Monday, November 8, 2010

training 11/8-11/14

11/8- Indoor 5 mile in 35:29 (7:06 pace). Still 3 minutes down on my PR and felt hyperthyroid but this is the best I've felt since the injury. Good start but could not hold pace after 1.5 miles. Splits were 6:47-7:00-7:11-7:16-7:15. 1st half: 17:21, 2nd half: 18:08. New thyroid supplements have arrived and I'll start on them tomorrow. Hope is still alive.
Grade:B-/2 credits/distance=5.0

11/9- Johnny's workout for the first time in a while. Great to see him again. 3x1200. Times were 4:50-4:46-4:43. Knee was a bit tender so I skipped #4 but I was told that I "was not limping at all." Overall pace was 6:22, which is the fastest I've gone since the injury. As for the body's response to the new supplements, I tolerated them and that's a good sign. It may take a while for it to fully work and I'm comfortable with that. Wild swings that I had in the past would make me feel uneasy. In peak condition, I would have run these 1200s in 4:15 or under. I experienced the stiffness of hypo and the breathlessness of hyper, which is pretty much what the medical report showed. Is this where the healing begins?
Grade:C+/2 credits/distance=3.5

11/10- Planned rest day. Can't rush back or risk another injury.

11/11- Veteran's Day run on Lakeshore. In mid-November, I ran without a shirt in 75 degree weather. Workout was 6.5 miles on the trail. I aimed for about 8:15 pace and felt too sluggish. The SBF won't work for me. I have to stick with the ADHS and possibly Thym-Adren. To my credit, I stuck it out and finished my longest run in more than a month. Time was 56:26 (8:41 pace). 1st half: 28 flat, 2nd half 28:26. Miles #4 and 5 were both over 9 but showed some life at the end with an 8:34 6th mile and a 4:00 last half as the SBF was working its way out. I've already topped last week's total in mileage.
Grade:C-/1 credit/distance=6.5

11/12- Good enough to run today but took an elective rest as a precaution. Thym-Adren won't work either. It's ADHS for sure and I may need thyroid glandular support for a short time.

11/13- BAD! ADHS ain't gonna work because it contains Lithium. SCREAMS OF FRUSTRATION! Tried 2 raw thyroid glandulars and felt pretty good for about 30 minutes then overshot the balance point. Hit 2.5 miles in a solid 18:15 then faded to 19:02 for 2nd 2.5 then hit the wall and quit. Next .25 was over 9 minute pace. MORE SCREAMS OF FRUSTRATION! I'll try one tomorrow then go back to tyrosine.
Grade:D/1 credit/distance=6.0

11/14- Went with iodine and one tyrosine with no glandulars. Pretty good call. Tyrosine likely did more harm than good and I did feel a bit hyper. At any rate, I did what I meant to do yesterday. 10 miles at moderate effort. Time was 77:58 with an even pace (38:54/39:04). I slowed down in Mile 7 and had to push pretty hard to stay on pace. Still out of whack and not good by any stretch but still a nice improvement.
Grade:C/2 credits/distance=10.0
Weekly summary:
I nearly tripled my distance from last week and my build up training plan is on track. That's good but my body is still clearly way out of whack and I am still angry.

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