Monday, March 22, 2010

Medical report

About 2 weeks ago, I began to experience a bit of fatigue but fortunately, I at least knew what to do to cover up the symptoms (I did not solve the real problem). I stopped the taurine and eventually cut out the Lithium/SBF because it made me feel sluggish. I also added chromium, which helped but it was unusual that I needed so much to get the desired effect and it made me feel uneasy. I tried neurotransmitter support briefly but it just made me feel overstimulated and confirmed that I no longer need that stuff. I had 2 consecutive normal neurotransmitter tests in 2009 so I declare victory on that front! I was hoping to see a significant improvement in my thyroid/adrenal hyperfunction and I had good reason to be optimistic. My weight was consistently over 150 and my once ravenous appetite had diminished. My training was still sub-par but that was because I was out of shape after the Achilles tendon injury.
The result:
It would be like seeing a jobs report with a net gain of 10,000 when you were expecting/hoping for at least 50,000. You can take some solace in the fact that things are improving albeit at a frsutratingly slow pace. Investors would not be thrilled with such a jobs report and that's how I feel about it.
-Once again, there is no trace of adrenal fatigue. Just like last test, that number was right where it should be, near the middle of the normal range.
-Blood sugar is still within the normal range but is now near the edge of it. Not a big concern yet but if current trends continue, it could become a problem in the future.
-Thyroid hyperfunction improved marginally from 2.4 times faster than ideal to merely 2.1 times faster. I don't expect it to be perfect but anything above 1.5 times faster than ideal will result in sub-optimal function.
Now to the biggest concern: Adrenal hyperfunction. Although related, this refers to something different than the adrenal fatigue number. The ideal value is 4.17 but for athletes, it is better to be a little high than low. Figure that I will feel my best around 5.00. What was my result? 15.00, a full three times faster than ideal. Ouch!
This number had been below 2.00 (less than half of ideal) when I had adrenal fatigue. Once I broke through that barrier, the adrenals shifted into overdrive. My doctor said that this is common but I feel like I've done just about everything that I can to slow them down again. Just like my thyroid, I can take solace in the fact that this number has improved. Last summer, it was 17.78 then it dropped to 17.00 in December and it now stands at 15.00. The trend is my friend. Still, in my current condition, my dream of a Boston qualifier is impossible. If I train at 60 MPW, I will probably end up hurt again and even if I stay healthy, I don't know that any mileage will get me to 3:10. To even have a chance, this number should be in the 8-10 range and the thyroid should be no faster than 1.5 times over ideal so I've got a ways to go.
To complicate things, I am deficient in manganese, which was the cause of my recent fatigue, and supplementing with it stimulates the adrenals even more. When I take the manganese, the sluggish feeling goes away and I feel as hyperthyroid/hyperadrenal as I really am. Hopefully, I can get by with very little manganese and I need little-no chromium now (that number improved, surprisingly) and just take a ton of Lithium/SBF and/or add some choline and inositol.
All things considered, I'd say that I did quite well in Atlanta but I'm sick of saying "all things considered." I want to be in balance NOW. Yes, I still believe that to be possible. Nothing is impossible with God.

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