate the 2 and see how that works for me.
Grade:B+/2 credits/distance=5.0 (long warm down).
5/29-planned rest day. I feel strong enough to run today but I've run 7 straight days and should take a day off. A good long run will put me over 40 this week so I'll still live up to my name.
5/30- Good long run as planned. 11.5 miles @ 8:13 with hills. Ran with Scott and John from Christian Runners. Pace actually felt too easy towards the end but I was fresh after my day off yesterday. Felt strong and fresh all the way through and hit sub-5 pace in a late sprint at the end. 1/2 mile cool down at Hoover HS to make it an even 12.
Grade:A-/2 credits/distance=12.0
Weekly summary: Every week over a 3.0 is a good one. Overall, not quite as good as last week but I'm still pleased.
Distance= 41.0. GPA: 31.3/10 credits= 3.130

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