Monday, September 19, 2011

Training 9/19-9/25

9/19- Easy run indoors to recover from yesterday. Mediocre performance. I hoped to run 7 today but I was done after 5. Time was 38:55 (7:47 pace). That's acceptable for an easy run but I was not pleased at all with how I felt. Each mile was slower than the previous one. 1st half was a solid 19:04 then slowed to 19:51. Groin soreness is so bad that the pain has spread to my abdomen and it hurts when I sneeze or cough. Again, it does seem that the pain diminishes or intensifies depending on the pills I take but I cannot put up with this anymore. I need a shot of prolo and probably will need another in about 4 months unless I can get in balance. If I don't do prolotherapy, I would probably end up with a degenerative condition. I'll call Dr. Johnson tomorrow and if he doesn't have any appointments this week, I'll have to go with Dr. Shuman. I am back to a low dose of Thym-Adren and that's what I need long-term.
Grade:C/1 credit/distance=5.0

9/20- Improvement. Progression run indoors on a rainy day. Overall time was 50:54 for 7 miles (7:16 pace). Felt great after the first 4 in 30:05 and anticipated no trouble going well under 7 in the final 3 but struggled a bit (7:00-7:04-6:45). It seems daunting to run 13.1 miles at the pace I was doing in the final 3. May not be able to take Thym-Adren, which would be a major defeat. I've stuck to the no soda pledge but I have had a few sweet teas and if I have to drink nothing but water, so be it. Solid performance overall. Good news, I got lucky with the prolotherapy appointment. Dr. Johnson is available tomorrow at 2 PM and I get to have a needle stuck in my groin. Yay! If I run tomorrow morning, I may only miss one day of training.
Grade:B+/2 credits/distance=7.5

9/21- Nightmare! I felt awful in the morning and needed thyroid caps. It is painfully obvious that I can't take Thym-Adren regularly at this stage. I've actually felt best recently on nothing so that's what I'll do for a least a week or so. I plan a thyroid test soon and hope it's normal. If not, I'm in a 2 front war that can't be won. If it is normal, I know it's a blood sugar issue and I have to be even more strict with my diet. I'll have to cut out beer and sweet tea in addition to soda. The only good news is that the prolo was not as painful as before.
The workout was only 2.5 miles in a time of 19:55 (7:58 pace) running nearly all out. The only reason this is not an F is that I managed to keep the pace even.
Grade:D/1 credit/distance=2.5

9/22- Planned rest day to recover from the prolo. Felt good on no pills but I know it's highly unlikely that I can get away with that for very long. Terrible stomach cramps at night. Healing reaction?

9/23- AM-Pathetic excuse for a workout on a muddy Veteran's Park trail. Covered 2.5 miles at a pace over 9. I did not feel good when I woke up and 1/2 thyroid pill made things worse. That sucked for today but it may be a sign that the thyroid is normal. The groin was hurting as well but it's been less than 2 days since the shots. I will try again this afternoon and order a thyroid test. The test will be done before Monty but I won't know the results. Expectations are pretty low for next Saturday but it's not my goal race.
Grade:Failure/0 credits/distance=2.5

PM- Improvement. Easy 3 in 22:54 (7:38 pace). Felt fine at this pace and could have gone longer but I wanted to stay sharp for tomorrow's long run. Whether or not I could have pushed the pace is another question. 2nd day with little-no sugar at all.
Grade:B/1 credit/distance=3.5

9/24- Sandwich run with the Gnomes. Unsure of overall pace because my Garmin did not work for the first 5 minutes. 1st 4 miles were just under 8 pace then I hit the gas with Brad and Eric and turned in 3.5 miles near 7:10 pace. After that, I cut the run short and finished the last 2 at easy pace (7:50s) but I was fading near the end. Still a decent performance overall. Felt a bit overstimulated near the end because I did not take any pills. That suggest that the thyroid could very well be normal which means that it is the blood sugar that caused such instability. I'm still doing the thyroid test.
Grade:B/2 credits/distance=10.0

PM- Crashed after the run and took a nap. Tried 2 Thym-Adren and it wasn't enough so I took another and felt better. Workout was a low key 3 miler at the Shak. Several stops but I did find a groove just under 7:30 pace for a while. Went to Auburn in the evening and this time I rooted for them to beat Florida Atlantic, which they did 30-14. Enjoyed the game but did not get back to the Ham until midnight.
Grade:Pass/0 credits/distance=3.0

9/25- Lakeshore 6 at a moderate effort with a pick up in the last quarter mile. I needed 3 Thym-Adren and still felt a bit overstimulated. Pretty strong run overall. Final time was 43:55 (7:19 pace) with a final quarter mile at 5:35 pace. I need Thym-Adren or something similar to slow down my extreme fast oxidation and I'm hoping that the little-no sugar diet will allow me to tolerate it.
Grade:A-/1 credit/distance=6.0

Weekly summary:
I have not had back to back weeks above 3.0 since late June. I really thought I had a chance to do it this week but I failed. Still, I see 2 positives out of it. I hit 40 miles on the week despite the prolotherapy, which barely had any impact on my training at all. I only need 33 MPW for the rest of the year to hit 2,000. My hope of getting in balance has been renewed. I'll have to stick on the Thym-Adren but with little-no sugar in my diet, I may actually be able to tolerate it long-term. I've still got time to get hot before the year is over.
Distance=40.0/GPA= 22.3/8= 2.79

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