Monday, December 6, 2010

2011 race plans

Dec 11- Huntsville full
Dec 18- free
Dec 25- out of town for Christmas with my parents
Jan 1- in Charlotte, NC for Clemson's bowl game.
2011 preliminary race schedule:
Much less upbeat heading into this year than 12 months ago but I've still got some interesting options. The First Light half in Mobile on 1/8 is out. That's just too much travel. If I am to race that weekend, it will be local. I'll be in semi-marathon mode this winter but will keep it sensible. I hope to average about 50 MPW with easy runs around 8:00. Of course, as my medical report goes, so goes my running. I'll send in the sample in mid-January and should know by the first of February. Each race will be a PR attempt if I run.
1/8- Red Nose Run 10 Mile in Birmingham- questionable
1/30- 3M half in Austin, TX- doubtful
2/13- Mercedes half- Birmingham- in barring injury
2/26- Scenic city half- Chattanooga, TN- one or the other
3/5- Snickers Energy Bar full- Albany, GA-one or the other
After this time, I will cut the mileage to 40 and hit the speed work HARD. I want that 59.9/5:15 now and the window is closing as I get older.
3/12- Silver Comet 10K- Atlanta, GA- out if I run the full, probable if not
4/3- Talladega half- Talladega, AL- doubtful
4/17- Chickamauga Chase near Chattanooga or Statue 2 Statue in Birmingham- both are 15K
4/23- Crescent City 10K in New Orleans- if I don't PR at Silver Comet, this is probable.
5/28- Couer d'Alene half in Idaho- In but that's just for fun.
Again, once I break 3:30 in the full, I will retire from that distance. Whether or not I run Snickers depends on the shape I am in and my medical condition.
I welcome comments from anyone who has run these events before.

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