Saturday, February 5, 2011

Another obstacle on the medical front

Again, not many people will understand this post but here goes:
As of my last medical report, my chromium level is a mere 34 % of the ideal value. Ouch! Chromium is important for insulin transport (I'm trending diabetic) and is also vital for proper muscle contraction and energy production. Obviously, if you're deficient in that mineral, it can hurt your athletic performance and I think it hurt me in my 5K time trial. It need not be ideal. Heck, even if it's around 60-70% of the ideal value, the ill-effects should be minimal but 34% is a big problem. To make matters worse, the magic pill for someone in my situation is a product called ADHS, which modulates thyroid and adrenal function. The product contains 2.5 mg of zinc per pill and I need 8 of them, which equals 20 mg. of zinc per day. The problem is that zinc inhibits chromium absorption! I can guarantee that my chromium level has fallen further since the last report. I can supplement with chromium but doing so will stimulate the adrenal glands, which are (as of last month) more than 9 times faster than ideal! That puts me in a no win situation. Ideally, the best case would be to reduce the ADHS or find something else. Well, I've tried everything else and the ADHS is the only thing that can help me. I've tried reducing the dosage figuring that if I can get down to 4 ADHS, I won't need chromium because I'm only getting half as much zinc. I tried 6 and it did not cut it.
The plan is to stick with the 8 ADHS and take as much chromium as I need to avoid symptoms of deficiency but as little as possible to avoid further stimulation of the adrenals.
I've got the heart and the talent to reach all of my goals and it sure sucks to be denied because of something like this. I can only hope that I will not need chromium every day and I can still get the Adrenal ratio down to my target. Can it be done? That answer will not be known for several months. I'm doing my best not to think about it. I've done all that I can to fix this and the outcome is in God's hands.

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