Monday, March 8, 2010

training 3/8-3/14

3/8- Lakeshore run with Jason progression style. Overall time of 76:55 (7:42 pace). 1st half in 39:01 (7:48), 2nd half in 37:54 (7:35). Needed chromium again. AAARRRGG! It won't be long until this stops working and I'll need taurine again. AAAARRRRGGG! If ING were held today, I would have had a decent showing. Solid performance and an improvement over yesterday. I wanted a long one today because the weather looks iffy later in the week and I'll be in Nashville on Friday and may be hurting a bit after the prolotherapy.
Grade:B+/2 credits/distance=10.0

3/9- Johnny's speed was rained out so I opted for an easy 3 on the 'mill in 24:30 (8:10 average pace). My knee was killing me during the day but no worse on the run. I'm not worried too much. The pain stems from tight groin and hamstring muscles and I've had it before. If I ever get my body chemistry in balance, it won't be an issue.
Grade:C-/1 credit/distance=3.0

3/10- Trak Shak 5 in the rain. Garmin died in Mile 2 but the first mile was 7:28 and I ran an even effort throughout. This was nearly effortless and it was the best I have felt since the injury. Tomorrow will be a long tempo then I have 1-2 days off. I hope that I can bounce back quickly from prolotherapy. I leave for Nashville after my workout so there will be no posts until this weekend.
Grade:A-/1 credit/distance=5.0

3/11- Lakeshore 5 in 35:44 (7:09 average pace and kept it pretty even). I bailed on the 6.5 and stopped for too long at the water stop. Felt a bit sluggish after taking the 2nd SBF. Can I cut that stuff out altogether? Best time of the year. Nearly an all out effort but I only managed tempo pace. My appetite has diminished considerably recently. I used to eat half a large pizza in one sitting. Now, I felt fine after just 2 pieces. I find it hard to believe that my thyroid/adrenals have reversed themselves to under-activity but my symptoms are consistent with this. I'll get some answers on the medical report. Drove up to Nashville that evening.
Grade:B-/2 credits/distance=5.0

3/12- Round 2 of prolotherapy. As much fun as it was to be examined for trigger points and being stuck with a large needle, I would prefer not to do it again unless it is clearly necessary to do so. The good news is that Dr. Johnson says that I may not need another treatment. My testosterone level is RIGHT WHERE IT SHOULD BE! YES!! I suppose that since I'm still young, it came back nicely. If I had developed adrenal fatigue in my 40s, it is harder to regain lost testosterone. Unfortunately, downtown was jammed because of the SEC basketball tournament so I couldn't go to the Wild Horse. I went to Opryland Mall instead then headed home before rush hour. Planned rest day.

3/13- Pretty strong inflammatory reaction. It is just beginning to diminish so I waited until the evening and ran an easy 3 progression style on the mill. Overall time was 24:42 (8:14 pace) after a 9:00 first mile. 51 degrees with wind and rain. Normal high is 66 here. Hopefully, I can do my LR tomorrow.
Grade:C/1 credit/distance=3.0

3/14- Hip soreness not completely gone and may remain for up to 5 days. I wound up at 13.1 in 1:42:56 (7:51 pace) plus a glacial warmdown. I was hoping to hit 15 but felt that the hip soreness was slowing me down towards the end. 12 of 13 miles were sub-8. Weather: 52 degrees with wind and drizzle. "It's raw, man!" Satisfactory workout. I'll do okay in Atlanta but won't come close to a PR. 1:40 could be a stretch on that course but I'll take a sub-1:45 and I should be able to do that especially if my hip/groin is pain free. Nashville next month should be better (1:35 range). Hopefully, this bad weather will clear out of here and next weekend will be nice.
Grade:B-/2 credits/distance=14.0

Weekly summary:
No real complaints about this week. Averaged a sub-8 over 40 miles. Not my best but far from my worst. I hit the mileage target despite cutting 2 workouts short. My body is acting weird but that's nothing new. I got about what I expected out of myself overall.
Distance=40.0/ GPA= 24.8/9=2.76

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