Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cutting out soda ... again

I deleted the post on dentists because I'm not sure that it's even relevant. In any event, I'm going to try to stay off soda completely. NO cheating. It seems as if I need more manganese when I drink more of that crap. I quit soda in '09 because I had to. Too much sugar along with antibiotic use was causing nightmarish GI issues. When I quit, not only did it solve that but the chromium issue also went away. It could have been a combination of many factors. I still believe that an oral infection could have played a role and I'm still not sure about the zinc interaction either. What happened after I quit soda? After a terrible late summer and early Fall, I got hot in November/December and smashed my PRs in the 10K, HM and added an unofficial marathon PR on the first day of 2010. 2 weeks later, I went down with an Achilles injury and lost much of my motivation to stick to my diet. In early March of 2010, the chromium dependency returned and has continued off and on since then. I really don't think that quitting soda will solve all my problems but it certainly cannot hurt.

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