Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tentative summer/fall racing plans

Here's what written in stone:
4/7- Crescent City Classic- 10K in New Orleans
4/28-Kentucky Derby half- Louisville

Penciled in for the Fall:
7/4- Peavine Falls run- local trail race
9/22- Denver half
10/21- Detroit Free Press half
11/3- 10K (local or Mobile)
11/17- Turkey Burner 5K- Monty

Possible: No more than one of these per month.
5/12- Gum Tree 10K- Tupelo, MS
June- Race to the Courthouse 5K- local
June- Possum Trot 10K- Atlanta
July- Retro 5K- local
August- Are U Able 5K- local
early Sept- Franklin 10 K (TN) or Monkey C 5K (local)
October- Hueytown 5K/10K- local

Much of the summer options will be game time decisions based on the weather and what I accomplish in the shorter distances. New Orleans weather has taken a bit of a turn for the better. Low is down to 66 and the high is only 83 so it may be under 70 at the start. Tupelo will depend largely on my performance in NOLA. If I break 40 there, I'm a lot less likely to do it. If I come up just short, I won't be able to resist. Then again, I really like the city of Tupelo and it will be a fun event. Almost all the big time 10Ks are in the Spring. Only 2 on my list are in the Fall (Pittsburgh Great Race, Senior Bowl) and neither is on the radar this year. Therefore, if I can't get it done this Spring, it may have to wait until next year.
After further reflection about Rumpshaker, don't get me wrong, I am NOT disappointed with the tied PR but I really should have broken it. It feels like running a half in 1:30 flat or a 10K in 40:00 without breaking it. The guy who passed me in the last 400 meters gained 6 seconds on me. That's very uncharacteristic for me. It was SO close. All I needed was maybe 1-2 corners in which I ran the tangents better. What if there was no hill at the end? What if I had no intestinal discomfort? I had it. I'll get that last second down the road this year.
The 10K? Not so sure. I'm also not so sure on the 5:15 Mile or 59.9 400.

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