Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Closing time for 2010. Bring on the new year.

With the marathon recovery this week and being out of town the next 2 weekends, there's not much more that I can accomplish this year. I will edit this on 12/31 but my total miles were 1669 and my average weekly GPA was 2.53. By comparison, I ran 1993 miles last year and finished with a 2.95 GPA. It goes without saying that I took a bit of a step backward after 3 straight years of dramatic improvement.
Here are the monthly highlights:
January: unofficial marathon PR

February: prolotherapy

March: ING half in a respectable 1:38:18 on a tough Atlanta course.

April: Unofficially under 70 for 10 miles but could not get it done on race day. Nightmare in Nashville lasted 1:42:28.

May: Won my first race ever and finished 5th in another despite slow times.

June: Returned to the track for a race for the first time since '99

July: Peachtree 10K in 42:27, a solid performance on that course, 2nd in AG at Twilight Retro.

August: Age group victory in a 5K, 3rd straight sub-20.

September: First and likely only 70 mile week, near miss at 5K PR.

October- best half mary of the year (1:34:47), injured knee in the process

November- comeback and buildup for Huntsville

December- Official marathon PR of 3:43:18 in Huntsville.

Overall, I was hampered by 2 injuries and of course chemical imbalances and instability. I am no longer dependent on taurine but the issue with Lithium is worse than ever. I fully expect an improvement on my next medical report but the question is: How much will my numbers improve with the new supplements?

3 PRs in 6 distances, 1 was unofficial and there were 2 near misses.
Here's the breakdown:
Sprints: Near miss in the 400 with a best of 61.8. Scored a 2 second PR in the mile (5:20). I don't race either distance so that's as close as I'll get to an official time. I was held back by a respiratory infection and extreme summer heat.

Mid-distance: Raced the 5K distance 5 times and scored 3 sub-20s with a best of 19:42. Unfortunately, chances for PRs were sabotaged by very warm and humid conditions. By my next attempt in late September, my health was in decline and had a near miss at 19:31.
I only raced one 10K, a decent effort at Peachtree, but set a strong unofficial PR of 41:14. My injury prevented me from competing in my goal race at this distance.

Long distance: Big disappointments here. The half marathon wasn't even close to last year's PR(short by almost 2 minutes at 1:34:47) but I was hampered by a knee injury in the last 5K. If not for that, it would have been much closer if not a baby PR. I scored an official PR in the Rocket City marathon (3:43:18) and an unofficial PR in a not even all out training run (3:35:32).

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