Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Revised Revised Race plans

Once I recover from the prolotherapy, I hope that I will be able to hit the training hard.
Here's where I stand as far as each distance:

400- no serious attempts until I devote more time to this distance. Because of the groin soreness, I have been uneasy about doing hard core speed work.

Mile- I got one adult PR this year and I want to take one more shot at 5:15 when fully fresh and with smarter pacing. This next time trial will be my last one of the year regardless of whether the result is a win, loss or draw.

5K- I want this one so bad and I've waited so long for it so I'm willing to take multiple shots at 19:12 even if I have to sacrifice some weekly mileage.

10K- One more shot this year and right now, I'm less than 50/50 on doing it. The race is the Senior Bowl 10K in Mobile on the first week of November. If I am really in the groove, I have no problem doing a lot of racing because I won't take a good stretch for granted. There's no guarantee that I'll be in shape to challenge sub-40 next year or ever again.

Half- I'm a go for Monty on 10/1 and have already signed up. Not expecting anything great.
Now, the change in plans. Initially, I verbally committed to Louisville 2 weeks later. That's out now. It's a flat course but I suspect that the organization will be very poor. The previous website is no longer up and I had to click on 3 links just to get some info on the location of the start and host hotel. The information was still dated 2010. There are a lot of good choices in Louisville such as the KY Derby and Big Hit Home Run race so why not race in Louisville in an event the makes reference to something that made the city famous?
The alternatives are Cincinnati on 10/22 or Columbus on 10/16. I would have preferred Cincy but Nick could not get off work the day before so we're doing Columbus. It' the Nationwide Better Health Columbus Half (I like the sound of that). Based on what I've seen on the Columbus website, it appears to be a first class event with a fast course.
November is also up in the air. I'm still leaning towards White River in Arkansas but I could change my mind in favor of Norfolk, VA. Norfolk is on Veteran's Day weekend and I may be able to do it without missing work.

Full- The mileage will begin to increase by mid-October. I should be ready to at least beat my soft PR by Mercedes 2012.

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